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$5 for Two Baos or Rice Paper Rolls/Soldiers at Roll'd Via Scoopon [Ex Tas and NT] - Save up to 48%


With each Banh Mi being $8.90 Bao, $5 for two is amazing value.

  • Bao - BBQ chicken, lemongrass beef, roast pork & crackling, crispy prawn or tofu
  • SoldiersĀ® - BBQ chicken, pork & prawn, barramundi & avocado, garlic prawn, lemongrass beef, chicken breast and avocado, or tofu PLUS low-carb soldierĀ® options too - barramundi, poached chicken breast or tofu


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  • 2 baos or 2 rice paper roll

    Where did you get Banh Mi from?

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    2 rice paper rolls for $5 is not a good value.

  • deal says save up to 48% where does the save 72% come from.
    Also deal is for $5 for 2 Baos or 2 Soldiers , nothing about Banh Mi

    and honestly 2 for $5 should be close to the normal price, no way are they worth nearly $5 each roll.

  • For some reason (perhaps to avoid Google price comparisons) this deal has renamed rice paper rolls as 'soldiers' and banh mi as 'baos'. The equivalence can be checked by the 'flavours' offered by the Scoopon link and the Roll'd website.

    If I have made an error I am sorry.

    • Banh mi and bao are different things. Bao, in this case, is the taco-like steamed bun they sell at places like WonderBao and Momofuku.

  • ok op made a mistake and now corrected it so you can all calm down now. still its a good deal and i will be trying it. thanks op

  • Given that the most expensive "soldier" is $3.90 then that is a saving of $2.80, so the 48% saving would imply the Bao cost $4.80 each (normally).

    I can't find these Bao on any menu, including their own website.

    Can anyone confirm the original prices for the Bao?

  • Found most soldiers were 50% noodles :(

  • The steamed baos are about $4.80 each and quite nice. It's quite expensive for $4.80 each but when you can get 2 for $5, it's pretty good value. Tried the lemongrass beef and the crackling pork and both were good.