Have You Ever Reported Or Done Something about Dangerous Drivers?

By dangerous driving, I don't mean not stopping at the stop sign, but rather engaging in road rage after you honk them for almost killing you, purposely testing your breaks etc.

Have you reported someone, to the police and any other authorities?

If you have a dash cam of them doing so, did you give it to the police? Post it on YouTube? Did the cops do anything?

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    I did nothing, but maybe pray they hit a pole
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    I reported to police, they did something
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    I reported to police, they did nothing
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    I stalked the pos back home
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    OK..what happened?

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      Maybe the guy lost his hand after waving his sandwich out the car??

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    I took my grandma's alternator out of her engine bay because she's no longer fit to drive but refused to give it up. Is that what you mean? :P

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      You sir did a great service to Humanity.

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        She called RACV. RACV informed her of the issue why her car won't start…. :D

        <snip long story>

        The car has now been sold.

        She can no longer drive down Toorak road honking the dozens and dozens of other cars 'driving on the wrong side of the road'.



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    Where is the bikies option?

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      There should be a "Bitched about it anonymously online" option.

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      Why would you ever want to be indebted to bikies? Bad move.

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    I have a dash cam and the amount of dangerous drivers caught nearly crashing into me has been recorded and saved into my portable HD.

    Sadly, nothing much can be done when I reported it. In my opinion if the police are not generating revenue for their effort, they rather just ignore it and swipe it under the rug.

    Why do you think they can afford a Mclaren, Mustang or an Aldi S7. Note these articles are from 15' and 16'. Wow… 3 really nice sports cars (1 supercar) within 2 years.

    It's like anything really, if the time/money invested does not give you a positive ROI, they'll just leave it until something catastrophically disastrous happens.

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      In my opinion if the police are not generating revenue for their effort, they rather just ignore it and swipe it under the rug.

      In my opinion I would rather them focus their efforts on catching murderers, not on "drivers that nearly crashed into PavloXYZ".

      Why do you think they can afford a Mclaren, Mustang or an Aldi S7?

      The McLaren was "a promotional tool to help raise money for the families of fallen police and comes at no cost to tax payers". The Mustang is cheap and they were investigating replacing all Fords/Holdens with them. The Aldi S7 was either on manager's clearance at a discount supermarket or "Audi loaned [it] for use in its community and youth engagement programs"

      I think it's a pretty naive and self-centered conclusion to draw, that police must focus only on revenue-raising activities because they wouldn't investigate your minor traffic incidents.

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        I'd be amazed if more than 2% of the police force was engaged in 'catching murderers' at any point in time. Road policing is by far their largest activity AFAIK.

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          Fair call. Still, I don't want the police moving any homicide staff so that PavloXYZ's near-miss dashcam footage can be investigated.

          I found this NSW Police Force Operational Capacity Report from Dec15 which could be read that only 1,241 of the total 15,560 NSW Police Force are in the "Traffic & Highway Patrol Command". Possibly other Highway Patrol staff are included in regional statistics?

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          wow, really? calling my comment naive and self-centered?

          perhaps you've been living under a rock or you think the world revolves around you but other peoples lives do matter.

          let me dumb it down for you.

          1. "nearly crashing" means I had to avoid them. if I hadn't maneuver my car with MY FAMILY on board to avoid them, a crash would have been inevitable. Traveling at 60km/h crashing is by no means escaping without some sort of injury, or who knows losing your life. Why do my family have to suffer for someone else's negligence?

          2. who's the naive one that doesn't realise that prevention is much better than investigation? If people drive with respect and are more careful without all these negligence and being irresponsible behind the wheel (drink driving, using their smartphone etc), then the police force can actually be on out there catching thieves, preventing murders, busting drug lords etc.

          3. accidents happen, yea, that's your approach uh? no. accidents don't happen, you reckon the four people who died at Dreamworld yesterday was a result of an accident? You think 90% of car crashes are "accidents" or human error? No, these are all avoidable but coz no ACTION was taken, accidents disasters happen. Next time put yourself in someone else's shoe and think before you comment.

