Looking to Buy a Brand New Car (~ $80,000) - Recommendations?

Uni graduate soon (21), will be entering Westpac as an Investment Analyst.

Private use, travels around 13K a year. Most of the time My girlfriend and i in the car.

Only considers SUV, Coupe or Sedan.

Not looking for a performance car but can't be underpowered.

Priority in decending order LOOK>Quality>Comfort>Performance>Technology>Resell>Safety

Currently considering MB GLC Coupe>C class coupe> CLA/ AudiS3.

EDIT: CX3 wasn't mine to begin with. It's more like a family car where I did the majority of driving but ultimately my mom bought it for my sister.

Camry was already sold.

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    have you considered nissan 370z?

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    "Only considers SUV, Coupe or Sedan."

    lol. Isn't that like 99% off all cars? - Here fixed it for you: "Only considers car with door, seat or wheel"

    • and pedal them wheels?

      • foot power. flintstones style.

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    -Closes Account with Westpac-

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      -re-opens account only for new credit card with bonus rewards points-

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    Very poor 'investment' choice and you claim to be an investment analyst. Owning Leasing a car worth more than your yearly salary isn't smart. You should get a Corolla, and lower it with rims, it'll look nice. No one will see your car when you're catching the bus each day.

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    Get the 2017 S3 with virtual c*ck extension.

    • Classic Jeremy Clarkson-esque banter right there.

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    A4 Quatrro

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    I think it's great the troll OP wants an $80,000 car right now. Means that when the lease expires in 3 years, there's the opportunity to buy a $40,000 car.

  • Thoughts on a Tesla?

    Won't judge, just curious if it's something you're considering at the moment.

  • My neighbour has a flashy new BMW. I know little about cars, but boy does it look amazing. The insides look like a cockpit. Lots of screens, knobs, butttons and gadgets.

    I think it's this one. I'm only going off looks.


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    I remember having the same dilemma back when I was 18 and got my first job in the food industry. I was extremely torn but narrowed down my choices to 2 cars, the Porsche 911 Carrera S or Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. The dealer gave me the keys to test drive both cars and I was able to take both for a proper spin in proper roads and city roads. I loved the way the 911 drove, but I felt the Lamborghini pulled more looks from women in traffic lights. Some even wanted to get in the car. I thought I made my decision and I was at the dealer about to place a deposit.
    Unfortunately my mom woke me up telling me I was going to miss my bus to work…

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    As much as I hate to mention it, it's not unrealistic for OP to profit from trades. OP, are you into day trade, CFDs, forex, options, deal flows, VC etc? He can easily profit $30k per year while in 3 years of uni. I think you get a better response from hotcopper instead. I know of mates who leverage credit card to trade profitably, within 30 days of course before the high interest kicks in. But that's pretty extreme. And unfortunately OP is right, you do need good contacts for this end of the world…

    Personally i would not like to see you crash & burn. You might feel invincible now but till you survive the battle scar of black monday or GFC, it can be brutal. The best ones I have seen stayed humble..

    Anyway, back to cars, I would recommend Jaguar F-Pace for the $80k mark :)

    Just my 2 cents..

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    We should be happy for this guy, he is helping the economy and the car industry. Hooray for people like him! If everyone was a tight arse like us, then the economy will go into recession! Hahaha.

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      We don't have a car industry…
      Most of the money he will spend will go overseas so he's doing the opposite of helping.

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    Clearly you're getting a car for status. If I was you, I'd go a lease instead, get a new car every few years to keep up with all the jones'. No point in buying for your main purpose.

    Although if I really was you, I'd consider a career change, clearly you shouldn't be giving someone financial advice. I know plenty of very senior engineers on $180k+ salary plus partners that are doctors or other high paying professionals putting their household income into the 300k to 400k bracket, who drive around in $2k hatch backs, one guy I know catches the bus.. They don't waste their money on cars because they don't give a crap what others think and prefer to spend their money wisely and enjoy life.

    In saying all of that, if you were a car enthusiast that's a different matter. But it's pretty clear you aren't.

    • This is true. Example: A GM at my work on a minimum of $300k still drives a 1998 EL Falcon to work every day. These people have a proper understanding of wealth, and not the "I need a bmw x5 just to fit in" mentality.

  • I want to buy my grandma a lambo, any suggestions?

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      They make some awesome die-cast ones these days.

