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$5.00 off Most Items at Domino's, Pickup and Delivered


$5.00 off what seems to be most items on the menu, including mogul pizzas and value range pizzas. Works for one item only. A value pizza comes out to $1.95 pickup with this. Worked at my local store in SA for both pickup and delivery. Hopefully an alright first post!

As per the comments, you may be able to stack with the 40% off.

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  • +2

    Holy shit yes, works!

    • +6

      Oh shit, that's like the first time you swore!

      • F*** I missed out

    • OP where did you get the code from?

  • +1

    Due it reduce the minimum charge for delivery?

  • Only works for 1 item per order

    • Multiple orders is the solution!!

      • +12

        "Hello, I'm here to pick up five orders for Yarkin"

        • I don't understand this deal. What happens when you keep ordering and say 'i have 100 orders for…..'

        • @mooreshady:
          I guess it's to prevent abuse of the discount? I imagine having to enter a brand new order every time you wanted a pizza would be annoying instead of just putting in 10x pizzas in a single order for $2 each lol.
          Plus the shame of having to turn up and be "that guy" who ordered 10 pizzas for $20 in 10 separate orders, 10 separate transactions.

        • +5

          @Blitzfx: "Shame"?

        • +1

          well I imagine it's like "oh you're the guy who took up half an hour of our time to make these 10 pizzas, which we're making at a loss, taking up our time that could have been spent delivering orders for full price paying customers" kind of thing.
          Unless HQ reimburses the franchise store or something.
          I don't really know how it works. just a guess

        • Let's hope the franchise owner is not making your pizzas

        • @moooooooo:

          Yeh there's we ozbargainers know no such thing as shame when it comes to a good (great) deal.

        • +2

          plus a possible chance of fingernail fairy dust being added to your order by the irate franchisee.

  • works qld

  • Tested SA/NSW/VIC/QLD random stores and worked for all.

    Also lets you order a $3.95/$4.95 garlic bread (only) for $0 but not a drink.

    • And lava cake

      • +8

        Might order something and ask the cashier for change when I pick it up.

  • Woo~That's insane!

  • Working in NSW, Thanks!
    Closes at 11pm though :\

    • How do you know it ends at 11pm?

      • +3

        My domino's store closes at 11pm. Not the coupon code ahaha

        • Ahhh easy haha

        • +5

          Order for tomorrow :)

  • +4

    That's an excellent first post!

  • What a lad, great post!, will definitely skyrocket to the Popular Deals

  • YOU CAN STACK WITH 40% off Domino's Pizza (Excludes Value Range) thanks hamza23
    Just ordered and its on its way!!!

    • Stacking didnt work for me for Vegorama pickup.

      • Mine was delivered, got $5 off Value range, and them 40% off Supreme, added choc cake to get past the $21 minimum mark.
        I added Value range first and applied 891652.
        Went back and added Supreme and then applied 474886.

    • Which one

    • I'm getting expired on the 40% off code

    • -1

      username checks out.

      YOU CAN STACK WITH 40% off Domino's Pizza (Excludes Value Range) thanks hamza23

      Method posted unreliable

  • Hopefully it's working for tomorrow :)))

    • +3

      Order in advance.

      • +1

        Thanks for the tip mate!

  • +5

    Working for me in regional WA. I've already had dinner, so I'm not going to place the order though.
    $0 Cheesy Garlic Bread (save $4.95)
    $1.95 Buttermilk Chicken Kickers x5 (save $4)
    $0.95 Spicy Chicken Bites x20 (save $5)

    Didn't work on value pizzas that are only $5 on the menu.

    Edit: Scratch that. Ordered dessert: $0.95 Belgium Choc Brownies (save $5)
    Edit 2: These brownies are barely worth the $0.95 I paid for them.

    • +1

      Only $4 on the kickers is weird

    • +1

      I just had a Cheesy Garlic Bread and Spicy Chicken Bites for lunch. $0.95 well spent.

  • +1

    Placed order for lunch tomorrow! Thanks!

  • Sounds cool and works ^^

    As for the wings.. the ones I got last time was awfully tiny.

  • +1

    I only just finished my healthy meal of Salmon and steamed veg, bought 2 Value Pizzas anyway.

    • Hey you deserve those pizzas after salmon and steamed veg

      • +5

        Need the pizzas to purge my body of awful omega-3 and vitamins.

  • +1

    Compared to the actual saving, I'm more thrilled at being able to exploit legitimately a loophole in the computer system of a big multinational franchise restaurant.

    • Their system is not as robust as you thought. Where there is coding, there are bugs.

  • And BTW a great first post/deal

  • goddammit store just closed

    • order for tomorrow.

      • but I'm hungry now

        • I share your (hunger) pain.

  • Did they fix it up?

    I could only save $2-$2.05 on various pizzas, not $5 :(

    • Didn't work on value pizzas that are only $5 on the menu.