          4. Why do you think there are so many cops on the road conducting RBT? Yeah, apart from the revenue side they are trying to get the message across, don't drink and drive. it's that simple.

          5. You think all these cops in the Sydney CBD fining people for crossing the road on a red is to protect their lives? When was the last time any pedestrian died from being hit by a car/bus in the city? Yea, not money making my ass.

          6. PR is not required for the Police with their fancy cars. Positive PR is automatically generated when the news reports them locking up terrorists, busting drug lords, catching criminals etc. showing off what type of cars they have is a waste of time. Time is money. Where do you think their budget is from?

          7. you need to know the difference for what police officers actually do.

          It seems you are one of those who would rather act AFTER and not act BEFORE to prevent and think it doesn't matter as long as it doesn't happen to you.

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          @PavloXYZ: This whole diatribe HAS to be a troll post. Surely…



          You think all these cops in the Sydney CBD fining people for crossing the road on a red is to protect their lives? When was the last time any pedestrian died from being hit by a car/bus in the city?

          Specifically the Sydney CBD? May 2014. In fact the man was "trying to beat the lights and crossed on a red man"

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          Government bureaucracy + union = bludgers
          2% is a tad optimistic
          More likely 0.2 % or 0.02%
          In my experience they just throw as many charges as they can at anyone who even looks like they might be guilty and hope something sticks in court
          The shotgun approach
          then back to sleep
          A lot of stuff is thrown out
          But those who aren't up to fighting the seemingly, mountain of weight bearing down, are foder for the Prison Industry
          Best thing to do is have a revolution
          This democracy thing is never ending and becomes more and more corrupt over time
          Our actual existence as a species on this planet are at stake now
          Or whatever, hey look something shiny, cheap

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          @b0redd: Seems a fairly reasonable argument to me. Do you even know what a troll post is?

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        Yeah nah, it's true about the revenue. All public service is. If it's not making money it will be dumped.

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        Did you know detectives are not officers and they are the ones investigating murders?


          In fact I did. Two of my close friends are detectives. But I'm not sure why you brought up the word 'officers'? No-one above you has mentioned it.

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          In my opinion I would rather them focus their efforts on catching murderers, not on "drivers that nearly crashed into PavloXYZ".

          Detectives don't look for "drivers that nearly crashed into PavloXYZ"
          There are different people for that.

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          @fruit: Oh I see now. My comment was intended to be around the police force as a whole and the distribution of resources rather than individual reallocation of duties.

          Anyway, we're miles off the OP's topic. Let's just leave it here.

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      Aldi S7 - bargain Audi? or OzBargainer Freudian slip

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        Germans do drive their Audi to Aldi.

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    I have done it twice, and both times the police acted.

    Once was a guy driving while hanging out of his window and abusing/threatening people. I assume large amount of drugs were involved. At traffic lights he would lean out the window or get out of the car and abuse random people, then while driving was tailgating then changing lanes dangerously etc. I was a passenger and the police asked me to follow legally at a safe distance and advise where he was. Eventually they said they were up the road and would pull him over so we could go back on our way.

    The second time was on a highway where I saw a driver doing 100 while taking selfies, most of the time with his hand and camera out the drivers side window. In the back were three very young children (under 4 or 5 years old) who were jumping around the seats; none of them wearing seatbelts. I wasn't going to do anything, but didn't want to get home and hear 3 kids had died because some guy was a moron. Again, the police asked the direction and road (was a highway) and said they had someone ready to intercept him up ahead.

    And yes I know; dobbers wear nappies. But in both cases I was genuinely worried that someone would get killed and calling the police was as much as I could do

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      I applaud you sir.



