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FREE for Students: JetBrains Professional Developer Tools (Worth $649 US)


Free development tools from JetBrain for any students with an edu email. Perfect for anyone out there currently programming at School/TAFE/Uni.

It worked with my edu.au email and I've been using the full versions of DataGrip and WebStorm for days without any issues.


  • Click Apply Now on page
  • Enter Name and edu email
  • Check inbox and verify email
  • Follow instructions and create account with edu email
  • Download applications
  • Have fun ;)

License is valid for a year and can be renewed each year for free if your email is still active.

Product Pack

  • ReSharper Ultimate - ReSharper, ReSharper C++, dotCover, dotTrace and dotMemory bundled in one license
  • IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate - A complete toolset for JVM-based web, mobile and enterprise development
  • AppCode - Smart iOS/OS X IDE
  • CLion - Cross-platform C/C++ IDE
  • RubyMine - IDE for Ruby and Rails
  • DataGrip - An IDE for working with databases and SQL code
  • PhpStorm - IDE for Web & PHP
  • PyCharm - Powerful Python & Django IDE
  • WebStorm - Smart JavaScript IDE

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  • +1

    I have a uni edu.au email address, but I don't know what I am gonna use this for (though my OzB brain is tickling and asking me to grab it). Damn! so tempting!

    • +1

      Ditto. I'm in a business degree but hey who knows - I might end up needing this software later in my life!

      • +2

        It's times like this that I wish I shouldn't have been lazy in my IT classes and should've self-thought coding and web developing etc. This would be very handy now. :(

        • +2

          Never too late to change!

        • +4

          It's never to0 late to start anything.

          I just started to pick up coding. Starting with Swift atm, but it's really doing my head in.

        • +1

          @Isho: @scrimshaw: Thanks for the encouragement, guys. Been thinking about that for years now. It's probably about time to stop procrastinating and start learning, I guess.

        • +1

          @AussieDaddy: Python is a good one to start with, and JetBrains Pycharm is a great Python IDE to use.

        • @Zwarzy: Thanks. Yeah, I read that Python is the easiest one for first time learners, followed by Ruby.

        • Even as a programmer, these programs are pretty much the grits between glory. I don't see myself ever using any, even for free. :s

        • +1


          Guessing your not a JAVA programmer then?

        • @StoneSin:

          Have you actually used them?

          Apart from .Net development, where many people prefer Visual Studio, these are the best IDEs you can get IMO. They wipe the floor with Eclipse, Netbeans, etc.

        • +1

          @dazweeja: Even .Net developers swear by resharper. Haven't met one who after using it could go back to vanilla Visual Studio.

        • @el_cheapo: Most my work is in Java. IntelliJ is not always required and many places simply opt for Eclipse (I don't like Eclipse any more).

        • @dazweeja: I prefer Visual Studio.

          I've never seen any of these IDEs/Programs before now except IntelliJ. Also, using an IDE for one language, another for another language gets silly fast.

      • When you say later in life, you mean within 12months before it expires?
        I'm going to pass… hate to learn to use something that I'll probably need to pay for later.

  • +2

    I use WebStorm and a couple other JetBrains tools. They are fantastic!!!

    • Correct me if i'm wrong, but are their Android tools NOT included?

      • Android Studio 2 is based on IntelliJ and it's free

  • +5

    IntelliJ is the best thing to happen to me this decade tbh

  • Damn, pity I don't have my edu address anymore :(

    • +2

      I've been out of Uni for years and somehow my email is still active.

    • Can you sign up for an alumni email? I use mine specifically for offers like these.

      • Hmm, I am a Latrobe Alumni member.

        I have no idea if I can get an edu email address…

    • +1

      Did you sign up for the UTAS free fitbit course or their various other fee-free ones? If from NSW, plenty of free courses through OTEN https://oten.tafensw.edu.au/courses-and-careers/training-pro… now including the Statement of Attainment in Game Harvester and that will get you a TAFE .edu email address.

