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Outerwear down to $50 - Culture Kings


Assorted jackets, jumpers, hoodies, all down to $50 when you add them into your cart.

Some good deals if it's your style!

Orders under $100 - $5.00
Orders over $100 - FREE

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    Australia - Orders under $100 - $5.00
    Australia - Orders over $100 - FREE

  • the product pages appearing entirely blank for me on pc and android phone. I can browse the main list linked by OP but can't add anything to my cart cause I can't see anything at, for example https://www.culturekings.com.au/promotions/shutup-take-my-mo... something about the network I'm on I think

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    I think the title should be referring to 'outerwear'. 'Outwear' may be 'wear' that isn't 'in'??

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      their target demographic wouldn't know the difference

    • Ahhhh…..someone else has edited it. It's all about outerwear after all :-)

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        I thought it looked odd when I originally posted it, but I stared and it and just couldn't figure out why. Haha

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    Nice thanks OP, purchased the Jordan lite fleece and knit city pants =)

    Also don't forget to enter FREEBIES in the code for freebies (although I won't really need em, but this was the only code I could find)!

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      Thankyou friend for the free pomade and switch blade comb

    • And yours was the only code that worked!

    • got free express shipping using this code too…

    • They being stingy took down Jordan Lite fleece from the sale. Now back to normal price =(

      • Sure? I just tested and when I checkout it goes down to $50. You need to checkout before you're able to see the discount.

        • Trying to work what the difference between the pants are… Which has a less a baggy fit or did you guess?

        • @richmond12: I did a search on these pants to compare and in my opinion the lite fleece was more fitted than the knit city ones.

          I don't think any of them are 'baggy' at all. Both look fairly fitted to me, but have to wait and see I guess.

          These Jordan pants are similar to the Nike fleece fitted ones if I remember correctly, even the material, cut and fit. The Nike ones are still like $60-$70 when on sale, so I thought the Jordan ones were cheap enough to buy to use for gym =)

  • I didnt get charged for shipping - there was a free option :)

    Stussy jacket for $49.90, Not bad… Thanks OP!

    edit: the site gave up on my order and threw an error in the last step: "
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function geoip_open() in /srv/magento/.modman/geoip_defaults/app/code/local/CultureKings/Geoip/Helper/Data.php on line 25"

    Got the confirmation emails though and paid through paypal for peace of mind.

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      I got that error trying to view the cart but it came up on a refresh. Looks like their site is having a minor freak out this afternoon

    • Stussy jacket? I thought Stussy was longgggggggg gone and a remnant of the 90's.. ;)

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    Good find, thanks OP

    Got 1x jacket 1x hoody 1x jumper for $150 instead of $300.

    Probably shouldn't have gotten 3 items though, it's not that cheap, pretty overpriced to begin with.

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    Only annoying thing is returns can only be for store credit rather than refund.

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    No offense to the OP, but I've seen better fashion sense in kmart

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    So, having clicked on the link…. nothing on the page appears to be at $50…. should the title be "from" $50 instead of "down to" $50?

    Or am I doing something wrong here?

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      Discount is applied at checkout.

      • lol yeah, didn't go that far.


  • Sweet. Picked up a $119 jacket discounted to $50 AND scored free shipping.

  • So long jackets are "in" it seems.

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    Can anyone recommend a warm jacket?

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    What gangs will accept me if I wear this shit?

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      Even gangs won't want to be associated with you if you wear this lol

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      Get the Nike sb one

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      this is gold

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    Shame about the styles

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    Bought a $119 jacket off them less than a week ago and now the very same one is $50!!

    Im fuming!

    Reckon i am entitled to a refund?? Help me out Ozbargainers!

    • last time it happened to me i contacted them and they refunded me the difference

      • Ok awesome! Even if i had to pay $5 shipping thats a good outcome. Cheers!

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      Yes very unfortunate that you bought one of those jackets :p.

  • Does anyone know if the sizing chart on these jackets are accurate or not? e.g. Small = 105cm Chest

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    No parachute pants = no deal.

    • aka full-nappy pants.

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      Can't touch this.

  • Not sure how I managed it, but yesterday when processing the payment it hasn't charged me shipping! $50 total!

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    I never quite understood their name … most of the people I see that wear that sort of stuff dont exactly epitomise culture

    • Mum, its not just a phase!!!

    • Not your culture anyway.

  • Pretty good cost for the Patagonia Houdini Jacket.. I'd be buying it if it they had the other colours on sale. Although you're paying $50 for 100g worth of material..

    • -1

      Lol a cheap Kmart shell will do just as good a job. Just paying for the name on that one.

      • No, you are paying for an extremely packable windproof jacket designed for running.

        Not some rando knock off crap.

        The houdini has an enormous and respected heritage in long distance hiking/running/trail.

        It has been superseded by other brands now, but for 6-8 years the houdini was the lightest/most comfortable wind shell out there.

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    why does everything look like kanye west clothing

  • Needed new trackies, thanks OP

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    Use the code "freebies" and you get some hair pomade and comb !

  • Noticed some comments saying they got free shipping on orders that were under $100?
    Can't seem to get free shipping unless it's $100+….

    (The header says free shipping for order over $100 but in the comments people are saying they got free shipping for $50 purchase…)

    Any luck?

    • it worked with code 'freebies' for me, but maybe they've fixed it now?

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    It's not working for me anymore, it used to discount to $50, but now when I add to bag, it doesn't turn into $49.99/$50.00

    • Yeah stopped working for me too

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    The discount has completely dropped off. Was there when I added 2 items, but when I went back to change the sizes the discount is now gone. Even if I add the original sizes back in it's full price. Odd.

    • yep grrr was likely going to get something

      Just called up customer service. Due to popular demand they are apparently completely out of stock. Go figure.

  • Ive added https://www.culturekings.com.au/doom-jacket-khaki.html to my basket, got all the way to checkout and still isn't showing and discounts.. Am I missing something?

  • Sale is over.

  • Has anyone received a shipping confirmation?

    • Not yet - I feel they are going to rescind some orders due to stock problems :(

      • What time approx did you order?

    • Got a confirmation yesterday and had it delivered this morning. The freebies thanks to AnDyStYLe was pretty neat.

  • I have (last night at 11pm) and got auspost tracking email this morning for delivery today =D

    Maybe only the ones that'll get are the ones that +1 this deal when using it =P

  • I thought this was meant to expire in a week :( missed out!

  • Received my order today. Stoked!

  • Same ….got the jordan lite hoody …its pretty sweet..

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