      • 3 pizzas and cheesy garlic bread for $17.54

        Thanks OP

  • +1

    1 X SPICY VEG TRIO for $2.95 for lunch tomorrow. thanks

    EDIT : just made a second order for a cheesy Garlic bread $0

  • +3

    domino's screwed me over recently with a voucher that ended up charging me full price $46 for a $21 voucher (complained and they told me it was my fault). It's time for revenge.

    I am THE PUNISHER as of this moment.

    • -6

      How is it not your fault? You're the one that puts in the voucher? You can see the price before you checkout….

      • +3

        Because the price at checkout said $21.95. I then didn't receive a receipt via email as proof, this is the normal procedure. I have used that voucher like 5 times. However on collection, I didn't confirm the price (since I had already paid for it). I agree, that last part is my fault.

        You sound exactly like dominos head office. Didn't this episode just prove that the online system isn't foolproof?

        • @SilentBob:

          I have the receipt they generate in store, I have my bank statement. I have the coupon which I have used on this date and for previous orders (Which is still valid).

          I don't screenshot every order I make online. I GENERALLY receive email notifications with my order details for EVERY order. Except funnily enough not for this one.

          But thanks for your concern professor.

        • @SilentBob:

          Granted if I planned to order from them (after that episode, which I don't), I would definitely have saved evidence or chosen to pay on pickup in the future.

  • don't forget to get your Dominos card stamped when you pick up.

  • Thanks added along with 40% off coupon with 2 chefs best and buttermilk chicken for $15.09

  • Multi use order didnt work

  • Damn, this is gonna get shut down - too many people using it

  • dinner sorted

  • thanks OP ordered a free cheesy garlic bread

  • Expiry?

  • Good for pick up, not that good for delivery :/

  • No way this will last. Dessert is free. Lol.

  • Is anyone else's order not going through now?

  • this is epic

    ty OP

  • +2

    Value range is locally $5… Order comes to $1.95.

    $5 - $5 = $1.95????? Uh… A bargain none the less.

    Edit: other items work fine. Free choc lava cake!

  • Haha, just placed four orders for pickup tomorrow evening. Total wallet hit is $3.90…

    Chipotle Chicken Kickers ($1.95)
    Buttermilk Chicken Kickers ($1.95)
    Garlic Bread ($0.00)
    Choc Lava Cake ($0.00)

    Perfect. Cheers OP!

    • -1

      Sounds like a healthy dinner/snack!

      • I don't know why, but I couldn't bring myself to 'fork out' for a semi-decent pizza that wouldn't simply be dough and oil. I used to work there donkeys ago and the local managers know me.

        Reckon I'll get a solid staredown tomorrow! :)

    • I also ordered a few things to pick up after work, I am going to pick them up across two stores though… Are you going to go on your own to pick up 4 orders?

      • Absolutely! There's no limit on the code's use so I have no qualms! I'm not going to order a drink though cos I know I'll have one mouthful and discard the rest; that'd be just waste for the sake of it.

        • +2

          Good to know. I placed another order after reading your reply! :D

        • @birdnw: There's one downside to ordering from a menu at this hour; it makes one hungry! Happy consuming!

        • @ctg: that's true!

          Just wondering if you have received emails for all the orders you made. I only received two emails (I used two email addresses) from Domino's but I have made 4 orders!

        • @birdnw: No dramas on my side, all arrived immediately after ordering.

    • +1

      The strange looks on pickup were real but I just winked and smiled after grabbing the order :)

      • +1

        well, in the end I could only pick up two of the orders. For some reasons, Domino's didn't receive my other orders and therefore did not send me email confirmations…. :(

  • Excellent, thanks for posting. Lunch for next 2 days sorted:
    Cheesy garlic bread $0
    Cheesy garlic pizza $1.95
    Spicy veg trio $1.95
    Belgian choc lava cake $0
    Mini Dutch pancakes $0

  • It works at all Victorian stores that I have tried. Cheers, my lunch is sorted(and perhaps dinner too!)

  • +2

    Thanks Op and Dominos.

    lunch is on me tomorrow

    2x spicy chicken bites(20)
    1x spicy veg trio
    1x pepperoni
    1x cheese
    1x hot chilli beef

    total $9.70

    • Cpukdnt get it to work on value range pizzas, (ie the $5 pizzas)

  • +2

    Made few free orders, lunch sorted for the rest of the week

    • +1

      I actually "doubt" they would honuor these orders since they obviously cannot give food away for free. It would be interesting to see how this will pan out.

      • Remember the create your own free pizzas? They honored thoae

      • Actually they can't afford not to honour the offer, which in turn reminds me of a hoary old joke. You know the one .. :-) .. !!

      • No worries at all on pickup!

  • BELGIAN CHOC LAVA CAKE showing as $5.20 here… Melbourne CBD store ?

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