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$10 off Your First Coffee Subscription (from $20 Per Month) at Roast & Grind


I've been working with these guys for a little bit lately, they have just launched and have released a coupon for all new subscriptions of their coffee subscription service.

I am personally using these guys now and the coffee is great, nice and strong flavour, not too bitter and tastes excellent both with or without milk.

It's worth giving them a try.

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    The monthly subscription is more than I can buy coffee for elsewhere.. so what is the benefit of subscribing?

    What type of coffee is it? I click subscribe and it has clipart of empty boxes rather than telling me types of coffee I will be getting.

    Not at all impressed.


      Main benefit is it is freshly roasted coffee rather than the supermarket where the coffee has been sitting there for months. Plus I can personally vouch that it's delicious.


        Yes, I was also talking about buying freshly roasted coffee - where they actually tell you what type of bean it is, where it is from, and some of the characteristics of that type of bean.

        And it is cheaper than buying on this subscription, where the only effort they have made is to show you an Empty box with 500g underneath it etc…

        As I said, not that impressed on price, and it is not that clear what I would be receiving.


    PRICE in title
    STORE in title


    Compared with the other freshly roasted coffee offerings on this site I don't find it to be a deal, even with $10 off.

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    If I'm going to be paying double (compared to my local roaster) I'd like to know more about the beans other than "strong & nutty" 💩


      "not too bitter and tastes excellent both with or without milk."

      what else do you need to know?


        Single Origin/Blend
        Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast (is there an option to choose?)
        Does any of the above vary or is it just the same "strong and nutty" coffee every time?

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    Personally I'm very happy with the coffee I get from Three Thousand Thieves, who send me coffee curated from the best roasteries in Melbourne for $42 per kg shipped. Cheaper than these guys and it's a premium brand. I can also e-mail them at any time without having to sign up for Facebook.

    I'm all for supporting new businesses, but there are half a dozen of these companies in Melbourne alone, and a few in Sydney. I can't see any differentiation here or a reason to spend more on this one. There's zero details about where the coffee comes from.

    PS. you also misspelled 'caffeinated'

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    $60/kg?! not a bargain… not even close…


    There's no bargain here, I understand the concept of the store but if you want to sell a premium product (coffee beans for $60 a kilo in this instance) then let us know why it's worth the money.

    Why are we spending more money for less information? On other coffee subscription sites we can find out the region that the coffee is grown, wether it's single region or a blend, how heavily it's been roasted, and so on. While I get that this is simplifying and getting away from the hipster element of coffee you can't command the same prices and above for what we can assume is a non premium product since for all we know you go down to Safeway and buy this in at $14 a kilo.

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