This was posted 4 years 3 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Excludes NT/WA] Domino's Online Mega Week - 50% off Pizza (Excludes Value & Extra Value Range)


Repeat of this deal. Gets you 50% off all pizzas except Value & Extra Value Range. Deal starts on 22nd of August. Credit to The Ferret on Whirlpool. Enjoy :)

All codes 301500, 560545, 857646, 798625, 391706, 465279 etc do the same thing.

Mod: For WA/NT users - alternative 40% off code 734940 and for all users keep in mind that there are $5.95 extra value, $7.45 traditional & $7.50 chef's best codes, OzBargain pizza page.

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  • Hell yeah!

  • I get the following message when applying this to an order in SA "The voucher 857646 can not be used at this time of the day."

    Usually if it's invalid, I get the standard message "The voucher xxxx is not accepted by your selected store."

    OP, are there any known time restrictions on use of the voucher?

    • Deal starts on 22nd :)

      • you should probably put that in your post.

        • @freefall101 Done, cheers.

        • @freefall101

          The deal was submitted with that information.

          You should probably get your vision tested.

        • @kamoi:

          That is such tiny text, most people will not see it because there's so much clutter like:

          Domino's Pizza
          Related Store: Domino's Pizza
          Deals 31 Coupons Forums Competitions
          Subscribe Contact 1300 366 466
          1.7 from 313 reviews
          + social media buttons above and other clutter.

          Me and others look at the title and description. The start date should honestly be in the title if it's not beginning in the next 24 hours.

          I remember that 24 nuggets for $10 at KFC that was like 3 weeks out. Pointless.

        • @FiveDarrah: quick, someone call the Waaambulance

        • @FiveDarrah:

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          How about you don't criticize others' deals, until after you've actually contribute anything to the community yourself.

          So many ungrateful leeches on OzBargain now days.

        • @PainToad:

          I never criticised the post (which they reposted off whirlpool but w/e).

          I pointed out how the start date is often missed because of the site design/layout and I only posted because I see this kind of comment every so often. The page layout has lot to be desired.

          Good job on going through my profile, what's the minimum amount of posts needed to contribute to discussion? Maybe they should just make this a private site so "ungrateful leeches" can't get in.

        • @PainToad: God I hate this defense. So what if they haven't put anything up, they're part of the community. Criticism, whether warranted or not, is desired on a site like this so only the best deals get up voted onto the main page. If all anyone did was give everyone a thumbs up and reach around you'd have no idea of what was good and what was up with anything.

          There was no criticism here anyway, all they did was point out that the date wasn't super clear. Big whoop. God forbid someone make a suggestion that actually improves something and makes it more convenient for people who come by it, amiright?

          Anywho, 50% is great and all, but remember to make whatever pizza you want in Pizza Mogul first, because you get a minimum of 25 cents per pizza when ordering from there, I get a shitload of free pizzas from online surveys and I use Mogul for each one, I've already stacked up just under 10 bucks in the last couple of months. (Yes, I eat too much pizza, but since I'm gonna die anyway, I may as well die a fat bastard)

        • @FiveDarrah: I think that the feedback that people perceived to be ungrateful cop tends to take care of the issue.

  • Online Mega Week – 50% off pizza

    22/8/16 – 31/8/16


  • i had to stop this affecting my health

  • Looks like I will also fail my mid-year new years resolution: To not become obese.

    • Lets all run/walk to our local Domino's instead of driving there =D
      All the trendy folks in the office are doing that 10K steps/day challenge, this gets it done in one swoop!

      • trendy folks in the office are doing that 10K steps/day challenge

        I believe that is called pokemon go.

      • I walk anyway, my local Dominos is down the road

        • I use to live 100 metres walk from my Dominos. I always ordered online with the cheapest coupons and always paid my $4 to $8 with 5 and 10c pieces. They knew my at the end and actually kept the store open late for me a few times. Also spotted me 2 for 1 pizzas every now and then! That was the life…

          Then I had a triple bypass surgery….

