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Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Broadband SIM Starter Pack 8GB 180 Days Expiry $25 (Was $50)


Was looking for a data sim and at $25 for 8gb with 6months expiry i thought this was a fantastic deal.

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    Thanks OP, bought one, saves me mucking around with Telstra CM2U for a while for keeping my iPad data alive.

    • Is Telstra closing CM2U on prepaid?

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        Sort of… going by the new Prepaid Plus plans announced yesterday (they are replacing Freedom Plus); no more CM2U (or Google Play Store) on those.
        Existing Freedom Plus subscribers are still allowed CM2U (and Google Play store purchases) for now.

        More info on Whirlpool and also here

        Stuff it, just bought another one…

        • Thanks, I will keep my old plan.

    • Got mine today (only just… see below). Couple of things

      1) No expiry date on mine, just manufacture date for those asking below.

      2) The addressing was woeful (it was subsequently marked as "Return To Sender" by Australia Post, and I don't blame them) but luckily I was tracking it when it got marked as RTS online and quickly went over to collect it. The guys were able to find it for me thankfully.

      There was no "to" name (mine); also no Parcel Locker Number (only the address of Australia Post building!); the Australia Post guys used their discretion and gave it to me; since I was tracking it already and also told them what it was.

      Unfortunately I have another one coming so might not be as lucky next time.

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        2) The addressing was woeful (it was subsequently marked as "Return To Sender" by Australia Post, and I don't blame them) but luckily I was tracking it when it got marked as RTS online and quickly went over to collect it. The guys were able to find it for me thankfully.

        They're useless, you can't ship to PO Boxes which makes no sense as they're coming via Australia Post and the contractor delivering mine said there is no name on there. All it said was Online Store Prepaid Account and my street address. Utterly incompetent.

        • Online Store Prepaid Account

          That's the name both of mine had too.

        • @javab0y:

          That's the name both of mine had too.

          I bet my next one won't get to me as it's going to my parcel locker so if the business name field isn't printed it will get sent back.

          Might order one to be sent home as that will at least get carded.

  • Thanks OP

  • said 40 days or am I stupid

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      you probably have it on the $40 starter kit.
      Click on the $50 - now half price $25 starter kit and it'll show 180 days.

    • Choose the $50 starter pack, i think you have selected the $40 one.

  • can i make a call from this sim card?

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      Data call yes.

    • Yes, if you use VoIP.
      More importantly can you receive calls and SMS on this SIM card?

      • Yes. If you do the right sort of recharge you can also send SMS. You cannot make outgoing PSTN voice calls.

  • So can i use it on my phone or only for the tablets? Do i just get no reception when it's in the phone?


    • Well if you get no reception it means you'd get no data too

      But I think this can be used in a phone. Can someone else confirm?

      • childchance most likely means if he/she puts them in their phone, will it show up as no reception/offline, unlike sticking it in their tablet? The answer, as I mentioned below is that it'll work just fine but there are call restrictions placed on them.

    • You'd need reception to use the data

      • childchance most likely means if he/she puts them in their phone, will it show up as no reception/offline

    • You can use it in your phone & it has reception but it has call restrictions placed on the service. Placing a call won't work.

      I grab these, stick them in my hotspot wifi for the kids iPads on our trips from Melbourne to Adelaide & back.

      • Thansk Cyphar. I will order one to try.

    • A dual SIM phone is really handy for deals like this. You have one SIM that you use as your primary one for calls and then stick in another SIM for data when a deal like this comes up.

      • That's what I'm going to do.

  • Just ordered one. Cheers OP !

  • Pretty good deal if you don't have hundreds of gigabytes already accumulated on Telstra prepaid SIMs

    • How does one accumulate so much on Telstra's high cost, low data prepaid SIMs?

      • can't be done any more. There was a way of getting 1 GB for 25c every day.
        So some people accumulated a hell of a lot.

        • +1

          Damn. Can't believe I missed out!

  • do you think these have an expiry date? the one I have now didnt.

    (ah well, silly not to get one at this price)

    • Generally Vodafone sims have no expiry date.

