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Telstra Family & Friends Offer (Again) - $39 Cap with $400 Worth of Calls!


For a limited time, new customers of Telstra who are family and friends of Telstra staff can connect to the $39 Telstra Staff Mobile Cap Plan that includes $400 of eligible national calls and data p/m

This plan has a minimum monthly fee of $10 per month and once you spend $39 on eligible calls, you will get $400 worth of calls to most Australian numbers and data (excl operator assisted, premium number and international calls, content and subscription charges). Of course, standard charges apply after $400 and for calls/usage not included in the cap. This cap lets friends and family of Telstra staff enjoy a great calling rate of just 30c per 30 second block for eligible national calls and a low call connection rate of 27c. With low rates like these, the included value goes further.

There are a number of handsets to choose from and if you take up a Mobile Repayment Option (MRO) you can also get up to $15 per month for 24 months off the price of the handset. If you cancel your cap plan you must repay all outstanding amounts payable on your handset.

Make sure you quote the voucher number TF2OFFER when asked for a Promo code

Handset Range "Available Phones": http://www.telstra.com.au/shop/personal/NGTSOMobilePlansView...
Take up to $15 a month off those listed repayments

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  • -3 votes

    I don't know if this is a good deal considering TPG offers a lot more. Not to mention that it looks complicated.


    The $15 off handset repayments per month is excellent value!


    Is that sony erricson in the picture free or $15 off whatever its repayment is?

    It sounds expensive when at other places you can get a free phone on plans less than that. This offer only sounds good if you make a lot of phonecalls to make the low call rate worth it.


      The Sony Ericsson pictured is normally $15/m repayment, so add your $15 off, and yes, it's free on a 24mth MRO.


    Also note that this doesn't require require a staff ID this time around. Just print the voucher.

  • +1 vote

    Awsome deal guys the major deal sealer for me was the call rates and including data rates in the total cap value

  • +5 votes

    THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU. You just made my day!


    This is actually not too bad. The call rate of 30c/30 sec is pretty low for a cap plan and that $15 off mobile monthly repayments is also pretty good.


    Look at page 4 of 6 in the terms and conditions … its a tiered decduction UP TO $15 off handset repayments. You are not going to get $15 off a $15 handset.


    Available Mobile
    Repayment Amounts
    (incl GST)
    MRO Bonus (incl GST)
    per month (only available
    on a 24 month MRO Term)
    $360* or above $15.00
    $240 or above $10.00
    $229 $9.54
    $199 $8.29
    $149 $6.21
    $120 $5.00
    $99 $4.13
    $49 $2.04
    * Selected


    Where does it say Data is included in the cap, I don't see this stated on the page?

  • +14 votes

    Telstra staff do not have any friends…

  • +1 vote

    Good Post but no iPhone, Oh Well.


    Excluding the network quality, 3's caps put this to shame. I mean, who would honestly pay 39/month + 5/month for an E71?


      You have to be kidding. This plan even owns 3's $69 cap. Yeah three will give you a better phone for that price but they'll also give you a much worse plan. You just pay the extra for a better phone and it'll still be better value than 3.


    What does New customer mean, I used to be a customer about 3 years ago, does this mean I am a new customer?

    Also can you port a number from another carrier e.g. Vodaphone?


    New 3 billing is per minute or part of.Are customers eligible for multi product discount? And Free calls between phones in same account etc


    not bad, you can technically buy a htc desire for $550 if you don't use more than the $10/month. less if you factor in inflation =x ebay prices should fall a little bit.


    i am a bit confused here. Is this just like any of the three or vodafone etc cap plans? i mean is this a telstra $39 caped plan which includes 400 bucks worth of calls sms etc? if so this is a pretty good deal as my GF is after a new phone (not necessary a Iphone) with a new plan. plus with this 15 bucks of per month for a phone makes it even more worthwhile. true? or am i thinking here totally wrong?


    Total minimum cost is not reflecting $360 off during 24 month contract. Any one got a clue?


    When I try to signup it gets to the "enter details" page and then a Server Error 500


    I took advantage of this deal last time. Got a 32gb iPhone 3GS for $30 upfront, plus $25 per month repayments. I also got a 150mb data pack for $10, which isn't much data, but it means every mb after the 150 is only 50c, not $2, and it comes from the $400. Altogether, I pay $74.10 per month, which I think is pretty darn good for a 32gb iPhone on the Telstra network. I didn't have a great desire to go with another carrier, being 'rural' makes anything but Telstra rather useless.

