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Slim Leather Card Wallets $20 - $22 (incl RFID blocking). Free shipping. @ Palmera Apparel


Slim genuine leather card wallets designed to carry up to 8 cards and bank notes folded in half.

$22 (RRP $35) for RFID blocking version (includes nicer packaging if this is for a gift)
$20 (RRP $35) for non-RFID blocking version. Comes in 4 card pocket and 6 card pocket versions for those with more cards.

Free shipping.


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  • Make that into a bi-fold and you have a customer. No one just has 3 cards, so this is only useful for those hippies.

    • 'slim' is the keyword here

      on-topic: i liked the old design with a palm tree better

      • Good feedback, thanks.

      • To be honest, if you're carrying 3 cards you don't need a wallet and you're probably homeless. Because this is how I see it, you have ID, Credit Card or Visa Card, Medicare, Myki maybe, Membership cards, etc.

        • The product description in the link says it takes up to 8 cards

        • @Monger: I don't know about you but I don't like my cards touching each other as it wears off faster and cards become faded. Friction sucks.

        • Not everyone needs any of those cards, so it would be perfectly fine for a lot of people.

        • @CroyzyCow: fair enough. I'm not as fussed as you - I already use this style of wallet (bellroy) and just keep my bank/credit cards separately. Been using it for a couple of years without any trouble.

        • @username1: Are you still using cash or are afraid of the police you carry no ID?

        • +3 votes

          Who wants to carry all those around at once? I carry my drivers licence, bus card, savings and credit card with me every day and don't need or want to carry anything else. If I know I'm going to need my Medicare card I bring it too.

        • @CroyzyCow: I used to have this problem, now I replace my credit cards every few months :-)

        • @muncan: Lol, was thinking of doing this would solve a lot of problems with fraud.

        • @CroyzyCow: I do it for frequent flyer fraud points

        • I use a Fossil wallet that's very similar to this - absolutely love it. I can assure you that I'm not homeless - I only carry my driver's licence, ONE credit card (who the hell needs more than one, unless you're maxing the cards out, which means you may soon be homeless anyway), a Costco card, a GO card (yep, Qld public transport card) and fuel card. I don't carry cash unless I know I'm going to need it - credit cards can be used almost everywhere these days - but I can carry cash in the slot if I need to.

          So, different strokes for different folks. :)

    • Thanks! I've got a passport sized travel wallet coming out later this month - and definitely want to get a bifold too at some point if there is the demand for it - I'll check your post up votes :) .

      I use the 4 card slot version and cram about 7 cards in plus 3-4 notes in the middle (I must admit it's tight initially - but the leather stretches). I have an photo album with photos of medicare & loyalty cards. There's an app for that too. Personally I couldn't go back to a bi-fold just for the added thickness - but understand others will genuinely need more cards.

      The 6 card version can fit 8 or more at a squeeze.

  • Harder to spot a deal here than where's wally.

  • Off-topic: I am wearing one of my Palmera shirts right now which I am very happy with.

  • " bank notes folded in half."
    So not Aussie made then? There's nothing like a spring-loaded wallet…

  • +1 vote

    I've got the following wallet, but an RFID blocking version of this wallet would be perfect. Only commenting because aussiemillion is actively interested in replying to feedback.


  • how does the RFID blocking work?
    i bought a few RFID blocking wallets and there was nothing in them to block RFID….

    • Usually is just some aluminium sheet sown into the wallet. If you want to get nerdy about it look up a video by EEVBlog on RFID blocking, I'm not sure if I can link YouTube videos here.

    • The wallet lining fabric is highly conductive which shield from radio waves. It's not quite aluminium foil, but I wouldn't be surprised if that had the same effect (wrapping a card in aluminium foil).

  • Would be interested in a bifold option for that little added bulkiness, personally something too slim just increases the chances of losing it.

  • ordered one with RFID :)


  • Still using my wallet, the old design with the palm tree. The wallet changed my life completely. Great product, great innovation, pure magic. THANKS Palmera Apparel!