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Trade in Your Old 500GB PS4 with The New Slim 500GB PS4 for $239 @ EB Games


I think it's a good bargain to replace your (working) old PS4 with the new slim model, specially if you're not interested in higher storage space.

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    i dont see this as bargain. if trading for "Pro", yes. not for slim which is pretty much the same.

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      Good point. For me I see it decent deal because I have been looking for a new console instead of my exhausted 3 years working one, don't care about extra storage ( I have specific games to play one at a time), I also don't care about 4K or whatever. Just the basics. Now I'm getting a new console with a new controller. What do you think? If I wouldn't care about the new specs, would it be good bargain just to refresh what I already have? Thanks

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        Why are you looking for a new console?

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        Your old ps4 has more value if you sell it on ebay. This is just horrible.

        • Agreed, I never understood why people would trade in 3 recent games to get one new game with these stores

        • @TuneTown: Wasn't that how they survive and earn the "Huge" gap margin with rip-off trade in price.

    • if trading for "Pro", yes.

      This would make more sense since "1.84 TFLOP in the launch PS4 to 4.2 TFLOP in the Pro"

    • Apart from the size advantage. You actually lose out of this. The new better slim model in sony speak means less features/cheaper manufacturing and improved profit for Sony. So I would bet money that there are features removed between the current and the slim model.

      • There you go. Just googled. TOS Link removed (who the hell uses that now anyway)
        Cheaper noisier drive (that could be subjective)
        Cheaper materials

        It does have an incremental improved dual shock but that would have come anyway.

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          I actually like having the toslink, it means I can use the ps4 on my 24" monitor and plug the sound through my digital input on my speakers

        • Digital foundry ran a bunch of tests, said that the slim is a lot cooler, uses a lot less power and is less noisy. Also still feels sturdy and has the physical buttons that everyone seems to prefer.


        • @jonathonsunshine:

          Not sure about the power improvements but that makes sense.

          From the reviews I saw they said the drive is noisier

        • @unifex: I barely use mine so can't really comment, but the drive would only spin during install I'd have thought. And if you were actually watching a movie I would hope it only spin at 1x instead of 8x… My ps4 has been all but stolen by fifa hooligans, I never use it

        • @nairdajun:
          Agreed. And Toslink is the way to connect surround headphones. Can't be without it.

        • @chyawala: I don't use it anymore (HDMI audio for me) but I can certainly see why people would be annoyed that its removed

        • @nairdajun: Thanks for pointing this out! I still use my PS3 daily hooked up to a 27" monitor and use althe RGB cables to a splitter to my old school Logitech Z2300's speakers, the new PS4s are no good to me then!
          I better grab one now while I can.

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    Is someone really that stupid to do this purely for aesthetic?

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      never underestimate the power of stupidity

      • "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public.”

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      If Apple can do it, why can't Sony?

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        Thing that people don't realise is Sony started doing it before apple. The only thing different is that they haven't innovated for like 20 years

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      No RGB… no deal

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    That means your selling your PS4 for 200 bucks!

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    rather spend $110 more for ps4 pro which is what i thinking about doing.

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    Not much point in upgrading.
    Sony have intentionally made the console the same so no one feels left out.

    With this deal you're essentially selling your console and controller for $160.
    On Ebay this week they've been selling for double that.

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    The only way this works out is if your old ps4 is broken in a very subtle way but its past warranty and it'll pass a cursory test with the clueless EB staff.

    isnt the new slim $299 aud anyway?

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      True ozbargainers don't confuse manufacturer warranty with consumer warranty 👍

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        But Sony don't give a damn to consumer warranty unless you bring it to the court.

      • most people don't buy their ps4 through Sony …

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          My ps4 came from Dick Smith as I expect is the same as many people unfortunately.

    • Point taken: Do not buy a 2nd hand PS4 from sony within the next 12 months, as they'll actually be clearing a lot of faulty trade-ins.

      • I actually think this is a good point. I've bought quite a few used consoles from eBay games, very often with subtle faults , scratched up and twice with 3rd party controllers (not they exist for ps4). Of course some people with failing consoles will jump at this deal and someone else will end up buying them.

  • Guess i could trade in my ps4 and some games towards an ps4 pro.

  • I definitely don't see this as a good deal. While I like the subtle change where you can see a slither of the light bar on the touch pad of the DS4 controller, the slim console looks to be made on the cheap.

    I might be interested in the Pro, but I don't think it'll be as easy to put my 2Tb drive into these like it was with the original models (I could be wrong though). I'd be way more interested if it had a 4K HDR Blu-ray player in it, not just upscaling to 4K.

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    What on earth is the upside to this transaction ?

    • you lose money if you own a proper working PS4, you gain benefit of new warranty if your current PS4 is nearly dead or refurbish from Sony.

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    I still have PT on mine, EB can piss off.

    • I wonder how much PT adds to the value

  • good thing about song is its easy to upgrade the internal drive if you want more storage or are worried about drive being l.d and failing ….. the os loads easy too onto new drives ….. so not sure what the driver is for an upgrade to a new console ….

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    Sell it to me more than happy to buy a good working unit for $250 lol….

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    Is this a joke?

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    you would easily make more selling it on gumtree or ebay.

    note though that this deal does stack with member levels so u get an extra 15% etc on top of that depending on your carrot level

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    Trade in a working PS3 and they'll give you $0.50!

    • Haha, yeah. I was hoping this deal allow me to trade in my PS3 to the new PS4 for $239.
      But this deal is just like asking me to trade in my current model car to one which has only received facelift upgrade, while depreciate half the value of my current car? No deal mate.

      • Couples of months back when I asked, they said they would pay $20 for mine lol

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    This deal sounds silly.

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    Rip off

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    i think its time to SELL my ps4, rather trade it for the slim version like an idiot.

  • EB's price for a new slim is overpriced —- You can pre-order the 1Tb SLIM for $509, but can get the PRO for $559… $50 difference for a machine almost twice as fast… Checking JB's pricing doesn't seem to rock my joystick either, with $400 for a 500Gb slim and one game (that most existing PS4 owners would probably own already).

    Post Christmas sales I expect the price of the slim to drop to something realistic —- everyone's version of realistic differs, to me ~ $300 for the 500gb version and $330 for the 1tb (Given the true price of 500gb vs 1tb 2.5" drives). As JB had the 1Tb for $369 a few weeks ago on sale, and the slim is cheaper to produce, $330 I don't think is being unrealistic.

  • These "bargains" are cancerous

  • Better sell your original PS4 somewhere else than trading it at EB Games. Oh and why would you trade your original PS4 for a Slim =.= , it's basically the same thing… I'd rather sell my original PS4 to get PS4 Pro instead of this Slim version.

  • This "deal" reeks of peasantry.

  • These console deals are getting to be like Smart phones ……once you have a certain model the upgrade to the next isn't very feature rich or adds much more functionality…..so you keep using the old one until it breaks…..

  • Does PS4 slim have SATAIII?

  • This sounds like a terrible deal. You're essentially paying $250 to get a slightly smaller version of what you currently have.

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    Anyone in Perth stupid enough to do this let me know I'll give you $240 and some maccas monopoly tickets.

    Might be worthwhile loitering around an eb games and offering someone the cash when they're about to trade in.

  • Even an iphone 'bargain' is better than this!

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    The Slim PS4 has the Toslink socket removed.

    Absolutely no deal for me.

    I have a 1000 watts system connected via Toslink. A true cinema experience. There is no way im downgrading my ps4 for this!

    Some of the best, state of the art audio setups in the world still use Toslink/coaxial.