    Also, I was on Telstra Prepaid, and was not able to go onto the plan, so I had to have my number ported over to Vodafone and then ported back. A bit of a pain, but worth it.


      What number do you call or how do you order an iPhone 3GS ?
      That model isn't available on the page accessible from the URL listed by the OP.


      You can upgrade your 150MB to 200MB for free. contact telstra!


    I went in store for mine, the 32gb wasn't listed on the website when I got mine, but the 8 and 16gb were. 1800 830 014 is the number on the website, try that and ask. They can only say no.


    Hmm this is the start of some big changes at telstra says my mate (works in middle management of the company). Expect to see a lot more value for money and much better customer service development over the next few months (it has already begun). Big news plans coming out very shortly. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

    As for this it seems like a great offer and will be one of many coming out throughout the various telecommunication options offered.


      Big news plans coming out very shortly. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

      That would be tomorrow


      The new caps just came out last month. And are much better value than the competitors for $29, $49 and $79 caps.

      The staff cap is still better though because:
      no contract on the plan (you're just paying off the handset over 24 months, which u can pay out at any time but lose your $15 credit)
      lower call rate
      data comes out of the cap

  • -1 vote

    Take note that on the website the price for the phones isn't including the $15 credit.

    For people interested in iphones:
    You pay $20 extra a month for the 16gb 3gs with no upfront.(this is including the $15 credit)
    You pay $25 extra a month for the 32gb 3gs with a $30 upfront.

  • -2 votes

    Im sorry but if this plan has no data cap, how is it any different to the 49$ plan?

    49 $ plan = 400$ credit + 200 Meg data..

    If you want you can deduct the data plan (get 10$ baack) and add the business data 1 gig for 19$..

    but regardless.. am i missing something?


      Lower call rate (30 cents per second with 27c connection fee as opposed to 40 cents per second and 37c connection fee on $49 cap)
      No contract for the plan.
      Data comes out of the cap
      Minimum $10 spend on the plan, meaning if you don't use your phone for a month you'll only pay $10.

      And no you can't deduct the included 200mb pack on the $49 caps and exchange it for the 1gig. It would be the $19 on top of the $49 to total 1.2 gig.


      and add the business data 1 gig for 19$..

      Thats only good if you are on a business plan


      If you had really light usage you only have to spend $10 min permonth (+ handset costs)

  • +1 vote

    does anyone know if these phones would be locked to network? And if so, how much would it cost to unlock?

    • +2 votes

      Unlike most carriers, Telstra doesn't lock their post-paid phones. They will have Telstra branding however.

      I think the only locked phone is the iPhone


    If I select this plan to be SIM Only (no handset) do I still get the $15 pm credit? Seems to be ok when I add to cart.


      Think about it, that would mean if you didnt make any calls telstra would owe you $5 a month


      You only get the $15/month credit on a handset. How can you get the credit if you don't get a handset? :D


        Because if you add it to the cart it still applys the $15 credit. I can't see anywhere that it mentions $15 credit for MRO handsets only :S


          this is true. I just tried it. I have the CAP only in my cart which has a minimum monthly spend of $10. then it says member credit $15. Amount Payable $0 per month.

          Does this mean if you BYO handset, and sign up for the "staff cap" SIM only, it will cost $(39-15) = $24 for $400 credit?

          seems too good…


          Sorry abc…my bad. :)

  • -1 vote

    I Just called them ;

    the Deal for 32gb iphone 3gs is $20/month on this staff cap so total is $59/month if you are looking for iphone

    this 20/mnth is after $15 bucks repayment taken off so dont get confused…

    This is the price you will pay if you use the cap and if you dont minimum spend would be $30/mnth..

    I'm not taking the deal as I dont like handset repayment option as you dont get insurance with them or if phone breaks down in 1 year and you still have repayment for whole next year..
    I got Experia x10 And I am Loving Android ; Thousands of apps and capabilities free and not like the itunes crap where only 20% shit apps are free .. (Mind my language but I'm over the iphone craze now)


      Hmm, meidk said earlier that the 16GB 3GS is $20/month and the 32GB is $25/month + $30 upfront.

      Perhaps it's a case of which Telstra CSR you get.


      Yeah it's actually $25 a month +$30 upfront. Whoever you spoke to gave you the wrong information. And if you're worried about the phone 'breaking down' just get extended warranty. A one off fee of $90 which will cover you for the full 2 years.