      I guess my experience is a bit different to yours. The unpleasant bogan I encountered was just upset that I honked him for drifting into my lane when we was right next to me. Then as revenge, sped up, cut infront of me and brake tested me in the middle of peak hour traffic going down hill. Luckily I dodged. When I changed lanes later, he attempted to brake test me again and continued doing so whenever I changed lanes, he would change lanes too, until he couldnt. We were almost side by side at the next red lights, he got out of his car and opened my door - stupid on my part to not lock my doors, if it's one thing you learn from Disturbia, its lock your doors! He had a hissy fit, said "I was there first" like a 5yo child, some swear words and threats, then threw my spares shoes outside the car…

      I've honked people before, who did similar stuff (changing lanes without looking) - even an undercover cop car, and I've been honked before for doing something silly (though not to this extent). But I've never witness such aggressiveness and immature behaviour from something thats quite common (isn't that what the horn is for?), from someone who was actually wrong and coming from a ~40yo big guy.

      I guess this not just dangerous driving, its assault now (as said by the Police). Police said I can charge and go to court (which could take a year), but he would have the accusers (me) name and address, which I rather not give.

      This raised some questions in my head. If I was a renter and a big bloke, I would probably charge. But if you're a girl or have family living at your address or you own the property etc etc… what can you do?

      I guess we'll just have to wait for him/these people to kill the next person who honks him. Until then, I could contribute to the embarrassing and/or dangerous drivers category on youtube.

      I applaud the people who stalked the POS back home!

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        I had a tailgater and line cutter a few years ago. Cut past a 30 minute line in buleen and tailgated a few people on Eastern Freeway. One person started blocking him. I joined in, followed by another SUV.

        We managed to keep him on the left most lane at 60kmph for another 20 minutes. He was honking all the way and lots of supporters giving us the thumbs up.

        Only time Ive ever gotten satisfaction on the road.

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          One person started blocking him. I joined in, followed by another SUV.

          Nicee. I wish this happened more often, or able to support each other like this.

          It frustrates me that the guy I mentioned later cut in line, forcefully, I wished the other driver honked at him. Being honked by two drivers in a span of 3mins would make his blood boil

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    yeah nobody likes a tattletale but i'd report something extremely reckless as in example above.

    i have used the qld transport 'report a smoky vehicle' form a couple of times.. where it's really really bad.

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    I did and I don't know if they did anything.

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    Once reported person doing donuts in safway car park right in front of me and kids. Had licence plate number. Was asked if any damage, and as none was told couldn't do anything.

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      This confuses me. On the Polices websites (though may vary from state to state) they seem to encourage to report hoon drivers. Whats the point in reporting if there's nothing they can do?

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        I reported to local police, I'm thinking maybe I needed to report to hoon hotline or something like that, but police didn't suggest it.

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          Maybe because it's private property idk

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    I just run them off the road, as I see it it's one less lunatic to worry about.

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    I told a woman the other day (who put a finger up at me after almost running 4 of us (including two kids) down on a crossing during 40k zone school speed) that next time I would take her licence number. I would do it and report it to the police. I was just a bit slow this time, feeling unwell.

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    I reported a repeat offender to Crimestoppers who I had been observing for over a year, and then on the weekend a few days later he was involved in a highly-publicised accident where he was seriously injured. Although I don't wish this kind of injury on anyone, the area was a lot quieter for a few months.

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    I've called the police a number of times where I believe that there is a danger from other drivers on the road. The last time was the last time though… 530am, dark and wet freeway, spotted a car on the other side of the median divider doing approx 30-40kms an hr, no head lights and headed into oncoming traffic.
    Straight away on the phone and explain what was going on… the first question was…. Are you using your hands free for your phone!!!! They were wanting to find out if they could book me rather than stop some drugged out or drunk POS from killing someone in a head on collision.

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    I've told a driver off after he sped towards a red light, making it unsafe to assume he was stopping, so I couldn't cross the road at a green man. ARE YOU IN A RALLY MATE? Was what I said.

    He started screaming at me, followed me for a bit, parked at a servo. got out and was like " got something to say ".

    Repeated the question calmly, he seemed not defused, but I hadn't arced up… What was he gonna do, attack me under video cameras?

    Got his number plate, not reported. A quick call to the relevant authorities was probably smarter than complaining on the spot to the driver.

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      I would have pulled up next to him and blown him a kiss.
      Usually settles them as they don't know how to respond.

