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Heineken, Stella or Beck's 24x 500ml Cans $45 @ Dan Murphy's


Decent clearance prices on some short dated international tubes. Equates to a $29.70 slab of 330ml bottles.

Heineken was $63. Now $45
Some stock BB: 30/11/2016. Brewed in Netherlands.

Beck's was $60. Now $45
Some stock BB: 02/12/2016. Brewed in UK/Germany.

Stella was $67. Now $45
Fresh stock. Brewed in UK.
Thanks to camblyth.

Be quick, special is only available until tomorrow. Don't forget discounted wish cards and cash back.

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    Beat me to it! Stella is on sale for $45 too

    • Haha. I didn't scroll all the way through the email. Whoops.

    • Guzzling one out the back right now. Wishing I got 2 slabs.

  • +2

    don't forget to check the back of the fridge for hiding Heineken long necks!! picked up 3 on sunday with BB of march 2017 for $1.90 each

  • How is the can taste compared to the bottle?

    • +1

      Should be the same. Pour it in to a beer glass if you don't like the can.

      Cans will keep for longer than bottles. More here

    • I think beers taste better from a can. But probably cause I grew up drinking from cans than bottles.

    • Generally the only difference is from your taste buds reacting to the aluminium when drinking, pouring into a glass removes this.

      Additional that tinny taste associated with old canned beer is no longer present as old steel cans were coated with tin to prevent oxidation of the beer, modern aluminium cans are coated with a thin polymer layer to prevent interference with the beverage.

  • That's odd, im sure I always pay $43 for a slab of 500ml heinies at DM. Its usually my go to for parties for that reason

  • +1

    Hopefully the Heineken drop down to $40 like it has been recently https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/262574

  • +5

    These short best before dates are turning me into an alcoholic as I try and drink em all before they expire :)

  • +1

    bought a similar deal Heineken 24x 500ml Cans two months ago, taste like water, waste of money.
    i would never buy those beer nearly expire

    • Really?
      Your son made a joke and replace
      Pee instead of your heineken.

      Happy Halloween!

    • +1

      agree violentpanda, heineken were a waste of money, but yet still drinkable since it tastes like water. The short dated moa session pale ale on the other hand tasted like lightly scorched bumhole and were just foul. Some were flat, others splurted everywhere when you took the lid off. I am staying away from short dated beers now :(

      • +2

        for those short dated beers, the price should be at least 50% off, $45 is still rip-off

      • +4

        I bought heineken today because they don't taste like ass like the MOA, oranjeboom or John Boston's i tried on the DM specials which werent even short dated. Also 48 standard drinks for $45 is a great deal. Heineken goes down like water, smooth and inoffensive. Play a bit of fifa and pretend you're in a european pub

    • +2

      the heinekeb i got last time were fresh. hoping for same this time. opted for delivery. i like them.

  • +2

    Decent price. Last time I jumped on the Heineken for $40, this time I went Deutsch. Ordered a click and collect from an email only to be horrified that it was supposedly brewed in the U.K according to the OP's description… I am very happy to see that my 500ml cans of Becks are a product of Germany!! So get in amongst it friends!! No… actually don't if you are up in Hervey Bay.. I may need more stock for my fridge if the price drops again!! Haha

    • It's what the website says.

  • +1

    Every time I say, "I need to cut down my drinking", I receive another email from Dan Murphys.

  • +1

    I must resist!…Already scored 24 bottles of 640ml Heinekens from BWS deal last week and a slab of Asashi 500ml to get me through Xmas.

  • Just bought a Beck's from Marden, SA. Dates on both cases i checked were 17th and 18th Jan 2017 respectively

  • +1

    My local store lost my 11 x 650ml Heineken Click & Collect from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/271733

    And replaced it with 24 x 500ml from this deal, so I got this for $20.90 :)

  • Still on eBay for $45 if anyone missed it via DM online

  • My case of Heineken is best before April 2017. Dan's should keep the regular price at $40-$45. I wouldn't want to pay any more for it, but at this price it is great and I love the 500ml cans.

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