    • (ah well, silly not to get one at this price)

      Spoken like a true Ozbargainer!
      Come to think of it, I should get another one… BRB

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    From their information:
    Cost $50 The cost of your Starter Pack. Now $25.00
    Credit expiry period 180 days Once you activate your Starter Pack your credit will expire after this many days, unless you recharge before your credit expiry period in which case it will roll over.
    Using 1MB of data in Australia (1MB = 1024KB) $0.0061/MB This is the per megabyte rate of your Included data.
    Data charging increments 1kB Data is charged in 1 kilobyte increments.
    Data rollover Maximum of 50GB Data will rollover if you recharge before the end of your credit expiry period up to this amount.
    Data will rollover for a period of 18 months before it is forfeited.

    Good deal in that data rolls over if recharged prior to expiry of that data.
    Even better deal as vodafone is superlative in my area compared to Optus and Telstra

    • I am new to this so sorry in advance for ignorance, but how much would it cost to recharge, and what does "Data charging increments 1kB Data is charged in 1 kilobyte increments. " mean?

    • Just want to make sure that there is no time period within which you MUST activate your sim card?

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    Can I buy a few and activate a new sim every 6 months? only if they don't expire.

    • You can buy 2 or 3 see whats happening. I say its pretty risky. Try to ask their CS livechat

  • Any ideas for sim expiry?

  • Does it expires within 6months of purchase or activation?

    edit just re-read the post above.

  • Can I buy now and start using in Oct?

  • Are these sims different to the $50 prepaid cap starter packs that are sold at Woolies for half price occasionally?

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      Yes… this is a "Prepaid Mobile Broadband SIM Starter Pack "

      Not a phone starter pack

  • What is vodafone's speed like at Melbourne CBD? 3G or 4G

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      4G wise it is pretty constant on a personal experience. Obvious areas where the signal can be funny/lost is underground parking, multi-level car parking and for some reason near flagstaff area buildings but that was a one-off visit for me.

  • Does this include 4G?
    The T&Cs mention "Broadband speeds", 3G and 3G+ on the U2100MHz, U850MHz and U900MHz bands, but don't say anything about 4G or LTE.

    • I would like to know this as well. Can someone confirm? Thanks

      • Can't confirm, however what Dacs advised and what I read up on, this is a 3G connection only SIM

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      But if you click on the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page, it brings up among other paragraphs, this:

      Broadband service

      You can use Vodafone 4G in 4G areas if you have a 4G device and an active prepaid recharge or plan with Vodafone alerts. 4G in selected cities in Australia. Outside these areas, you get Broadband Speeds in our 3G areas. Check your device is compatible to the coverage areas you will use with our Coverage Checker. Actual speeds vary due to things like device capability, location & network congestion

      It would be good if someone could confirm.

    • Terms and Conditions also states: "Data Credit contained in the Starter SIM expires after 30 days and does not rollover."
      Which contradicts the information on the Main Page.

      I think it's just a matter of them using an old outdated terms-and-conditions and thus it doesn't mention anything about 4G.

      Edit: The T&Cs on the Product Page and Cart Page are different.

    • +1

      Online chat with rep confirmed this plan does give access to 4G.

  • Does anyone know of a cheap 4g WiFi pocket modem to go with a Vodafone sim? I haven't seen many around.

    • The optus Huawei e5573 are unlocked, often half price.picked one up for $14 a while back from big w. Great product! Most pocket wifi, particularly Huawei, are unlocked (judging from my 3)

      • This modem does not support Vodafone 4G 850MHz.
        better to check your nearest tower's frequency

        • The lions share of 4g lives on 1800mhz so unless there's some reason needing 850 I think 1800 support should be enough

    • I cut the sim and used an xperia Z.

  • Pretty good offer! I'm fairly used to good coverage with telstra on the ipaddle. I wonder have Vodafone stepped up their regional coverage?
    I remember it sucked previously.
    But $25 bucks wow. Telstra for $30 you get 3Gb and 30 days…

    Is it worth sacrificing coverage in remote areas, for the sake of ~$25-$50 over the next 6 months?

