Experience / Issues with GearBest

I would like to share my experience with GearBest.
I bought one of the keyrings - the not Darth Vader ones here -, mainly because I would like to give it a go and see how good GearBest are, and see if I would buy my next Phone with them. Glad I did…
After more than the 25 working days the key ring is not here yet, may be is trying to conquer a galaxy far far away, but surely is not with my keys…
I looked around and many others are having the same issue, so I decided to write a PM to one the users that identified themselves as associated with the store, no response.
I try it with the Chat (below) - TLDR: They told me that I can rest assure that the item will arrive, and is up to the carrier, and they said may be on 13th November, more than two months after purchase, and there is nothing they can do. So I guess now I can wait or dispute it with Paypal or my CC (I don't remember what I used to pay)
I would like to start a conversation about this, specially with the number of deals posted by this company lately.
Leave your comments below, and tell your experience. We are all for bargains, but also for customer service.

EDIT: To be fair, Darth arrived this morning, he looked quite tired, since apparently he has been around the world before getting to its final destination. The envelope had an address from Germany on the senders details and a female name as the sender (it took a bit of explanation to the missus why I was getting something from Emily in Germany, but is all good now). I intent to leave this topic open, so people can voice their experiences, but I will change the title to "Experience / Issues with GearBest". Thank you all.

Transcript of Chat here:
Info at 11:28, Oct 24:
You are now chatting with sebella.
XXX at 11:28, Oct 24:
Hi Sebella
sebella at 11:28, Oct 24:
Hi, welcome to GearBest's Live Chat. What can I do for you?
XXX at 11:28, Oct 24:
I bough one item from you more than a month ago and I haven't received
XXX at 11:29, Oct 24:
the shipping page has not changed in that period either
sebella at 11:29, Oct 24:
Could you give me your order number? I am glad to check for you then.
XXX at 11:30, Oct 24:
sebella at 11:30, Oct 24:
One moment please. I will check it for you. Thank you.
sebella at 11:31, Oct 24:
Could you please reconfirm your shipping address and contact your local post office?
XXX at 11:31, Oct 24:
there has not been any card left from the post
XXX at 11:31, Oct 24:
XXX at 11:32, Oct 24:
XXX at 11:32, Oct 24:
I have the order confirmation here in front of me
XXX at 11:32, Oct 24:
the address is right
sebella at 11:33, Oct 24:
sebella at 11:33, Oct 24:
Your order was shipped out from China by surface mail on 9.13. The estimated shipping time is 10 to 25 working days after dispatch.
Please rest assured that your order is now on its way.
sebella at 11:34, Oct 24:
The deadline is 11.13,I suggest you can contact us after 11.13 if you haven't received the package.
sebella at 11:34, Oct 24:
Thank you for your kind understanding.
XXX at 11:34, Oct 24:
No, 25 days was on teh 13 october
XXX at 11:35, Oct 24:
sorry on the 18th October
sebella at 11:37, Oct 24:
The reference shipping time is 10-25 business days.
XXX at 11:37, Oct 24:
yes, I counted that
sebella at 11:38, Oct 24:
This timeframe is only decided by the carrier to consider the item lost.
XXX at 11:39, Oct 24:
but if you are saying that is up to 25 working days and is now more than 30, something is wrong
XXX at 11:40, Oct 24:
the reference you gave me just above refers to 40 working days, that is 15 working days more
sebella at 11:42, Oct 24:
Dear, I can understand your feelings.
XXX at 11:43, Oct 24:
and what are you going to do about it? can you follow up with the shipping company? do you know where the item is?
sebella at 11:45, Oct 24:
As you selected Flat Rate Shipping and didn't request a tracking number during the order checkout stage,so no tracking number is available with this order. However there is no need to worry,the package can reach in due course.
XXX at 11:46, Oct 24:
that is unacceptable, I already waited a week over the ETA. I know that I selected flat rate, but it was stated 13 - 25 working days and that has long past
XXX at 11:46, Oct 24:
The due course was a week ago. I am glad that I did not buy anything valuable from you guys.
sebella at 11:47, Oct 24:
I am sorry to hear that. Please kindly send us a message about the issue via https://support.gearbest.com/ticket/ticket/index. Then the professional after-sale team would confirm and solve it for you. They would reply to you in 24 hours.
XXX at 11:48, Oct 24:
Can you forward this to them? I am already contacting you in regards to this matter
sebella at 11:51, Oct 24:
Our operator is probably investigating the questions for you, please bear with us for a few more minutes.
XXX at 11:51, Oct 24:
Ok, thanks
sebella at 11:52, Oct 24:
Sorry for my delayed response.
sebella at 11:53, Oct 24:
I suggest you can submit your issue by yourself, because this is more convenient.
XXX at 11:53, Oct 24:
convenient for you, not for me
sebella at 11:54, Oct 24:
Ok, I will contact with our colleague email to you within 24 hours, hope you can kindly understand this.
XXX at 11:54, Oct 24:
Is there any reference number I can quote for this conversation?
END OF CONVERSATION—————————————————————

