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Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones - 250 Ohm £100.61 (~AU $174) Delivered @ Amazon UK


A price drop on these great headphones, should be brand new stock this time. VAT is removed at checkout to bring the final price down.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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    Great pair of cans! Couldn't recommend them enough. Thanks OP :)

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    Just be aware that you will need an amp to drive these bad boys.

    If you don't want to make that kind of investment, perhaps check out the 32ohm version. Or the 80ohm version at a pinch (but these should be driven by an amp too to get the best out of them).

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        yes they will work without an amp, but this ohm is built for an amp.

        • Some sound cards are amplified already. Not if it's onboard audio of course.

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        Surely spending $174 on high-impedance headphones is a waste of money if you're not driving them properly. And if you're running then from onboard laptop sound, you're not driving them properly.

        • -1

          Well, I'm the one using them daily without an amp, and they sound great to me. Maybe my laptop has good onboard sound? It would be a waste of money to spend an extra $100 on a DAC to find little to no difference in SQ.

        • @tomkun01: Do you find that you have to ramp your volume right up to hear anything? 250ohms is pretty far above the normal on-board sound recommendation.

        • @johnno07: god just realised that this is only the price for the 80 ohm version. that would explain the negs

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    The price for the 16 omhs version is up. It was £99 when I got it last time

  • Cheers lyl

  • Apple obsoleted this! (QUOTE):"(A) Connection Gold plated stereo jack plug (3.5 mm)" (unless you're happy to carry a dongle phone!).

    Looks like a good bargain price for a quality headset.

    • +2

      Apple obsoleted themselves with a dumb ass design decision. 3.5mm will be the standard for a a few more years till someone brings bluetooth/other wireless technology up to an acceptable mark.

      • +5

        Yes, terribly dumb to remove the headphone jack when you own the largest bluetooth headphone brand.

        • So it was a greedy move?

        • +1

          no, in their own words it was a courageous move

        • +3

          @yomama: Sometimes I get the two words mixed up myself. Apologies.

        • +1

          Not my prerogative to tell you not to buy into the worst quality for price headphones on the market

  • This or Sennheiser HD650 for ~378 $ delivered?

    • What do you listen to? What are you using them on? Do you have an AMP/DAC?

      • mostly Jazz / classical. On desktop with Sony UDA-1 DAC

        • +2

          HD650 easily if you don't need the isolation from a closed back.

        • +1

          Well if you can somehow get the HD650 delivered for that price, than the HD650. Ideally you want an Open-Back Headphone. I recommend you watch this review though, and I also recommend Z Review (in my opinion one of the best, if not the best headphone reviewers). I would recommend the Audio Technica AD2000X's but they're out of your budget. I own the AD900X and I love them for classical and jazz.


    • 650s are realms above this, but they are twice the price, kinda odd choice between those 2

  • These are the best, I love mine, very soft cushions on the ears lol and yes I use a Mini USB DAC cheapy off ebay.

    • Are the cheapy DAC's any good?

      • Cheap is probably around the $100 mark IMO. I have a cheap monoprice one and it works quite well. I wouldn't go any cheaper if you purchase these cans though.

      • +2

        The Creative Sound Blaster E1 portable headphone amp is very well received. You can pick up one for $55 at MSY

        • thanks. been considering getting an amp but still can't justify $100 for an e10

      • +1

        Cheap as in around $35 and yes mine is very good


  • Anyone know the difference between this deal and the previous?

    Obviously the colour, but is "Limited Edition" referring to anything else?

    • As you say, the difference is the colour.

      • Just marketing then. Thanks.

    • Other than the obvious 250 OHM vs 80 OHM difference, nothing else in terms of build quality.

  • How does this compare with the DT990 ? Seems to be around the same price.

    • +2

      The DT990 is the open-back version of this headphone. This is the closed. The DT880 is the Semi-Open.

      Which one to get should depend on where and what you want to listen to.

    • I have the DT990 as well and they are much the same But really cant use them in the house as sound leakage is huge, might as well use my speakers.

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