      I’m not taking the deal as I dont like handset repayment option as you dont get insurance with them

      You dont get automatic insurance if you get the phone for free either.

      Insurance is something you buy yourself regardless of how you are paying for the phone.

      if phone breaks down in 1 year and you still have repayment for whole next year..

      Thats why there is a thing called statutory warranty.


    So if the phone prices on the Telstra site don't include the $15/month credit (up to) then that does mean the HTC Desire will be $10/month + $70 upfront?


      Yes this is correct, you will be charged the $70 upfront along with paying an extra $10 ($25 phone repayment - $15 credit) on top along with the plan ($10 minimum) over 24 months.

      You can either get it sent to you (cost me $1) or pick it up from a selected Telstra branch.


    I called the 1800 number and was told some other phones can also be free, e.g. HTC Snap (WM6.5), Nokia 6720, LG *** (don't remember), Samsung *** (don't remember).

  • +3 votes

    I will try to consolidate the list of free handsets.

    The following list of handsets should be free, meaning there is no 1-off upfront OR ongoing cost.

    • HTC Diamond2 (Next G™)
    • LG New Chocolate Slide (BL42K) (Next G™)
    • Samsung A561 (Next G™)
    • Samsung C5220 (Next G™)
    • Samsung PrestonICON (Next G™)
    • Sony Ericson W508 (Next G™)
    • Sony Ericson W705 (Next G™)
    • Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 2 (Next G™)

    The following list of handsets have a 1-off upfront cost AND NO ongoing cost.

    $60 1-off upfront

    • HTC Snap (Next G™)

    $90 1-off upfront

    • LG KM900F (Next G™)
    • LG Xenon GR500f (Next G™)
    • Nokia 6720 (Next G™)
    • Samsung Omnia Pro (Next G™)
    • Samsung UltraTouch S8300T (Next G™)

    This data comes from the internal list that contains all mobiles available on the staff cap plan. My assumption is that these phones are also available to people taking up this offer.

    I think it goes without saying that I work for Telstra, but this is my disclaimer right? :)


      The following list of handsets should be free, meaning there is no 1-off upfront OR ongoing cost.

      Not a bad choice for only $10 month


      Are you able to recomend any of the above phones as a good everyday phone for a light user. Would prefer no upfront cost.


    Can anyone clarify the issue of excess browser pack costs and the cap plan … If i go over the browser pack allowance will the extra costs be added on top of the CAP or included in the cap ??? Telstra reps seems to say it will be an added cost over the CAP and browser pack costs. Someone here said otherwise…


      Yes it will be included in the cap. Telstra rep you spoke to was wrong.


      Data charges are included in the cap at the pay as you go rate of $2/MB, so you would expect after you have used your browsing pack that the remainder would come from your cap.

      If only it was that simple :)

      Once you take up a browsing pack, additional data over your pack is charged at a reduced rate. See here.

      So the question is, does the additional usage come from the cap at the reduced rate, normal rate, or not at all (added on top). I'll see if I can find out for you tomorrow.


        A couple of other things I'd like to know…

        The online checkout process seems to include $15 credit even if you don't add a phone. Is this a mistake? According to the online shop, if I get the plan and a $10 browsing pack, my monthly min cost is $5.

        Also, assuming the credit only applies for MROs.. If I go on the plan as-is and then add a phone via MRO at a later date, am I still eligible for the $15 member credit?

      • -1 vote

        That'd be great if you can find out h4lcyon. Also, if you buy online, you get the $15 credit without adding a handset (see above), so can you BYO handset and get the plan for $0 minimum spend?


          No it's a mistake. It'll look like that on the website but it won't actually be applied on your account like that. You won't get $15 credit unless you get a handset worth $360 or over. And h4cyon I think you're right. once you get the data pack the excess data will be charged at the reduced rate on top of the cap.


            @meidk: I had a conversation with a colleague in a T-Life shop regarding the data pack.

            Although there is nothing specific relating to data packs in cap plan T&Cs, he has had direct experience with exactly the same issue.

            EDIT : After reading the T&Cs myself, Section 4.a.iii Eligible Calls - 'Data browsing
            and downloading' details '$0.002 per KB, PAYG rate ($2 per MB) or applicable Browsing Pack rate'. My read on that is that the data is included in the cap, and at the browsing pack rates if applicable.

            His view is that once you use up your data pack allowance, any additional data usage should come for the cap at the reduced rate applicable to the data pack you have purchased.

            In saying this, he was charged excess data on top of his plan when he first added a data pack to his cap.

