This was posted 5 years 2 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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3x Pairs of Jeans for $109 ($36.33 Each) @ Just Jeans


They currently have a buy 2 get 1 free deal, but it you couple it with any of the jeans in the link provided there is also a 2 for $109 that gets added on top (old deal)

Won't work for long so be quick!

Delivery is additional. $9.95 3-7 days, $14.95 express

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    Never liked their jeans, not much better than the ones sold by Target/Big W etc. Rather get a single pair of Levi's.

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      +1 for Levi's.. Just Jeans feels cheap and doesn't last long.

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        I agree… any tips for buying Levi's without paying the Australia tax? I'm thinking of ordering some from Amazon via a reshipping service.

        • Head to the outlets! I like the 508 which is only available there. Got my last pair for $30 (great sale on at the time) but I think most days you would get them around $60-$100.

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          Buy from Costco.

        • Can't agree with you guys. Recently bought 3 pairs of jeans and couldn't be happier. Much more comfortable than any pair of Levi's/Wrangler jeans that I've owned. Their cardigans and knits are top notch as well.

        • Amazon stopped shipping them.
          You can get on ebay for approx $70 shipped.
          Costco has a few.

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          @LoopyLou: It's outrageous and makes a mockery of the free trade agreement.

        • I usually buy levi's in the USA at maceys mainly so I can buy leg length of 29 or 30. (And also because they have great clearance bins).

          Buying in oz and getting 32's and hemming them up is no where as good as buying the correct length. ie. the drop is not as good.

          Many years ago I used priceUSA and a cheap online store to buy Levis (but I cant remember its name). Maybe use maceys-usa?

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        Haha you've fallen for the $100 Levi's meme.

        In America the same $139 AUD Levi's are abou5 $20 at Macy's. It is considered a low quality brand there just like Just Jeans is here, yet their products in Europe get a ridiculous markup.

        I buy Levi's, but not for the quality. I buy them for the Logo on my ass which is somewhat prestigious here in Aus.

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          Yes the prices here are a joke. Levi's and Mavi are my preferred brands, much more comfortable and fit better than Just Jeans/Jeans West stuff. I also have a pair of selvege jeans I got from Target for less than $10 on clearance, about as good as JJ/JW but nowhere near as comfortable as Levi's/Mavi. Levi's from the outlet stores are good value IMO, never would pay over $100 at Myer - rip off.

        • They're that cheap? I'll have to pick up a few when I'm there next month. Thanks for the heads up.

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          where to find mavi's in melbourne? do you know about that?

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          Maybe exaggerating a bit. $59 plus sales tax. However they're 40%-50% off half the time.

          Or outlets for $40~

        • Depends what Levis you are talking about. LVC and Big E Levis are definitely not a low quality brand. They are repos of the original years fits (I.e 1947 501xx) made on the old style looms and chain stitched with selvage denim. Very rare that you even see a pair of 501 shrink to fit, selvage Levis here. Google Levis LVC and you'd balk at the price

          That being said I know what you're saying. Dickies shorts are a fine example. They are literally the lowes clothes/king gee of the US and I've seen them sell for $80+ here…Capitalism!

      • I threw out a pair of Just Jeans a couple of weeks ago that I'd been wearing to work at least 3 days a week for about 3 years.

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      Just Jeans = Just Crap

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      The $29 jeans (when on a good sale) at Connor are the best value for money. I agree that the ones from Jeanswest are of similar quality to the $15 ones from Kmart/Big W.

      • I agree that the ones from Jeanswest are of similar quality to the $15 ones from Kmart/Big W.

        You meant JustJeans, right? Jeanswest is good IMO.

      • I can safely say I personally would never go to Connor again. A few years ago, I got a pair of jeans and two shirts from a Connor DFO in Sydney - by the end of the trip (which was three days), two of the buttons had ripped off one shirt, and a week later the jeans had about a 4-5 inch rip on the inside of the groin area. The other shirt got to about two months until it packed it in.

        I also recently bought a couple of t-shirts from there, because they were like ten bucks or something. After one wash they had both not only shrunk drastically in length, but become very 'stretched out' and nowhere near as much of a tapered fit as they were the first time I wore them. I think overall from my experiences (and a few of my friends) it seems to be a very low quality brand unfortunately.

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      yeh dat was gud no prbs

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        Lol wut.

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          Why would you type ard and not xmas?

          Legit Q. Is it time saving or just 'cute talk'?

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    Just remember boys and girls, Solomon Lew (Premier Investments, owner of Just Jeans) was one of the main pushers for GST on overseas purchases…

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      That's why I have never purchased anything from Just Jeans in my life.

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      Now I feel dirty for buying these :-/

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        Think of it this way, the deal was never meant to work with both discounts - the tech team forgot to remove the old deal so you kinda screwed Solomon :)

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          I can now sleep easy. Thank you.

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          That does make it a bit better :-)

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    Bought three pairs, thanks OP

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    It's either squats or jeans.

    You can't have both. :(

    • You don't have to wear skinny jeans…

      • But they're all skinny jeans!

    • Cut-offs, with the pockets hangings below the hem…

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      Don't wear your jeans to the gym….

      • It's not the action of squatting that is the problem. It is the results of squatting (and an unfortunate inclination towards skinny cuts these days).

    • Brother of the iron, I know your pain!

      Jeans for quadzillas like us are out there but you have to search far and wide.

      Personally I've found stretch denims (that aren't skinny cut) and 'loose/relaxed' to be the best bet but you have to be careful (loose does not mean what it used to mean and is often not loose at all).

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    My pairs from just jeans are holding fine after over a year, however wouldn't pay $36 a pair for them.

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    To all the jeans experts, please pardon my ignorance, but what constitutes "good jeans"? A couple of fake designer jeans I purchased in Thailand have held up really well (arguably better than Levis I have got). I have no idea how to tell.

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      A pair of good jeans is, but not limited to:
      1 - Fits well around the waist (no belt needed)
      2 - Fits snug around the crotch area, not too tight or loose
      3 - Fits snug around the thigh area, even with skinny jeans they will feel comfortable not restricting, unless you buy very skinny jeans
      4 - Length is great, 30" 32" 34" depending how tall you are. A good length will not crumble around the ankle area, unless you like your jeans to be "baggy"
      5 - If you are a person with a nice bum, male or female then the buttocks area should fit quite nicely. If you don't have a bum then that's ok! :D

      Also there are alot of websites stating what colour wash to wear

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      Heavy ounce Texas cotton denim. Preferably selvage.
      Made in Japan, USA or Italy
      Chain stitched hems
      Good cut

      I generally don't like wearing garments that are made in south east Asia

      Edit: just had a look at that selection at just jeans…washed out, faux faded, stretched, dad cut lookin ass jeans…yuck

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    I didn't get charged postage OP, it said $9.95 at every step of checkout but never added it to the actual price. Receipt confirmed $109 for 3 pairs delivered.

    • It was also free standard shipping for orders over $75. Great deal while it lasted.

  • They just upped the price as I was going to check out :(. No jeans for me.

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      R U OK?

  • 2 for $109 not working for me.

  • Has The Just Group become more ethical in the last couple of years? Last I checked they were one of the worst for wages/welfare etc

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    $139 now showing

  • For those saying they only wear Mavi or Levi Jeans, you know Just Jeans carry these brands(and others) right? I got my last pair of Mavi jeans there.

    • Yes but normally at full retail price. Bought my Mavi from David Jones for $50 on sale. They are really great jeans, due for a new pair now as the fabric has worn thin after two years of use.

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    Just need a special on New Balance shoes now

  • Showing 139.90 for me :( am I missing something

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