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20% off TP-Link Router/Modem at MSY - Archer C7 $119, C9 $151, D7 $135, D9 $207


Just saw MSY dropped 20% on these TP-Link AC wireless routers and modems.

AC Wireless Router

AC Wireless Router + ADSL Modem

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      That's a good point. I guess it depends how urgent you need it as MSY offer pickup and some are willing to pay a few extra dollars to get it sooner.

  • How are these for fttp routers?

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      Should be fine provided you already have a connection (these are only routers so not a replacement for any kind of modem other than ADSL)

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      Using C9 with fttp nbn. Works perfectly. Check the cpu on these routers if you have a lot of wifi usage, they can handle the traffic - speed test went from 67meg on my ISPs router to 95meg when I upgraded to the C9 with DD-WRT.

      • Ok cool ill look into cheers

    • These do well, I'm using a C7 myself and couldn't be happier!

      Previously running a Cisco E2000 on a 100Mbps symmetrical line only managed around 60/60

      Now using the Tp-Link C7 getting around 90/90!

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    Bought the C9 last week and loaded DD-WRT on it. Working very well - no complaints. Recommended router.

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      Yes definitely Archer C9 if going down the DD-WRT path. C7's support is flaky I heard, and C5v2 with Broadcom chip is not even supported. I've got 2x Archer C5 at home running stock firmware and those are bad :(

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      Hi buddy,

      Is DD_WRT really worth doing over the stockfirm? What advantages have you found using custom DD_WRT?


    • Was wondering how easy to install the DD-WRT firmware into the C9 and what's the difference vs stock? cheers.

  • Sorry if this is a stupid question - what is the difference between "AC Wireless Router" and "AC Wireless Router + ADSL Modem"?

    • One has a modem. The other does not. No modem required with nbn. You will need a modem if on adsl

      • So the C7 and C9 will not work with ADSL2+?

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          No. You will need either d7 or d9 unless you already have a non wireless modem in which case you can add the c7 or c9 to make it wireless

        • If your current modem (wired/wireless) is running ADSL2+ and you just want a wireless upgrade, you can wire up one of the ethernet ports to the WAN port of a C7 or C9 for internet.

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          @donnot: You will have to setup the modem in bridged mode or you will get double NAT problems.

        • @Mnke:

          Yep, also worth disabling the wireless on the modem to be safe and avoid any conflict.

        • @Mnke:

          Other way to do it without using bridge mode is just put the new router on the same IP range as old one, but different address so not conflicting, and turn off DHCP in new router. Then connect new router lan port to lan port on old modem router. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO8SHZQFfnw&feature=youtu.be

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          @Stevesie76: If you do it that way then you won't get the performance benefits of the newer device other than in Wifi. So unless your modem router is already beefy cpu and memory wise, then using the 'older' device as the router and the newer as the wireless AP is not ideal. AC devices generally have better performance overall.

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          This is true. I did it this way to retain the VoIP port on the ISP supplied modem. Cheers.

      • Is no modem required even for FTTN NBN?

        • FTTN requires a modem. If you want your phone line capability like it was with ADSL, your modem needs to support that feature.
          99% of the time, go with the modem your provider throws in for free and you will be more than happy.

      • Fttn requires a vdsl modem

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    Bought the D7 during eBay 20% sales @FUTU, great modem router! So far so good

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    Which one is suitable for FTTN?

    • None of them has a VDSL2 modem capable of FTTN. But you can use just the router/wifi function and use a different modem

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    I've got the Archer C9 on Optus Cable at home.
    Range on 5GHz is poor, but the range and speed on 2.4Ghz is ridiculous. Covers the whole house with full bandwidth (double story 4 bedrooms). Highly recommended.

    • lI've got Optus cable but I feel the modem is the problem, not the router. I have to reset it once a day as it locks up. Deciding on a new option.

      • I've not had to reboot the router in the 3 months I've had cable, so it's probably your modem - mine's only 3 months old so you might have an older model/faulty.

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      Higher frequency always has less range than lower frequency at the same power level, but can be made to carry more data.

      • Yeah I know, but 5Ghz is particularly poor - refuses to even connect 2 rooms into the house, which makes it almost useless as the router is sitting at the very front of the house, and all the bedrooms/living room are at the back of the house + upstairs. 2.4GHz handles 30MBit connection easily though no matter whee.