            After calling billing and explaining the situation they amended the codes on his service and it has been fine since.

            Hope this clears it up.

  • +2 votes

    Just so you are aware you can buy the sim card now and at anytime you can add a phone and you will still get the $15/month discount off any handset repayment. so what i have done is order the sim card now and when the new iphone is released ring telstra back up and they will apply a $15/month discount to the new iphone plan. note that once you add a phone you will enter a 24 month contract, where the sim on its own has no contract. i would also recommend people buy a browsing pack as the data included in this cap is very expensive and will be used up quickly.


    In regards to porting do you think the following would work:

    I am currently with Telstra on a 24th plan with 2 months to go.

    1. Pay out the contract
    2. Port to some really cheap prepaid plan
    3. Then sign up for this Telstra Plan and port the number back?
    4. Do as dlakers3peat suggested and just get the sim only and then get the iPhone 4 next month.

    Does anybody think this could work, I really do not want to loose my current number?

    Also be interesting if this would still mean if I a new customer, in a worst case I would just do a transfer of ownership to my misses whilst with prepaid and then when I port back to telstra, A new customer is created (although they could see the ported number) ??


      I think the term new customer refers to a connecting a new mobile service, rather than a new account. You should be able to (you will need to confirm by calling mobiles) :

      1. Connect a new service (on a new number) on the cap.
      2. After connection arrange for the mobile numbers associated with each service to be swapped.
      3. Payout or wait for the contract to come to natural end of life.

      Then you can do what you like with the old service.

      I'm not sure about buying the SIM and then adding handset later, I thought you had to get both at the same time to be eligible.


    I'm sorry if it's been covered but I have one question:

    Has anyone actually signed up successfully without needing a staff ID?

    I'm really considering signing up for sim-only, and waiting for the new iPhone.
    I figure if the price is ok I'll add it to the contract, or at the very least the 3GS should be offered cheaper than it is now.


    Just want to check that I'm understanding everything;

    • I have a handset.
    • Min Monthly spend is $10
    • I get $15 credit each month due to the MRO deal
    • If I make more than $16 worth of calls etc but keep within the $400 cap then my total cost is between $1 - $24 due to the $15 credit
    • I can add a handset later if I want and the 24 months starts from when I do that. If i do that then the credit comes off the handset not the calls
    • I can buy a data pack at the normal charges (ie no special staff rate for data packs) eg $20 = 500mb

    Have i got everything?

      • I get $15 credit each month due to the MRO deal
        MRO stands for Mobile Repayment Option, meaning you only get this credit if you also get a handset. And it's not a flat $15, it's up to $15 per month depending on the cost of the handset.

      • If I make more than $16 worth of calls etc but keep within the $400 cap then my total cost is between $1 - $24 due to the $15 credit
        Cost per month is $10-$39 if within cap. The MRO credit is only used for offsetting the cost of a handset.

      • I can add a handset later if I want and the 24 months starts from when I do that. If i do that then the credit comes off the handset not the calls.
        Not sure on adding a handset later, as posted earlier I think you have to decide on a handset when you sign up if you want the credit.

      No handset = No MRO credit.

      Everything else is correct.


    Ok, For everyone who is asking I called the 1800 number to clarify some things.

    1. Do I have to take a handset when I sign UP?

    In order to get the MRO rebate you must pick a handset during the promotion period (e.g before the end of the month)

    1. Must I port my phone number to Telstra when I take up this promotion. (e.g sign up)

    In order for your number to be ported from another carrier you must do this during sign up, therefore you can not wait until a week after you start the contract.

    I am not 100% sure that the call center rep knew what she was talking about, but maybe someone else can confirm?

    Also I will have more info soon as I got my sister sign up to this and she is just waiting for the phone to be delivered to the store.


    I went into the Eastlands (TAS) telstra shop today and mentioned the "TF2OFFER" and they said that it was an old deal and he had no new emails of a new deal being available. Therefore, I wasn't able to take up this offer and tried to porn off some other deal that I wasn't interested in!
    Shame I would have been a new customer needing a new handset, what a loss to them!


    Do Telstra offer any extended warranty or insurance? (If so, are these products available online?)

    • -1 vote

      A simple No, I bought couple of phones(HTC Desire and iphone 16GB) and came home to find virgin offer posted on Ozbargain.I was told data will be charged according to your data pack then $1/MB till you finish your $400 cap,Then charged at $0.25/MB.Only time will tell truth.

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