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MYER Extra 50% off Men, Womens & Childrens Knitwear & Sweaters Extra 40% off Jackets & Coats


Hey guys,
Myer are clearing out the Winter stock with an extra 50% the reduced price of womens, mens and childrens knitwear and sweaters.

Men: http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/offers/further-50-men
Women: http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/offers/further-50-women
Kids: http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/offers/further-50-kids

And 40% off the already reduced price of coats and jackets
Men: http://www.myer.com.au/shop/CategoryDisplay?urlRequestType=B...
Women: http://www.myer.com.au/shop/CategoryDisplay?urlRequestType=B...
Kids: http://www.myer.com.au/shop/CategoryDisplay?urlRequestType=B...

In addition to this if you use the following codes for MENS and WOMENS when spending over $100 you will get an extra $20 off

QMMEN20 for menswear
QMWOMEN20 for womenswear

Only thing to remember is that if you then fall under $100 you will have to pay $9.95 delivery

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  • Anything 1/2 price is a good deal and at Myer is an extra plus.

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      Spotted the Myer shareholder.

  • I'm assuming the $100 spend to use the code is $100 after the discount?

    • No code needed, add the product to cart and automatically applied discount when checkout.

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        If you use the code and the cart is over $100 if you enter either code depending on if it is mens or womens clothing you will get discounted another $20

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          I spent $120 and only get $10 off after applied the code. It's still better than nothing. Cheers!

        • Same here, only additional $10 off…

        • @PW: same only $10 - it was weird too, when I added the code, the price and discount changed for some of the items. Still happy with the deal, just looks like the ABS built the web site

        • Not working for the clothes I bought (Tommy and Superdry)

        • same only $10 - it was weird too, when I added the code, the price and discount changed for some of the items.

          I noticed on my invoice was charged $9.95 delivery fee. Going to contact Myer customer service to get $9.95 back as the top banner stated free delivery over $100.

        • code isn't working well for me

          $300+ cart only $10 discount with the code

          on the phone with myer suport atm

        • If you click on your invoice and you'll see they charged $9.95 delivery fee.

        • Pretty sure you will find that the discount is applied to the pre-discount price. I have a couple of items in my cart which are not 50% off and the discount is around $13. Added another 50% off item and it fell to $11.

        • +4

          @PW: Everything is 50% off! Even the discount code!

        • +1

          @fattyboombatty: When the Myer website went down for a week a couple of Christmas's ago, it was running on IBM Websphere, the same platform the Census uses.

          Not sure if it still runs on that, but probably, it looks damn near identical.

        • @Bargs: is it the platform problem or the person who's using it (aka. IT guys)?

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    Only online?

    • +1

      The extra $20 code is online only, but the extra 40% and 50% off is avaliable in store also

    • +1

      Its in store as well. Just went to the store in Melbourne CBD. There was a good range of clothes and i picked up a couple Ben Sherman jerseys for $35 each down from $100.

    • +5

      for the same brand?

      • +5

        10x worst brands than MYER.

  • +1

    The code is actually $20 off per $100 spend in clothing department

    • they say that but it doesn't seem to be working that way for me

      only reduced the price by $10 for me

      • I had the same thing happen to me. spent 200… might have been better to split the order.

        • It's because the $20 off is applied before the 50% off, so essentially it's just $10 off final value.

        • @demiurge: that can't be right

          if its applied before the 50% off then I would have spend $600+ and got $120 off then 50% of that would be $60 off

          For some reason it was only reducing it by $10.01

        • @hockysa: If you spent $600 on one transaction it's still only $20 off, if you split it into 6 transactions of $100 each and apply the code6 times then you can get $120 off before the 50%.

        • @demiurge:

          yeah so I should get $60 off right?

        • @hockysa: If you pay 6 times separately applying the code each time, then yes you would've had 60 off.

        • +1

          oh on my screen it says

          save $20 for every $100 spent

          don't see why I would need to pay 6 times separately

        • Update: myer reply:

          I am sorry the offer was save $20 when you spend $100 or more in one transaction on Men's clothing, footwear, accessories, underwear, socks and sleepwear. The Online offer was incorrect. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

          Is this acceptable?

        • @hockysa: i agree. have you contacted their customer service?

        • @everyone: I will, I'm waiting till the order is posted first

          in case they decide oh hey we'll just apologise and cancel the entire order

    • Yes, $20 off $100 spend. Worked for me.

  • +2

    9/10 items I clicked on resulted in "This item is out of stock". Not a bargain if you can't buy anything.

    • +1

      So far it's 10/10 for me

      • +11

        That's the benefit of having bad taste. Just kidding.

