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Huawei Nexus 6P (128GB White) $577.60 @ DickSmith/Kogan eBay


Original 20% off Bing Lee & Dick Smith on eBay Deal Post

Just bought the 64GB last night for $546 at DWI


With the Huawei Google Nexus 6P, you can enjoy Ultra HD photos and 4K resolution videos on a beautiful 5.7 inch cinematic display. Experience seven hours of use after just 10 minutes of charging – all in one glorious, aeronautical-grade aluminium package.
5.7” cinematic display
Crafted from aeronautical-grade aluminium
Ultra HD photos and 4K resolution videos
5.7” WQHD AMOLED display
3450 mAh battery – get up to seven hours of use after only ten minutes of charging
Nexus Imprint fingerprint sensor
USB Type-C
The best Google apps are already pre-installed – Search, Maps, Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, Drive and so much more

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  • Great price for this phone. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    With 128GB, this makes not having a SD card a non-issue.

    If you need a new phone to upgrade to without breaking the bank, this is it.

    One left it looks like.

  • Just a heads up, there will be more discounts to this phone as Google is announcing a new Nexus on October 4 (will be branded "Google" rather than Nexus)

    • That's true. But I wonder how much lower the 128GB would go? The new phones will be interesting, but will they'll probably be close to $999 or more.

      • +1

        Going by how they priced the pixel c. It's gonna be in the premium range, not so much budget price.

    • Disagree. I have been following Nexus 6 and the price reduction is insignificant.

    • So that's what that annoying ad is about when I try and play a video on youtube's Android app.

  • There was a sum total of 4 pieces available.

    When I saw it before it was 2 sold, 2 left.

    Now sold out.

    • +1

      Yeah, it's really a case of buy now, think about it later.

    • In stock again, 4 more available. It seems they are often restocking when things sell out.

      • +2

        Ploy to get the watchers to buy I would think.

  • how long is delivery with DSE HK now?

    • about 7 days took me a while ago

  • Hey guys was doing some research on the 6p
    Check this video about its durability b4 buying a little scary !


    • You definitely need to buy a case for this one.

    • +1

      That video is a joke. This is a phone designed for consumer use, not designed to be military grade. Had this phone for close to a year. Put a spigen case and glass screen protector and so far has survived multiple drops on concrete and timber floor.

      • That's great it was all good for you ! Just thought it would be good for people to see it's durability. The video shows what can happen when pressure is applied to the device which can be caused from sitting on it, carrying it in a backpack or even in someone's tight pants ! Real world problems not military use ;)

        • I've accidentally sat on it with the phone in my back pocket too. Nothing happened.
          Durability is not any worse than any other phone on the market.

          Don't fall for the BS hype and videos designed to attract views.

    • As if anyone is stupid enough to do that to their phone? That's not durability test. Its a freaking destroying this phone test!!

      Do you think an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy will not get destroyed if you do that to it?

      • Do you think an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy will not get destroyed if you do that to it?

        They survive. Not unscathed, but not completely destroyed like the 6P. Most phones he tests survive.

  • I bought 6p 64GB just 3 days ago from DWI Digital for $572. Comparing this is $128Gb and has local warranty. for me this it is the best offer yet.

    • +2

      Sadly it's not really 'local' warranty, but you could argue Dick Smith / Kogan warranty is slightly better than other less known grey import companies from Hong Kong.

  • This is local/Australian Stock? or imported oversea product?

    • It's grey imported from HK or somewhere. It's not local/Australian stock. Dick Smith is now owned by Kogan. I imagine all their products come from the same warehouses in Hong Kong.

      • i thought so. thank you for the clarification.

  • Thanks OP, got one. I hope this one got all the 4G bands covered 😀

    • +1

      It covers all the bands for Telstra, and also has Band 28 (700Mhz) which is the main one to look for. I'm not sure about the other carriers though.


  • +1

    This is a great deal. I thought it was going to be a grey import when I purchased this a fortnight ago from Dick Smith eBay, with the 10% off, However it arrived last week and it appears to be Aussie stock, with an AU plug etc, and a sealed unit. Great price.

  • One of the best phones from Huawei (Y)

  • +1

    Back in stock again. It says "More than 10 available"

  • Anyone know if this qualifies for TRS?

  • +1

    I am so tempted to pull the pin and do this - but with the Pixels coming out, I would assume these would further drop in price in a couple of weeks.

  • +1

    Back in stock.

  • +1

    Went out of stock for a while, showed briefly back in stock, managed to pull the trigger.

    Ripper of a deal!

  • I got a shipping notification last night at 1130pm. It's coming via Australia Post which is interesting. The stock must be coming from an Australian warehouse.

    • +1

      Think you're right. It's interesting because I think these actually may be sealed, AU stock, surprisingly enough.
      A user above said they their's was when it arrived; which is wierd because NO 128gb units were supposed to be available to the AU market.

      I believe there was a mix up right at the start of the 6P launch when 128gb BLACK units were supposed to be sent to buyers but they all received white by mistake, with no real reasoning from Google.

      Lucky us I guess :D

      • Yeah I hope so. That's be an awesome surprise. Fingers crossed.

    • I got a Dispatch notification as well on 24th at 11:30PM. It says that it comes from Sunshine VIC.

  • Yet to receive my shipping notification…hopefully it doesn't take too long

  • Where and what sort of covers are everone getting?

  • Did anyone not receive shipping notification?

