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Logitech MX A2 $54.60, Logitech Z213 $19, iPad Air 2 16GB $544, Gear VR $98, iPad Pro 128GB $1047, Akai 65" UHD TV $999 @HN

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Great price for the Logitech MX Anywhere 2…

    • Officeworks price matched it. Awesome deal.


      How does it compare to the MX Master ? (Other then being smaller)

      Edit: reviews gave me my answer, picked one up :)

      • Difference as far as i can tell besides size is mx master doesnt support bluetooth.

        • Nah, both support up to 3 connections, RF or Bluetooth.
          The MX Master has a side scroll wheel and extra thumb button that's not on the Anywhere.

        • @bamzero: yeah my mistake. I replied based on what i saw in store. Which only mentioned thr unifying receiver. Just checked online and it said bluetooth as well… sorry

        • @bamzero: Just note, it's BT4.0 only - so you won't be able to use it on a windows 7 computer without the dongle. The dongle is pretty small and just lives in my laptop.

          Also, I don't think the MX Anywhere has the hyperscroll wheel. Yes, it can be switched from clicky to smooth scrolling, but you have to press buttons to do it. The Mx Master (like the Revo) can switch between modes depending on how fast your scroll it (and you can adjust the speed it switches per app). This means that, you can flick it quickly to scroll through 50 pages of a document, then slow it down and it goes back to clicky mode.

        • @macrocephalic: should be backward compatible mate. Bluetooth SIG confirmed all BT4 works with previous versions.

        • @goraygo:

          BT4.0 only - so you won't be able to use it on a windows 7

          How people come up with this garbage? Broadcom, CSR and other manufacturers provide their own drivers (for Windows 7 and above) - you don't even have use Microsoft's.

        • @AlexF: Yes, how could people possibly come up with garbage? Oh that's right, it's written in the specifications for this very product "Bluetooth Smart - Windows 8 or later"

          I does look like intel provide support for BT4+ for win7, but they don't advertise it well. Dell haven't pushed an update for my Latitude to allow connection via BT4LE.

  • I'm buying the speakers just for this…
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  • Purrrfect timing MX2, Thanks OP.

  • oh nice. been waiting for some speakers there. they've got both z523 and z533 on discount. any recommendation?

    • Z533 at that price, absolutely.

      Speakers are wholly a subjective affair but I bought them at $115 and they was definitely happy with them at that price.

      $67.20 is a steal (and even sounds like a potential pricing error as they are cheaper than the lower-spec Z333).

  • Hi guys the akai TV any good for ps4 ? Thanks

    • I have an equivalent Soniq from JB, PS4 doesn't push 4k but upscales it and looks and plays fine on my screen. Lots of TVs have motion smoothing enabled by default which you'll probably want to turn off imo.


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      Please stop screaming.

    • Speaking very generally on TV's in this price bracket, being TN panels they usually look ok so long as you're sitting within 30 or 40 degrees of centre. Anything past that and you'll start to see colour shift. Backlight bleed might also be an issue.

      The speakers will be crap obviously, check for features like an ARC on one of the HDMI ports so a suitable soundbar can be controlled directly by the TV.
      The software will probably be a bit clunky. If you're mainly going to use it with Kodi or something thats not so much problem.

      The best recommendation is ultimately you need to go see it on display to see if it suits your needs.

      • check for features like an ARC on one of the HDMI ports.

        Looked at the ports on the back when I was in the local HN today, there are 4x HDMI 2.0 - one with ARC.

    • This tv will be the same as the Bauhn one from ALDI.

      I bought a 55" 4k from Dick Smith. The picture quality is good and the sound is bad. The smart tv functions are slow. The tv failed after 2 months and they couldn't get any parts to fix. After it was put back together it worked again. A further 3 months and I finally getting a refund from Tempo the wholesaler/importer. It has been a nightmare. At least with HN you can take the TV back to them.

  • Ive always liked Akai, them and Acer made some great TV's in about 2006….. I'll need to start looking up some reviews.

  • Good luck finding reviews etc. Akai went the way of many other consumer electronics companies and this is just a rebadged generic. Its a bit of pot luck with these.

  • i got 58 inches hisense awhile ago and still working great. not sure about Akai, wondering if i should get this for my bedroom? :)

  • I just done a price match with Officeworks over the phone with the Z533. $63.84 including delivery.

    Thanks Trent!

