Tronsmart 2.0 5 Port Charger - Weird Behaviour of Devices When Charging

Hi folks,
I received a Tronsmart Charger from this deal and have noticed some very strange device behaviour when they are plugged in and charging. The screen doesn't respond properly at all. It either doesn't respond, or responds with the incorrect action, and this is on a HTC One (m7), an iPhone 5S, LG G4, and a Nexus 7 (2013). It happens to all of them. I have an Anker 5 port charger and don't have this issue.

Has anyone else experienced this? What could be causing this strange behaviour from my devices? I think I got a dud.


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    Screen lag while charging is not uncommon and reported on many forums.

    I can speak to Tronsmart and see if this is normal behaviour or not. I know my Blitzwolf and stock charger do it.

    • I can speak to Tronsmart and see if this is normal behaviour or not.

      Please do. It's something not being experienced on those devices while on other chargers, like the stock nexus charger, Belkin charger, Anker 5 port charger, or any of the Romoss or Anker portable packs.

      • PM me your GeekBuying order number too please.

  • I gave my parents an Anker charger after they reported the same thing with 2 or 3 other charges they'd tried. The Anker charger fixed their problems. No idea of the cause, but it seems to be common in many third party chargers.

  • I've seen this on various devices with capacitive touch screens, my suspicion is the output of the power supply to the phone is poorly smoothed i.e. voltage fluctuations from the A.C. Mains power are passing through to your phone. If you know someone with an oscilloscope get then to check the voltage output - if not you might be better to return the charger as you don't want to damage your phone.

  • I bought an AuKey quick charger and it works fine. Aukey seems to be better quality and cheaper than Tronsmart.

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