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$100-$300 off Mattresses from Sleeping Duck, Greywing, Ecosa & Onebed


These boxed mattress companies all have promos at the moment.

Sleeping Duck ( - $100 off, code: ENTE
Greywing ( - $200 off, code: GREATTOMORROW
Ecosa ( - $250 off, code: WINTER
Onebed ( - $300 off + free onesie, code: ONESIE300

As an example, this brings the price of a queen mattress from each company down to $1249, $995, $849, and $699 respectively.

Check here for some info regarding boxed mattresses:

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  • Greywing discount does not include Single Bed

    Onebed is out of stock for Single Bed (Similarly for LazyBed)

    Also, between onebed and lazybed, I found it interesting that although the single bed is $150 cheaper @ onebed, the double bed is $100 cheaper @ lazybed

    • Greywing discount doesn't include the King Single bed either..

    • Hi stevieray what is the coupon code for lazy bed ? I applied coupon for one bed and the double bed came down by 300 aud to 550 dollars . Lazy bed is showing 750 . No coupon ?

      • My comment was with regards to RRP
        That being said, I have a targetted coupon for lazybed.

    • Dodgy. Pricing has changed for both lazybed and onebed.
      one bed has increased prices, probably to offset $300 discount while lazybed has reduced price, again probably to compete since it only has $100 discount

      • There's certainly some unanswered questions in terms of the uncanny similarity between all their websites, mattresses, reviews and pricing - they're uncannily similar. Including in their lack of responsiveness.

        Assuming you ended up buying the Lazybed you mentioned in another thread, how have you found it so far?

        • I have the single LazyBed. Still waiting to sleep on it myself.
          Got it for my 5yo kid. Reason: Spring Mattress is totally trashed from jumping onto it from heights.

          The only complaint the kid has is that it has no "springy" feedback bounce
          It just absorbs it. I decided to jump onto the bed on my side and pretty much landed with a solid thud.
          From a recreation point of view, I might also have a complaint about the lack of bounce.
          Either way, I won't know about the level of comfort till I order one for myself.

          I found (after) service response of lazybed to be quite good.

      • Onebed's prices are still the same…

  • +2

    I upgraded to a Sleeping Duck mattress last month. Really enjoying it so far, big improvement on the old Freedom mattress we had. Helped make the decision that we live in Melbourne and they have a small showroom across from Ikea in Richmond where you can actually lay on it.

  • +1

    I enjoy sleeping duck too! sleep like a baby, i have got a king size bed, medium softeness.

    • +3

      Are you saying that the mattress is no good?

      My baby rolls around everywhere, sideways, upside-down and also goes into a snails' position from time to time.
      He also wakes up in the middle of the night.

      • +1

        I don't know who came up with the phrase 'sleeps like a baby' either. Clearly they had never slept in the same house as one. From what my friends with older kids tell me, 'sleep like a teenager' may be more apt.

  • I own sleeping duck since 2 years the titan one I can say it's extremely comfortable didn't have any issues yet.

    Although the age newspaper exposed sleeping duck and many of these vaccum packed mattresses as cheap $200 Chinese mattresses , many on online forums also found the same sleeping duck mattress on Ali baba. But regardless I can day the quality is really good.

    • exposed sleeping duck - that sounds dirty.

    • because thats what they really are

      only greywing i know does a bit extra locally with the outter fabric

  • Anyone bought from onebed? Could you share your experience?

    • I did. Only just unboxed it, so don't have anything to say until I've slept on it tonight. =P

      • Hi Koganei,
        Please share your experience upon your first sleep tomorrow. Thanks :)

        • +1

          Good support, though I did get sore shoulders but that might be just me.
          Will have to see how it goes after a week or so.

        • @koganei:

          Thanks for the feedback koganei. There's precious little information out there about onebed, but the current promo and the supposed 4cm latex topper makes it look very appealing compared to the other mattress in a box options.

          I'm looking forward to an update after a week or so, but would it if you've got any more feedback even now, especially about where it rates on the soft-medium-firm rating, at least compared to your last (inner-spring?) mattress?

        • @UncleRico: My last mattress was very firm foam, think along the lines of yoga mats, except 20 cm thick. So if you compare it to that, the Onebed is medium.

        • @koganei:

          Cheers. How are the shoulders holding up after a few days acclimatisation?

          Happy with your purchase?

        • @UncleRico: Shoulders are OK after the first night. Pretty happy with it. I still have trouble sleeping but I've had that for a while, so I don't think it's the mattress' fault.

        • @koganei:

          Thanks Koganei - appreciate the insight.

          Will be really interested to hear how you end up rating it, since online reviews are non-existent, with the exception of all the gushing 5 star appraisals on their own website, which I'm a bit sceptical about given it appears to be a cut and paste of the websites/mattresses at or

  • Ordered two from Onebed, but they failed to deliver even with 2 days notice. So much for a 4 hour delivery for Metro addresses. Tried calling but no one answered the phone, did get a email response after sending many emails stating that I'd get same day delivery, but never did. Looks like I'll have to rent a van and go to Ikea!

    • +1

      Did it turn up today?

      I'm seriously considering one, but the lack of any genuine reviews and stories like yours have me nervous…

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