      • D@MN! No free NUCLEAR ENGINEERING course(s)!!!

        I guess AU will just have to IMPORT all our Nuclear Engr's
        ie, from ~2024, when Liquid Fuel, Molten Salt Reactors
        begin to arrive - in the Planet, if Not in stubborn, fear-
        ful AU… ;-/

        (Actually, UNSW has 2x Masters courses (nothing 4 undergrad's),
        but I doubt they're free…)

  • amazing thank you!

  • +4

    This is a year long license that can be renewed yearly if your email is still active. Should probably be mentioned in the post somewhere.

    • +1

      Thanks I didn't see that part. Updated.

  • +2

    Thanks I'm doing allot of php and sql in uni :)

  • +2

    resharper is pretty awesome for VS

  • Awesome! I've been using IntelliJ for 15 years, never realised they offer edu deals.

  • What OS are these for? I briefly scoured the website, but it didn't seem to say.

    • I just went to download PyCharm, and it supports Windows, OS X, and Linux. But it looks as though it might vary between products.

      • the stupid one is appstorm which is for osx only. ._.

  • +1

    It is obvious, but just in case someone wasn't sure,…

    "use Software for non-commercial, educational purposes only"

    • I'd love to use these tools for work for free using my graduate email, but integrity prevents me from doing so.

  • Haven't these always been free for students? Or is this a new package?

    • +1

      they were previously not available in 1 big bundle - you had to apply for each one and it had to be manually approved.

      • Ah ok thanks!

  • +11

    Since OP is targeting students or users with a student email. I thought I'd just leave these here.

    Github Student Pack, enjoy.

    Microsoft Dreamspark

    And for the non programmer, software or technical people


    Unidays is pretty good discounts on a range of things. The Optus student discount is a nice touch (I think you can apply it at any time, contact chat they might help you out.)

  • +1

    If you are a C# dev (of any experience level) - Resharper is invaluable.

    I pretty much can't work without it and time savings from it is massive if you add it up over a day/week.

  • They are the best IDE's on the market but the license keys will be set to 1 year lifespan most likely so its gonna be use it or lose it, they wouldn't be in the habit of giving it away for free in perpetuity.

    If someone can correct me on this.

    Otherwise, just get the ultimate intellij version, all other IDE's (bar resharper and Clion, DB ones) are all just plugins to it. Save you a big downoad.

    • +2

      They send a verification email each year. If you have access to your edu email then you can keep using it.

  • Yeah Intellij is great, still massive memory leaks but way less the eclipse!

  • I just graduated from uni and my .edu.au address is no longer available. However, my tafensw.net.au email still worked for this.

  • ReSharper is quite valuable if your into any kind of .NET executable hacking.

  • I still have my uni email address after graduating and work in Web Development, but I personally find Sublime Text 3 to be much nicer to use.
    However if you are after an IDE you can't get any better than these.

  • I am sure that it's free for students with edu email for a long time already…

    • And that's why it's marked as a freebie.

  • Is this a deal? I've been using these free from my student email for the past 2yrs.

    • +1

      Yeah it's not new I signed up with my edu email back in 2013 but this post is great for those who don't know.

  • Very good bargain, I wish Im still at school

  • I'd like to get this and look into it at a later date, but I don't have an edu address, and they won't accept documents from my RTO, only from a regular school or UNI. Any suggestions?

  • +1

    int count = 0;
    Console.WriteLine("Ever since I started my Phd/job I had needed this, but my supervisor/employer @Uni wont pay for buying this awesome piece of s/w.");
    Console.WriteLine(" A big round of hugs is about to begin ! ");
    while(count < Int32.MaxValue)
    Console.WriteLine(" Thank You ! Thank You ! ** kisses and hugs ** dear OP ");
    Console.WriteLine("Luv - .Net Developer");

  • Damm, Would be nice if CSU gave us students email addresses :( another deal we can't get

  • This is sweet :D

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