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Xiaomi Mi4C - 16GB/2GB, 5" FHD, Snapdragon 808, 13MP, 3080mAh, USB-C, IR Remote - US$100/AU$133 Delivered @ AliExpress


The famous AliExpress November 11 Sale (11/11) starts next week and a few stores have already revealed a few specials.
I thought I'd kick it off with the Xiaomi Mi4C.

Note this price is only available on 11/11 (one day only) and prices aren't changed until then.


       CPU — Snapdragon 808 Hexa Core CPU (Adreno 418 )
       Screen — 5.0-inch 1920x1080p 441ppi
       RAM+ROM — 2GB+16GB (Not Support TF Card)
       Camera — 13MP Rear Camera, 5MP Front Camera
       Battery — 3080mAh
       OS —  MIUI 7
       Network — Dual SIM Card Dual Standby
       2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
       3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz
       4G: FDD LTE B3:1800/B1:2100/B7:2600 MHz TD LTE B38:2600/B39:1900/B40:2300/B41:2500MHz

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  • +16

    its just so disappointing that this only has 16gb storage and no microSD slot. would be an absolute unbeatable bargain otherwise. :(

    • +2

      Dual sim but no msd :(

    • -17


    • Have to use something like this

      Unless, is there a custom rom for this that supports OTG?

  • the pink version is already US $124.99, isn't it?

    also don't forget the US $2.00 voucher on orders over US $19.00

    • Yea the pink is slightly cheaper at the moment. The US $2 Coupon is currently available at the non-sale price but cannot confirm if it will remain during the sale. Coupons usable during the sale are advertised - US $2 off for spend over $199.

  • +1

    US$125 = A$166.38. So it'll be A$130 on Nov 11?

  • This maybe perfect for my dad as he broke his old lenovo hmm

    • +12

      How is your Dad? Say hi to him for me.

  • GSMArena also says no scratch resistant glass, but you can just buy a screen protector for it. Pretty amazing price for a full HD screen.

    • +4

      The screen is amazing too. I purchased this for my father in-law last year and was blown away with the clarity of the screen and camera. It really outdoes my Redmi note 3 in comparison.

      • @Pr0r Im looking at purchasing either the Redmi Note 3 Pro, Mi4c or the Redmi 3s. Would you be able to shed some light on what makes this phone a better/worse option?

        • +1

          If you can live with an "alright" camera, the Redmi Note 3 Pro is the go. It has a massive battery and faster CPU/GPU with more RAM to help with multitasking. The Redmi Note 3 is my pick out of the 3 mentioned and can be had for roughly $60 more this coming sale.

    • I've got one, definitely not scratch resistant. Learned it the hard way. A screen protector is a quick and easy fix tho

  • +3

    Don't forget cashrewards

  • +1

    Will this phone work in Melbourne?
    Can anyone tell me when 11th November starts, (ESDT) where this distributors outlet is based? Many thanks

    • +39

      No this will not work in Melbourne. Only Sydney,Perth and other cool parts of Australia…

      • +5

        How about Moe? The coal fire has stopped.

    • +9

      The 11th of November starts the day after the 10th of November.

    • +1

      +1 like for generating all the cool responses

    • +2

      Phone is fine.

    • +3

      China time = Perth time = Melbourne time - 3 hours.

  • +1

    Did anyone else who has purchased this phone from a previous deal have some problems with it?

    In particular, random restarts, frequent lags when typing on the keyboard or switching between apps, etc.

    Asking on behalf of my friend who I recommended this to (who says nothing is good about this except the camera)

    • No problems what so ever,has he tried flashing a stock stable ROM to it?

      Sometimes vendor provided ROMs are not the best,otherwise he might have a defective unit.

    • -1

      Good luck getting a refund, I doutbt a flash will fix the problem

    • No problem whatsoever, this is my second phone from Xiaomi. The hardware is very impressive for the price. MIUI is pretty straightforward and easy to use, reminiscent of iOS, but it takes so much RAM. I flashed a custom ROM based on CyanogenMod/Vanilla Android, never looked back.

      • Only issue with cm is no xiaomi camera

    • +1

      My 4C is really good. I'm running CM13 on it.

  • +1

    Ridiculous phone for the price.

    Can't wait to see more deals, didn't realise 11/11 was such a special date!

  • +2

    How's the camera on these? Xiaomi seem to have pretty middle of the road cameras except for the flagship phones

    • +1

      Camera and screen is actually really good. I'm sure anyone with this phone will rave about it.

    • -3

      The camera on my redmi note 2 is pretty average, good enough in decent light. Xiaomi phones are middle/bottom range prices so it's not surprising that you get middle range cameras.