  • Reminds me of the protagonist from the Swedish movie call 'Snabba Cash' (Easy Money)
    Protagonist is a promising business student in uni who illegally drives taxi to fund his obsession with living a luxurious life and flaunting his 'wealth'. Anyways….he eventually becomes involved with organized crime and becomes drug runner. Great movie :)


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    Reading this at 12:30am was a bad idea given how many pages there are. seems like everyone is telling you what to do with your money, which I'm sure are from good intentions and some from not comprehending why someone would spend 80k on a car.

    Your money, your choice.

    My First choice would be the c class.. there is no better built car and rates better than that in the medium sized sedan. If you wanted a big more height, the glc drives really well too.

    The new a4 doesn't look too different from prev generations and the bmw 4 coupe is nice but over your budget I think. The Lexus is optioned out and a looker but not "European".

    Other cars to consider if you wanted a bit more size and height, the new Jag, Lexus and maybe a used evoque.

    Keep in mind additional options add up and a 60k can can end up at 100k easily.. sometimes you get more bang for your buck at the dealers via 1yo used/ex demos or at repossession auctions such as at pickles or Manheim.

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      good on you for actually giving him the advice he asked for

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    No one on ozbargain has a $80,000 car, if they could afford one they wouldn't be on here.

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      You'll be surprised how many people on ozb have cars worth more than 80k. The ability to afford one or more 80K+ cars doesn't mean we don't like a good bargain or are stupid with our money.

    • What an entertaining thread! But I need to know….. how many ozbargainers have cars worth $80k or more?
      Would you guys not agree that it seems at odds to ask on a bargain forum about luxury cars?
      I am tipping most of us here are a bit more prudent with our dollars, I am not saying we couldn't afford a $80k car, but I am suggesting that we probably would choose to make an actual 'high yield' investment with our cash.

      So, hopefully this will work ok, click the green plus if you car is under $80k, and the red negative if your car is over $80k.

      or should I be moving this to a poll in a new post?

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        Start a poll please.

      • Wow you jumped to so many wrong conclusions. Many of us are the opposite of your assumptions.

      • Start an anonymous poll and you will be surprised how many OzBargainers own cars over $80k. It is likely 10%-20% of OzBargainers are in that $80k+ car category.

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          I'm sure plenty do, new cars are outrageously costly.
          Happily/sadly, depreciation is no longer and issue on my car.
          Many OzBargain members are quite well off, because they save and get good deals, and I bet some find that a novated lease on a new car gives them good bang for buck.
          But I reckon very few of the 21yro members starting their first job have $80k cars. Because it is stupid.

      • I have a Tag watch, does that mean i am no longer allowed on this forum?

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          Yeah but its probably quartz

        • I have 2 dorra.

        • @thorton82: automatic movement they call it!

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    lol @ this thread, used up my negs so quickly I didn't even realise there's a 24 hour cap on them!

    Just waiting for JV to comment in here now (gets popcorn ready)…

    • JV doesn't feed the trolls…

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    I think your folks should be able to have an opinion in what $80k car they buy you, no?

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    If you need advise on a 80k car, and looking for value and that figure after discount, then it means you probably can't afford an 80k car and should be looking at something cheaper

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      I have a mate that bought an old factory in Melbourne to keep all of his sports cars. He lives in London, flies to the car auctions in Vegas etc and then ships the cars back to his collection here. He owns Ferraris and all sorts of sports cars, when he comes back to Melbourne he is often sen around town in a Pantera or 1934 MG or Ferrari Testarossa etc. Many have cost offensive values and I am sure his collection is worth millions. He would be the toughest guy to sell a car to, I've been out for beers with him and he has been dropping several hundred K on a sports car over his mobile phone whilst we are having a beer. He haggles like a demon and plays sellers off against each other, the thrill of getting the best deal is part of the fun of it for him I reckon.

      I should mention that my mate grew up in housing commission flats as one of several kids from a broken marriage with an alcoholic dad, he has made every penny he has the hard way, from hard work and is still one of the hardest working guys I know. He deserves everything he has and since he knows how hard money is to come by he does not give it away easily. He certainly wouldn't waste more than he had to on a car, he would haggle and fight for the best deal he could get. That said he is a multi-millionaire that likes cars and can afford to buy them so why not!

      If my mate liked an $80K car he would offer them $65K and start haggling, no way would he pay $80k, even though he could afford to buy 5 or 6 of them. Why is there an expectation that only poor people want a good deal? Why is it assumed that rich people are happy to pay over the odds because they can afford to?

