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$40 off First Airbnb Booking with PayPal ($80 Minimum Spend)



Just received an email from Paypal saying they are offering $40 off for first time booking with Airbnb, and you have to pay with Paypal.

Enter code PAYPAL40 during the checkout.

Terms & Conditions: The offer is valid for a $40 discount for first time Airbnb users in Australia who pay for their first Eligible Booking with PayPal during the Offer Period, while supplies last. An "Eligible Booking" is a booking on Airbnb for $80 or more, exclusive of security deposits, cleaning fees, taxes and other fees. The "Offer Period" begins on 29 September 2016 at 08:00am AEST and ends on 31 November 2016 at 11:59pm AEST. To receive the discount, you must (i) be a Australian resident and have a valid Airbnb account, (ii) have never previously made a booking on Airbnb, (iii) request an Eligible Booking on Airbnb and have the reservation confirmed by the host during the Offer Period, (iv) enter the coupon code PAYPAL40 on the check-out page before entering your payment details, (v) have a Australian PayPal account in good standing (if your PayPal account is locked or restricted you will not be able to use the coupon), and (vi) pay for the entire balance of the booking using PayPal. Limit one discount per user. The coupon is not exchangeable or redeemable for cash or credit, and if your booking later qualifies for a refund, the maximum refund you may receive is the amount you actually paid. The coupon is for one-time use only and does not carry over. The coupon may not be combined with another Airbnb offer or discount code. Host payouts will not be affected by permissible guest use of the coupon. Determinations of eligibility will be made in Airbnb's sole discretion. Airbnb reserves the right to any remedy, including denial of the discount or cancellation of your account or reservations, if Airbnb, in its sole discretion, suspects fraud, tampering, violations of Airbnb’s Terms of Service or Payments Terms of Service, or technical errors. PayPal and Airbnb reserve the right to withdraw or amend promotional code or terminate this promotion at any time.

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Referral: random (1662)

Referee gets $55 off $340 home bookings + $14 off $77 experiences.

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  • Wow, I literally just paid for a place 1 min before reading this…

  • But referral gives you $45 and gets someone else $45

  • +8 votes

    Stay in Australia only? I can stay at home for free 😊

  • I was hoping for Europe deal

  • Actually, I have just tried the code for an upcoming NZ trip and it worked!

  • According to @easternculture and @kazispeed you can use referral to have a total discount of $40 + $45.

    I never confirmed this

    • Sorry I edited it :)

      • According to @easternculture and @kazispeed you can use referral to have a total discount of $40 + $45 (unconfirmed).

        Please take my name out completely . I never mentioned anything about this except asking a question

        • I should read your comments more carefully next time :) Thanks and I have removed it.

        • @GreenVine: Someone might be upset because this referral deal is pretty good and they did not get a chance to post it ;)

        • @Gaggy:

          FYI You can't post referral links for airbnb anymore

          It's been the case for a while now

          But I'm getting a few $40 referral credits every week , not sure from where. My referral code must be posted on a forum or website that i do not know off

  • All well and good but I suggest people not automatically book through airbnb. I found a place to stay the other day. Double checked to see if I could book directly and saved well over $40 for my stay.

  • Thanks OP, I gotta try to remember to use this

  • If you plan on spending over $100 on your booking you can save $50 off with Optus Perks

  • I get an international transaction fee when using my commbank credit card with AirBnB now!!

    • Me too. Didn't realize it was Airbnb UK which was processing the payments.
      So even though there is no FX fee given its charged in AUD, guess i'll have to revert back to my 28 degrees to avoid the international transaction fee.

    • I got stung by the foreign transaction fee on my Citibank credit card when I booked through Paypal a week ago. The Paypal payee was Airbnb GB and that was the reason. I made a complaint to Airbnb and after a few correspondences, they offered me a $25 coupon expired in one year time. So I suppose they are reasonable and may use it in the future, but would probably just use Citibank Plus debit card through Paypal. That said, I still think they should provide an AU Paypal account to local customers.

  • Where do I put the promo code??

    I am selecting PayPayl while sending the booking request but cant see any text box to put the code….

    • It's on the right side, below total price.

      • first time airbnb user, can you pls tell me where to put he prom code, I didnt see anything on the right side on the poping up paypal page, and no total amount as well, afrter clicking Agree and Continue button, go to airbnb page final step confirm and pay.

  • +9 votes

    The $45 referral and the $40 paypal does not stack. I just booked and the $45 appears as a coupon discount, which you have to remove before you can apply another one. It doesn't have the option to apply a second coupon.

  • Im going to Japan in Feb. How do i find Australian hosts there to use this deal? Thinking 5 days Tokyo is where to use it

  • THe Dumb Blondes question , does this offer only apply to first time users of AirBnb not if I already have bookings and make another? Thanks

    • They are probably encouraging new people to use airbnb. I just created an account with my wifes name to take advantage of the booking reduction.

  • Promo code not applying….i had a 1 booking cancelled in the past but no booking completed in the past under airbnb…

    Why my code is not applying discount??

  • I already booked and cant seem to get in toouch with them to see if i can claim it back as it was my first booking… anyone know how to try and do this?

    • I also looked into it, went through their help section and pretty much said tuff luck if forgot to put code in. I sad also

  • So if I've booked a place before i can't use this deal?

    Also can I book for any time? Or is it only for stays before November 30 of this year?

    • You should be eligible for discount for any booking dates, as long as you made your booking before Nov 30.

  • There is a bit of confusion over whether your eligible or not, If you have used Airbnb before but did not pay by PayPal then are you eligible for this if paying by PayPal?, or does it refer to actually using Airbnb for the first time?, I have booked with them before but not paid with PayPal, so I just tried now and would have the discount if required.

  • As an Airbnb newbie, is there some reason why when I write Tokyo Japan it shows me South Korea and the other Japanese Islands? Is the search just borked like that? Is that normal? Its doing my head in.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it follows the map exclusively so I was too zoomed out. Geez.

  • Thanks for posting - used this towards wedding accommodation at obscure holiday location

  • Worked fine. Thanks op

  • Just looked at some sydney prices for march 2017 on air bnb , some of these people are charging like its a 5 star hotel there offering. too much greed going on

  • Want to book for Japan. To confirm do I need new AirBnB account? I booked only 1 on my existing airbnb before