      I usually report poor heavy vehicle drivers to their companies.
      Easy as ABC when the company phone number is on the truck.

      Last call was for a truck that was using a bus only traffic light.

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        Didn't look like he would appreciate my man love.

        Though he did have some bad prison tats, so might have been up for it.

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    Someone posted dash cam pics of a car doing dangerous overtaking manoeuvres on our community/estate facebook page. Number plates were blacked out.

    Excellent quality dashcam

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    I shame the bad ones on Facebook… usually through Dash Owners Australia ;)

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    Would you report someone going over the speed limit? Like someone doing 130-140 on 100 or 110 zone? Just curious.

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    You can, but unless there's a serious risk to the community they're unlikely to take action unless they catch the perp in the act of committing an offence, which is unlikely. My fiancee had a similar experience recently with a very aggressive tradie on her commute to work, she was originally in front of him but for whatever reason he decided to pass very aggressively then cut in front and brake-test, when they stopped at a set of lights he put his car in reverse as if threatening to reverse into the front of her car.

    Moron motorists are just one of those things you have to deal with, whether it's aggressive drugged up douchebags or people who simply aren't good at driving / controlling a car, it's a constant battle as a motorcyclist ;) If you feel you can do something about a particular situation, get in there and do it, but if not just get yourself out of harm's way.

    As for those who claim they 'Stalked the POS home' - have a think about who the real aggressor is in that situation should it have escalated, although to be honest I think most of the people who responded to that effect are talking crap.

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    Reported this close pass to local police…


    Driver got a "warning"…

    Link to the one metre rule in QLD


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      Completely off topic. Considering buying a rear facing camera for a road bike to capture dangerous incidents. Any recommendations?


        My front camera is Garmin Virb Basic, going strong after 2.5 years of daily commuting.. Battery last 3.5 hours and low light capture is brilliant for the price… Waterproof without a case is a big bonus..


        Considering to put one for the rear but I prefer the simplicity of Fly6..


        Yes, the low light quality is quite average but it is a built in rear light as well..


        • +1 vote

          Thanks, Already noticed the Virb on COTD at a reasonable price. I didn't think the Virb basic captured ant+ data or did you edit that in later with the software? Deciding between Virb, GoPro session and the 3rd gen fly6. Garmin forums report battery problems if not recharged properly? I would buy the Virb if the loop recording was longer than 30 mins so I don't have to delete after every ride? 3.5 hours is well above dcrainmakers testing. Thanks again.


          @bongom: Well, I just swapped the battery on my VIRB and running it on 720P 60fps.. Last me 3 day commute which is around 3 hours..
          Adding overlay is easier on VIRB elite but not that much harder using VIRB Edit software plus the gpx file from Garmin.
          Chuck a 64GB micro SD and delete files each charge works for me..

          Session's battery is a negative and I somewhat still prefer the fly6 for practicality for rear camera plus light combo.

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          I've read of people connecting a powerbank to extend battery life? Can't decide as there are pros and cons on all devices. i.e. Session can be controlled from mobile app and I don't have an edge device to control the Virb. Fly6 is the best option except I don't ride at night? Hopefully Garmin will add radar to a camera so device only records when necessary? Most likely go with the Virb given the price point however I realise it is discontinued so no firmware updates.

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    Nearly got run over a few days ago by a P-plater driving out of a shopping centre car park while she was on her phone. OK, she was doing about 20km/h but what gripped me is after I shouted at her, she just carried on looking down texting/facebooking as she drove off into the distance.

    I regret not taking her plate number and reporting her. There are too many people driving and using their phones these days and there needs to be much stiffer fines or even disqualification.

    Anyway, to address the OP's question, no I have never reported anyone but I think that stance may well change once I purchase a camera for the car.

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    slightly off topic but i find pedestrians who think they own the road infuriating. especially at T intersections when you are waiting to turn onto a busy road, there are those who take their time strolling out in front of your car without a care in the world and then glare at you like you just ran over their mother when you catch yourself just in time