People Ask to Ban Rotten Tomatoes for Giving Negative Reviews for Suicide Squad. What Is Your Opinion?

Not sure if this is appropriate to post a movie discussion here but wanted to know opinions of ozbargainers on this…

I personally liked the movie, but if you go to a movie based on reviews people will not go to this movie. What do you think.

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    • So you agree with the bad reviews then? :)

    • Because Heath Ledger OWNED Joker.

      Will always be his because of how well he did it, and I feel sorry for every other actor trying to portray Joker from now on.

      Just too good.

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    I prefer using IMDB to see movie reviews, critics opinions != general public's opinion

    • +1

      Yep. Rotten Tomatoes is sh*t, IMDB has always been more accurate.

      • I feel not in this case.

  • People are far too precious and don't like to get their feelings hurt. Okay, so reviewers don't like a movie but a particular group of people on the Internet does. That's fine. Move on. People have different opinions. We're just talking about a movie here. In a month's time everyone will have moved onto the next comic book movie and forgotten about SS.

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    I don't think most people understand how Rotten Tomatoes works. It's an aggregator site. It scours the internet for reviews from established reviewers, and their combined rating is given an average, which is becomes the rotten tomatoes score.

    It doesn't write reviews.

    It doesn't give scores.

    It doesn't control reviews or what reviewers say.

    Thus, it can't really be banned — The reviews will still exist out there, still be bad, and people can still read the same reviews in their local publications. If RT didn't exist, then people would just check out the most popular reviewers— like Eberts site or whatever— and they tend to match the scores that Rotten Tomatoes already gives out anyway.

    The fact that reviewers tend to agree most of the time is moot, it's not really the fault of Rotten Tomatoes, although I suppose it's hard to say, does bad reviews beget bad reviews? Who knows.

    But I doubt much would change; DC movies have been badly reviewed since before RT was even a thing. I think it's just that the movies are all over the place; they appear to have no vision or direction; too many stirring the pot. I read an article that explained how they are dropping the ball behind the scenes. Apparently, Suicide Squad had a forced recut after the directors final cut. They didn't like the tone, so they asked the people who did the trailer to make a more 'fun' edit— to match it, they also had to do some reshoots. This was one that was released. It was made by a trailer company. If you're getting to the point where you reshoot and recut and entire movie and disregard the director entirely, then release that because the test audience prefer it, your movie is already kinda borked.

    Anyway I have no problem with RT. If anything, it lets audiences rate and host their own reviews, which are often at odds to critics reviews. I often go by that and a combo of IMDB reviews to get an idea if I will like something or not.

  • +3

    I adjusted my expectations for Suicide Squad based on the reviews, was always going to decide for myself, and really enjoyed the movie, great soundtrack, great cast, dark whilst still having a bit of humour in it.

    Can't say that I liked Batman vs Superman when I first saw it at the movies, though I have since watched Man of Steel and the extended version of Batman vs Superman, and like the movie more now.

    As for banning Rotten Tomatoes, I hope it's just teens writing that nonsense.

  • +2

    Who gives a rats ass about critics.

    Seriously if your interested in the movie go watch it if not then move on…. if you watched and was disapointed then move on.

    • "NOT everyone has money to go to every movie they interested in" this was the argument & lots agreed. Some people rely on reviews to decide which movie.. so yea :)

  • +1

    I enjoyed the film. I'm not a huge comics book fan so I could just enjoy it for what it is.

    Margot Robbie did a good job playing Harley Quinn. That character has had some good development from being merely a supporting character to the Joker to being a heroine in her own right as well.

    There are also a lot of feminists up and arms because it portrays Hayley Quinn being with an abusive partner (The Joker). Even so far as Margot Robbie herself saying that she doesn't get why her character loves The Joker. Maybe she is pandering to the feminists. Maybe she really didn't get it. I'm just glad that she just did what the director hold her to do because it was great how it was.

    I could definitely see the director's intent that Harley Quinn and The Joker are a pair, but they are just as f'ed up as each other in their own right, and either of them can hold their own and could just as well be a supporting character as a main one.

