This was posted 7 years 1 month 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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AmEx Statement Credits: Harvey Norman - Spend $300 Get $100, The Iconic - Spend $200 Get $40, Interflora - Spend $80 Get $20


Enrollments closed

Harvey Norman

Spend $300 or more, get $100 back Maximum enrollments reached.

Save the offer to your Card and spend $300 or more, in one or more transactions, in-store or online at Harvey Norman by 30/12/16 to receive one $100 credit. Limited to the first 60,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

The Iconic

Spend $200 or more, get $40 back Maximum enrollments reached.

Save the offer to your Card and spend $200 or more, in one or more transactions, online only at by 15/11/2016 to receive one $40 credit. Limited to the first 10000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.


Spend $80 or more, get $20 back Maximum enrollments reached.

Save the offer to your Card and spend $80 or more, in one or more transactions, online only at by 2/12/2016 to receive one $20 credit. Limited to the first 8,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

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AmEx Statement Offers

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  • +5

    Harvey Norman Spend $300 or more, get $100 back

    Some would argue that this is just returning your HN purchase back to street price.

    • +12

      Disagree, this makes them damn cheap on things like Global knives, Ipads etc that are rarely discounted.

      • T&c exclude apple products.
        I doubt if they can track

        • +7

          they said that last year, but I bought an Apple Watch and was credited.

        • Can we get gift card for this deal? And purchase Apple products later?
          [Update] Ahh, gift card are also excluded.

        • @Chuppa: anyone else has same experience? If I can get an iPhone before my next trip (+TRS) it would be great.

        • @SickDmith: I can't guarantee anything so use this information at your own risk

          so far with all the AmEx deals similar to this one I've been able to purchase gift cards and receive the credit to my account despite the Ts&Cs

          Point of sale machines don't send any invoice information and my assumption is AmEx won't track the 60,000 cards registered manually

        • @Chuppa:
          Can you please share how you get the manual links to offers, for future reference offers? Thanks

      • global knife sets go on sale a lot.

    • Likewise you could say the same about the Iconic and Interflora…😀

    • +14

      harvey norman are open to negotiations, and all the times I have bought there they will price match a competitor…
      Add this amex deal on top and it is a winner…

      • Hi, do you know which retailer they would price match with, I'm after an iphone? thanks

        • +4

          They all do, that's the reason they are overpriced, so they can 'discount' and people walk away with a 'bargain'.

        • BTW The terms and condition said exclude apple products!

    • Gopro Hero 5 Black they are selling at $548 , take that offer then the price goes down to 448!
      that's a 18.25 % off (almost matching the ebay 20% off deal)! woohoo I'm getting mine!

      • +1

        If you have more than one Amex, buy something else to bring it up to $600, then split the purchase over two cards.

        • Good idea, but i recently cancel my other Amex card :(
          damn should have kept it for a bit

        • Get a supplementary card for wife/gf/mum/neighbour/dog.

        • @csg001: how long dod it take ?

    • There are also some brands or particular models that only HN sell.

      e.g. the LG fridge I bought was only available from them.

      • Theoretically not true.

        Model numbers are different but you will find that the same fridge is elsewhere that is identical in all specifications EXCEPT model number.

        It's a CON and should be made illegal. Happens in all sorts of retail. Even in competing Baby Retailers as I found on the weekend.

        Baby's R Us have a Boori Cot that is unique to them. Baby Bunting have a unique one too. Different model names. Different prices. The same damn Cot!!!! In every way. Yet both exclusive to either retailer.

        Screw the retailers forever trying to screw the consumer.

        • You're right, but this one was a particularly unique model and was only available at HN (and I think maybe Domayne, which isn't very big over here in WA.)

  • +4

    Excludes Domayne, Harvey Norman Commercial Division, Harvey Norman Insurance Replacement Division, & Harvey Norman Security purchases

    Excludes purchases of Miele, Falcon, NEFF, AEG, Gaggenau, ASKO, St George, Fagor, De Detrich, Elica & Apple products.
    Excludes gift card purchases and phone orders.

    Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $300 or more on that Card, in one or more transactions, in-store at Harvey Norman or online at by 20/12/16 to receive one $100 credit. Limited to the first 35,000 Cards to save the offer.

    Interesting to see how they mentioned 60000 cards in description and 35000 in T&C

    • they also have the expiry as 20/12 and 30/12 on the Connect site… I went with the earlier date.

      • Email on registration had 30/12. I would go with that date.

        • So it has… Will update the post.

  • +4

    RIP christmas savings

  • Can you manually register for the offers or is it selective in who receives these?

    • +5

      Anyone with a bank issued AMEX can register for an AMEX Connect account - save having to manually register for each offer

      AMEX direct cards can get the offers via their app.

      The manual links are for the odd card that doesn't receive the offer.

      • Chuppa,

        The Harvey Norman offer didn't appear in my offers. After I read your post I signed up for Amex Connect thinking that would "save me having to manually register each offer". However when I click on the Harvey Norman offer I get directed to the manual link.

        How do you automatically save the offers to card via Amex Connect?


        • +1

          It could be due to your account being new. Did you add your card to the account?

          Normally all you need to do use click the offer and hit Save To Card.

        • +1


          Yep, added the card to the account. I logged out and back in again which didn't do anything.

          It's odd, now when I click on an offer a button comes up to enrol. Then when I click on that it takes me to my AMEX online banking Offer area where it shows the offers on my card. However the new offer doesn't appear.

      • My ANZ Amex has the offer but my Amex direct one doesn't.

        • +1

          Same! Amex issued takes me to the other 'enrol' page, but the HN one is not available as an option.
          Manual link accepts the Amex issued card details though.. so all good thanks OP!

        • also having same problem with amex issued amex

      • I remember bank issue cards didn't get all the deals, is that still the case?

      • Not in my offers. Can't see this one either. I only registered yesterday thou. I thought all you need to do is register and save the offers. I have ANZ Amex

        I manually enrolled in the deals, now they show up in my offers

        • This manual enrolling is tedious …can't figure out why they don't just let you select the enroll button the Amex Connect page ..every time I do it doesn't register …perplexed.

  • -6

    If I have purchased something from Harvey Norman 3 months ago, would they usually do refund and allow me to pay it again using 2 cards?

    • +12

      I bought my car 3 years ago, and I was wondering if they would do the same thing so I could get more warranty

      • -4

        I don't want new receipt and the delivery date will remain same.

        • +2

          I don't want new receipt and the delivery date will remain same.

          I don't know what's worse, the fact that you asked the question in the first place or that after having time to think about it you persist with it.

          Clearly you have no idea how anything works, the costs to business or the logistics of your request but you still think they should enable you to participate in something you have no right to. There is a term used for people that conduct themselves in this manner.

        • +6

          Clearly you just want to tipu (cheat) your way around.

  • +5

    Does anyone know if we can use multiple gift cards to buy iPhone? I am planning to buy 4 gift cards ($300 each) to buy the iPhone 7 plus $1269, so I can save $400.

    • +2

      You can use multiple gift cards to buy anything. Treated as cash. Other option would be just split the payment over 4 cards.

    • Did you check if gift cards are included or not for HN
      I'm pretty sure TnC states no phones, apple products or gift cards

      • +3

        A bank cant see what items you purchase

        • Fair call thanks

        • So you can pretty much buy everything from the 'exclusions list'? Just want to be absolutely sure. If so, what's the point of having one?

          What can the banks actually see (about your purchase)? Just the store name?

        • @boomersgold: merchant ID, date, time, card info and Dollars. Not the stuff on your reciept

      • You must be new here

        • +7

          It was a fair question. Don't know why people neg

        • @trev likes bargains:
          It's because in every single Amex deal, someone always asks about gift cards being excluded, yet we know that it will be fine as Amex wont know what you bought due to privacy reasons.
          Someone else will then ask to confirm if this is true.

        • @mmd: Is this true?

    • That's what I was thinking of doing. But I can only see gift cards in increments of $200 or $500. So at most you could save is $200.

      • errm, buy 1x200 + 1x100?