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        Ah I prob didn't make my meaning too clear. There's a difference in bargaining because you want to, and bargaining because you have to. In the original post, it would seem that is because he has to. I'm sure there's 1000's of very comfortable members here on ozbargain who bargain because they want to and enjoy seeing the discounts they can manage.

        So perhaps would make sense if I said if you have to bargain an 80k car because you have to, then you probably shouldnt be buying it

        I leased a luxury car in my 20's. Lost 50k on it, and had to pay back GST on top of it, 12 months later when I had to change it due to not having enough seats! Never again! And I really couldn't afford it at the time when I look back at it

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    My choice: Toyota Landcruiser.
    Does everything, goes everywhere.
    LOOK>Beast. King of the road.
    Comfort>Lots of room everywere.
    Performance>More than you ever need.
    Resell>Toyota has pretty good resell value.
    Safety>Biggest car on the road. Works both ways.

    Not great for finding inner city parking.
    Let us know what you choose.

    • I like your thinking bighead. but he could buy a second hand one for $50k, a landy lasts forever!

    • Lol
      OP is not going to like this option

      • He's probably too 'classy' for a land cruiser 😝

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    I came here for the comments
    Read the first page - realized that the are already 6 pages
    Followed the signs to the exit

  • People just wanna buy a car and he has the money.
    do not go over the topic.

  • Are you getting a good leasing rate? ;)

  • At 21, I wanted a Subaru Impreza WRX but never had the $$ to buy it. No regrets now !!
    Go for it and get yourself a nice car ( New Merc's looks better than BMW's or AUDI but not sure what's under the hood )
    Don't take life seriously but remember few events will teach you when to become serious :-)

  • If you are starting a job as an investment analyst for Westpac you will understand the concept of depreciation. No matter which car you choose it wont last forever and your interest in it will likely be even shorter. Accordingly you are likely to have to sell the car at a point in the future for less than what you are about to spend. Depreciation is likely to be one of the biggest costs of ownership for your new car, certainly higher than the usual costs like registration, insurance and servicing.

    Not all cars depreciate the same, some have higher 'retained value'. I wont speculate why this is, suffice to say that when you narrow your list to 2 or 3, rather than making the final call on a vague concept like colour or cupholders, factor in minimizing the massive $$ you are going to lose during your ownership….and pick the one that will depreciate less.

    I suggest using the tool at http://www.mycarprice.com.au/FVsearch.aspx?Type=AutoMotiveFV to preict the future value of several potentials. Compare the different rates of 'retained value' between models and you will find out that some of your shortlist are likely to be much better at holding value for when you decide to upgrade in a few years time.

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    What about the Lotus Elise Sport ?

    If you can increase your budget by a hundred grand you can upgrade to the Evora 410 which is magnificent !

    A senior Analyst at Westpac earns over half a million dollars a year not including bonuses, so you shouldn't worry about money

    You've earned it and in a free country - no communist is going to take your money away from you just because of tall poppy syndrome lol

  • Fiat Panda? :)

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    Rich Kids of OzBargain?

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    no judgement on your decision ill move on to the car recommendation, out of all the sports luxury choices available in that price range, I would most definitely recommend the rs4 "sedan" not the hatch, sedan thats about to be released soon, bump up to 400hp and awd, exotic engine and exhaust note best sounding car under 100k, not to mention the interior which is gorgeous and it comes with that new virtual cockpit, audi has ticked all the boxes with this one, truly an amazing machine

    • My nephew just bought himself a RS3 sedan for just less than 80k (2 months ago). If he knew the rs4 was around that price he wouldn't be happy - mind you he can't haggle so bad luck to him.

      And yes, I shake my head when I know what he's bought plus his age… he's only 20 (sounds like OP which is another worry).

      My advice to him started with "Why the…"

      • Rs3 i meant rs3 not rs4 damn typo

    • RS4 under 100K ?
      No way
      You must be talking about S4.

      RS4 is in the same league as M4 and C63 which is a 150K proposition

      Show me a new RS4 for under 100K and also tell me where to send the cheque to ?

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    Sad to see how many people fell for this bait.

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    I think I get it. He wants to prove he is a risk as a Financial Analyst and an idiot in order to be promoted to Manager as soon as possible.

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    someone reported this. haha

    • I did, it's poor jpeg quality bait.

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    Classic Queenslander ah

    • Oi c'mon mate we're not all that bad :P

  • I'm driving a 99 mazda, i dont let ego fuel my car :3

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    The funniest part of the OP post is that Westpac doesn't even have Investment Analysts! lol

    • How do you know ?