  • I just went to a Voda store and was told this offer is online only.
    Is this offer available online only?

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      Best offer instore is $40 for the 50 sim. Must order online.

      • Bought one.
        Thanks OP.

  • Bought three, thanks!

    • What's expiry date on sim?

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        Got mine today (see my first post up the top for details), no expiry stated; just has a manufacture date.

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        voda does not have expiry date… which is good to stock up

        • Can I just confirm - the 180 day time period only begins at the time you activate your sim?

        • @Blehs:

          Yes, confirmed!

  • Just activated the sim and its only 28 days for me. Not 180 days. Ill see if voda chat can fix this.

    • Did you activate as data (tablet) sim or the one with voice

      • Seems i may have activated voice. After speaking with vodaphone they said i need to go in store and purchase a new sim. And they will transfer the credit to a data sim for 28 days. Ill pop into a store and see what they can do.

      • Is this an option on the activation web page? I'd like to not fall into the same trap.

        • I probably just selected the wrong option at activation. The deal is still active on the website. Next time ill just make sure i select Tablet and data use only. It was a simple error on my part.

        • @unilogin: I halted my activation to make sure I didn't choose the wrong option, so now I know which one to choose!


      there is way to choose.

      • What's the difference between Tablet and Mobile data? Is is because this is a Tablet data SIM?

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          the mobile data doesnt give you a quota, it shows 2c for per MB. that is how it gonna use the credit. 5000c is 2500MB=2.5GB << 8GB

          you mean the 2nd and 3rd? they are the same. both are 8GB. only the phone being different

    • I did the same. Accidentally activated this sim card incorrectly and made it a voice plan and got 12gb of data to use in 28 days (see got the mymix $50 and they can't fix it unless I buy another starter sim and then transfer the credit.

  • omg vodafone 4g speeds are horrible

  • Does Vodafone have unlimited spotify streaming? If so, is it included for this prepaid?

  • I am getting this for my son to use in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (bought recently on OzB deal) solely as mobile data sim (put in SIM 1), and get the Aldi PAYG SIM ($5 with 1 year expiry) for occasional voice call, in the second SIM ( I know it is 2G and won't work after this year), will this work? Thanks.

    • +1

      Mos Def

      Also note that 2nd slot can only hold NANO Sim card

      Tips: You can attach the sim card with the sd card so you can use all of the phone featurr, but I would reccomend to do it for your main Long Expiry Phone number (for instance like Amaysim Pay AS You GO) which you wont change in the very very long term because its really risky, hard and expensive for "attachment procedure" (it will cost $2 sim card everytime you failed, unless you got free sim card)

  • Edited to remove text, pasting above

  • Thanks so much OP just picked up two! :) goes well with the optus modem I got for half price at OW

    • Great. so it works with the Optus $5 modem then

      • I don't know which one is $5 but I got a couple from the ow deal that had them for $24.50

  • How does this work?
    Go to deal just returns to this page???

  • Anyone else having trouble with identification, because it's allowing me to select multiple means of identification. Thus can't get 100 points of id.

    • I only gave my driver's licence and it was happy with that

    • 70 points from a DL were sufficient.

  • +1

    Just a heads up for anybody taking this offer, which ends today. It came this morning as a mostly empty e-Parcel with signature required. What a waste of packaging and personnel. Had I known it was a parcel I could have directed it to a Parcel Locker and not worry about being carded. Lucky I was home today.

    • Thanks for the heads up guess I'll be picking mine up from the nearest post office. Assumed it was just going to be normal post as well, maybe they want to make sure the person who ordered it gets it.

  • Does the expiry of the sim depend on when you activate it?

  • For anybody who bought this deal and you end up cpllecting from the PO, watch out for this bit of Vodafone created hassle due to no customer name on the address sticker:

  • I've activated my sim card from this deal, however, the 30 free sms doesn't work when I try to text people using my Vodafone 4g WiFi modem r216 (non h version). Anyone tried texting with their mobile broadband sim and found similar issues?

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