  • +2

    Really good phone using one to write this. Only problem i have is ergonomically it's poorly designed despite having a 5" screen it's difficult to operate one handed compared to the galaxy s4 despite similar dimensions. It stems from the non rounded edges and a bigger bottom bezel than the s4 IMO. Not the biggest problem though, everything else is perfect.

    • Did you notice a difference performance wise from the Galaxy S4?

      • +1

        Yes a fair amount quicker since the cpu is a lot better. Battery life smokes the S4 also

  • -3

    Think the recent Moto X deal from Amazon was better.


  • There is no global ROM for this phone and it's only running Lollipop if anyone care.

    • reasonable specs for the price. But I think that chip, the 808, won't ever receive full Nougat support.

  • +1

    Bandwagon 28 reporting!

    • +7

      Go home B28, you're enhanced coverage in building and in regional areas is not available on this handset.

  • Shipping up to 60 days with aliexpress.

    If you want it shipped now with toll express android enjoyed has it for $12 or $22 more (shipping included) depending on what colour you want.

    Just another option. (Their shipping usually takes less than 7 days from order, but sometimes varies. If they say theyre out of stock, just cancel your order since they take their own sweet time)

    • +4

      If you want it shipped at all then best not to go with Android Enjoyed.

    • +2

      android enjoyed- really??? you haven't been burnt yet I guess…

      • Different friends have ordered 4 phones from them. 3 all arrived within 7 days. 1 took a few weeks (and really should have probably cancelled the order, took ages)

    • +1

      I doubt they'll take that long. 3 weeks ago I ordered 2 items from 2 different sellers at AliExpress and one was delivered within 2 weeks and other within 3 weeks. I was amazed of their shipping speed. Now I have more confident to at AE.

  • Any chance someone could explain to me how to assess phone CPUs?

    I have a Nexus 5 that has been having some issues lately so I may need to replace. Compared my phone with this one on GSM arena and see that the CPU is the main difference, but I have no idea what it actually means.

    This phone has a "Hexa-core (4x1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 & 2x1.8 GHz Cortex-A57)" while the Nexus 5 has a "Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400". Which one is actually better? 2.3Ghz sounds better to me but I don't really know what practical difference hexacore vs quadcore makes.

    Anyone able to help me out?

    • +1

      I don't think they would be too far apart, I believe the 808 is slightly newer, and it has two extra cores compared with the krait which is higher clocked. You can google a comparison that may tell you more

    • +3

      Snapdragon 808 is better.

      It has better CPU and GPU. Plus 800/801 wouldn't get Nougat (due to GPU not supporting Vulkan API), whereas Snapdragon 808 wouldn't have that limitations (though update ultimately depends on Xiaomi).

      That said, I am not sure whether Xiaomi's MIUI is good (since Nexus's pure Android tend to be better than manufacturers' versions in terms of performance).

    • +1

      Ive had a Nexus 5 and a Mi 4C. Physically they are the same size and their screens are about the same. In use, they feel comparable. The Nexus camera was a little better.

    • +1

      For these kinds of things it's useful to refer to their DMIPS/clock to compare theoretically their performance differences.
      Of course it doesn't work like this in real world performance but nevertheless it gives you some idea.
      3.39 (Krait 400 / SD801) - 4x2.26x3.39 = 30.6456

      4.6 (Cortex A57) 2x1.8x4.6 = 16.56
      2.24 (Cortex A53) 4x1.4x2.24 = 12.544
      Total - 29.104

      Single threaded performance is better in the newer chip, full multi threaded won't be much different

      gpu wise SD801 has the adreno 330 - 166.5 GFLOPS
      SD808 has adreno 418 - 172.8 GFLOPS

      disclaimer - completely theoretical and neglects other potential differentiating factors.

  • Does anyone know if this has the Samsung or Sony imx258 camera sensors? Are all the current stock Sony and and the older stock Samsung or the other way around?

  • +2

    my dads been using his mi4c for last 6 months. says it runs perfectly with MOKEE rom on it. god i love dad

    • Hi, can an owner check if the sensor is Sony or Samsung?

      Root, open terminal app
      dmesg | grep -i imx

      OR download aida64 app from playstore. Thanks

  • I've been using this phone for a while as my LG G5 was sent for warranty. It's great, nice and handy, photo quality is not too bad.
    Problem is that 2GB RAM isn't gonna be enough. Programs tend to reload pretty often.

  • when using two sims, can you use both 3g & 4g or does one sim need to be 2g ?

    • likewise with all three models on sale, mi4c, 3s and note, do any allow 3/4g combo, or r u stuck with 2g slot ?

    • no phone I know can let you have both active 3g/4g. one is 3g/4g. the other is 2g. either sim slot can be 3g or 4g however.

    • I've had 3G/3G active on two sims.

