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Pebble Steel - 40% off - $120 Shipped @ Pebble.com


40% off Pebble Time, Steel and Classic from Pebble.com

Pebble Time - $99 USD - $131.29 $99.99 USD - $132.55
Pebble Classic - $69.99 USD - $92.89
Pebble Steel - $89.99 USD - $119.34

Includes free standard shipping worldwide

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  • +2

    Who would buy a Pebble Steel when you could get a Pebble Time for cheaper?

    • ? US$100 for the time vs US$90 for the steel?

    • +2

      The Steel looks better, has full steel body, and higher contrast screen. If you don't mind the lack of colour, Pebble Health and possibility for future OS updates, it's still a good watch.

      I like mine anyway.

      • +2

        I've got a Time Steel, would personally go for a colour screen above those.

        • +1

          It's a preference thing. Functionality and well personally at least, classiness, the Steel wins. Not to mention the screen on the Steel has better visibility in general.

          The Time isn't just better in all ways.

    • The colour one looks like a kids toy.

      • It's not like a kids toy.

        • +4

          Compared to the silver steel, it kinda is.

        • -1

          @Mahogany Granger: How? The steel looks grey but the colour is a lot more practical and useful.

    • people hate the bezel on the time - Pebble being a small company could not afford a colour e-paper / LCD screen to be custom made at the same resolution and size as their previous black and white models and thus got a larger screen and covered 1/4 of its screen edges with bezel. Also as Shiznit said below, the screen has better contrast, subtle difference between the Time and the Time Steel (not to be confused with the "Steel") is that the display is bonded to the glass in the Time Steel so its contrast does rival the original black and white models.

      wife and I are both on original pebbles and loving them but I have the Pebble Time 2 coming at the end of the year so I can retire the Fitbit I occasionally use for heart rate and for more accurate step counts. can't wait for december

      • They have delayed the Time 2's launch to 2017. Waiting for it to come out too.

  • was looking for round but not on sale though….

  • +1

    Extra 10% off if you sign up.

    • +1

      Can't stack

  • Looks … cheap :|

  • +3

    FYI discounted due to imminent release of Pebble Time 2 and Pebble 2, as per their website.
    Decisions decisions.

    • Depends if you need the HRM wrt V2 and colour wrt Time

    • I'm still waiting for my kickstarter to ship. The PT2 is meant to start shipping in November.

    • Pebble 'Classic' 2 is going to kickstarter backers shortly, but earliest for other pre-orders is January delivery. So unless you are a kickstarter backer, don't count on one this year (but hey, they like to surprise).

  • +1

    I have this and I love it. Battery life lasts 4 to 5 days and that's what matters to me most. The problem I'm having now is the lcd display getting distorted when I get notifications. Doesnt happen all the time but bloody annoying.

    • +3

      I got this too (it is called screen tearing btw). I was able to fix it following the instruction here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X2IbPyoM5c

      The only difference is I used electrical tape (instead of plastic) and did not apply the grease as I am not planning to use it in the water.

      • Nice. Wonder if that works the same for the OG Pebble. Been getting the screen tearing for quite awhile, but otherwise the watch is fine, so I don't really wanna shell out for a new one.

        • +2

          Yes it's the same fix for originals. I've done it twice.

        • +1

          I had the same issue with my original Pebble. Contacted them, they sent me a new one. After a couple of months that also started showing the tearing. Contacted them again, got a new Pebble again. However, now my third one has started to occasionally do the same thing. But I realised it might actually be my own fault… Being Finnish, I like my sauna and it can get up to 80-100 degrees Celsius in there and Pebble being waterproof, I haven't been taking it off.

        • @shiznit: The original 'classic' watch is sealed and can't be repaired by this method.

        • @norkle: The Kickstarter models were sealed with glue and can't be repaired but later models were held together with torx screws so they could be opened easily.

        • @shiznit: I have an OG Kickstarter that tears so bad I can barely navigate on it. Contacted Pebble to test the waters on a replacement but got nothing, a small discount offer. Honestly left a bit of sour taste in my mouth considering the early support for the product/ brand.

        • +1

          @onefivesxx: I had an original Kickstarter with screen tearing, which Pebble replaced even though it was well out of warranty. They did this for a while but I think they stopped about a year ago. Unfortunate that your screen tearing didn't start earlier.

        • @shiznit: It was the same thing for me. The original sealed Kickstarter version and out of warranty too. Now I am thinking of upgrading to the Steel version just for the looks, but reading here that people have the tearing issues also on the Steel doesn't really fill me with confidence.

    • .. and I thought it was just me! You are not alone with the random distortions. Still getting about 6 days battery life on mine after 20 months usage.

      • To add to this chain of comments.
        Myself and two friends got the og pebble steel at the same time.

        Two of us got screen tearing.

        I don't recommend the og pebbles unless you don't mind taking the risk. I ended up fixing mine myself. Can be hit and miss though.

        Oh and if you think they must have fixed it in recent releases, they haven't.

        • +1

          Yep, it's a very common problem with the original pebbles. Both my partner and I got it on ours. Pebble are usually great about it though. They replaced mine with basically no hassle. Didn't have to send the old one back either.

        • Maybe I'll try this, but it being phased out Im not so sure. Thanks.

    • I have one of the original kickstarters and its never skipped a beat. Battery is a little less, but that's because of the updated OS and new watchfaces/apps/fitness trackers. I just charged mine for 5 minutes each day while I shower (its waterproof, but I don't need notifications while I shower).

