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BLF A6 CREE XPL 1600LM 7/4modes EDC LED Flashlight 18650 $26.93 (Was $80.75) @ Banggood


Product name: BLF A6 CREE XPL EDC LED Flashlight
Brand: BLF
Model: A6
Emitter Brand CREE
Emitter Type: XPL
Circuit Driver:
A17DD-L FET+1 Driver
Light Tint: 3D (5000K), 1A (6500K), 5A(4000K)
3D Neutral white,1A Cool light,5A Very yellow light
Material: Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy
Mode: Group 1:Moon-Low-Med1-Med2-High1-High2-Turbo(Short press<0.5s)
Group 2: Low,Med,High,Turbo (Short press<0.5s)
Moon-Turbo-Tactical Strobe-Battcheck-Bike Flasher (Medium press 0.5s-1.5s)

Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650 battery (not included)
Switch Type: clicky
Switch Location: tail of the flashlight
Impact Resistant 1 meter
Max Output: 1600lumens (max) (use 18650 protected power battery)
Working Voltage: 2.8-4.35v
Lens: Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass
with anti-reflective coating
Reflector: Orange Peel Reflector
Carrying Clip included
Waterproof: IPX-8 waterproof 2 meters
Color: black
Weight: 80g without battery
Size: 120mm x 24mm(length x body diameter)

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  • +2

    Great torch at a very good price. :)

  • 3D (5000K), 1A (6500K), 5A(4000K)
    3D Neutral white,1A Cool light,5A Very yellow light

    This seems messed up, I want the warmest tint. Is it 1A or 5A?

    • You want 5A . Warmest.

      • Can you link where you got this info?

        • +3


          Here it is:
          Cree Chromaticity chart with tint bins: Ansi-white.jpg | Flashlight Wiki

        • Don't worry, I thought the lower the number the bluer the light. Thanks

        • @ethanshdd:

          K is the abbreviation for the unit of temperature Kelvin. The hotter something is, the whiter and then bluer it gets.

  • +1

    No I don't need it!

    • +11

      That doesn't mean you won't buy it

    • +1

      I too have told myself that I don't need that item on Ozbargains….. but I end up buying it anyway because I could need it in the future but then it will be at full price.

  • +3

    Good review here: www.reddit.com/r/flashlight/comments/3itl32/the_blf_a6_a_ver...

    Video review: www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0cNfyuNjIE

    The "Was" price is crazy inflated fam. They can usually be bought for US$25-$30 with a coupon.

    • +1

      Agreed - while this is the cheapest I've ever seen them, don't think I've ever paid more than about $AUD34

  • +4

    I'm a bit of a torch junkie, and these are my favourites at the moment. Really excellent torch, great build quality, very well thought out UI.

    You can buy an 18350 replacement body tube so you can use 18350 / 16340 cells for about $3.35

    I've replaced the clip with this one, sits in the pocket a lot better

    Overall can't recommend this torch highly enough. I even use one in 'bike mode' as my front light on the road bike now.

    • +1

      what 18350 / 16340 batteries would you recommend?

    • +1

      What kind of bike handlebar mount do you use?
      and what is a bike mode?

      • Also interested in this

        • +1



          Not perfect, but pretty good. Rock solid on the bike.

          Ditch the rubber insert, and the half with the clip / handle goes around the bar. Pop a little insulation tape around the bar to protect it, but mostly to stop slippage.

          Don't leave the torch mounted in the other half permanently, only when you're riding, otherwise it can get a little loose.

          Also see my other comment below re using it on the bike.

      • +1

        Bike mode is just one of the modes this torch has - it's basically on at about 80%, but also flashes at 100% on top of that, I think 4 times @ 1Hz every few seconds. Between the flashes it stays on the 80% level.

        So solid - burst of brighter flashes - solid - burst - solid - burst

        Hope this makes sense

      • +1

        I use these types.

        There is another for helmet mount but couldn't find it quickly.

        Neither type have failed me in 4+ years with various touch diameters (single 18650 types).

  • +1

    coupon code bglf for about 5% more off

    • +1

      That code can't be used now.

      • Works for me, at least for the accessories (battery? charger? other?) in my order.

  • Damn! That's cheap for a wonderful flashlight. I bought this in last June for AU$30.37.

  • +9

    The BLF torch is pretty good but I'd prefer the more powerful CFMEU torch

    • heh

    • Splitters!

  • Has anyone tried finding swirl marks on cars with this torch?

    • -1

      This would be too strong to create swirl marks lol!

    • +1

      This should be more than sufficient, provided you know you are looking for.

      Source: Ex-professional car detailer, used shitty ebay torches

  • What and where do I get a 18650 battery - I assume BangmeGood for all that jazz. Does that mean I need a 18650 battery charger too ?

    • +1

      yes be careful get a decent protected battery or overcharge overdischarge can make it explode
      you might need a button top battery vs a flat head depends on torch

      • The A6 will work with both flat and button tops, and a protected battery isn't required as the light has over-discharge protection built in. In fact, on turbo the light may trigger the over current protection on a protected cell.