          J/k. Nar I just moved.

  • Between all the free pancakes and this I think I've shortened my life by at least a decade.

  • anyone know if is this only for pickup at malvern store or can it be used anywhere?

  • 22nd of August? So what on earth do I eat this week?!?!?!

  • I used a 30% code today, then i saw the 40%, then i saw the 50%. Why me…

  • Sad really with all these discounts almost on a daily basis. This is exactly why franchisees are struggling to make a profit and going bust.

    • Their aim is to put the nail in the coffin of Pizza Hut. Eagle Boys is already dead.

      The franchises will have a monopoly in shitty pizzas soon enough. Then they can return to ripping us off.

      • TBH Pizza Hut's creative team is terrible, with their best (strange) ideas being:

        1. dotting the pizza edge with mini meatpies, yes actual meat pies stuck to your pizza.
        2. a sausage filled "stuffed crust", instead of cheese.

        for F sake just copy Domino's Edge and peri peri themed pizzas, offer chicken kickers, keep giving out discount codes, and they'll be back in the game.

        • Ive always found it weird they dont all do calzones instead of cheap pizza… It uses half the toppings at most Nd its something id rather buy..

        • keep giving out discount codes

          I don't think they have the money to have a race to the bottom.

    • I thought that the company makes up the difference from coupons sometimes don't they?

  • This price war has been going on for a very long time. How many people will the admin put out of business before they put pizza hut out of business.

  • Any tips for getting best bang for buck with custom toppings?


    Nice. Very nice.

  • Can I take this offer to Officeworks, and get them to do a price match or beat ??

    • +6 votes

      I'm sure you can. You can easily substitute it with some manila folders or cardboard and it will taste just like it :). Just add some BBQ or tomato sauce on top.

  • Sweet it stacks with 50% off health

  • hope my local domino's will accept this code.

  • I've tried for pick up for 29 Aug at 730pm for Easter Freo or Myaree WA and get that this store does not accept this voucher. Any idea if that'll change after the 22nd? Looking to order maybe 10 pies.

  • a legit deal that comes only once a year

  • Have not bought Pizza Hut in years thanks to Domino's having vouchers like this. Thank god for Pokemon Go which will work in conjunction to burning some of this pizza off.

  • all these diminoes coupons. i am on first name terms with the manager now. he gave me a vip card. no need to tell him my order. just the 'standard'. glad i am a shareholder.

  • Deals like this make me fat :D :) :| :\ :( :'(

  • It appears that this deal will exclude extra value range also, which has been the latest thing Domino's have done with the 40% off vouchers. Have updated the title.

  • -2 votes

    Appears the code has expired

  • Thanks Realfancyman :)

  • is this pickup only or delivery included? Is there a minimum order value for delivery?

  • just in case the code above doesn't work for you.

    i got a brochure coupon code 798625
    same time/date/deal as OP

  • Hi OZb, when will this deal expire? thanks.

  • Waited all week for this then excl wa

    Game over man
    Game over

    • There's a 40% off code that you can use in WA instead, added it to OzBargain pizza page this morning:

      734940 - 40% off Pizzas (Excludes Extra Value & Value Range) pick up (expires 24/08/2016)

      Or try one of the $5.95 extra value or $7.45/$7.50 traditional/chef's best codes here if that works out cheaper than the 40% off and they are accepted at your WA store.

  • I tried to order THE LOT ($8.95), using the 50% code gives $6.95.

    When I order SUPREME ($13.3), it does come up $6.65 with same code.

    It seems the whole Melbourne Range pizzas is discounted, but not quite 50% using 50% promote code, or by clicking promotion link on Domino's website.

    • Just testing out an order and if I order from the Melb range:

      1 X The Lot for the first pizza and then the same 1 X The Lot for the second pizza the first one comes up as $9.97 and the second one $6.47

  • what's the deal with NT/WA always have to miss out?

    • really? I was going to order a friend in Perth some pizza's… have you tried all the codes?

  • The first pizza on the list is always full price and the rest are half price. Any idea why?