  • +1

    11/11 is a special date.
    my sister's birthday.

    was gonna buy this for her.
    but she wanted the Mi Max instead.


    • Remind her, bigger screen =less screen time

  • +4

    Hi guys

    I've watched ozbargain for a long time now- but I've made an account for the first time today just to share my experience with this product.

    About 3 weeks ago I bought this exact phone from Goldway. It arrived quick and that was great. The Operating system was also in English and I could access google play store, maps, youtube etc. I downloaded a few apps from play store (but not many)

    Then about a week ago my phone started playing lots of ads- banner ads and full screen ones that would come up under notifications every 5-10 mins. Malwarebytes found a trojan on the phone- one that couldn't be removed and was hidden as a process under the native notes app.

    I believe the trojan was embedded in the operating system. So I tried to install a Xiaomi ROM- but couldn't do so because the file explorer had been removed. So I found a separate Xiaomi file explorer package and installed that. Then installed the new Xiaomi ROM- my phone is unchanged (appps, message preserved). The ads are now gone and Malwarebytes shows up clean.

    Doesn't sound too bad right? Well the catch is that the bootloader on this model is locked. That means you can only install the Chinese ROM. So now my phone is about 50% in Chinese and I all google services are blocked (play store, maps, youtube….).

    I've since received an unlock code from Xiaomi so that I can unlock the bootloader to install an english ROM. But this is proving pretty hard- google "unable to verify device" MIUI unlock and you'll see lots of people cant get the unlock working.

    So that's the short version of my experience. The long version involves a lot more hairpulling troubleshooting this process even to get this far- one particularly weird issue was that my phone came already signed up to a Mi cloud account that I didn't create and couldn't access; and you cant sign it out unless you know the password (which you don't).

    Anyway, I don't know much about phones- but I know a lot about computers- and all this troubleshooting was a real PITA. If you are a phone wiz perhaps its no problem but if you are not then be warned!

    • There is an entire section about this phone / rom support / unlocking bootloaders etc on XDA - http://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-4c

      • +3

        Thanks for pointing this out- I am very familiar with the XDA material and many other websites/blogs/forums that have also posted regarding the topic. Alas the number of roadblocks I met following these various guides was quite comical. I'm confident I'll eventually beat this problem- but my post is intended as a warning to those who might not wish to deal with any similar hassle.

        • Did you ever end up solving this?

  • +1

    I am really wanting to try this budget end of the Android market but I am so clueless when it comes to Xiaomi(but it seems like the way to go)
    Can anyone who knows/has had experience with the Mi4C, Redmi Note 3 Pro and Redmi 3s (The 3 on sale at the link and are all around the same
    price) let me know which one they would recommend and why/why not.


    • I second this post.
      In addition how does this compare to the Redmi 3S Pro? In specific the international version advertised on Ali Express?
      Will other Xiaomi phones go on special as well? If so can a list be compiled please?


      • +3

        I should hopefully have a list of more phones and accessories ready to post by tomorrow night.

        • Will the 3GB with 32GB space version of the MI4C also be available?

  • http://www.gizchina.com/2016/11/02/xiaomi-redmi-4-specificat...
    serious contender? depending on price of course, ozb after all

    fwiw the mi4c has been hovering around 700 yuan/$135 AUD before 1111 sale, I don't know if it will go on sale, but I think taobao costs another $20 to ship to Aus, so really only for people with chinese addresses or friends

  • That redmi 4 looks good.
    I wonder whether it will be part of the sale?

  • Does anyone with the mi4c recommend a good tough case from Aliexpress?
    I use the ballistic cased with my Moto G 1st Gen and am trying to get something similar if possible .


  • Will it work with 3G and 4G in India?

  • hi- can someone please explain to me how it differs from your typical aus android and whether there are any gotchas or limitations on google playstore ?

    Im not a phone tinkerer and would like to avoid ROM'ing if its not aus ready. I'll be connecting it to Optus via amaysim.

  • Any other opinions on Mi4C vs 3s Pro? Only $US27 difference.

    • I bought the Mi4C.
      Haven't recieved it yet.
      I was tossing between the two as well.
      I went for better screen (1920x1080) and faster processor over more storage.
      I'm hoping 2Gb RAM and 16GB disk space is enough…

  • Just had my order cancelled due to: "Your Order No. has been cancelled because payment was not made before 12 Nov 2016 00:26"
    I paid with credit card and it shows on my bank account! And I have a previous email saying "The seller has shipped your order".
    Has anyone else had this happen?

    • Just to follow up: The website mysteriously ordered 2 phones for me instead of 1. 1 got cancelled and 1 got shipped.

  • Was close to pulling the trigger on one of these. If anyone purchased one from this supplier, I would be interested to know your thoughts/experiences when received. Via a post or PM. Thanks.

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