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Bridgestone - Buy 3 Get 1 Free on Potenza, Turanza and Ecopia Line


Hey guys, long time lurker!

Just found out that bridgestone and some dealers are having this great deal again!!

Have confirmed that Costco (called to confirm at 2 stores), jax tyres* and bob jane are also doing this deal, more stores to be confirmed when i do a bit of research or in the comments below.

I guess by extension Kmart tyre and auto service are also running this deal and have the best value due to there tyrelife saver program. (Extra effort involved)

*just spoke to jax tyres and there website has a typo, the deal includes the entire range of Potenza tyres (including the re003).

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    • Added to post, thanks!

    • Got quoted for $169 per RE003 tyre at Bridgestone, then $207 for the exact same tyre at Bob Jane. Lol.

      • Strangely enough I had the opposite experience a few months ago when I bought my RE003's! Bridgestone had a buy 3 get one free deal at the time, which still worked out to be (a lot) more expensive than Bob Jane's price for 4.

        • Strange indeed.

          One thing to note though, I was quoted the exact same price by Bridgestone early in the year (when there wasn't a 4 for 3 deal). So it's nice to see that they didn't jack up the price for the deal. Think I'll just go with them, rather than price matching at Kmart.

      • i got quoted $131 at bridgestone and $139 at bob jane… lol

  • Costco can be added to the list as providers of the same offer

    • Do you know if costco are significantly cheaper with this offer? might be worthwhile to get my membership renewed

    • Hesitant to add Costco as usually they have their own cashback deals, also membership costs. I'll give them a ring anyway to confirm!

      edit* So i can confirm that Costco are doing this deal… but my quote was actually more expensive than the one i got from jax tyres, but each tyres different so shop around!!

  • Great stuff. I love the Potenza RE002s, haven't tried the RE003s yet.

    • Potenza RE003s a beast. great set of tyres.

      • Agreed, I love 'em.
        Couldn't believe how much better they were than my Continental ContiContacts.

      • Are the Potenzas only meant for performance? I'm assuming you wouldn't put them on something like a Camry?

        • You can never 'over tyre' a car, and you should never skimp on tyres (lesson learned after many near misses in the rain). I had RE001s on my old Civic Vi after a set of no-name ling long brand tyres, and the thing became a blast to drive, plus it stopped much better.

          Now that I'm on Michelin Pilot Super Sports, everything else doesn't compare (even the ContiSportContact 5P I've had previously on my GTI). It really depends on how much you want to spend and what you need the tyres for, but chucking Potenzas on a Camry would be pretty sick (and funny at the same time).

        • As Wokstar said, you can never go overboard with tyres. I have RE003s on my daily driver, and recently on holiday hired a camry with who knows what tyres on it - did a u-turn about 2/3rds the speed I normally would and managed to lose traction and skid a little.

          Tyres make a very big difference to safety!

        • I would go for the Turanza Serenity Plus range on a Camry or similar car. Excellent all round tyre for the price and should be covered under this deal.

        • @Wokstar: I do not agree, its cost vs life vs application

          No point putting them on a car that only sees suburbia, sure they might stop 1/2 a meter quicker at 50klm then one that costs 1/2 the price and lasts 50% longer. Most of these situations reflexes and situational awareness will give better results.

          Technically you can over tyre a car where the grip exceeds soft/worn/comfort suspension. The car will pitch/yaw more and even though outright grip is increased, handling (suspension action) is decreased

          In the case of 99% of camry owners, one would suggest a more mid ranged tyre

        • I have RE003s on my camry

        • @WT:

          The Potenzas are much softer and probably won't last as long or be as quiet or comfortable, but the former also depends on your driving style. Yes they maybe overkill, but next time take notice of the MB S500 or the Ferrari 458 parked in the street, these owners will put inferior ling-long brand tyres on their six figure cars which I personally find crazy.

          Like Buckster mentioned above, the difference between good tyres and cheap tyres is day and night.

          Over tyring is possible, but you can't put a price on your life if that 1/2 a meter means life or death (or someone else's). At the end of the day, I'd rather be safe than sorry because in my personal experience I've had far too many close calls in the rain on tyres that cost maybe $40 a corner less. Rather than be in a far worse situation (i.e. in an accident) and regretting your purchase after, is it really worth the (time) and money? At the end of the day your car is only as good as the tyres you drive on be it a Hyundai Excel or a McLaren P1.

      • I have the RE002 for almost 10 years now on a Subaru Liberty MY06 (I think the last two out of 5 change-overs we're from one of these offers from Bridgestone!), excellent tires. I've tried the P-Zero Nero's which were too soft. But after putting the RE003s last year on the family Mazda6, I'll be opting for an RE003 on the Suuby too.

        Thanks for posting it and definitely worth spending on good Pot. The Potenzas endless enjoyment!

    • +1. Love my RE002s. Them and Coilovers turned my Cruise Ship Lexus GS300 into a.. smaller boat.

      But seriously, they give a stupid amount of grip, and apparently the RE003 are better in every way.

  • darn just changed my tyres a month ago and got 1 punctured and repaired since.

    • you could always rain-check a set and put them on when you need some new tyres!!

      • You can do that?! omfg

        • wow really? Don't think I will need to get my tyres changed for the next 2 or 3 years though. oh wells, life of an ozbargainer, win some and get hit in your face once in awhile

      • I presume the spares would need to be fitted on by a professional with the right tools. Wouldn't he be charged a fee for that which would make the tyres more expensive.

    • i replaced mine with potenza RE003 just last month. Damn.

  • Great. After I spent $358 yesterday for 2 tyres. This deal pops up.


