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MSI GeForce GTX 970 £167.95 (~AU $294) Delivered @ Amazon UK


GeForce GTX 970 4GD5T GeForce GTX OC - 970, 4 GB, GDDR5, 3.5 GB (224 Bit) with 0,5 GB (32–Bit), 2 Slots 1102 MHz

VAT removed at checkout.

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  • ooo…good price. Should I get this, or wait for the Rx 480 4GB, which apparently is about $315?

    • nvm.

    • +7

      The rx 480 would likely be better for Dx12 programs

    • I'm waiting for the 480 4 GB ….. seems to sell as quick as they hit the shelf.

  • +2

    a fantastic price for a good card that's able to run everything at 1080p. probably not worth it if you are going anywhere higher than 1080p.

    • +2

      I'm not sure on this - i have a Gigabyte GTX980 G1 Gaming edition, playing Black Desert Online on maxed settings at 1080p it was only pulling 55 fps, and it's a ~20% downgrade to go a 970. I guess it'll depend what games you are playing and what graphics settings/FPS you're chasing.

      • +2

        Well, technically he said run, not run well :p
        Without going into a brand war, I personally think the rx480 is better value for only a little more, and should only get better with time.

    • yeah higher than 1080p and you'll have to settle with 30fps.

      • -2

        Why neg Sage?

  • Wonder if you would also be eligible for the $30 USD payout for the 3.5GB = 4GB lies? If so, that's a great deal :)

    • +1

      only if you had brought it previously, they've put stickers on the box or something now to let you know its not full 4GB

    • The class action affects U.S. residents only.

  • ohhhh finally the prices is going down significantly. tyty

  • New generation for sure, if the price ant much diff

  • +12

    FYI this card has been moved into "legacy" my Nvidia a.k.a don't expect any performance improvements on it

  • +2

    Finally the price is right.

  • Will it be a good Idea to buy 2nd one for SLI with other MSI GTX 970 (red package) with 120Hz/144Hz 3D Monitor?

    • +3

      I'd sell my existing and get a 1070 instead.

      • No love for RX480 ?

        • No stock that's why.

        • -1

          970 to 480 is more of a side-grade than an upgrade, don't know why you'd do it.

  • Right price but should also be local price, not from Amazon.

  • +9

    just the deal I was looking for…2 years ago.

  • +1

    This or a GTX 1060 for $100 more?

    • I'm gonna wait for 1060

    • +7

      And it come with 6GB VRAM, instead of 3.5GB VRAM on 970.

  • How maby pcie pins does this need 6 + 6??

  • GTX 1060 should only be 30 dollars more. 249 usd—->$326AUD, I'd wait it out if possible and wait for the profiteering due to hype to fall.

    • That's not how it works.

      • -1

        Well 470 reviews just came out, 180USD card beats the 970

        • 470 is 180 usd and 480 is 200usd surely it mist be worth going for the RX480 if only considering rrps.

        • @hcetigol:

          the issue is that both the 470 and 480 are around $279US and $299US

          Its near impossible to find any at $180US and $200US

      • Everyone stop being ignorant. The lowest 1060 in australia is $399. There is a markup on graphics cards in Australia. How hard is that to see? This is a good price for GTX 970.

  • Im waiting for amd 490

  • +1

    Now the 470 is available, I'd wait for that. Cheapest price I've seen is 179 US, but its not shipping to AU - yet. Add about 30-40 bucks AU onto that for shipping, and should still work out cheaper than this.

    Given the very quick read through on benchies I've seen, I'd pick the 470 over this.

  • Just bought one, built a pc on the weekend have been waiting for a deal to jump up on here. been playing games with the 6700k intergrated graphics

    • I just checked and it says it doesn't deliver to Australia. Am I doing something wrong?

      • Oh that's odd, just looked at the link again and yeah they can't post to aus for some reason. I had no issue ordering mine last. They dispatched it this morning as well. that sucks :(

    • Playing games with an integrated 6100T Graphics.. :) runs pretty good on older stuff fine

  • Does MSI offer international warranty - from my quick search it doesn't.

    How would you go about warranty claims on this?

  • -1

    Just a reminder that these cards are end of life products and won't be getting any significant updates from Nvidia regarding performance.

    • -2

      Upvoted you to balance the obvious nvidia fanboy neg.

  • The site says that the seller does not ship to Australia? Is this just me?

    • It appears the link has been changed to a third party seller, I will expire for now.

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