        I'm running a Samsung 30Q in mine which works well.

        • does that guarantee a battery can never over discharge in the operation of the torch?
          is this definitely safe even if using $1-$2 batts?

        • +1

          @thelastnoob: Yes. If the battery drops below 2.8V then the torch shuts down. Of course, the run time on those $1-2 batteries may only be a few minutes and it may immediately shut down on turbo… Cheap 18650s are a false economy.

    • +2
      1. Yes
      2. Yes. Use code (bglf) above for extra discount. Buy known brand names or made in Japan brands.
    • +4

      I usually stick to protected Panasonic cells, like these.

      For the charger, I use a XTAR MC1, since I only need to charge one battery at a time. Does the job, always undercharges (by only a few % compared to the main iMax B6 I use) which is always good.

      So there's a bit of an upfront cost, but well worth buying the higher quality cells over ultrafires etc, for safety and longevity.

      If you're paranoid like me when leaving the house while charging batteries, you can also pick up a charging "safe bag" like this.

      • I am very paranoid and those 'safe bags' are one the coolest things I have ever seen. Didnt know they even existed, thanks.

        • +1

          but isn't that it will caused overheating while charging?

        • @leetec:

          When charged properly, they won't come anywhere near dangerous temperatures in that bag. They're made specifically for the purpose of holding batteries while charging and for storage.

          I was charging 5 18650s at once, at 0.7c, and the batteries stayed quite cool inside the bag (<20-25 degrees).

        • @donnot: so based on your data, at summer it will be 55c+? will that be safe temperatures?

        • @leetec:

          Have charged in a worst-case scenario of ~35-40c in summer. Didn't set off the set temp warning at 50c.

          Don't think many people will be charging at a temperature of 55c, and if that did happen, a bag might not be the best option. But for 99.99% of people who aren't charging at a fast rate at 55c, it's fine.

      • +1

        Just an update, noticed that they may have updated the specs (says not to use the NCR18650B cells), so stay away :(. Stick with with LG INR18650 cells.

        • Whats the difference between them?

        • @fastnbulbous:

          I believe the INR cells have a higher max discharge current (20A vs 6.8A) after checking a couple of sources. The torch only draws ~6A under the Turbo mode (according to the comment from Phoebus below) so you'd probably be alright, but it's obviously not ideal drawing close to the max current.

  • +1

    I have the MH20 and love the convenience of the USB charging, is there an equivalent BLF A6 version with usb charging?

    Or what would you say is the best/brightest 18650 edc (w/ usb charging) these days?

    • +1

      Two cheap and cheerful 18650 EDC lights with USB charging that I'd be looking at are the Eagle Eye X5R and the Manker Quinlan U11. Of the two I'd go with the Manker as any EDC light I carry must have a moonlight mode.

  • Can't use my eneloops?????

    • Nope

    • +1

      No. TLDR. You will need at least one 18650 battery and charger. Forget the something-fire cheapos with free charger, because the real capacity of fakes can reach as low as one tenth of a real one. If it's under 30g then its crap.

      I recommend:

      INR18650-30Q batt $8 + LiitoKala Lii-100 charger $6


  • Arghh just bought the convoy L6!!!!! Must resist!!!

  • -1

    Wow a flashlight on reddit!

  • wish there is a SupFire on sale. 2000LM beast..

  • Sweet deal and flashlight is great value for money.

    I have 12 flash lights and can't think of a better one at this price point,…but you need to buy a few 18650 batteries and a nitecore intellicharger i2.

  • +3

    Why. Why did I just buy this…

    • +1

      You were blinded by the light

  • +1

    Can someone please recommend which 18650 battery to buy (preferably from banggood) or is it best to go with what guyvb uses.

    You can buy an 18350 replacement body tube so you can use 18350 / 16340 cells for about $3.35

    with (would it be 2)


    Also, what charger would be recommened?

    Thank You.

    • +3

      For my 'full-length' A6's (eg on the bike), I'm currently using either cells pulled from a written-off laptop's battery pack, or these:


      (you can get them in two-packs a as singles as well)

      WRT the body tubes, you actually replace the original 18650 tube that the torch ships with, with the shorter tube (ie you unscrew the head & tail off the original tube, screw them onto the short tube). All this does is shorten the overall length of the A6, and you then use 1x 18350 or 16340 cell in it.

      18650 is 65mm long, 18350 is 35mm long, hence torch is now 30mm shorter.

      As to which way to go, depends a bit. As an EDC, I prefer a shorter torch as it sits in the front trouser pocket better, hence I use an A6 with a short body tube. But you'll get longer runtimes by using an 18650. So it depends on your use case really.

      As for chargers, I'll need another coffee. But I use the Nitecore Intellicharger I2 and I4 (Banggood or elsewhere).

      • +1

        What tint would you recommend for the bike? Assume that's road cycling?

        • +1

          Yep, road. I'm using the 3D and quite like it.

          I found initially the torch would change modes with little bumps in the road. Turned out the batteries were just a little narrow for the torch body, hence road bumps would make the battery move & momentarily lose contact with the internal spring contacts, simulating a quick button press.

