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Battlefield 1 PC $60, PS4/XB1 Battlefield 1 $69, PS4/XB1 Elder Scrolls Skyrim $64, PS4 500GB Slim Console $319 @ Target 20/10


PS4 500GB Slim Console - $319 (not advertised; 4 day only offer from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd available online and in store)
PC Battlefield 1 - $60 (out 21/10)
PS4/XB1 Battlefield 1 - $69 (out 21/10)
PS4/XB1 Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition - $64 (out 28/10)

All the other prices are same/better elsewhere.

Again, please note the $319 PS4 price was a late addition and isn't advertised in catalogue but will be that price in store/online from Thursday.

Mod 20/10: Updated main link to catalogue, click here for PS4 online.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • Anyone know how to lower the Target price further with discounted gift cards for example?

    • Ambassador card has 5% off Target eGift cards

  • Got one from Target this morning and it also came with the Hellfighter Pack bonus, anyone else the same?

    • I noticed I have the Hellfighter skins too. Bought from Target this morning too. Hopefully this means the 7 day early access to the new map later in 2016 is also included.

  • No PC Copies in Perth CBD store or midland store

  • RX 480 arrived 2 days ago, time to test it out. Thanks OP.

    • Do u mind telling the price and place you got it?

      • I got it on the 20% off Sale a couple weeks back. $359.60 Futu Online

        Although, was a bitch to set up. I had compatibility issue with my mobo (z77) and PC wouldnt recoginise the card. Gigabyte and AMD were no help. Told me to return the card as it was faulty. Looked around in the online forums and found its a common problem with compatibility.

        I swapped PCI-E cable. Bought an Adapter. I restored my Windows 10. Then I Flashed my BIOS with the new version. Then it worked.
        I'll stick with NVIDIA next time. I only bought it because I received a free AOC freesync monitor of a mate. Saved the money and get GTX 1060 or spend a little extra for GTX 1070.

        • Thanks. It might just be compatibility issues. Stick to Asus Strix and it is good.
          I have been using R9 280 and can still play BF1 in medium/high. Will wait for a good deal on either Asus Strix RX 380 or 1070.

  • My Target had sold out of PC version of BF1 this afternoon. Staff said they only received 3 copies for the store. EB games price matched though.

  • -1

    I wouldn't stress too much about missing the PC launch. Servers are being DDOS'd and no one can join them at present

  • The website is down it seems, can't access from any device!?!

  • omg. finally decide to bite the bullet and get Battlefield 1 for my partner, and its gone up $10 :(

  • Screenshot of Skyrim for $58 can also supply my receipt if need be


  • Battlefield shows as 79 for xb1

  • Get $10 off at Target using this deal - so XB1/PS4 comes down to $69