This was posted 7 years 8 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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1TB Xbox One with Halo 5 and Master Chief Collection - $298.00 @ EB Games


Walked past the store - I thought it was cheap.

Photo was taken at underwood Qld.

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    With all that red and white it's gotta be EB Games.

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      Haha, I was surprised this deal has not been posted yet. We have all become so desensitised to the red and white sale stickers!

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        It's actually $298 and includes Halo: The Master Chief Collection ;)

        Probably should fix up the title before jv comes along.

      • yup. next time your out shopping, have a look for a shop which DOESNT have a "sale!" sticker. its near impossible.

  • Other Halo?

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      Click on image - I think it's the master chief edition. I'm not too familiar. I've only bought an Xbox one for forza Motorsport.

      • Yes, Master Chief Collection.

  • Good find !

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    XB1 Phat

    • enjoy your psu

  • Pretty sweet deal tbh, I picked up the 300 Big W 500gb one W/ Minecraft, Lego, and tomb raider a few months back, first deal since then that I reckon is as good, if mostly for the extra 500gb since MCC was always on sale for around 10 via CD keys.

    Good spot OP.

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      Oh god, here we go.

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      God doesn't exist, thoughts?

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        Thoughts don't exist, Gods?

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          Gods exist, don't thoughts?

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          Don't exist, Gods thoughts.

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      The better console is the one that more of your friends has, that way you can play more online and stuff with them. And we all know online is what makes a game

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      I do have both consoles and I do have a leaning towards sony in general. That being said, the xbox is a much better system overall. The monthly free games on Xbox have been a lot better than ps recently. The backwards compatibility s an awesome addition to Xbox. Upgrading hdd is as simple as plugging in an external. No need to back up and replace existing drive as is the case with ps. The interface is much nicer on Xbox. The controller is a lot more comfortable which is good for.long gaming sessions. Battery life on controller is much longer.
      Ps has internal rechargeable in controller. Vr has just been launched. Friend says it works extremely well on current ps4.
      Ps4 pro is being released soon though. If you're still waning an original ps4 there should be some sales coming to help them move after the pro is officially available.

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        personally I have enjoyed the ps+ more than the XBG games.
        Also I'd rather not have an external HD, I would rather just upgrade the internal one.

        I think this sony vs microsoft thing is getting pretty silly now. They're basically neck and neck when it comes to most things, its just down to personal preference at this point.

      • I also have both and feel PS4 is the better system.

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      Owning both is better.

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      Whichever has the most games you want to play.

    • I measure better or success based on the volume of sales so in that case the PS4 is 'better' as the Xbox still has a lot of catching up to do…
      Dont have either one yet, will buy one come Xmas but atm leaning towards the PS4 since all my mates have jumped on that bandwagon. Buying an Xbox will make me an outcast atm.

      Not a fan of Sony skimping on 4K Bluray functionality for the Pro, I mean what were they thinking…. I mean I know what they were thinking but still dont agree with it. The digital age is op ;)

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        By that logic, Hyundai make "better" cars than Ferrari.

        • Compare apples with apples…. not Ferraris ;)
          The PS4 is a direct competitor to the Xbox, how is a Hyundai a direct competitor to a Ferrari other than they are both cars. Going by that so called logic why stop at PS4 vs Xbox, throw in a $3000+ actual REAL 4K gaming pc and a cheap Nintendo DS into the equation as well lol…
          Heck throw in a smartphone as well, they have games on them too right…?

          Iphone vs Xbox? Which is better?

        • @Madaaara: Volume of sales does not automatically equal a better product. I'm not saying Xbox is better than PS4, or visa versa, but sales volume = quality is not a given.

          Apples to apples? OK. CoD is a better franchise than Battlefield. Samsung front loading washing machines are better than Bosch. McDonalds make better burgers than Grilled. Beats are the best headphones on the market.