      • +7

        I am assuming he is talking about buy side analysts? Or Investment Bank analysts? Westpac has neither. They don't have a prop desk anymore. He could be talking about a quant job, there are a few of those (in the BT side of the business maybe) but they are dwindling.

        Since the OP said he did a FP degree, maybe he is just going to be a Financial Planner, plenty of those at Westpac, but that just is not what I would call an Investment Analyst.

        How do I know? Lets just say I know the big 4 banks pretty well.

  • If you want an 80k car like a C class, buy a Kia Optima GT and spend 30k on extras.

    Bankers I know catch trains and buy second hand cars.

    If you want to make a good impression buy a good suit and some nice shoes. Or better yet, listen and do what your boss tells you. But a good suit and shoes will be great for your next interview.

  • 2016 Audi A4 sport

    • -3

      Literally means nothing. Why even post here if you don't know what you are talking about.

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    Hi chickensaltfrie,

    Don't listen to some of the neg. I think you're on the right track. A car might be a good investment. If you're lucky, I'd expect to get a return in the vicinity of 2000% in 10 years given the right car! Choose well! In the past 10 years I've always earned a decent 6 figure salary and I think it has had a lot to do with my car. I may be willing to part with it if you are interested. I'll even go a little lower than your $80k budget in the spirit of ozbargain camaraderie. Maybe as low as 75k. Message me if interested. It's a '95 Camry sedan, with character.

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    This entire thread is a fail, and just goes to show how shallow minded some young people really are. OP i give you at least 8 years before you start to "mature". In 8 years please come back and review this thread, you will be utterly humiliated by what your younger (image obsessed) self has posted.

  • STI?

    Really not much choice as performance if not hatch.

    If hatch, go for the RS3

    • This is about cars not sex.

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    Kid, dont buy a 80k car. Better invest. I'm driving a 30k car that I got 3 years ago. Brand new Mazda. At the moment my car is probably worth 15 or 20k which means that I lost 10-15k over 3 years.

    I can guarantee that your 80k car will depreciate 50% within next 5 years.

    Is it worth? I don't think so.

    My income allows me to get a 100k car pretty much every year, though I believe you should only start making impulsive purchases when you are set for life so I give it another 5 years before I will start spending :)

    • +1

      How can the car lose money when it is a high yield investment?

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    Obvious troll is obvious.

  • +1

    Nice bait

  • +4

    Probably not a troll. Just poorly worded and misunderstood.

    Surprisingly, straight out of uni I had a couple of friends in this situation did the exact same thing fresh out of uni. Some kind of "only young once" mentality about it that I didn't quite get - and for reference @OP, they have all done quite well for themselves ever since. Especially if OP is going into banking (or professions like law or real-estate) you don't think highly of one of these guys riding a bum car. At least if they ride with class you can at least feel like you think they are good at their job (or evil, but still good at the job). It probably feels like a good way to escape the "green" look while young - though I honestly don't know if this actually works.

    The benefit of this is increased self esteem for people with a bit of money but lacking self confidence.
    If it is something that will impress OP, will impress the Mrs, will impress the friends and will impress the colleagues.. if OP personally values those things just as highly, then it's arguably worth it.

    Imagine this:
    You graduate and get a job fresh out of uni.
    You are the youngest on the team.
    Management doesn't acknowledge your abilities.
    Your sempais walk all over you.
    You feel like a loser and struggle to get a foot hold.
    Your severe lack of confidence only digs the hole you've put yourself in deeper.
    Your girl is trying to support you emotionally but is slowly reaching her limits.
    At your alumni catch up everyone else seems to be doing well.
    Your friends try to cheer you up but can't exactly empathize.
    You spiral downwards into depression..
    ..If only you'd bought that expensive car.. how things would be so much better.

    Now imagine this:
    You graduate and get a job fresh out of uni.
    You buy a hot car.
    There's a bit of debt but with the amazing momentum you get you pay it off in no time at all.
    You feel great about yourself and have confidence.
    You can show off your car and be the envy of all at the Alumni meets.
    You take your girl out on flashy dates on the weekends.
    Your seniors at work respect your confidence.
    Management loves your car and so they love you.
    Everyone loves you.
    Glad you bought that car.

