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BlitzWolf Braided 1m/2m USB Type C Data Cable - US$3.29/$4.99 (AUD $4.36/$6.60) Delivered @ Banggood


BlitzWolf 2.4A USB Type-C Reversible Braided Data Cable 6.56ft/2m USB 2.0 A Male to USB 3.1 Type-C Male for Nexus 5X 6P OnePlus 2
Meizu PRO 5 Nokia N1 Lumia 950 Lumia 950XL Xiaomi 4C Zuk Z1 Apple MacBook 12 Letv 1 Letv 1s Letv 1 Pro Letv Max Nubia Z9 Max Elite

Amazon Review :

Product information:
Brand: BlitzWolf?
Model: BW-CB4
Material: Protective Tinned Copper Mesh + Aluminum Foil Shielding + Environmental Flexible Braided Jacket
Plug: Standard USB2.0 A Male to Double-Sided USB3.1 Type-C Male, Nickel-plated Reversible Connector Heads
Wire Core: 28 AWG(Data) + 22 AWG(Power)
Output: 5V/9V/12V, up to 2.4A
Data Sync Speed: Up to 480Mbps
Length: 6.56ft/2m
OD: 3.5mm
Color: Black Cable & Gray Metal Plug, Red Cable & Black Metal Plug

The code BGBWCB5 for the 1 Meter version

If u like any other Blitzwolf products,u could use the code 12blitzw for 10% Off.

22% OFF for Blitzwolf lighting cable ,code:BGBWMF3,just Black&Grey cable in stock.

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  • +5

    Any deals on a braided lightning cable?

  • Perfect timing having just received my new 6P.

    Ordered two 1M's…….thanks OP.

  • Ordered one thanks. Happy with past purchases from you guys. Very good.

  • Awesome deal! I need some new cables! :)

    Any chance we can get a discount on the charger too? http://www.banggood.com/Qualcomm-Certified-BlitzWolf-BW-S7-Q...

    • +4

      BGBWS7,USD $ 4 OFF

    • My personal preference are the Tronsmart Chargers has they have a higher power rating. There is a model with 5 QC2.0 ports although it apepars that Banggood don't stock it.

      Much easier to take a single charger when travelling (or two if the family are coming).

  • +1

    Are these Google-engineer-Benson-whatshisname approved and won't burn your house down?

    • I didn't think the braided ones were Benson approved.

    • +1

      Yes, I have one and it passes the test.

      Also direct from the source - https://www.amazon.com/review/R1AF6ZHBZRQFHV/ref=cm_cr_rdp_p...

      • **but in banggood they are still using following falsh descriptions,

        Also, on the side of the box that this cable was shipped with, has this text :
        "Double-sided USB 3.1 USB Type-C male reversible plug".

        In my testing, this cable is NOT USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 capable. It is purely a USB 2.0 High Speed cable A-to-C cable, with only 4 pins on the Type-A plug. This is false advertising, as consumers looking for a USB 3.1 capable A-to-C cable to use with their MacBook in Target Disk Mode, or to transfer files at SuperSpeed with their Pixel C may buy this cable and not have that functionality.

        Finally, the box contains the following text :
        "Supports 5V/9V/12V fast charging at up to 2.4A" and "Compatible with Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charging."
        Section 4.8.2 of the Type-C spec forbids Non-USB charging methods like Qualcomm QC that can change voltage on Vbus beyond 5V, so these two lines cannot be true either. Compliant Type-C devices and chargers cannot support methods like QC that can change voltage to 9V or 12V

  • +3

    Any special on the usb-c adapter?

  • Got this last time. Great cable.

  • I have some 2m ones. They are compliant as tested with checkr.

    On one of my cables, the braiding has come off at the phone end. It appears to have detached itself from the type C end and slid back a bit, exposing the white cable underneath. Seems to make no difference though

  • +1

    I got the non braided version for my lg g5. Tried using one for data syncing with my MacBook but it kept disconnecting (kept charging though) anybody else have problems?

    • +1

      I got two of these cables to use for android auto, which uses the data channel. No dice, definitely just for charging and not data.

      • Interesting, I've got the 1m unbraided, it works with my computer for transferring files?

        • Which means the problem is my phone and not the cable. (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ㅂ˂̣̣̥)੭ु

  • +3

    Any chance for a discount on this power bank?


    • Yes please I need one too.

  • -3

    Works for iPhone 5c?

    • Hey Apple, see what you've gone done…
      "Why won't my USB-C cable fit in my iPhone 5C?"

    • +2

      come on… really? it blows my mind you cant do a 5 sec google search to find out yourself or even know the answer to this question…

  • Can we get a deal for the BW-C6 car charger?



  • +8

    Any specials on a type-C to type-C cable?

    • +1

      Seconded, would like a deal please OP!

    • Thirded!