        • Haha, good point. I was thinking it had to just be 1 item purchase

        • I am not sure if you can ask staff to load the cards first and pay later in a whole amount of $300. Last time, she asked me to pay one by one card

      • +1

        From memory last time she loaded a blank card with whatever amount you want.

        • +1

          yea buying in store you can load whatever amount you want
          I was pointing out the online e-gift card options

      • did you managed to buy GC? my friend's online GC order was rejected.

    • EDITED: nevermind. I made silly statement here.

    • +4

      Just make multiple $300 transactions to buy the iPhone. No need to worry about purchasing gift cards first.

      • For these multiple transactions, do u need to use a different amex card for each transaction to get $100 back? or just use the same card over again

      • Split payments?

    • Just check with the rep, no stock at the moment for iphone 7 plus although it's showing available for delivery. They will take backorder.

    • could you please confirm (if bought already) that buying gift cards gets you Amex credit ?

      • +1

        Yes I bought gift cards and got the credits from Amex

        • Cheers!

  • T&C say no, but anecdotal experience from many users say yes…

    • oh yes, i just noticed it says Excludes gift card purchases and phone orders.

      • It says no phone orders which most likely means you can't order stuff on the phone and pay over the phone. It doesn't say you can't actually buy phones…

  • Are AMEX Corporate cards eligible for this cash back? And before you ask, yes I am allowed to buy personal stuff on it providing I pay for it ☺️

    • I have never been able to enrol my corporate card for these offers.

  • Exclude Phone orders? So I can't buy a Moto Z Play….

  • +2
  • I have a sub card for my partner, so if my partner enrolls on the sub card and I enroll with my main card, does that mean we can get $200 back if spend over $600 in total and split the payment into 2 x $300 or more?

    • would also like to find out - can i register separately on my supp cards?
      HN deal sounds very good, i might order 2 more supp cards for my amex to buy some furniture

    • yes, it works like that

      • Good to know. Thanks

    • Did you manage to enrol on the supp card? I tried and it says you've already applied with this card number.

      • +2

        Do they have the same number? If they do, then it only works once.

    • My partner has a sub card but the numbers are the same so only one of us can enrol and either of us can use the offer. If the numbers differ, then you'd need to enrol both cards.

      • Does anyone know who gives different numbers and who gives the same?
        I've just asked for a sup on my Amex issued card. I don't want to wait for it to arrive if the number is just going to end up being the same.

        • Which bank?

        • +1

          I don't know about all the banks, but I know Westpac and CBA issue sup cards with the same number.

          All the other ones I've used (ANZ, NAB, and all AMEX-issued) issue sup cards with different numbers

        • @illumination: Thanks

        • I have Amex direct cards and my wife's supp card has different number.

  • From past experience you can just buy gift cards and receive the credit. Then just use the gift cards to buy the apple (or whatever) product.

    • -2

      But someone posted above in TnC states no gift cards

      • +2

        Yes.. but as he said

        From past experience you can just buy gift cards and receive the credit

        I can also confirm from my past experience and it gets mentioned often in comments of these types of AMEX deals

        But @danielh there's no need to even do that. Just buy whatever it is directly as all AMEX know is that you have made a $X transaction at Harvey Norman.

        • +1

          Fair enough thanks

        • +1

          Yeah agree if the item you want is actually there. Personally I want to 'lock' in the $100 refunds on a few cards this month for the xmas sales in late December and Jan. Might also get an Apple Watch for the wife but not sure how long it will take to stock the one I want.

    • my friend's online GC order ($100 + $200) was rejected by HN…

      • Why not buy from the store directly ?

  • +4

    Wow good deal. Last year I had one for $50 back on ~$300 so this is twice as good!

    Gonna save mine until boxing day sales, unless a bargain pops up in the meantime that I need.

  • Great job chuppa. My amex cards are going to cop a pounding this month with shop small and now this.

    • Don't forget click frenzy

  • Looking out for the GoPro Hero5 - $448 after cashback seems decent, but might wait until I see what the upcoming 20% off eBay sale has

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