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  • You would do a credit card charge back for 13 cents?


    Yes there have been countless complaints against GearBest that they were even banned from OzB until recently being allowed to have posts again after some improvements

  • I just bought 2 MI Bands from Gearbest and I was worried as a lot of people here voiced postage complaints but they arrived in Sydney in 2 weeks with no issues at all. As a first time interactions go, I have zero complaints and will use again.

    • I ordered a Action Camera, 2-in-1 notebook and lately a usb Microscope. All arrived within acceptable time.
      As said before, do NOT use basic shipping.


    Hi dschmeda,

    Sorry for my delay reply,we were on weekend and just back to work today,pls let me check this for you first.


  • I had this happen to me with a different company a few months back.
    It makes you wonder why they bother having chat if they can't actually help you with anything.
    You finish up being more annoyed than when you started.
    customer anti-service.

  • Post offices have a time limit before which they will not investigate. This is not the same as the ETA. It is highly likely that Gearbest cannot investigate further until that time limit has been reached. I have even experienced this in the past with Australia Post. This kind of stuff happens all the time when orders are posted with China or Hongkong post. Stuff runs late or just doesn't show up. Nothing much to do with the seller. Try using DHL or some other tracked shipping option if you want it to come on time. The seller should refund you once they can determine that the item has actually gotten lost.

  • My experience with these Chinese e-tailers have been quite similar. They do take anywhere between one to two months to arrive. So far (and thankfully) I have received all my orders. If it helps, Banggood ships very fast IME (1-2 weeks) so my next purchase will most likely be with them. I avoided GB thanks to OZB feedback.

    I'm curious though if the delays are from the etailer's side or from Aust Post. One of my recent purchases took nearly 2 months but the tracking showed it was AustPost that held onto the item for majority of the time!

    • I guess the issue is why do they say that they will deliver in 13 - 25 days then?
      This is the first time I have ever encounter this issue, and I have seen many complaints around.
      The two associated are doing their best, I guess, but if the culture of customer service is not there there is no much they can do.

      • I'm under no illusion that these stores are primarily after higher sales volume. Once they have your sale, they'll move onto the next customers.

        Having a live chat adds to that shop 'wow' factor. If they identify you as a 'problem shopper' however, they'll probably just cursorily answer your questions but eventually move on to someone else (preferably someone making an imminent purchase).

    • The online stores can't bs the tracking from the carriers. If the tracking said it was held up with Auspost then it is Auspost to blame ;)

  • Have also had non arrival dramas with GB (pre the ban) so I understand the problem. Support was polite but useless and ended up getting a PayPal refund as I was getting nowhere with GB.

    Recently bit the bullet again on this deal (the Xiaomi's)


    Since I bought a few (pressies solution) I thought this reduces the per unit cost of expedited posting so let's try it….arrived speedily in a few days (can't remember exact time but do remember I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived) so, in short, and perhaps only purchase multiple items to reduce the per unit cost and select expedited delivery and always use PayPal

  • Mine has not arrived yet either. Almost 5 weeks. Lucky for them I am patient.