        • @aja12: Hence why I said better or success in my original post - 'better' was sarcasm but I guess thats harder to point out on online forums than I thought.
          Better is subjective which doesnt necessarily equate to quality either, a more popular yet inferior product can be 'better' hence why COD and Beats sell. Popularity usually = sales. Price is also a factor in determining which is a better product hence why you have people on here wondering if they should just buy a normal Xbox One vs the S or Slim vs Pro despite the Slims obvious cheaper quality materials used yet in some peoples eyes its still the better buy because quality doesnt automatically = better, better is a collective of the aforementioned.

          Usually when people buy a product over another its because they think its better for what ever reason. 40 millions sales to 20 million sales, let the consumers decide which is better. Volume of sales isnt the be all end all but its still a valid indicator. Agree do disagree I guess

        • @aja12:
          Nailed it with Beats, best headphones on the market, as evidenced by sales.

    • Not sure about the originals but…

      PS4 has more "unique" games that aren't ported to other platforms; Uncharted and Bloodborne being good examples. However an XBOX ONE S has a UHD BluRay player and lots of other awesome games that are good if you don't have a high-end PC.

    • Wii U!

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      i only go xbox because it has the forza series, the racing games on PS dont do it for me anymore.

      • GT7 will hopefully be out soon!

        Same boat as you with Forza series :)

  • Looks like it might be a refurbished console and not new??

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      No, brand new console.

  • Great deal for 1TB, it'd even still be decent if it was 500GB, so it's all WIN here! :)

  • Excellent game, I bought a xbox 360 a few years ago just to play all the Halo games. Might pop out to eb soon for this!

  • Is it possible to order this online?

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    I am willing to bet this is a pre-owned console and not a new one.

    EB gives preowned discounts with preowned consoles. Also if this even is new, it will be over extremely quickly as this is a discontinued model.

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      If you're associated, how about you tell us.

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        I genuinely don't know why it forced me to click that. I don't want to get in trouble :S just from what I can tell (I'm not 100% sure) it's not a brand new console

        • Please use TWAM to discuss if you no longer work there.

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          Can confirm console is not preowned, and the reason you won't find this online is because the store has jumped the gun and put up this promo early. Deal is meant to go live in the next couple days.
          But yeah brand new console, halo 5 disc and master chief collection download code

        • @DathRemar: will this be available online all throughout Australia then? any idea how long for? or just while stocks last?

          Gotta find my piggy bank with all my saved pocket money haha

        • @modernwalls:
          Not sure on starting date, probably early November, and I believe it's or 3 or 4 days

    • I got their last deal a month before the one S came out. 1tb xbone with gears and halo 5 for 330, all new.

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  • These consoles are getting super cheap!

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    are you sure the fine print doesnt say its only $298 after you trade in 3 games consoles and 250 games?

    • That's a good EB flaming.

  • Just spoke to my closest EB Games, apparently they have this as a special starting on the first of November (and they're new consoles, not trade is or refurb).

    • Waiting for Big W or Target to effortlessly trump this.

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    Does this one come with the new controller with a 3.5mm headphone jack built in?

    • No it would be the old model, you would need to buy a newer model controller

      • White Bone S controller is gen3, you're saying this is gen1? Amazed they still have stock of those.

  • Any opinion if i should buy this version or the S version?

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      Apparently the S doesn't run games as well as the old model. External power supply means less chance of over heating so I'd pick the older model if I had to choose.

      • Thanks, i was mainly going towards this one as it is black and the whole entertainment unit is dark.

        • Sounds like a smart move champ. Just be weary that the department stores will trump this deal like they usually do. It's just a matter of when.

  • Lowest price ever? Nah, the eBay Target deal in June trumped this @ $299.00 with Tomb Raider Bundle, free delivery, and a bonus $50 eBay voucher.

  • Picked one up, thanks OP.

    • Was it the first gen box?

  • Just bought one.

    Definitely brand new. Not refurbished. Not first gen (I think) as the included controller had a headphone jack.

    Thanks OP.

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