    Jokes aside, it's more than just material value for OP and it's not like the material value of the car will give you nothing either so it's not exactly throwing away money. I don't really splash out on much so this looks no different to me than a preference for expensive watches (which is quite well received in the Ozb community), but it remains that the only difference they make (to me personally) is that one is just a little bit nicer than it's lower cost counterpart.

    • TL;DR

      Did you parody the old spice ad? I didn't bother reading that, OP is a troll.

    • +1

      This works but only if you presume the OP is that shallow his self worth is completely dependent on props.
      What if you spent the money on personal training, life coaching, quality food, travel and education. You could have great self confidence and self worth for legitimate reasons plus better earning prospects.

  • Awaits mods to close the thread

  • Seriously, what's wrong with you people (no puns intended). If you got nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all.

    @chickensaltfrie, I would go for a novated lease as it will score you the car you want with less cost. Here are some basic calculations from Maxxia website: http://www.maxxia.com.au/novated-leasing/lease-any-car

    Car Value: $80,000
    Lease term: (edit) 5 years
    Annual KM: 15,000
    Annual gross salary: $150,000
    Your budget amount: $818 per fortnight
    Take home pay: $3,177 per fortnight

    You can tweak it based on your actual situation.

    BTW, you remind me of this guy Luke Williams, check out his YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8pPzEReJsw

    • +1

      How on earth does a novated lease cost you less? I guess this is the exact reason dumb people get into debt.

      • Not always true. Savings can still be achieved if doing it right, and let's agree to disagree.

        And you missed my point.

        • I've never seen a spread sheet which shows a novated lease working out cheaper than paying cash. With tax concessions it's often close, but that's based on the rrp you have to pay in a novated lease. No one pays rrp unless you are buying a Tesla. Cash is king.

  • +1

    Don't hate on the guys - it's not his fault that he can still live with mom and dad and not having to pay for rent and food and has a $65k job to do some data entries and VEDA checks with no bills pay and no student loans because mom and dad paid for him.

  • +2

    Personally I would not trust any investment advice coming from a 21 yr old freshie grad affiliated with a bank, especially when they only market products which earn them commissions. Try asking their opinion regarding another product you've heard of which is not within their marketing portfolio, then watch their eyes roll towards the back of their heads.

  • +6

    Brand New Car (~ $80,000)

    You know what I like more than materialistic things?


  • +4

    best troll post of 2016 on ozbargain…7 pages and going.

    • +1

      The OP left this post 3 days ago :)

  • +1

    Dude, you have taken advantage of the Mercedes Benz offer in October. GLA 180 for $48,700 drive away price. It's a SUV cross sedan.

  • The standard has dropped to a new low, Mods, please get a grip and shut the thread down.

  • +3
  • If you are already planning to spend this kind of money and are keen on SUV's, i would highly recommend Audi Q7 2016 model. You should be able to get one for around $80k, either demo or a new one.
    Got one myself a few weeks ago, absolutely love it. Awesome car.

  • +4

    This just in! Westpac profit slides seven per cent. Coincidence???


  • +1

    No one cares what you drive. Most people will just think you are a pretentious dick. I am sick of seeing Mercedes and Porsche SUV's in Sydney driven by people that clearly got their licence out of the cereal box and should not be behind the wheel of such vehicles. Pretentious, elitist behavior will win you no friends. Just get a normal car like everyone else and enjoy the (significant) savings on maintenance/depreciation and hassle free motoring..

    • -3

      Jealous much?
      If people can afford it and like it, why do you care?
      Just because some people like certain things, that doesn't mean they are pretentious or seek attention. You may think it is a waste of money, but who are you to judge people like that?
      Everyone likes to indulge in something, some people like and don't mind to spend their money or cars they drive.
      Get that chip off your shoulder and get over it.

      • +1

        I think the group on ozb is not so much jealous or not able to afford such. Imagine there are plenty of IT ppl here on app $200k base.

        More so on the attitude of an arrogant fresh grad. "I am an investment analyst, need a flashy car to look good, I know a lot about making money hence I deserve this". To be fair, most of us starting out of uni would some how feel that way. Just that most people are much more subtle about it. TBH, I find OP anit wanky. Might be better received by the ozb community if it's more humble. No need to tell the world that you are a westpac investment analyst. No kidding. Working in a bank (or investment) is wayyyyyy over-rated.

        I remember some years ago, similar to OP's age (or maybe slightly earlier). I felt the similar and picked up the latest 2 door convertible. The " downgrade" started as getting older. My last car being a Holden hatchback.

        The spirit of being young and on top of the world.

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