          1x wrap of insulation tape around the battery, top and bottom, just enough to keep it snug in the body, no more problem.

  • Is this legit?

  • How many amps can this torch pull?
    Under 10?

    • According to this thread, 5.65A in the brightest mode


      • Awesome.
        Should work well with any 10 A battery.
        Go NCR18650GA 3500 mAh
        Should give about 35 minutes on the brightest setting.

  • Reading the posts, it seems that you by the torch, an extra battery and a charger. Sounds right?

    • It doesn't come with a battery. So if you're not into / don't have any Lithium-Ion batteries and chargers, then you would need to buy them as well.

      Bit of up-front cost, but you'll never look back. But it's well worth investing in better quality batteries to begin with - I have a drawer full cheap Ultrafire and Trustfire and *fire batteries that I bought when I didn't know better.

      • Thanks a lot.

  • Do banggood sell legit branded 18650 batteries or are they fakes?
    Heaps of fakes on the market & not the type of thing you want to cheap out on.

  • Ok guys I am about to buy my first torch. I have aa property that I stay in has no lights and sometimes I go hunting. I need something light but very powerful that will last. Also I like to go Star gazing so I would like a filter type light in it too. Waterproof would be good too

  • Can someone suggest me a good torch that can charge with USB cable, many thanks.

    • Nitecore Tube?

      • any good one will be working for me, thanks.
        p.s budget around $30

        • +1

          Manker U11 $48 + Coupon: MKU11 $9 off = $38

          or Jetbeam ECC-R26 $68 + Coupon: GBR26 = $39

          I went for the latter simply because of the UI and aesthetics.

        • @doorknob:

          thanks, appreciate it, sorry got one question, where should I buy the good battery, cheers
          p.s GBR26 code is not working, is it for banggood site ?

        • @tinkko:

          Also from Banggood bro. Since you're gonna use built-in charger, you might wanna get a protected cell like NCR18650B (Green).. But I'd just use a 30Q myself.

          Oops.. GBR26 at gearbest

        • @doorknob:

          BTW Jetbeam EC-R26 needs a button top battery. For some reason mine did not come with a battery :/

          Manker OTOH can use either flat or button.

  • Will this torch use the AAA adapter as shown in this?

    Even if it does is it better to buy the Lithium-Ion?

    • +1

      No, it won't fit.

  • Thanks for the quick reply

  • which light tinting would be best for outdoor camping?

    • For use in a tent or for walking around in the dark? (is your preference for better night vision or stronger light?)

      • walking around in the dark

        • 3D(white) or 1A(white-blue) should be fine, if you don't mind blinding other campers with white light :)

  • I'd buy one, but I've heard these flashlights should be banned :-(

    • Only if you shine them at planes?

  • So I've got the light, the batteries, the 18350 tube, the charger, the better clip, any recommendations on a decent case/pouch thingo… cheers

    • With all these accessories everyone is buying I think someone should hunt down the rep to do a combo deal.

  • Suggested battery,
    I assume banggood sells them too

    • Cannot ship to Australia

  • +1

    Why don't these torches support regular AA/AAA batteries?
    Is it because the mega power draw of these devices requires higher capacity batteries?
    I'm not sure if I'm ready to invest in a new type of battery system just for a fancy torch but thanks for the deal anyway.

    • +1

      current draw and energy density. Tesla use a boot load of 18650 batteries. Also the same as phone batteries in a different format.
      But as with all li-ion batteries, you have to be careful. I would only get protected cells, in case you put it in backwards or the kids play with them.

      Ideally you would have eneloop rechargeable for emergency/glovebox lights where you need to know that after 6 months the batteries are still good. I use li-ion when I need bright light immediately in a small package.

      I live on a farm and have on several occasions been roaming around a paddock in waste high grass in the middle of the night wondering what the screaming was coming from and check in russles in the grass over a broad area. I like to have a bright broad beam for that. This light looks good for that with the orange peel reflector.

      Not sure what other people use them for, although this one looks like it would make a good bike light, which needs a wide beam as well.

  • http://www.banggood.com/2PCS-MECO-3_7v-4000mAh-Protected-Rec...

    Wouldnt these do? seem alright to me.

    Im not sure why everyone would want to make the torch smaller.

      1. You need imr type for high current draw.
      2. smaller mean fits in pocket better.
    • I've read elsewhere that Banggood is using Meco as a catch-all rebrand for all those cheaper *Fire batteries.

      • As long as they are about 45g or so it's okay for the price. At least half of the advertised capacity at 2000mAh ish.

        You'd be lucky to get one tenth of the advertised capacity of the *Fires.

    • Someone needs to recommend a really good battery for this.

      • +1

        Samsung 30Q for power, purple
        LG MJ1 for capacity, green

      • NCR18650GA (3500 mAh)
        10A battery should be good.
        Maximum draw on turbo is < 6A apparently.

  • Different designs too wtf very confusing

    And choosing a battery lol :/

    In saying that I really want one grrr

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