    I ordered friday morning, no news yet…

    • Kogan, and I'm guessing now Dick Smith (not sure if they're being run completely independently of eachother or not?), are terrible at updating shipping information. But, they are quick at actually shipping. The last phone I bought from Kogans eBay store was on my front door step before it was marked as shipped.

      • How long did it take?


        • 3 or 4 business days from memory (to Brisbane).

        • @aja12:


    • I bought it on Thursday 22/09, got a Dispatch notification on 24th at 11:30PM. It says that it comes from Sunshine VIC.

      Another update on 2:30pm Monday, says "Processing". Nothing since then :(

      • I purchased same time, dispatch notification at 12:00am on the 24th and same processing at Sunshine West since Monday :/

        • I am not sure who, either DS or AP updates the system? I remember last time I bought a Pioneer Receiver from them, it came from Sunshine West as well and it took about 6 working days to get it delivered.

        • Status on mine just changed to 'In transit' :D

        • @rustyred: hahaha… I just checked mine, it is now showing "In transit" as well tho Estimated delivery 4th Oct :(

          I was expecting it to be delivered by this Friday :/

        • @dealspider: mine is also showing that same in transit with delivery by next Wed. I thought it would arrive this week but AusPost strikes again.

      • Ditto for the 32gb model, except I got shipping notification on 23rd.

  • I ordered on night, today got an email saying it should be despatched within 24 hrs.

    • Thursday night**

  • Just received shipping notification…tracking number is AusPost…I wonder if we're getting AU stock.

  • Guys wondering if your 6P come with headphones? Mine only came with fast charger and aus adaptor USB to USB c and USB c to USB c cable. No headphones. Other Reddit users have said the same. Mine came from HG via DWI. As soon as I connected to wifi it did 3 or 4 updates and the last update was to nougat runs like a dream. However it ook a while to work out how to enable the led notification pulse.

    • +1

      My AU one (64GB) from mobileciti didn't come with headphones either.

    • I am sure it doesn't come with headphones. Few of my friends got the phone and nobody received headphones. Though most people prefer not to use the bundled headphones anyways.

  • Just received my package this morning (I'm in Melbourne North East) can confirm mine seems to be Australian unit, came sealed with Australian charger and warranty info in the box is for Australian stock!

    • Headphones?

      • No headphones, AU 5W 3A USB C charger, USB A toUSB C Cable, USBC to USB C cable.

        • Same contents from HG for me. Awesome phone. Coming from a bootlooped G4. I love it.

    • Wow that's awesome! Fingers crossed mine is the same :)

    • Congrats! Must admit, a bit jealous. Sitting here with my 64GB 6P that I paid more for just 2 weeks earlier.

    • Congrats! I checked my delivery status a while ago and still says "In transit - Processed through Australia Post facility" :(

      You must be in VIC?

      It is funny I received my case, tempered glass and an extra cable which I order few days after I bought this :)

  • got mine today, did anyone notice a yellow tinged screen on theirs?

    • Is this what you are talking about?

  • +1

    Mine delivered this morning. Can't wait to go home to get my hands on this beauty ;)

    • Love mine

  • +1

    Mine is still sitting at "Shipping Information Approved"…Australia Post is slower than walking with the parcel from Sunshine to the South-East…

    • Same. Mine hasn't moved from the 'sorting centre' 40 mins from my house since 4am Friday morning.

  • +2

    Mine arrived today. It was also the Australian version and came with the AUS Adaptor :D. Damn that white looks nice - very stormtrooper-esc.
    The phone came in a Kogan satchel with no padding (kind of weird). Here are some pics of what was included: http://imgur.com/a/qTEpm

    • Oh good; just had an update at 5:46pm:

      Tuesday, 04/10/2016 4:27 PM VIRGINIA QLD In transit
      Tuesday, 04/10/2016 11:29 AM CHERMSIDE QLD Attempted delivery - redirected to Post Office
      Tuesday, 04/10/2016 8:22 AM VIRGINIA QLD With Australia Post for delivery today

      No card left or anything haha. This is crazy.

      Hopefully it arrives tomorrow… or else delivery driver has a new Nexus 6P haha.

      • That sucks. Mine was delivered by the postie, not the regular parcel guy. Maybe that's why the delivery was a bit weird.

  • +2

    Well after seeing the pricing of the new 128GB Pixel XL at $1419, I think the 128GB Nexus 6P at $577 is a steal. Thanks again OP.

    • +1

      Absolutely, I knew it is going to be expensive this new Pixel phones. You could have bought 2 nexus 6p and still got some money to spare :)

      It was a steal :)

  • Great phone, white looks awesome. Just couple of issues tho :(

    • Battery is somewhat disappointing for me, I am not a heavy screen user.
    • It is quite big (with the case on)
    • Coming from an LG G2 > HTC M8 to 6P, I really miss the Double-tap-to-wake when the phone is on a desk or on car-mount :(
    • Have you updated to nougat? My battery last from 6am till about 8pm. Big user afternoons/night.

      • Yes I did updated to Nougat, I think I get bit less than that. I usually charge my phones overnight and do not charge at work.

  • +1

    Yes I did updated to Nougat, I think I get bit less than that. I usually charge my phones overnight and do not charge at work.

  • Bloody imbeciles at AusPost…still no sign of it…

  • +1

    Received it finally!

    It's AU stock, with an aussie charger in the box…and looks amazing in white

    I've put a Verus case on it, works quite well…updated to Nougat and works like a charm

  • Anyone having issue with glass screen protectors. Mines fine when first putting on put if I receive a phone call screen turns off and won't turn back on. Take the glass off and it's fine???

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