        • 5GHz also has less penetration for solid objects, i.e. wall. Well, depending on the type of the wall though. Personally I found 5GHz a bit useless in my old-style home (no open plan & brick wall between rooms)…

  • Can I use the Archer C9 to extend the range for a wireless broadband modem? Specifically a Huawei E5776

    • Get a USB 4G modem and a TP Link mr3020. Plug the mr3020 into the Archer C9 wan port and bob's your uncle.

      • After a lot of wifi-coverage. Want to cover house + as much of acreage as possible.
        And I already have the modem.

        Thanks for the idea though

        • You can always buy the antenna that suits that Modem but it's rather costly just for an antenna in my opinion.

          Good luck with it :)

  • Can anyone please suggest a router with good wifi and voip for ADSL.

  • Damn it, needed one last weekend and bought the C7 full price… Fantastic router though, our streaming speeds are faster than ever on Optus cable, wish I upgraded sooner

  • just confirming no modem one for NBN?

  • I use D9, awesome modem! We live on the 4th floor and Wifi still reaches the garage! haha

  • C9 vs AC68U?

  • I've been running the D5 (http://www.msy.com.au/network-device/14169-tp-link-archer-d5…) for months now. Been stable and fast the whole time. Replaced a TP-Link TD-W8950N, and the difference is definitely noted.

    • I am currently connecting a TP-Link TD-W8960N to TPG ADSL2+ unlimited internet, I am wondering if there is any point changing this modem to the D7? My personal PC in the bedroom is connected to home wifi network with a N protocol TP-Link PCI-e network adapter.

      • Probably no point other than wireless AC if you need that extra bandwidth. If your network is on wireless-N then there's probably no difference.

      • The only reason I upgraded was that I would keep having issues where the internet would stop working, and would only be fixed by a reset of the router. That and my son was complaining that the wifi on his iPad was slow.

        Since upgrading, I can't remember the last time I've restarted this router, and there's been no complaints about wifi. (Plus the range is marginally better, but not amazingly so)

  • any fttn nbn compatible? optus router is sooo bad

    • You need a Vdsl modem. These D series are ADSL.

  • Hi all,

    Can D9 be used to share the 4G from Virgin 4G WIFI MODEM (ZTE MF90C)?
    I want to use it for apple TV and airplay without incurring any data.

  • Does anyone know if OW would price match these?

    • Absolutely we will ;)

    • Yes they should. I just got them to price match it at my local store. Price came down to $128.25.

    • Yeah. I just price matched the D9. Came to $196.65. The OW retail price is $299

  • From what I can tell, these three are commonly recommended routers:

    • Asus RT-AC88U router ~ $390+
    • Linksys WRT1900ACS ~ $267+
    • TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 ~ Normally $183+

    The Archer C9 is the cheapest and is a pretty good deal at $151. The biggest issue with the Archer C9 is that it does not support MU-MIMO. This is probably not important in the short term as MU-MIMO is not common yet. But if you rarely replace your routers (I like to use them for 5+ years), then MU-MIMO support might be an important consideration.

  • You can get the TP-LINK Archer D7 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router from Futu_Online for $127.20 when you apply "CHOICE20" discount code. Didn't check the other items listed here but worth checking before pulling the trigger. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TP-Link-Archer-D7-ADSL2-WiFi-Dual…

    Edit: didn't notice first commentor had already pointed this out

  • Just got it price matched at officeworks. C9 for $143.45. Of course my current access point works just fine so i didnt really "save" anything lol. But looking forward to finally getting N wifi speeds at home.

  • replaced my TPG supplied n300 with the C9, this thing flys in comparision

    • Are you talking about internet upload and download speed OR home wifi speed?

      • A bit of both wifi throughput it better I have +9 device

        NBN 94.2 download and 37.4 upload

  • Is sale over?

    • No, as per MSY page it is running till wednesday.

      • Prices changed back to original prices

        • Prices have changed again back to sale prices

        • Not sure what that happened because when I ordered this morning I already placed order of C9 at $151.

  • Archer C9 - $143.45 - Price beat with OfficeWorks [$249.00]

    They weren't happy, but they had to ;)

    • Got the same deal - Price match at OfficeWorks on the C9 for $143.45 bargain :)

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    Sale is definitely still on. I just bought a C9 from Officeworks. Had no problems getting the reduced price. Their computer was not working (as it was doing a windows update at the time which was taking forever to complete) so they could not check the price but I had a print out they which they accepted

  • Great Modem

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