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Dragon Quest VIII FREE (Was $20 USD) @ Amazon App Store


Amazon App Store is offering this game for free for android devices .

Please note that the game is NOT available for free Amazon underground .

beware the game is 1.5GB I'm told, so please be weary of your mobile data allowances


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    Also, forgive my ignorance but how do i actually just download the app? ive purchased it and can see i own it but i can't see for the life of me how im meant to download it on my phone?

    • Same. How do you download it?

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      You have to download this apk from your android devices:

      Visit https://www.amazon.com/underground on your device

      you have to change settings to allow unknown sources for the install

      Login after the install and go to Menu-> Your Apps -> Cloud

      It should appear there :)

      • This worked. Thanks.

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      Once you have purchased it, click View again and it'll take you to the app page where you can see it's downloading. It's a massive app so will take quite a while. You should see it downloading in your status bar though

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        EDIT: WTF is with the neg?

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    Lol this is insanely frustrating. Search android store for 'amazon app' then I download amazon app with 50 million downloads. Open app go to listing it says can't install using this version of the app (amazon shopping). And go to 'www.amazon.com/androidapp' I go there and it directs me to install amazon underground to gain access to games etc. Even though OP has told us it will not work though give it a try. Installs apk and no it does not work there is no buy or install button. So now I'm stuck with two apps I've downloaded specifically for this and will now delete. Sigh.

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      It was only added on Amazon 2 days ago . Maybe it's just technical difficulties with Amazon ??

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      Works for me fine. After downloading the App APK, did you enable Unknown Sources in Settings > Security?

      • Yeah it installed fine but there is a blank space in the DQVII listing. I think maybe it should be buy/install there but it is non existent.

        • What phone do you have? Might not be compatible

        • @Cyphar: http://m.imgur.com/GBlJpr7 http://m.imgur.com/ii8Td6u Sony Xperia underground app is compatible usually if game is not compatible on my old phone it would tell me on Amazon but haven't had problem with this phone. I don't think it's that but could be maybe.

          EDIT: Just logged on to my computer to check app and it says not compatible. Strange doesn't tell me in underground app or chrome phone browser only desktop.

          My Android version is > 4 and with more than 5gb free internal storage so don't know what is the problem looking at their requirements.

          Other people with galaxy note 4 complaining as well

        • @juzz0:

          Just logged on to my computer to check app and it says not compatible.

          Thought so. The app isn't very good at communicating it but I had a suspicion that was the case. Sorry budd.

  • sorry i used "go to deal" link, clicked 'get this app', amazon underground downloaded?. after installing underground, using US as country because option for AUS doesn't appear, i can find Dragon Quest VIII for free in the search results, but when i go into the listing to 'buy for free' it's full price again ($26.54). under key details it says: "For sale in Australia from Amazon.com.au"?
    so then I also tried www.amazon.com.au > get> android - and downloaded amazon appstore for android, installed this, and again i can find Dragon Quest VIII but it's full price ($26.54).
    can anyone see what i've done wrong?

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      ok, i found a solution - i needed to use my desktop site to buy this app! the link on my phone just directed me to purchase via the apps, which were full price. the link on desktop purchased for free no problems. After purchasing via desktop site i followed the instructions given :
      All other Android devices: Open the Amazon Underground on your device, then go to Menu → My Apps → Cloud → Refresh to see your newly purchased app to download and install.
      might suggest changing deal description! that said thanks OP, very happy to have an awesome free game ;)

      • thanks, it works :)

      • Thanks for the working solution. I was too lazy to boot up my pc, but using the "request desktop site" in chrome's menu on my Android did the trick.
        My Amazon underground app doesn't appear to have a "my apps" menu option - but that seems to be a separate problem. I can still search for and install dragon quest inside the app now that I've purchased it.

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          you should be able to find "my apps" after clicking on "underground apps". We may never know why it's that deep in the menu, but there it is.

        • @jobler: thanks, but even under that menu item I couldn't see it. Turns out signing out and back into the app causes the menu options to sort their shit out. I should've tried that in the first place instead of whingeing on the internet :P

  • Great find, I wish other Square Enix classic deals were available

  • Found it easier to install the Amazon App Store, instead of the Amazon Underground app.

    Came up free on my mobile and started to download. Had to stop it though cause I had to go to work. :P

  • Thank you EC.

  • Thanks for the deal! Underground seems like a pain in the butt though.

    • it is…hard to believe it's actually worst than Amazon's old app :/

  • Nice. Got it! Thank you.

  • Eh:/ when it transfers me to the underground app to get the game it tells me to buy it, that it isn't for free :(

    • I had the same thing, just jump on a desktop and do it through there.

      • Thank you, it worked:)

    • Thank you Tommy, still same thing,i click on the get app link, takes me to amazon underground and says to buy it for $25 :(

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        Try doing it on the computer. I clicked on the ozbargain picture above to get to the amazon website, added dragonquest to the cart and signed in when it asked me to. I didn't have to touch anything on the phone.

        • Yeah, sorry, I should have noted that this link worked for me from my computer.

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          Did it, thanks:)

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          Got it done:)

  • Thanks OP. The game works well with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 32GB. Here's a few pictures on Imgur.

  • Got it via "request desktop site" option on Google chrome on my mobile. Thanks

  • why does it show full price when i visit the website? is the deal expired already?

  • Looks like it's gone. Even on desktop, there's no discount shown on Amazon.

  • I couldn't get it free via computer or tablet.

  • Oh noes expired already?

  • id like to think i like dragon quest quite a bit, but this game is awful on android..

    • inclined to agree with you, I found this unplayable without actual buttons and just uninstalled it

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