  • meh..these buy 3 get one free deals is getting so common these days …waiting for yokohama one

    • Buy 3, Get 1 more FREE on select YOKOHAMA GEOLANDAR 4WD & SUV Tyres - just finished yesterday, had a mate take advantage for his 4x4.

      • Mate, can you please let me know which YOKOHAMA good for RAV4. I need to change my tyre by next week. Appreciated for your time

        • Sorry, no experience with a Rav 4, best talk with somebody who knows.

        • Coopers tyres are good for RAV4 my dad got them $200 each.

        • @nikey2k27: Thanks mate I will look into it $200 seems to be good price

        • I just did the 4 for price of 3 deal on Yokohama G012 AT-S on my x-trail, seem OK so far but i've only driven to the shops and back so far.

          RAV4, if you do any off road/dirt/gravel the yoko G012 might be a good choice, if not they do the G055 which is more for on road driving

        • @DJR9000:
          Thanks for the input mate, I will have a look on Yokohama as well the current tyre is Geolander G091

  • Oh yes baby, I've been waiting so long to get me some potenzas.

  • Has anyone used the CostCo tyre service?

    • I haven't but I've called them up for quotes before (Lidcombe store).

      The good - They fill the tyres with Nitrogen which holds the PSI better as it doesn't get affected by heat as much.
      The bad - they don't do wheel alignment so need to go elsewhere to do it. Also, with the Nitrogen, means you need to go back to Costco to get PSI adjustments if you require it. They do it for free, but might be annoying if it's not close by.

    • Quick and painless when I went to Auburn - they don't do wheel alignments though

  • After recent research I decided to buy the highest reviewed tyre on http://www.productreview.com.au/c/passenger-tyres.html
    The Michelin Pilot Sport 3's, got a killer price on www.tyresales.com.au and then rang Bob Jane to price match. For $25 extra per wheel over some middle of the road Dunlop/Bridgestone I now have some bloody great rubber, the reviews are deserved.
    They have them for $184 for 235/40/18" atm btw.

    • While i do agree the PS3's are a bloody brilliant tyre it really depends what you use them for and for what car… personally i run 205/55/16's on a VW Jetta and have found the re003 beat the PS3 (have had both) in comfort, grip and price and had about the same life. That and currently its $736 for PS3 using your prices or $585 for the re003 from jax with this offer (in 235/40/18").

  • Got RE003 x 4 for $185 each fitted and balanced at Kmart (with price match/beat) - not sure how this compares to the buy 3 x deal?

  • Bob Jane quoted $260 each so $780 for 4 x RE003


    Damn it! Just spent $507 for 3x +1 Toyo C100+ !!!

  • Quoting prices here doesn't really work unless you post the size of your tyres as well!!

    Jax is quoting $410 fitted for RE003 in 205/55/16" for me.
    Costco quoted $440 fitted for the same size and Bob Jane quoted $450 but had no stock in my area.

  • Hey guys,

    I'm looking to purchase 18 inch rims for my toyota 86 and then get the potenza RE003, however i am yet to find/purchase the rims I'm after.

    Would it possible to purchase the tyres for now whilst this special is on - keep them at home until I've purchased the rims and then get the tyres fitted onto the rims and the car? (As the stock rims on the GTS are only 17 inches).

    Anyone know how much places like say bobjane or any other would charge for the installation (if it is not done on the day of purchase) or if at all they will allow me to defer the installation date?


    • Yes they do. but a guy advised me that don't need to do that because this deal is very often, like it will happen in every 3 months .

  • any tyre buying guides for noob? looking to buy something cheap for 205/50/15, will probably sell my car in 1~2 years so quality doesn't really matter tom me…

  • What type are best for fuel economy? Camry

  • +1 vote

    Got 4 x Ecopias and a wheel alignment for my sons Honda CRV today, all up $570 from Jaxs, didn't go anywhere else.

    • Hi. Are these tyres quite and handle well? I have an accord 2009 and some people are talking about them being fragile.


        I can only compare against the tyres they replaced and they made a big difference, quiet and drives way better, fragile i don't know as they have only been on a few days.

  • Are the only sizes those those available for this deal the ones linked to the Bridgestone website? After 135/70/15s but saw no mention of anything in this size.
    Might have to call tomorrow and see otherwise.

  • Whenever I go to these places to buy tyres they want to put me on a regular plan to have the tyres rotated, balanced etc. Can anyone recommend how often such things are needed? I realise they are needed at times due to uneven wear, etc. just not sure how often. My car uses 205/55/R16. Many thanks.

  • Has anyone had luck buying them on promotion and getting them to install in a few months time? My tyres aren't needing replacement yet.

  • Ecopia's have pretty mixed reviews online. Anyone on here care to share their opinions?

    • Didn't have any major problems with them when I had them. Fairly quiet, decent grip.

      Definitely felt safer than the cheaper alternatives. Though I never really kept them long enough to see how long it took them to wear down. Overall, I'd say they're perfectly average.

  • Hopefully someone can give me some advice, looking for tyres for a Mitsubishi ASX (215/60/R7). I've done 50,000Km on the ones that came with it and the front ones are significantly worn (the back not as much).

    I'm thinking that it is best to get all four replaced.

    Any recommendations for what models I should be looking for? We do lots of highway driving about 400km/wk and about 200km/wk city with the occasional (once a month) gravel road where we turn on the 4x4, otherwise we're mostly on front wheel drive.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Can anyone suggest overall tyres for a Honda accord euro 2011 please. Thanks

    • I'm in the same boat!
      Looking at these tyres they're $285 EACH! I was seriously about to faint.

      Let me know what you find.