Where to Buy Nintendo Classic Mini

So I recently found out that my partner wants the Nintendo Classic Mini that's coming out on Nov 10 but of course all preorders are already sold out.

Does anyone know if Big W or Target (or anywhere else) will be getting stock and selling them on release day or whether JB or EB will be getting a second shipment in before Christmas? Would rather not pay exorbitant prices from someone on eBay.


  • i ordered mine from game.co.uk at the end of September

    • I've been trying to look from there but their site has been down for maintenance for about a few days now. :(

    • We ordered ours from game.co.uk as well. Have you received yours? We are still waiting for our console. It was dispatched on 10 Nov.

      • yes i received mine on Thursday. Mine dispatched on November 11th coming to Sydney metro. I'd give it at least 7 working days if you are in a metro area longer if you aren't. Auspost can be a bit slower nowadays.

        • Thanks for your reply Mattski! I'm pretty sure you're enjoying your Mini NES. We're from Melbourne Metro so hopefully we will receive ours this week! 😆 Sucks game.co.uk couldn't provide tracking for their orders.

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    A comment in this deal says Target:

    I expect they will be in high demand, so you might be advised to go early.

    • Yay thanks! Guess I'll be one of those people lining up waiting for the store to open. :)

  • I ordered from EB on the first day and I was already second shipment

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    lol expensive memberberries

  • Do a preorder at EB or somewhere and give your partner the receipt in a nice card. Then take them out for dinner.

    On a side note does anyone happen to know if these will be multi-voltage (i.e if I buy one in the US will it work in Australia or blow up)

    • As far as I'm aware they just run off USB power, so any USB wall charger will work (note: I'm fairly sure the Australian version doesn't come with a wall charger in the box)

  • just found out that target erina fair nsw had no stock left - 12 in stock.

  • Good luck! They sold out in a flash. Online and in-store.

    No announcement has been made regarding future stock. So who knows…

  • More coming in December apparently:


  • I arrived at Target Epping at 6.40am and I was #14 in line. Thankfully they had 16 in stock so I was able to get one! :-) Nice to hear there's a second shipment for those that missed out. Maybe I could pick up a second controller then as I missed out this time (they only received 2 in stock!)

  • My Target had 32 and set up a ticket scheme an hour before the shop opened.

    They then didn't actually come back out and tell anyone else so at 8am you had 32 people with tickets and around 50 without - most of whom had no idea they'd need a ticket in order to pick up one.

    Gone in seconds - and I heard similar happened at the local Big W.

  • Was some on COTD this morning but now sold out.

    They are getting more in at a later date.

    Best option is to download their app and turn on notifications cos thats how i found out

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