      However of the other 3 'Classic' Pebble's of bought for my sons, 1 was replaced in warranty due to screen tear, and the 2 others have occasional problems.

      I still wouldn't part with mine though, and for the price, still one of the best I think.

    • +1

      I contacted pebble when mine had the screen tearing and after sending them a pic and model number they replaced it with a brand new one.

    • I also had screen tearing on mine. Didn't do anything about it as it was a lot older than what I thought would be replaced. Lo and behold they still sent me another watch - which did the exact same thing. Ended up taking the back off, sticking a little bit of plastic card in like the videos online show and haven't had a single problem with it since.

      Am definitely looking in to upgrading after having this one for a few years now though. Great deal on the Time regardless of new models coming.

    • +1

      I just ordered one? Seems like they only had the white left though…

      • ah i made a bo bo … dont sign up for the 10% off .. it then changes the price on everything !!! cheeky! GOT ONE :D way better then a 38mm $270 single core apple watch

  • I gave up on the original pebble because it killed my phone's battery - how are the newer ones?

    • I've got a time round and I don't feel like it drains my phone battery noticeably. The round model itself though has one day battery life which is kind of annoying. I have to say I love this watch and it legit makes my life easier.

      • The size of the round is amazing though

    • When did you give up? Battery life had its ups and downs over the past two years but its been fine for me for at least 6 months now.

      Watchfaces with poorly coded weather calls, ones with companion apps that are, once again, poorly coded (there's a trend here, eh?) can take a hit on the battery life of the phone.

    • Yes there was a period phone battery life was an issue. Did you have an iPhone? I seem to recall that was definitely a problem early on, but some Android phones also suffered from having bluetooth enabled all day.

      Definitely not a problem for me, and hasn't been for a long time. On a Note 4, and I use my bluetooth for audio as well, and certainly don't notice the pebble as an issue (its really screen on time that has the most effect for me).

  • Been using Pebble since Gen1. Great piece of durable and reliable hardware. Now waiting for the shipment of the Pebble 2.

  • *sits waiting patiently for rounds to come up on discount…

    • +1

      That's the $10 off price. Log out and you'll get the special pricing.

  • Is the deal still going? It shows 134 usd for the steel :(

    • +2

      Apparently don't use the 10% off code as it screws up the price.

  • It's a shame the Time Steel isn't included.

  • -3

    The Galaxy Gear S2 has tons of problems. Even my Sony Smartwatch 2 has no speaker and many other complaints I have.

    The battery life issues are nonexistent on the last two smartwatches I have had.

    The screen is so bad on Pebble. Not usable at all…

  • Is the Pebble Steel the best watch for using under sunlight? Also it is worth paying the extra 20USD for the metal wristband

    • Yes because of the eink display, I don't know how good the metal wristband is, but if the price was a concern any 22mm metal wristband on ebay will fit and it's easy to change

      • The Pebble Steel actually has a non-standard attachment for the strap. A regular leather band can often be modified to fit, but a regular metal band won't fit.

        • Thanks for clarifying, in which case I guess you need to buy it if you want one

    • No problem under direct sunlight. Another reason why I love mine.

      Steel band is worth the money for me.

    • +1

      I think the original 'classic' pebble has the same screen as the steel.

      I have the classic (from Kickstarter) and find it very good. The backlight is very convenient at night. What I do find amazing about it is when underwater - its fantastic!

    • +1

      the original and the steel have excellent contrast by virtue of their tech, the Pebble time STEEL has its colour screen bonded to the glass so doesnt leak the light it grabs from the sun - those are excellent options besides the new models (Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2) which have the bonded screens too

      • Thats awesome to know, I might have to get one. Do u know if the more expensive option comes with both the leather and the metal bands? The description just says it comes with the metal one.

  • Does anyone happen to know how to get the watch to sync with the jawbone ip app? I have an original pebble, the online guide says to use the purple up app, but when I do there is no way to link the Pebble in the app, and the step count on the phone doesn't match the app when I check after a few days use. It's not miles out, but if I had to guess I would say that it's just using the phone's steps rather than the watches at a guess

    • No experience with integrating other fitness trackers with the pebble.

      I think most pebble apps, like Misfit, do the tracking themselves.

      Edit: just realised you may have been talking about Jawbone app, not the tracker itself. I don't know about that, but the pebble does talk to Google's Fit app.

      • Yes the Jawbone app was one of the first to support the Pebble as an activity tracker, however I currently have the jawbone up app and fit on my phone, and when I compare data from each of these apps with the readout on my week view on the Pebble they are all different. I believe the Pebble is counting more steps (which makes sense because I am wearing it and I leave the phone on my desk quite a lot) but the fit app and the up app do t match either. I also can't find any setting anywhere in either app where I can confirm that my watch is actually connected to the app at all?

        • When I compare data I get baffled too. I think they just expect 'magic' will happen between the apps - I'm not aware of anything that provides visibility to the source/origin of the tracking data, or an app identifying it is receiving data from elsewhere. But then I'm not familiar with the Google Fit API's, and someone who understood them may know why this is.

  • Looks like only the Classic is still in stock

  • I keep getting the following error:

    Error 503 first byte timeout

    first byte timeout

    Guru Mediation:

    Details: cache-hkg6822-HKG 1474417661 769738739

    Varnish cache server


    • Guru meditation? is the site running on a 68000 processor?

      • That's showing your age :-) Apparently Varnish intentionally adopted the Amiga-style notice.

  • Just got an email saying that my order couldn't be processed. Went on the website to try again and saying no stock… Must have sold more than they actually had physical watches :(

    • ozBargained!

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