This was posted 7 years 2 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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eBay 15% off Sitewide Offer When You Spend $75 or More (Max $300 Discount)


Just received a call this morning, while I was on the way to work, from a trusted source that was right in the past about (3 out 5 times).

They are claiming that their friend's hairdresser sister was walking her dog with her best friend last night and her best friend told them that there will be 15% Site wide. Possibly starting today. I have no further details so don't ask.

It seems somewhat hard to believe due to the number of coupons that were floated this month but I thought I'd share it anyway. I possibly risk the largest number of negs if it's not coming to fruition but I'll take the punt to give my friends at ozbargain a heads up.

I am getting my cart content lined up….

Remember to use cashrewards…


  • The total discount is capped at $300 per transaction. Limit 1 transaction per person during the Offer Period.
  • A minimum spend of $75 per transaction applies.
  • The 15% discount is on item cost only and does not apply to postage costs.
  • Excludes Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730) and Gift Cards (172,009).

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    oh no, here we go again!

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      Warning to everyone: don't leave your purchases until the last minute or even the last day.

      Last time Ebay did the 15% discount thing, they pulled the discount a little over a day early:

      Deal was supposed to end 31/12, was pulled about 6PM 30/12.

      They might not pull it early this time, but remember there is always that risk. Possibly higher risk this time, as you only have to spend $75 this time, was $150 in the previous deal.

    • +4

      I don't know why I + these deals because I always ended up poorer.

      • Each time these kind of deals come up, I always make myself the same promise. Get proactive and Make a list of stuff you actually need, and buy when these promos come up. Never happens though… End up just spending more rather than really making a saving :(

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    Good news, but damn, I just finished my eBay shopping last night.

    • +3

      Dang! Me too :-(

      • +9

        Typical response :)

      • Im doing my ebay shopping tomorrow

  • +1

    In MrBillions we trust! You posted up a similar deal late last year so fingers crossed :)

  • Goes to click + … Oh wait

  • +12


    15% off the over priced iPhone 7+ models

  • +114

    Let's just get these out of the way quickly:

    "They'll just jack up the price 15% beforehand"

    "Actually 15% off a 15% mark up is still 2.25% saving so still a bargain technically"


    "Haha whats the extra C for?"

    "Hey guys, can someone find me a good deal on any TV with no specific requirements on my end?"

    • +16

      "But are there any DEALS?"

    • +10

      That'll do old timer, that'll do.

    • +16

      "Hey guys, can someone find me a good deal on any TV with no specific requirements on my end?"

      omg.. genuine laugh

    • +8

      You forgot

      "I'm going to Boycott eBay from now on". 😀

    • +4

      Phone is fine.

    • +1

      As the title says its a site wide offer, perhaps few opportunistic Australian retailers may jack their prices up, but certainly not the majority. I just saved $50 from a set of automotive parts bought from UK, I tracked prices at both local and overseas sellerts for few weeks, so I know they diidn't change.

  • thanks for the heads.
    i can now double check the price of all goods before the the promo and know if the supplier increases the price after the discount.

  • -6

    If it's not a confirmed deal yet it shouldn't be here. Better to put this in the forums.

  • +7

    Wait so the source is your friends hairdressers sisters dog? Lol. Hope this is right! Had my eye on a few things

    • +3

      What kind of dog was it?

      • +9

        Evidently a talking dog.

        • Must be called "Ben"

  • Well it's eBays 17th Birthday this month so surely a sitewide offer is on the cards :)

    • except booze, that'll have to wait until day year

  • Would be nice site wise, we have had some good selected sales but be nice to start to stock up for christmas and Peters of Kensington haven't had discounts on eBay for a while.

    Good guys …… they seem to discount well already they did a breville bcg820ss coffee grinder for $215 for me on the weekend that is close to what Ebay will have with 15% off. from all those $249 listings.

    • +5

      Peters of Kensington upped their shipping costs to a flat rate of $25 regardless of what youre buying. F'in rip

      • Not for me, I just bought a Simplehuman rubbish bin, and postage to Brisbane was $11:

        Their postage estimate on the Ebay page is misleading though, if you aren't logged into ebay it assumes you are in the same city as the seller, and lists the minimum postage cost. For the above item, when I wasn't logged in it showed $4.50 as the postage cost, but as soon as I logged in it changed to $11.

        Are you in in a regional area? $25 seems rather high.

  • +19

    Confirmed. They were handing out flyers at the city this morning

    Code is CODE15 at checkout. Must spend minimum $75. 1 transactiom per person and ends midnight 21 september. Will post proof of flyer later if needed.

    • +2

      Not sure why they bother handing out flyers. A waste of paper and money advertising

      They should just get a Ebay rep to post it on Ozbargain

      • +6

        Because every single person in the city checks OzBargain. /s

  • +3

    Any Chinese whisper that involves a hairdresser, should be taken with grain of salt.

    • +3

      a splash of soy sauce actually & some anchovies

    • +7

      Salt is not good for you, try and avoid it.

  • +2

    Fingers crossed

    I feel sorry for those who bought the groupon eBay voucher

    • whats the differences?

    • +1

      I guess on the bright side for the groupon voucher is that it doesn't have to be spent in the next 2 days. However, yes, otherwise this is a much better deal.

  • What to buy? Need to fill up my shopping list right now! Any ideas?

  • +1

    Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later.

    YET =)

  • I have an unconfirmed landing page which suggests a coupon coming up something to do with BLDSS? Anyone know what that is?

  • Source of this tip of reminds me of

  • +6

    Coupon is CODE15

    • +1

      Works, thanks mate!

