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eBay 10% off Sitewide (Min Spend $100, Max Discount $300, 3 Transactions, Excludes Postage)


eBay is offering 10% off everything starting Tuesday 09.02.16.

Cashback Rate
Cashrewards 1.25%
PricePal 1.25%
ShopandMint 2% - 2.50%

I received a targeted offer from eBay for 10% off, but I didn't use and it was expired, so I called eBay to see, if they can re-generate a 10% code again. That's when eBay reps told me over the phone that eBay is actually having a 10% OFF SITEWIDE promotion from 09.02.2016 at 10:00AM till 12.02.2016

  • End date: Friday 12/02/16
  • 10% off site wide (excludes postage)
  • Minimum spend $100, maximum discount $300.
  • Limit 3 transactions per person during the Offer Period.
  • The following categories are excluded: Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730) and Gift Cards (172,009).

FAQ: I just checked my PayPal invoice and I have been charged the full amount!

Mod Note: PayPal may appear to show that you have paid the full amount - however if you click on the transaction details it will show that 10% has been paid via voucher. Example from previous deal

Mod Warning: Please do not post your own eBay listings in this thread. Such comments will be unpublished, the commenter will be banned from participating in the thread and account penalties may apply. Use the classifieds section for personal items instead.


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    Nice one.

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        • ECFINALLY10

        • CLOVE10

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          @nocure: LOVEGLOVE10

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        • @sachz:

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      10% is better imo - most others don't seem to inflate their prices like some of the stores involved in 20% off do

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      Then don't participate.

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        Thanks for telling me what I already plan to do.

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          You're welcome.

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        • @cDNA:


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      Except those eBay affiliated stores will increase prices and remove items.

    • Getting a bargain isn't in your DNA is it?

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      Agree with you not sure why you got negged. 10% is really nothing you are only saving GST and don't forget most stores will have price hike or jack up for profits. No point at all

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        A bargain is a bargain. That's why I got negged.

    • -3

      Totally agree - the bargain lemmings seem to ignore ebays smoke and mirror tactics

      What can u say?


      Better than 9%.

      Thats it really.

    • +7

      It might be nothing for you to get excited about and that's fine, but keep in mind there are other people here too. If I was looking to buy a new phone or laptop, 10% off could save me ~$70-100.

      You might be swimming in cash, but a "free" $70-100 is not "nothing" to me.

      • With the frequency of these ebay promos, i find it hard to belove that people are making big purchases over several hundred dollars each time

        Most are getting excited now, will buy a few cheap things that they dont need towards the end of the promo and, accounting for retailers mark up during promo period, will 'save' less than $10 at best.

        • "most"? Based on what?

        • @eug: i PM most on this site for a vox pop, sorry must have left you off the list

        • @pointless comment: So in other words, you made up stats in your head and are claiming it as fact?

          OK then.

        • @eug:

          based on that poll that was done on ozbargain last year.

        • @cDNA: There should be another poll asking how many people participated in that last poll. And somehow include the thousands of users who simply lurk, and those who don't even register. There are 613 upvotes right now - how many of those 613 have even posted a comment?

        • @eug: forfteen per cent of the means median

  • +3

    I wonder how many businesses will jack up their prices tomorrow, as usual.

    • +3

      All of them

    • why would they?, they make extra sales than usual, if they do find the same item and buy from another seller

    • +1

      Probably none. They still need to compete with everybody else on ebay - they'll just get better sales without dropping their prices.

      • +1

        I wont be. And if anyone wants an electric motor listed cheap send me a message on here.

    • A cheeseboard I was watching from Peter's of Kensington increased from $81 to $92..

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    woohoo! good find.

    prepare yourself for the mass influx of upvotes you have ever received lol.

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    I just used 2 10% targeted coupons. eBay keeps taking my money. I need to learn restraint lol.

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      I never get this, how did you manage to get them? do you have to contact them?