    • Yes, I badly need a good, longer C to C cable

    • I agree, these are amazing and would love to buy some as stocking stuffers.

    • I'd like a deal for this one too, need to buy a handful after all this hype with reversible cables :D
      (Got no Type-C toys yet)

    • +1. I would buy a few.

  • +2

    I have the red braided cable. Have had it about 2 months now so early days, no issues at all.

  • Hahaha, oh poop! Bought 2 of these like 3 days ago… :D they were a good deal then, better now.

  • Is there any concern to get hit up with international transaction fees when using citibank?

    • I was under the impression there's zero transaction/international fee when using Citibank Plus everyday account? Or has this arrangement been changed?

      • Their creditcards charge a lot of fees. Therefore, have a Citibank Debit Plus for transactions, or get a Bankwest Zero or "28 Degrees" card (both platinum, free travel insurance, no annual fees, no foreign currency conversion fees).

  • highly recommended. this cable is seriously awesome

  • Will this work with with samsung s6 edge charger? Sorry not too technical..

  • Would this be good for a note 7?

  • Any chance of a deal in combination with a QC3.0 car charger? E.g. this one

    • +1

      f433a9,15% off

      • Awesome, thanks for that, just ordered.
        Just noticed it came with a cable included. Looks like I will now have two cables. (Oh wait, it includes a reversible type B cable. Good I still bought the Type C then).
        Very good value, I think.

  • Bah… I just ordered 4 1m 3A 10 days ago at AU$6.38.

    Might have gotten these…but had to order to try get them here when my Note7 gets here. :)

  • +2

    Pls don't forget about cashback guys!

    • Got cashback tracking confirmation email within 10 minutes. Impressive.

  • +1

    I have received my 2 braided cable from recent deals. Android Ampere indicates the max charging amp is 1.35A and is way below the Max 2.4A. My other cable from Joyroom managed 2.5A from the same charger.

    • +1

      Interesting I will test when I get mine

      • Would be interested to get some more feedback on this. I've bought a few already and will test also.

        • +1

          Just got my 2m cable and it's pretty bad… im getting .9amp charge from a 2.4amp power block when I use my other cable I'm getting 1.9amp

  • literally bought this cable yesterday from this site :'( Always hurts

    • Hi u could try to price protection within 72 hours D:

      • Ah awesome thank you!

  • +5

    Hiya, could we possibly get a deal on one of the reversible Micro USB cables, e.g. this?

  • 12blitz for 10% Off coupon code won't work.
    I have all BlitzWolf items in my cart.

    Item numbers; 1013479, 1041142 & 1026355.

    12blitz gives invalid coupon :(

    • The code is 12blitzw,sorry miss one letter

  • Code worked for cables but not code for charger - same error message

  • Grabbed some cables, thanks OP!

  • USD$ 4 OFF for BW QC 3.0 5 port charger(banggood.com),code:BGBWS7 - this code doesn't work - get error message "code is invalid with PROMO tag".

    • I will try to fix it

      • Working now

  • Not sure if this is still a thing, but Type C cables have been known to fry USB ports.


    There are probably more articles out there. Not saying this cable is unsafe or anything, but just be careful not to fry your devices.

    • +1

      Na blitzwolf cables are legit the cables that messed up that guys stuff didn't have a sensor to see how many amps the item could take to what the power block could give

      • In that case, I shou… Wait… 2 meters!!??! Hahaha! Just realised that. Yeah, this is a really good deal then!

  • Nice deal! Unfortunately I need micro USB cables…

    Any deals on a BlitzWolf BW-CB8 2.1A Reversible Braided MICRO USB Charging Data Cable? Such as the one in the link below:


  • +3
    • i'm also interesting in the 3A's too. On a side note, which ones are compatible with Samsung T3 drives? I've searched high and low and I can't find the amp spec for the cables used on the T3, I also checked Benson reviews but can't find the exact cable. Help!

  • Thanks - nice big order coming your way for my new phone :)

  • Please have a sale on the 3A cables and micro usb to type C adapters

  • The Code BGBWCB4 is still working!!! Just ordered 5 and the code applied in cart.

  • BGBWCB5 not working right now, was gonna order a couple

  • +1

    Hey OP can you please confirm which deals are live or not?
    BGBWCB4 for 2m is working
    BGBWCB5 for 1m is not working
    BGBWMF3 for apple lightning cable is also not working

  • +1

    Hi, both codes for the 1m and 2m not working at the moment. Please advise.

  • Coupon codes expired. OP can you please request another deal? Thanks.

  • Both codes seem to work now, thanks Rep!

  • banggood, could you please reactivate this code for the lightning cables: BGBWMF3?

  • bought 2 Blitzwolf Brand lightning cable from Banggood on 10th July 2106 and the first cable is died 2 days ago. Ebay cables last longer than this. :0

    • Could u please send me a pm for more information for this?

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