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DealExtreme: Cree Flashlight + Batteries + Charger Kit for USD$10 with Free Shipping [Sold Out]


This is my first post here, so lmk if I am doing something wrong.
Just got an email from DX. I think most people on this site would be familiar with them.

They're offering the above kit for only $9.99 USD, with the above coupon code.

Not too bad I think, the flashlight itself is worth the $10, think of the batteries and the charger as a freebie.
I've ordered a number of lights from DX in the past and have found them all to be reasonable quality and reliable, though I find their recent lights aren't as good as the ones I've purchased in the past (circa 2008)
Either way, it's $10, which is about $13 in Aussie dollars with the currently gimped Australian dollar.

Just purchased one myself.

edit: oh well looks like its sold out. For those that managed to order one, or a dozen, enjoy =)

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  • Not bad! I personally have used DX quite a lot, though on my last order, one of the items i had ordered was not in stock which caused a massive delay in my order. Im talking i got the order about 2-3 months later. Generally i get my stuff within two weeks.

    • In my experience they will omit that item and send you everything else with a note to say they're sending it later. I got the items in just over a week…

  • im not sure if im doing the correct thing. I want to purchase 10 of these and i find that enabling the bulk rate coupon ends up being cheaper than the coupon above can someone else confirm this for me?

    • Hmm, I just tried what you said.
      It appears the coupon only works for 1 of these. So you're seeing it cheaper because you're getting 10 at the bulkrate price of $11.76, whereas with the coupon, you're getting 1 at $9.99 and 9 at 13.30.

    • This is because the coupon is a simply $3.31 discount no matter how many you buy.
      If you want to buy 10 I think it's best separate into 10 orders.

      • In fact, because there is no shipping discount for combining stuff, I always order everything on DX separately.

        This means if something is out of stock the other stuff is not held up.

        And if Customs gives one of the items the ಠ_ಠ the other stuff is not held up either.

  • ok my bad if you purchase 1 its $10USD more than one it reverts back to non discount pricing. a + for me anyway

    • You can always just do 10 separate orders anyway :P Shipping is free after all. Still seems pretty wasteful in terms of packaging and needless freight.

      • yeah, but don't your get charged an international fee per transaction by your local bank…so buying 10 items in one transaction will save you 9 fees…

  • yes that it what i am doing now. Doesn't take too long anyway

  • i wonder if this works when buying everything? like the recent focal price stuff up, when everything could be bought for 50% off…

  • Bought a $1 keyring flashlight off them.. worked for about 5 flashes then died.

  • This torch is horrible…

    To unsuspecting crim's and other types…the range on these babies is unbelievable for the money! It outshines the distance of my maglite 4D-cell LED 3 to 1!

    As soon as I get home I'm ordering one!

    • Don't get you, are you saying this is a good torch or bad?

      • RTFQ He is stayting that it is horrible to unsuspecting crims and couples when you shine the torch and catch them in the deed.

        • It reads like it was written by one of the DX staffers :)

          • @TrendyTim: LOL! Definately not mate!

            I'm becoming known as 'Mr. China' where I live, every cool gadget coming out of the place…I can hook anyone up with anything they want (almost). Just saying, if people open their minds we have been 'dudded' for too long! At the end of the day, alot of the products are functional, not finished to the same standard, but look past that and the stupidly low price they are made for and it's just amazing. Don't get me wrong, I still have ALOT of doubts about china and it's quality, but it is improving.

    • I'll make it easier,

      It's a bloody good torch and your nuts if you don't buy one.

      Causing a drunk person to drop their booze at a range of 50m due to the fact it's so bright…has to be a good torch!

  • this is a good value kit

    i have found their iphone/itouch cables to be good value
    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.30390 $2.20
    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.24296 $1.70
    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.29341 $4.01 charger + cable
    the above have all worked for my iphone, plus friends itouchs

    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.34040 $2.63 car charger

    these two torches are both very bright and use 2 x AA batteries (NiMH or alkaline)
    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.13977 $21.30
    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.14909 $18.30

  • i also agree with the above comment about not putting too much is one order
    due to 'out of stock issues'

    http://www.dealextreme.com/products.dx/top.sellers top sellers has lot of interesting ideas

  • I would steer away from the single AA battery Cree torches as they can be unreliable at times due to not enough voltage (I have bought plenty from DX myself), unless you are prepared to spend on the 3.6V AA Cells (also available from DX).

    Search for the 2xAA type (usually with a small screw on extension), then you can use 2xAA's which have enough voltage to drive the Cree's.

  • the booster pcb on these is typically crummy, if you get this buy a 14500 cell & charger, way way brighter, battery is lower capacity but you're getting a small compact light in return

    • That is a hugely irresponsible recommendation. I would never recommend a li-ion based cell chemistry to anybody that does not understand how to safely use it, and the dangers such a chemistry may pose to them.
      Moving from standard alkaline/nicad/nimh cells to li-ion and using them safely is a giant step to take, and should be done with all due care and consideration for ones personal safety, and safety of those around them.

  • Just ordered one!!

  • How do these compare to the Xtreem LED torches that Woolies sell?

    (serious question)

    • The xtreem torch has many LEDs but they would not be as bright as the Cree Q4 in this DX torch.

  • Do I need to join Paypal to buy from Dealextreme or can I just enter my CC details upon checkout thru Paypal without actually joining?

  • Its showing as out of stock, which at DX normally means "never to return"

  • I have two of these torches, or at least ones that look identical to it, bought from DX. Great little torch but both of mine have bad contacts and I needed to solder them to fix it. Before that they would intermittently switch off.

  • Can always walk into Jaycar and pick up basically the same thing for $10 more if you don't want to wait the 3-4 weeks worth of shipping.


  • I got this CREE LED 200 lumens from Ebay only for AU$10 including shipping cost. It's using 3xAAAs battery and it's incredibly bright. I got Maglite 4D and it looks like P.O.S if compare side by side.

  • Back in stock…Just bought one!

  • Mine arrived today, thing is blody tiny and also not as powerful as i was expecting (is there anyway to focus the beam)

    Still managed to scare the sh!t out of two teenagers on my front lawn as i walked out there with it though.