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AliExpress Cashback Increases from 7% to 10% @ Cashrewards (Ends Sunday)


Our last promo did so well for AliExpress & Cashrewards that they've been kind enough to give us a commission increase to pass on to our members for a further 4 days. Happy shopping, and thanks for the continued support :)

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$10 for both referee and referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase by 13 Jan 2020.

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  • +5 votes

    Of course, I just bought something from there yesterday for the first time in years…


    Sound good, now….. Whatto buy?


      With the arrival of the new Apple Watch tomorrow perhaps some knockoff bands to go with it?

      A guy on Whirlpool said he used to import them and sell them on eBay. He said the eBay ones can be hit and miss but he strongly recommended these ones from m AliExpress:


      Good luck!

      • -1 vote

        Is that an affiliate link?



        That guy would be me…
        and no it's not an affiliate link - it's a link to the ones I used to buy

  • +1 vote

    I was sitting on the fence for a reasonable pricey item, but I think you sir have persuaded me.


    Anyone know if the $4 new account coupon will work with the CashRewards cashback?


      If you use a coupon code that is not listed on this site (Cashrewards), rewards may not be payable.


        The word 'may' is causing lots of guessing and confusion.

        • +2 votes

          It all depends if Aliexpress decide to pay out or not.

          I use shareasale myself and sometimes transactions get voided by the merchant as they don't want to cash out extra after a customer used a coupon to get a large discount.

    • +1 vote

      $4 new coupon won't start until 19th ?


      well I created an account for the $4 coupon and it can't be used until the 19th anyway (after sunday).

      would rather wait and get $4 + 7% cashback

      edit: as above - yht is correct.


    And Ali will mark-up 3% more for all popular items.

    • +9 votes

      AliExpress is like eBay in the sense that it's full of many stores. The stores control the prices and not Ali. If one store is expensive you'll find it cheaper at another.


    Anyone here bought a minipc from AliExpress?


    Noob question - Anybody know if there's any stores on Ali (or anywhere else) where you can get a good deal, and also claim TRS (i.e. charges GST)?

  • +3 votes

    Question that I'm not sure if your able to answer Rep

    Every time I click through Cash Rewards to AliExpress rather then going to AliExpress direct I very vastly different search results.

    For example, search "Toggle Clamp 101D"
    Through AliExpress direct I get 28 Results
    AliExpress through CashRewards I only get 17 Results

    Can you explain what's going on there ?
    I have basically given up going through cash rewards with AliExpress as I find the item that I want, then log into cash rewards and direct to aliexpress only to not be able to find the item from the seller and if I search enough specific details that I manage to find it, the sale isn't tracked…..


      In general, login, browse and add everything to cart. When you are ready to checkout, open a tab to cashrewards, close all other tabs and click from cashrewards straight to checkout. More site interaction, less chance to get tracked.


    Might by time to buy a RN3P Kate


    This is a fairly big deal. Considering the broad range of products the discount applies to.
    Surprised there's not more discussion.


    Hi OP,

    I have received the expected cashback email and it is only equivalent to 7% of the purchase price on Aliexpress not 10%.

    Can you please confirm if that is the case?


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