  • Can these speakers be attached to TV? looking for some cheap alternatives until I save up for good sound system..

  • Checking to see if Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse for $102.90 is a good price..

  • Is the gear vr worth it? What's the difference between that and Myer eBay's free goggles?

    • Yes. Built in accelerometers, plastic, straps and access to the oculus ecosystem.

      I tend to use mine mainly for watching video on long haul flights.

      • access to the oculus ecosystem

        How does this work?

        • Oculus and Samsung Gear VR have a partnership. Running the Gear VR software lets you load software and media through the Oculus store.

        • A lot of games are on both Gear VR and Oculus.

          The main difference between the two is visual quality and no positional tracking on Gear VR.

          Buying a Gear VR app doesn't automatically mean that you get the equivalent Oculus version though…

      • Are you for real. Bet you get a few lookers

        • With the Gear VR you forget a little that you are in economy. A movie screen that fills your vision and the fact that the world is blocked out helps.

          If you have Bose NC headphones, it helps even more so.

        • @futaris:
          Is there any way to get the screen to stop moviing around. Just so when u get a bump or move your head its still straight in front

        • @Regie69:

          Airplane mode. It will slowly move to the direction that you are facing

  • Looks like the 65" AKAI is better than Soniq but only 12 months warranty.

    • How do you figure that it is better? Source?

    • I too bought the 4k 55inch from dse closing sale paid $630 so was cheap enough. The picture is ok but when change brightness, contrast or even colour dont expect much changes. Not very good blacks either. As stated b4 smarts are very slow no access to any store to download apps so pretty much stuck with what you get youtube, and a few others. Pvr function works fine with a usb. I wouldnt buy one again though.

      • Side note: cheapy smart TVs tend to run Android with the ability to install .apk files. If you Google the app you want the APK for with the inbuilt browser you should be able to install good apps like Kodi, ES File Explorer, Chrome, Netflix For Android TV etc

        That speed though is terrible. I wish mine had nothing so I didn't feel obligated to utilise it.

  • Thanks, upgraded my work mouse. Already have the MXA2 at home :)

    • Do you not find it small for continuous usage?

      • +2 votes

        That's what she said.

      • Yeah I just bought it and find a a bit small for my claw like grip. The previous mouse that I had which was the G9 was the right fit for me.

        Also why are Logitech mice (maybe except for their gaming range mice) so small these days. Previously they use to be fairly big but now they seem to be incredibly small.

      • I'm interested with this MX Anywhere 2 too; even though a bit small for my big hand, hopefully it is portable enough in the bag…

  • Really tempted to get the MXA2 but worried it might be a bit small, might hold out for an MX Master deal.

  • I have the good old M905 Anywhere for travelling. Find it a little bit too small; uncomfortable feeling after using for a while. Does the MX Anywhere 2 have the same shape/contour/size, or is it better/worth the upgrade?

  • Called and price matched Bourke Street officeworks, picked up during lunch

  • MXA2 mouse: Bought it.


    It has a battery in the box. Does this need to be installed, or is it a spare?

    It has instructions for battery disposal, but says nothing about the included battery!

    BTW tried to follow the instructions for battery disposal: how do you get the feet out without bending them??

  • Anyone have any idea if that Gear VR works with the Note 4?

  • Just picked up from Officeworks Richmond for 63.84… Thanks Trent! Few more in stock there and they're happy to hold for 24 hours


    JB Hifi matched it.
    Z213 = crap speakers, very basic sound quality, but for the price they are good value :-)

  • Now officeworks matched the price for gear vr…kicking myself for not calling earlier and have then discounted the 5% for me.

  • Be aware that the new Gear VR will be out in a few days, with type usb c suppuort among other improvements.

  • Thanks Op, got Officeworks to price beat the Logitech mouse. Working well! Cheers.

  • Hmm, tempted to grab an MXA2 as the MXM I purchased recently is a bit big for my girlish hands.

  • Alright, which drop-kick posted this?

    This deal got 10x more views on ozbargain!

    FFS, not necessary.

  • Been looking for some new speakers for a while now - just bought the Z533!

    Thanks, OP!

  • I want those Z533's even though I have some HS7 speakers

  • Is that a good price for an iPad Air 2? Genuine question. Are there better deals to br haf by waiting? Been waiting to get one for my business

    • There is always the possibility of better deals by waiting but yes this is a good price for the ipad air 2 I think it's the cheapest they have been for Aus stock