    • Terms & Conditions: Min Spend $75

  • +2

    lol loved the description OP

  • +1

    It's up now

  • Email from cash rewards confirms code15

  • +1

    CONFIRMED - 16.5% with cash rewards

  • +2

    Well going on the email I just got from Cashrewards, this is all but confirmed. Discount code is CODE15…

    EDIT: lol, late to the party…

    when you spend $75 or more

  • CODE15 for 15% off

  • Yes just tested Code15 works

  • Expires midnight 21/09 minimum purchase $75

  • Is' on! CODE15

  • Awesome news. Already decided what I'm buying.

    Samsung UA55KS8000W 55" SUHD HDR LED Smart TV $2120

    Was tempted to pull the pin and get one the other day in the Good Guys "CHILL15" sale but was tossing up between a TV vs a Laptop.

    • +1

      Discount capped at $300 so not quite 15% off on the TV unfortunately :(

      • Yeah :-(

        I thought it would be similar to the previous deals capped at max $1000 discount.

        I guess I'll wait another month for the next deal to pop up - or go into store and haggle.

    • +1

      You should go to the store and haggle with the staff, knocked 300 off retail on my LG 55" the other week.

  • Good call, well done!


  • Legend!

  • Min spend $75…. Oh well

  • Limit 1 transaction per person …

  • +1

    The Apple optimists would say that the over priced iphones just became 15% less over priced. The rest (realists) would say that the competition just got 15% cheaper as well.

  • +1

    Hairdresser always got the goss

    • Hairdresser's best friend, if you can follow the story…

  • +1

    Any good go pro 4 silver deals?

  • It's online guys, LET'S GO

    • I read that as LEGO.

      Which I was just looking at and was disappointed in prices.

  • Confirming works. $86.90 down to $73.87.…

  • It's active already? I saw that on top when I was browsing for logitech g900.

  • Just got the email from cashrewards. Cheers OP

  • -2

    Does eBay pay the discounted rate to retailers, or the listed price?

  • +3

    My wallet says enough but I am going to show him who's BOSS :p

    • Go hard, son. Destroy that credit rating like a true OB.

      • True OzB only gain credit rating while getting 55 interest free, triple Amex points and sign up specials! :)

    • Ebay is our boss lol

  • +3

    live now

    15% off when you spend $75 or more
    By using or attempting to use the redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
    This offer commences at 10.00 (AEDT) on 19 September 2016 and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 21 September 2016 (“Offer Period”).
    The offer entitles you to 15% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) when you spend $75 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period.
    A minimum spend of $75 per transaction applies.
    The 15% discount is on item cost only and does not apply to postage costs.
    The total discount is capped at $300 per transaction. Limit 1 transaction per person during the Offer Period.
    Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).
    Purchases of items listed in the following categories are excluded from this offer: Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730) and Gift Cards (172,009).
    The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.
    To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code CODE15 into the redemption code box during the checkout process. You must be an registered member.
    Without limiting other remedies and in addition to eBay’s rights under the User Agreement, eBay reserves the right to disallow or reverse a discount, limit, suspend or terminate a user account, prohibit access to this offer or any future offers, delay or remove hosted content or take other technical and legal steps against you if eBay believes:
    you have provided false information, conspired with others to gain an unfair advantage or have otherwise been involved in any way in manipulating, interfering or tampering with the conduct of this offer;
    a sale or purchase of any item as part of this offer has not been made in good faith, including where eBay considers that the buyer and seller may be related parties (such as family members or parties sharing the same dwelling); or
    buyers or sellers have engaged in collusive conduct or any other conduct which eBay considers unfair, fraudulent or untoward.
    Not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay coupon, voucher or redemption code.
    Your and PayPal accounts must be active at the time of redemption (not suspended nor made inactive by eBay or PayPal) and be registered under the same email address.
    In the event you return or seek a refund on any item purchased using this discount, the value of the discount will not be refunded to you.
    This offer cannot be withdrawn into your bank account and cannot be transferred.
    Sellers are responsible for their own stock and eBay does not guarantee the availability of stock.
    To the extent permitted by law, eBay and PayPal will not be responsible for any loss incurred by you in redeeming or attempting to redeem the offer or for any costs, damages, accident, delay, injury, loss, expense, or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the use of the offer.
    eBay reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the offer at its reasonable discretion by publishing revised terms on
    The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of New South Wales.

    • +1

      Does it have to be all from just one store?

      • Does it have to be all from just one store?


        On eBay a "transaction" is a PAYMENT, not a purchase.

        So, collect stuff by clicking "Add To Cart" until you reach $75 in your shopping cart. Then process Checkout and apply the code before payment

  • Just used the 10% off a few days ago.

  • +1

    10 piece 900W Nutribullet from Target. $84.15 delivered……

  • +6

    Bose QC35 here I come!

    • me too!

    • Good price for them, too! But I have more 'essential' purchases first.


    • Just purchased!

  • Just got a CashRewards email confirming the deal and mentioning an additional 1.25% cashback on top. I'm thinking of making an offer on an item I've been watching - does anyone know if the deal can be applied if the vendor accepts my offer? There was nothing in the T&C about excluding purchases of that nature, but I'm not sure there's a way to add a coupon code to a Make An Offer transaction. Any help would be much appreciated :)

    • +1

      I would say you are fine to get the discount once the seller has accepted your offer, provided you pay by paypal. I used a previous eBay offer to buy a ~$1200 iPad pro under auction terms and there was no problem applying a voucher code.

      • Thanks for the info, mate :)

      • Did you have to pay Import duty on this as the amount is > 1000?
        I have a question, will I have to pay custom duty even if i pay less than $1000 but the original listing costs more than $1000. Since, the bill is generated on the original cost.

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