    Despite the situation they are in and the odds against them, they remain deeply committed to each other no matter what, and would literally do anything for one another. Quite a love story of love, commitment & sacrifice between the two, and that theme across all the characters.

    Unfortunately a lot of reviewers seemed to have missed the point. That's why I don't pay any attention to them.

  • It does seem that they are bashing DC ATM..
    I'm not a comic fannoy but have thus far enjoyed most comic based films. I do find it funny after ZACK redeemed himself with Batman V superman Extended cut that someone puts out an honest trailer mashup for the watchmen movie from like 7 years ago.
    Its all about the viewers perception anyway. so don't care if the media post rubbish reviews, ill eventually watch it, either on the Big screen or on my Home Theatre.

  • This sounds like the same knee jerk reaction when someone burns the Australian flag and then demands people to be deported/arrested.

    • -3

      I dont know about u, but i get pretty triggered when aboriginals burn the aussie flag. its like they want everyone out of australia. Honestly sometimes I just think they are the ones causing racial tension

  • The movie wasn't brilliant, but it wasn't an industrial sized dumpster fire like the new Ghostbusters, or anything. SS certainly had it's moments. I thought it was OK.

  • It's Extremely Ironical & Hypocrite. The OZbargain/reddit Voting system decide which comment/post deserve "glory" or "hate" or worst of all ignored.

  • I think it was a fake organised by the movie studio to get people talking about the movie, and that it has largely backfired given that so many people have been let down by the movie.

    Similar astroturfing to what happened with Ghostbusters.

    You can't believe what anyone says on the internet these days and can't make educated guesses about what they are and are not being paid for. Hell; a company just got busted in the US for hiring people to buy back its own mayonnaise from stores in order to make sure it was kept in stock all the time and so people thought it was popular. Even weirder it was popular and the whole thing was pointless but now they've sold the company on it has been revealed and the owners are pissed at the inflated figures and deception.

    Ultimately, who cares. You can look at the reviews and see most are 50/50 and most either have terrible reasons or good reasons and may or may not match your own opinions half the time. Just set a budget, pick something randomly that looks interesting, then roll the dice and go see it.

  • -2

    As good as feminist ghost busters

    • +1

      Wow that's harsh, man. The movie wasn't brilliant, but it wasn't anywhere near THAT bad !!!

  • Meh… even if we ban Rotten Tomatoes, reviews are still going to make their way into our lives…

    But if you vote for me, I'll build a wall around Rotten Tomatoes to stop the those bad reviews! And I'm going to make Rotten Tomatoes pay for the wall!

  • Who gives a crap what RT thinks?

    They rated new Ghostbusters so high (which was crap!), and yet rate Suicide Squad so poorly (crapped all over Ghostbusters and then some!).

    Have a cup of concrete and hard'en the F up… RT is just an opinion website, and half the time that opinion is WAY OFF THE MARK.

    • +1

      I agree with the contradiction of Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad reviews. Its really sad, somethings not right with RT

    • Meh, opinions.
      I enjoyed Ghostbusters more than Suicide Squad.

  • +1

    I'd pay good money to see a marathon of a season like Mr Robot or Breaking Bad at a cinema. Movies have become quite disappointing these days. Would be awesome to see tv shows that have very good writing and editing for 8+ hours with a few intermissions.

    • so far, season 2 of Mr. Robot is moving quite slow, not much is happening.

      • I love that. The world is a great world with fantastic characters. You can't just get straight back into some hacking take down and big scenario without some intermission.

        IMO, it's ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to re-watch season 1 before starting on season 2. You can't just leave a one year gap as then you will want another big arc. The big arc is season 1 the fall back is season 2.