      • Its just random as far as I know. That being said the OP did contact them so maybe mention you know people that have gotten a coupon and try your luck.

      • Log into ebay and click on "My eBay" - if you've got one they'll appear on the summary screen.

      • I made a second ebay account just to see what would happen. Ended up getting a couple of vouchers. One for $20 off purchase more than $30 and another for 10 or 15% off. I may have made a purchase initially before getting the first voucher. Anyway, I've tried doing it again but haven't had any luck with additional vouchers.

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    Let's hope eBay stick with that end date.

    • +1

      I've learnt from last time.
      I'm going to add things to my cart tonight, so its all ready for tomorrow.
      When/If the code becomes active tomorrow,log in to cashrewards and then go to eBay and BAM…sniper eBay!

      • +2

        maybe don't add to your cart if you want cashrewards?

        think ebay don't honour cashback for items in cart 24hr before purchase

    • +1

      yes, will it last past 10:01 tomorrow?

      • +1

        It's eBay. Impossible to say.

    • Buy early so coupon doesn't run out.

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    When I need something there is no discount but when I don't need anything there is discount… such is life

    • I am looking to buy a dash cam, great timing for me here :)

      • +7

        sadly..we need dash cams these days.

        • +6

          How else can we record our burnouts / drag races? :)

        • +3

          In Australia, almost all my drives are just the same boring routine drives. Just as well I guess.
          May be if I live in Russia then I am sure i will capture some more "exciting" events on the road :P

        • +3

          @moeozz: i drag race with one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding my phone the responsible way. If I'm adventurous I yell out "yolo" or "yea dawg" :)

        • +1

          @mr_vino89: Drag in an auto?

        • @mr_vino89: sorry to say but sadly no one can hear what you yell out because of all the sound your squeaking brakes and subwoofer is making!

        • @TheOneWhoKnocks:

          Drag in an auto?

          Drag in stiletto shoes, stockings and a mini skirt.

        • -2


          stiletto shoes stockings

          What's that?

          EDIT: Nice sneaky edit + fail.

      • Which one are you looking?

    • +9

      It's sitewide. So it's a real 10% off.

    • -1


    • +2

      @mrbillions No need to be sore because someone else beat you to an eBay deal. I bet if you found it first your "comment" would sound very different.

      Lighten up and support the place. I'm gonna up vote your comment to start the process.

    • A deal is a deal…10% off is 10% off.

      If we were striving for a better deal than before then OzBargain will be pretty empty because we all be waiting for "FREE" because we can't top the last bargain.

      • They wont do 15% anymore due to the complaints last year.

        • how did u come up with that conclusion lol?

  • Got my Paypal loaded with US dollars and a lot of international items in my watch list. This is going to be an expensive sale.

    • anything good?

      • I mostly get collectible gadgets, but there are some decent Chinese sellers with cheap stock.

        • gotta use up that referral money eh?

        • @furythree: Yep. It'll take months for it to build up again :(

  • Yay..come on eBay..

    • +7

      eBay has feelings too…. At least call them back the morning after.

  • Does this cover all purchases eg. international purchase?

    • +1

      Can confirm that this covers international purchases. Just purchased an item, paid in Euro and received my 10% off.

  • I am after dell xps15, is it the right time to buy one from dell ebay store?

    • +1

      I say as a chronic spender YES
      But maybe ask your financial institution/Wife this question.

  • +1

    Why can't they bring back the 15% off, but still pretty excited! Thanks!

    • +9

      why can't they bring back the 20% off.

      • +3

        Why can't they bring back the 25% off.

      • +11

        Why can't they introduce 50% off

        • +1

          Imagine the minimum spend though lol.

    • +1

      I want FreeBay!!!

  • +48


    • +2

      Mods should consider putting the answer to this question in the OP for every eBay sale.

      • +5

        Mods should consider putting the answer to this question in the OP for every eBay sale.

        Mods should ban the people that ask that question as they are not smart enough to use the internet let alone perform transactions.

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