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Heat Beads 16KG BBQ Briquettes $18.80 (Normally $23.90) @ Bunnings Warehouse


I was browsing at Bunnings to look for any bargains and found this. Usually $23.90

Since we can't get 5% off first order and pay with discounted Wish cards at Masters, this is the lowest price around.

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Bunnings Warehouse
Bunnings Warehouse

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  • ALDI currently have some on sale, think it was $10, not sure of the bag size though

  • Thats a good price at $1.19 per Kg.
    Coles (in Brisbane at least) have the smaller 4Kg bags on special 'half-price' for $4.74 ($1.19per Kg)

  • You can buy 4kg packs for $4.74 at coles this week (works out to be $18.96 for 16kg).

  • I've got a mini-spit.

    What would be the best fuel for it…charcoal, wood, briquettes, etc?


      these BBQ Briquettes are. get the Heat Bead brand, I've trieds other, but they either burn quicker, leave a bit of a kero smell or your meat or don't quite get the heat.

      I hate paying for brands for the sake of the name, but these really do seem to be better for some reason.

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    Stocked up on 30 bags at coles on the weekend. Heatbeads arent that good compared to cleanheat though. Lokki and other brands are terrible.

    Heatbeads still aren't "natural" compared to other brands, they still have an igniting agent inside of them despite the new packaging.

    • Lol… I bought 8 on the weekend and I thought that was enough for summer.
      Well done..
      Are you doing something like a Man Fire Food bbq everyday…lol.


        I work in bbqs, so its a good deal, now is the time to stock up. Charcoal never goes off and i use 1 x weber kettle and a Pro Q excel 20 smoker so can use 2 bags just cooking a brisket. Snake method on the weber will last 14 hours and would use a bag.

        • What do you mean by "Snake method"?

          Can these briquettes be reused once they have been used?

        • @TheRock4Eva:
          Heat beads and charcoal can be reused.
          I use the kmart stainless vegi strainer as a charcoal basket.
          A quick shake over the wheelie bin and its good to go again with no mess.

        • @Bargin Boy:

          You said you used the stainless vegi strainer as a charcoal basket.

          That's only when you want to clean and reuse the charcoal right?

          Or do you use the strainer also while cooking?


          @TheRock4Eva: if too much fuel is added some might not be fully lit and once the cook is finished you can shut the flue dampers to suffocate the fire to extinguish it. Any briquettes not fully used can be reused. If the briquette is fully used it will turn to ash, well in heatbeads case, sand..

        • @TheRock4Eva:
          I use it as a charcoal basket, about 40 cooks so far and going good.
          On the next cook I shake the old charcoal dust off and add more charcoal.
          I`ve seen these sink strainers at Aldi, Ikea and Kmart.
          I cut off the plastic coated wire bits to fit my PK grill.
          Agree with neofelis about closing all the vents after cooking to save the charcoal for the next cook.

  • Bunnings has conveniently changed the price back to the usual $23.90 at the same time as when Coles finished the 1/2 price catalogue special :)