        Elliott has to lay low. I personally love the mystery of Ray with his labrador, the friend talking about seinfeld. Now we're learning more about Angella, the new FBI agent, Tyrelles wife. The show is actually some exploring some deep existential questions about mental illness and living and dying. The scene with Giddeon at the bar was incredible, For me, that's enough to chew on for an episode or two. Breaking Bad moved slowly for a few seasons and successfully built an empire and afforded the space to play around with 'The Fly' episode, there is space to re-build a new story over another seasons or two, the implication of what they did in season 1 should give adequate time to explore the ramifications on each character. Can't just go from storm to storm. This isn't an action tv show like a Marvel universe.

  • Reviews have a lot of influence on whether I go or not, or if I am a fan of the series.

    But, I look at Meta, Rotten and IMDB to make a choice. If a movie is a 7 or more on a least 1 of those sites, I'll see it.

    Or 6 or more for comedies, horror or animation as they tend to get marked harder.

    Calling to ban is ridiculous.

    • I pretty much ignore the critics reviews and just look at the user reviews. I am more likely to see eye to eye with an average joe like me rather than film critics who have a lot longer criteria to judge a film against other than pure enjoyment.

  • +3

    In my opinion rotten tomatoes deserves an award or some sh!t for giving a fair rating, that movie sucked D0nkey [email protected] that ending tho lmao 7 year old came up with the ending..

    bad character development,
    bad story line,
    unrelatable poorly excexuted characters taht i didnt even care about, except for harley quinn,
    worst CGI ever,
    lame ass vilian,
    lame jokes ran flat by the end of the movie.
    even the joker was not that interesting even tho he was in there for mere minutes.
    the worst most predictable %100 recycled ending i've ever seen

    they trying too hard to match marvel, they just keep [email protected]!ng up

    • Hail Hydra.

    • I completely agree. Tried to enjoy it but some of the lines were ridiculously stupid, and then they did a lot of camera cuts and lousy angles so they didn't have to invest so much in CGI.

      And seriously.. boomerang guy? wtf. how is boomerangs a weapon/superpower/anything?

      Really makes you appreciate what Marvel has done for Scifi/Fantasy action movies.

  • -1

    I feel that the reviews on Rotten tomatoes are always too critical and the reviewers seem to have this high expectation which isn't possible, like you want to develop characters for an entire group in 1 movie ?

    They probably will say the same thing about Justice League in regards to Aqua man, the flash and cyborg.

    Also I thought they were too critical on Batman vs Superman but IMDB gave it a decent rating, which I thought was more accurate. Maybe my views on movies are more aligned with IMDB community

    Ban RT? Nope but just note it down that the quality of their reviews are questionable

  • I think they should also take down google for aggregating reviews (which have generally been poor) when you do a search for the movie.

    It's a shame, more people should be helping these poor defenseless 100 million dollar+ corporate marketing endeavours.

    ..Also Warner Bros. owns part of Rotten Tomatoes and Warner Bros. Pictures is a distributor of the movie.

  • Isn't the real issue: RT is owned by a competing movie company? Conflict of interest much?

    Just watch it and make your own judgement? I don't get why there's an outcry for change.

  • I never gave a shit about rotten tomatoes review and neither should you. Most of the reviewers are out of touch. If u like a particular type of movie just go see it.

  • Never really based what I watch from reviews, though having watched suicide squad and having just checked the score on rotten tomato (critics score anyway), it does not warrant a 26%… The story wasn't the greatest and they didn't have time to develop all the characters but it was an ok movie if you are into just watching stupid crazy stuff happening (that scene with deadshot… lol).

    I'd say may 40-50% is what I'd give to this movie, the 26% is really too low for it imo (wonder why it got so low). In the end, it is all people's opinion which will always differ… no point in trying to get rid of something that doesn't matter in the first place.

    • 26% is the percentage of reviewers that gave it a positive review. It's not a rating out of 100%. Your score is on the lower side of 50% so that would be counted as "rotten" too. It's actually surprising that 26% of reviewers thought it was OK.

      It's actual score was 4.7 out of 10 which matches yours.

      • Lol as much as i thought it was a fun movie, the character development was not really there for all the characters and the plot was kind of meh which is a reason its not higher. If they did something with the characters then it would be higher than 50 for sure.