  • I've had similar problems with lots of the discount chinese etailers. I now lodge paypal disputes for everything which doesn't arrive. Earlier in the year I had already given up and ordered the item from from another site, and lodged a paypal dispute, and the dispute had almost completely progressed through before my item suddenly arrived. Now I have two of the items.

  • My keyring from the 12/9 GearBest deal arrived today. Strangely so did another order I made for some headphones on the 8/10! Came together in separate packages, stamped as posted 13/9 and 8/10 respectively.

    Did not expect the headphones so quickly or the keyring so slowly, bizarre the 3.5 week difference, apart from the contents the packages look identical.

    • This is really interesting. The issue then is with the shipping company they use for the "standard"shipping.
      Mine still did not show up…

  • I ordered 2 media centre remotes from Everbuying and the parcel arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, when I opened it up, inside was 2 RC Quad Copters and an invoice from Gearbest addressed to a completely different person.

    So of course, I googled whether Gearbest and Everbuying are the same company and it looks as though they are (based off experiences posted by other people on other sites).

    I haven't spoken to Everbuying's support as yet, but if it all goes pear shaped I'll be adding both Gearbest and Everbuying to my "do not by from" list.


      Hi karnage1020,

      Could you pls pm me your order number for checking?


      • Thanks Sunny. PM Sent.

        • Just thought I'd post an update on my order situation.

          I chose not to take Sunny up on his offer of assistance, as I had already started a conversation with the Everbuying.net customer service team.

          The customer service team were helpful, and initially offered a minimal 'store credit' and I could keep the incorrect products. As I wasn't interested in the quadcopters or a store credit, I declined their offer and asked for a full refund, and I would return the incorrect items.

          Unfortunately, they wanted me to pay the cost of shipping the items back to China, when the "shipped from" address on the postage label showed an Australian warehouse. I explained that I was happy to ship the items back to the Australian warehouse, but they refused stating that because it was a 'warranty' issue, I had to send it to China, as per their terms and conditions.

          I replied that it was not a 'warranty issue' and that as stated on their terms and conditions, if they send the incorrect items, then they will exchange them or refund the full cost of the order. That seemed to work, as today I received a full refund into my paypal account.

          So overall, it took about 3 weeks and many e-mail exchanges, but I got my money back in the end. I'll probably use them again in the future, but only for cheap items.

  • bought drone parts on the 8th sept. Still not here!


      Hi Firemanfred,pls pm me your order number for checking.

      • Gearbest answer below:
        Dear Frederic,

        Thank you very much for your order with Gearbest.
        I am sorry to hear you haven't received the item yet.

        In order to resolve it, please kindly confirm following points:
        1) Please reconfirm your delivery address in “ My accounts”:
        Consignee name:
        Detailed address:
        Postal code:

        2)Please contact your local post office in charge of your area,stating your name and address.
        In some cases, post office may require customers to collect parcels over there. Kindly let us know results.

        3)We shipped on date 2016-09-08.
        Therefore your delivery deadline will expire on Date 2016-11-08

        Pretty useless!
        Track and trace show item still in SINGAPORE!
        order WW1609072156432365

  • I ordered a dashcam on the 10th of Oct, received it on the 25th of Oct.

    Had a faulty USB cable (out of the 2 included) and GPS mount, unfortunately, so I opened a ticket on the 26th Oct.

    Customer service was very prompt, asked me for more information, and once provided, they have handled the issue and offered me 2 options. I took the partial credit as the dashcam still works and I didn't want to send it back (own cost). No GPS for me, but that's OK.

    Happy to buy from them again

  • Ordered dashcam on 19/10; shipped 12 hrs later
    Arrived today - 2 weeks, not bad at all. just hope it works unlike above

    Also ordered 2 CREE flashlights mid 2015 and still going strong