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Free Black Hawk Pet Food Sample + Stylish Tin @ Black Hawk


I requested a sample a couple of weeks back, I never got confirmation however a few weeks later to my surprise they had sent me a sample pack and included in it a nice tin!

Imagine of tin and items

Enjoy! Your pets will love you!


29th September. Old link was http://masterpet.com/dogs/black-hawk-sample-request/
Since now black hawk have redone their website so the ozb link goes to the new one!

EDIT: You may not get a sylish tin now as I assume they ran out!

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  • Enjoy! Your pets will love you!

    They will…

    • Even if the company doesn't after the hordes traipsed in to raid them of their samples.

    • does that mean they don't love you before the samples?

  • Thank you for sharing OP!

    We brought our Puppy home about 2 months ago and ever since then I've been hearing other pet owners say that Black Hawk have the best pet food and whatnot.

    Eager to see if my pup enjoys this (I'm guessing he will!). If he does, I may switch over to Black Hawk as well.

    • While it's not the best, it is very good. Something like Wellness Core is better, but my puppy only eats that once it mixed well with the raw meat, but he will eat the Black Hawk easily on it's own. Apparently the BH adult size kibble is also small, and that it not great for teeth, in fact can cause issues with some dogs, so something to look out for in the future.

      • how does this compare to Advance Dog food?

        • +2

          Shits all over it. Advance is full of fillers.

  • +2

    Thanks, I'll get it for the tin

  • Thanks!

  • +7

    My cat will love the tin, meanwhile, one ozbargain's lonely dinner is sorted.

  • +1

    I'm getting "Sorry, an error occurred."

    Anyone else?

    • worked for me just now and I use Firefox with ublock origin and privacy badger.

  • Thanks OP

  • Worked for me on mobile. Thanks OP

  • +3

    Black Hawk Down Down

  • +1

    My dog is so picky with food, so samples are great. Thanks :)

    • Ugh same, she only eats my dog chicken supreme or the gravy range

  • Thanks OP, my dog has some sort of food allergy so can only eat the Black Hawk Fish & Potato which isnt the cheapest around so at least here is one free meal!

  • how does it taste?

    • +1

      I will ask my dog ;)

  • Even though I swear by ivory coat, the tin will be good for pups treats for the car

  • Thanks. Great way to see what my dogs think of the grain free option.

  • Thank you! Black Hawk are good

  • Honestly, this stuff has drugs in it. Ever since my cat ate this, it was hard to make her eat anything else. So with the sample packs, I gave them to her as treats. :)

    • +1


      You can get it pretty cheap. I bought 20kg puppy for like $60. (after many discounts n such)

  • +6

    My dog reports that it tastes a bit "Ruff!"

  • Does anyone happen to know the best place to buy the 20 kg bags at the moment? Cheers.

  • Received my tin last week, nice tin still not sure what to use it for though. Black hawk offer a good price / quality ratio. I'm a bit puzzled why they only allow one sample per household as you can't test the range to see what your pet prefers or digests, etc better.

  • +1

    Looks like I'm eating this week!

    • +2

      stop buying GTX1070's form amazon and you can eat every week ^___^

  • -1

    Nearly 5k clicks haha #ozbargain

  • +1

    Anyone else received the sample? I'm still waiting.

    • WOW

      Took me 3 - 4 weeks

    • Received both of mine, no tins, which is fine as I have no use for them.

      • I am an idiot, I did not receive mine. I received my Ivory Coat samples, not Black Hawk.

  • +1

    Got this but no tin. :(

    • +1

      I haven't open the bag I received yesterday, but there is clearly no tin.

      • +1

        Probably ran out of tins, due to how many clicks and ozbargainers???

        I was surprised with the tin so yea it doesnt say you will get it.


        Get in early before the wave, like a day or two.

        Oh well eat migoreng everyday!…..

  • My sample arrived yesterday sans tin, not that my cat cares.

  • received the sample, no tin though

  • +1

    food arrived but no tin. not bad :)

  • +1

    Received mine (no tin) in an overnight Toll bag haha

  • +1

    Forgot I even requested a sample! Received mine as well, no tin but still awesome. Cheers OP.

  • Mine arrived today with a tin!

  • My dog's sample arrived today (no tin but she didn't care)

    It came by Toll DX Express :-)

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