  • who really cares about rotten tomato's.
    they are too harsh critics on that page, i always go by IMDB and its always interesting to see what RT give the same movie.
    Yeh you guessed it, always a lower score.

  • +2

    Rotten Tomatoes don't review anything. Really, you'd need to ban the 7/10 media outlets who gave the film a bad review.

    Also the guy that started this petition later took it down saying it was a joke.

  • +2

    I will boycott RT if somone can explain these plot points of Suicde Squad, cuz its these points that ruined it for me:


    1) why didnt the witch release her brother when she first possess eye brow lady in the cave?

    2) why didnt Waller crush the witches heart when they still had it when the witch did a runner?

    3) why if the joker is out clubing with all those people around, did not Batman show up?

    4) why could they evacuate the city in all the hours but not Amanda Waller?

    5) why did they need the squad to turn up to the building that Waller was in when a helio helicopter just turns up anyway to extract them off the roof?

    6) why didnt the witch just teleport and kill everyone on the squad when they turned out to be a threat?

    7) what was the machine the witch was making, what was it supposed to do and why was it taking so long?

    8) why is harley Quinn even on this squad mission, what did she bring to the team except really hot hot-pants?

    9) why didnt the flash or wonder woman not show up?

    10) why should I care for another DC move that is not a standalone Batman film, cause it looks like Warner bros can only get the Dark Knight right

  • Curious, How would you ban it?

  • +3

    It has bad reviews because it is technically a bad movie. I personally enjoyed it, as a genre fan. Movie critics however, rate its Universal appeal. The pace was off, story was dumb, and cgi was cheap. If you're not pre-invested in the characters, there is little reason to care.

    • -1

      Exactly. Its the same as all the Muppet films. They're pretty crap in the abstract, but as soon as you see Kermit its like all that nostalgia kicks in and what would seem schmaltzy and maudlin at any other time goes down a treat.

      If we're honest with ourselves, most of these films are crap because comic books are crap. Sometimes they are brilliant, Watchmen was easily the best thing that DC ever produced. The fact that it was so good just shows up the rest of their stuff for the juvenile crap that it is.

      Same with Anime. There are a few brilliant examples. Grave of the Fireflies and Barefoot Gen are the best things the genre has ever come up with, which makes watching the other stuff just that much more painful.

  • Early negative reviews are nothing new. IMHO sounds like some mob, hungry for blood, that will give up in 2-3 weeks.

  • Just another sad example of groups trying to ban anything they don't personally agree with. Sad times, whatever happened to Freedom!

  • +1

    Will you please sign my
    BAN petition

  • It's like kiddies crying over a broken toy only worse.

  • Rather ban poorly made movies. Most of the marvel movies, most of the DC movies, most Michael bay movies, fast and the furious etc are rubbish. They have huge budgets and afford to cast well known stars, but the writing is terrible, characters poor, rely on over the top CGI, and have silly, boring, recycled plots. However, their huge budgets allow them to market these movies and generate a lot of hype. As a result these movies make massive amounts of profit regardless of their quality. People fall for it time and time again.

    I guess a lot of people also only ever watch these trashy kind of films and are so used to them that they don't have anything else to compare them to. I am sure uncultured folk who eat nothing but McDonalds would scoff at fine dining and probably complain it does not taste as good as their Big Mac. People who do have a wider palate, in this case film critics - who by and large are more cultured when it comes to movies, will review the film for what it is. Rotten Tomato then aggregates these reviews.

  • I've had more than a few good suprises recently when selecting films that have the highest disparity between the professional critic's average rating and the combined user's average rating. Conversely, I'll also be more than a bit wary of sinking my time into something that is universally acclaimed by the critics, yet has tepid user response.

    (An example of this recently was Michael Bay's 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, with a metascore of 48, but an average user score of 6.7 I'd initially decided not to bother after the reviews I'd read, but it was an absolute cracker.)

  • I feel that it's more the fault of critics, rather than RT. Even though their review scores are so harsh.
    Personally, I prefer Metacritic for all of my review needs (the layout is better too!)

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