        • +1

          Haha, I meant 10/10 not available, should of made that a bit clearer

    • +1

      Well you do have the choice between "blegh!" or "Errgh!".

  • ugh can't use my stupid coles/myer gift cards online..how annoying..

    • I used my Myer Gift Card just now…..

      • Yeah, I have 2 yr old cards that have a number
        6273 35 xxx whereas the checkout prefills it.. 6273 4x xx and the number 4xx cant be removed..

        • Oh bugger! Mine is more recent and had the 4xx

  • Anyone know how returns would work if it something does not fit?

    • +6

      Just take it to a store…

  • Thanks, bought some stuff with good discounts. Pity I could not click and collect, but still a good price after double discount.

  • Grabbed a few jackets in different sizes. Pretty happy with the prices after discount and free shipping! Thanks OP!

  • The code does not seem to be working for all the clothes.

  • Took $10 off for me at $174 order

    • took $10 off my $317 order

      haven't gone through with order yet

  • +2

    If the item I wanna buy is $50, can I buy 2 of it to get the free delivery and then return one to store?

    • +2

      Should be OK

    • Yes, free delivery will save you a trip to the store to pick up your clothes….

      • +7

        then you have to go back to the store to return it….

  • +6

    ublock origin breaking navigating and sorting by on this site for me in both chrome and firefox. just a heads up if anyone else is experiencing the same

    this site desperately needs a "don't show Sold Out items" in their search/sort options

    • Thanks, was trying to figure out what it was!

    • same, but i can't even get it working in edge!

  • +1

    Sucks to be a size small aka sold out.

    • +1

      far easier to bulk up than to 'downsize'

  • +3

    thanks op bought $120 stuff i didnt need……

  • awesome just bought superdry jacket, thanks op

  • +1

    Damn you whoever stole the last superdry jacket, had in my cart and sold out =.=

    • +22

      Look at the post above you! :P

  • A lot of items quick to sell out. Regardless grabbed 2x jackets 2x hoodies and some trackies for $170. Cheers op.

  • -1

    UGH…how do i remove my + :/

    "Sorry, the items in your bag are not available for Click & Collect at this store. Try another store or select a different delivery option."

  • buggy checkout and item still able to add to cart but once there "sorry, this item unavailable". Too difficult, not going to order now all the good things are sold out.

  • +2

    Tip to all, place small order just over $100 then checkout. Don't fill the cart with 20 to 30 items, by then all sizes are gone.

  • +1

    The discount code is applied before the 50% off. For example, $240 worth * 50% = $120 in cart. With the discount code applied, it becomes $220 * 50% = $110 in cart.

    • +2

      The hell who discounts the discount? LOL Technically Speaking

  • "It seems we're having some technical issues at
    the moment. We're doing everything we can to
    bring the site back online as soon as possible."

    … and once site is back to normal all sizes gone.
    I gave up on Big W specials already cause they never have stock.
    Myer is the next one.

  • +1

    code does not seem to be working for 50% items anymore :(.

  • Silly code only takes $10 off. Going to place order but will be asking for $10 refund.

    • how did you even get $10 off? mine show code input but no change in price?

      • It reduced price by $10 when I put the code in. Hopefully they will work out the code was not working properly and provide automatic refunds, not sure I can be bothered to ring them as they don't seem to have an email.

  • Anyone has issues with logging in ?

    • I'm stuck viewing the first page, can't load any more

      Edit: It's because of uBlock

      • I managed to login after I got back home.

  • +2

    The following error occurred during processing: "java.lang.ArrayStoreException".

    • +1

      Had that happening too. Infuriating website really, too slow to update stock and I think it should reserve items in the cart for a period. I got a jacket and jumper in the end. Not sure they will even fit or whether I really like them. Myer has a great returns policy though so all good.

    • happening to me

      • +1

        Seems to be when you try to order a low stock item.

        • +1

          it is in my shopping bag though so im stuck with items i cannot remove

          Called myer, similar issues raised, they will need to ask IT to empty your bag

  • Damn, glad I got my order in before hand!
    $20 off $100 is applied before the 50 and 40% off. My $122 order came to $112.something

    • +1

      $122-112=$10 off?

      • That's what it showed originally on checkout. but then looking at the email it had 12.xx off one item and 7.xx off the other, then the 50 and 40% discounts.

  • +1

    Thank you OP, bought two last piece Tommy just in tim; very happy with purchase.

    • +1

      Lucky, I wanted some of those Tommy sweaters. Think the popular ones were all gone even before this deal was posted.

  • +3

    Just spent $300 from what was $900


    • I know rite, I reached for my Visa with much trepidation

  • Codes not working?

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