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20% off Selected Bose, 20% off Selected LEGO + Extra 15% off, Bose Soundlink Mini II $203, Bose Soundtouch 10 $203 @ Myer eBay


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  • +3

    Awesome price for the Bose Soundlink Mini II - $203.32!

    • Yeah it's a bloody awesome speaker

    • Agreed. Just bought one.

      • How come it shows as $239 now? Did it change since you bought it? :( Could you provide a receipt so I can price match it if possible?

        • You need to apply CODE15 @ Checkout to bring it down to 203

  • +2

    Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II for $257 is crazy

  • Trying to buy 2 Lego and the code refuses to apply.. wtf

    • well one set worked for me (Parisian)

    • Was your total above $75?

    • Only 1 product 1 transactions I believe

  • +3

    No QC35! One can dream 😥

  • Soundlink 3 for $298.52


    (Currently $439 rrp at j&b)

  • +1

    SoundTouch 20 for under $350, fantastic deal. So many good deals, wish I had more cash.

  • +3

    SoundTouch 130 Home Theatre System @ $1613… time to pull the trigger! that's a fantastic price!

    520 also available for same price:

    Both currently $1998 from Videopro

  • +1

    Thanks OP, have been waiting to pick up the SoundTouch 10 as a gift for dad, so glad I spotted your post!

  • Damn, some of these deals are really good. Those Bose Companion 20 computer speakers surprised me. I thought they were crap until I heard the demo at a Bose store and it sounded damn good.

  • i try code15
    This code can't be applied to some of your items.

    • +1

      I think u can only use it for 1 item.

      • thx,I did use onece last night for a westone earphone!

  • How does the soundlink Mini 2 Compare with the ue boom 2? Am in the market for a bt speaker but haven't researched too much into it..

    • +1

      Soundlink Mini 2 sounds better in my opinion.

  • Can I do audio out of my TV to any of these Bose speakers ?

  • Fk. Pull the plug yesterday on the sound sport. Sigh !!! Could have saved $23

    • Credit card price protection?

      • Don't have price protection on mine cc :(

        • Damn, you could cancel/return the item and repurchase now.

        • @SevenSmurfs: i can't. the 15% off CODE15 only works once. :(

        • Could try creating a new account if its worth the time spent.

          Not sure if the code works for eBay guest accounts?

        • @SevenSmurfs: ebay is easy but you need a new paypal account as well. Which is a pain in the ass for $23 lol.

  • I paid $194 for the QC20i back in 2014. Can't believe prices have gone up. I thought tech was supposed to go down

    • +1

      Blame the AUD. It's weaker now against the US for Bose products

      • Ah i see. i just went back to see why the price was so different seems DJ had a good deal for those interested - QC20i $299 less $25 off per $75 Bose spend so -$75 them amex credit from DJ -$30 = $194

        never to be repeated i guess

  • Could anyone let me know is the BOSE headphones any good for the price of $257? or is there any other recommendation?

    Currently looking for a bluetooth headphones.


  • Dammit. Was hoping Parisian Hotel was 20% off.

  • Soundtouch 10 or Soundlink mini II for audio quality?

    • +1

      Surprisingly, the mini II sounds a bit better. SoundTouch 10 only has a single mono speaker.

      They're for different uses though. Mini II is portable.

      ST10 is more convenient for Pandora/Spotify etc. when it doesn't have to stream through your phone. It's plug-in only and needs WiFi to use it fully.

      If you're just keeping it in one room of your house at all times - go for the ST10.

      • Thanks for the info!

  • If it a minimum spend for Lego? "We can't apply this code until you reach the minimum order total"

    • $75 min to use code

  • I am wondering if anyone know the differences between soundlink mini II - 203$ and JBL charge 3 - 165$. Watched on youtube, the JBL sounds much louder and clearer …. I havent tried it myself.

    • Where do you find the JBL Charge 3 for $165?

      • um ebay with code

  • +1

    Does anyone else on here have the Bose SoundTouch 130 system? are you happy with it?

    I was torn between getting the 130 or the 520.

    • Sorry can't answer that but just rem this finishes tonight so betta hurry, maybe search the bose product on Amazon & compare reviews

  • +1

    Torn between this Bose Soundlink Mini II & JBL Charge 3, finally pulled the plug with the Bose Soundlink Mini II. The Bose price is too good to pass up and I can always return it to Myer if I'm not happy. The JBL Charge 3 is only available on eBay with the smaller sellers and returning it is not going to be easy, plus the discount isn't that big with the JBL.

  • +1

    Bought Bose SoundLink II wireless headphones for $257.72

    These headphones are currently advertised at JB Hi-Fi $379. Real bargain.

  • Anyone got a spare Soundlink Mini 2 and looking to offload to a willing buyer? I missed out on the deal last night due to PayPal issues.. not fussy about the colour (:

  • just received the bose soundlink mini 2..First Bose speaker. wow…the sound quality worth any single cents it cost….Great bargain.

    • Buy a cover to protect it :)

  • +1

    I have just realised I bought the SoundTouch130 and didn't use Cashrewards. Tearing up my ozbargain licence as we speak.

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