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Kambrook Red Wide Slot 2 Slice Toaster $10 @ The Good Guys


Saw this in the catalogue for The Good Guys - 2 Slice Toaster for $10. Would have jumped on this but recently used the $25 store credit to get one.

Here's the spiel:
This Kambrook toaster has a 2 slice capacity, a red finish, and high lift functionality. Its 1 removable crumb tray lets you clean out crumbs easily. You can make toast for the whole family thanks to this Kambrook toaster.

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  • Awesome, thanks OP.

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    Good to see a great deal pop up so early in the day

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      Looks kinda crummy

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        Yeah, careful you don't get burned.

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          I loaf all these jokes!

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          @muncan: Ill raise my glass to this deal

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          I would like to make a toast!

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          @bugsbunny: I was wondering why altomic was raising a glass. Well done.

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      Don't need a lot of dough for this deal, but don't loaf around as the deal will soon be toast!

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    'for the while family'
    i would suggest a 4 slot toaster for bigger families

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      Just buy 2 and then everyone can set their own toasting preference

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        why stopped at 2 when you can afford to get one for each family member as christmas present

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          Great idea!

          Circuit breaker trips due to overload

  • Thanks OP.

    74% overall score from Choice in 2014. We bought a Breville that rated at 84% and have been happy, so this can't be too bad, I'm getting one.

    • +1

      We have a Breville that's kinda all over the place (only about 6 months old). If we leave the setting exactly where it is we get different results each time. Just something for people to be aware of.

      • our Breville is the BTA425. Other Breville models in same report were not marked as highly.

        • Lol how come you're buying one if you've got the Breville already?

        • +10


          'because bargain', why else

        • @sandp: Can't argue with that on ozbargain…

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    Got given one of these while waiting in line at the Good Guys grand opening in Penrith. They said since the line was long, here is a thanks for waiting, and just gave everyone in line this toaster. Was good, since I was buying a kettle that day.

  • Wide slot as in the width, or is it the thickness of the bread? It doesn't look any wider than usual.

    • Not that much wider. Thick toast slices fit ok. But nothing thicker than 2cm

      • Do you know if i can fit those Cafe style raisin ( thick) bread in this toaster?

        • +1

          the opening is exactly 30mm wide. So if your raisin toast is less 28mm than it should slide in well

        • @Skimpywallet: thanks

  • Thanks OP , Kris Kringle Taken Care off ,Purchased 9 ea , just got a call from TGG to Pick Up tonight

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    I got one and thought it was 29.95$ to use the $20 off voucher. Got a surprise on till when it was only $10 without any voucher. Works well so far. Compact size so doesn't take up too much kitchen bench space. Toast very evenly

  • Thanks OP, was looking at getting a toaster, looks like I just found the one!

  • Still looking for something to use my voucher on as well.
    Can't really see anything else that's worth it though.

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    Right… Toaster died yesterday. Started the usual online searches for features/prices/reviews…

    WTF? When did toasters get so frigging expensive? Motorised? LED Lights? I just want a bloody toaster.

    Hmmm. Should check OzBargain as it seems everything I buy these days is via this site.

    Wow! A toaster for 10 bucks? Hang on. I'd prefer a TWO year warranty. Solution? Just bought two of 'em. Thanks doublezero1 and (as always) OzBargain

    • Just got a call from the Bad Guys to collect my toasters. Was getting my wife to collect them as she is driving past the store later but… as I paid by PayPal I need to be the person to go in store with my drivers license and PayPal invoice. Sheesh…

      • I hate that. Harvey Norman tried that on me once… My volume was rising in the store over it, because I was in there the day before to pick up a printed mug. And they simply ask what name is the mug order and hand it over: no ID required AT ALL. So I said what's the difference? That mug was paid for with my wife's name as me and you gave it to me, and the HDD I've ordered is exactly the same.

        • +9

          Why get angry at the employees? They're just doing their job and the ones you were getting angry at were the ones actually following the right procedure by the sound of it.

        • @Devils Advocate: You assume quite a lot. First, it was one employee, and the manager… and both admitted it was stupid - particularly after I mentioned the mug example, they went, "Oh yeah, we do just hand printed things over without any proof of ID, don't we."

          When I said my volume was rising, I didn't really get far into that, because they said it was stupid, saw the common sense of what I was saying - so it obviously can't be a rule.

          I said I would email HO and point out how dumb it was. That even their own staff find it stupid. I told them if they hadn't given me an item that his wife purchased, and I had a printout of the email invoice as proof, stating to pick up your item with NO conditions of pickup mentioned at any point during or after the purchase (until you arrive at the store and are told verbally) - me having same last name, same physical address… then we would have demanded a refund.

    • @StingyBritches Where did you get your OZB licence? OZB should be always your first choice, no other searching needed!

      • +1

        I know. So foolish of me. Please forgive me fellow OzBargainers. I promise never, ever, ever to stray again…

        • Ok, but you will be back to probation to make sure ;)

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    Available on Goodguys Ebay store as well. You can also get extra value from Velocity/Qantas/Cashrewards by going through Ebay.

    • Hows the Velocity/Qantas work?

      • +2

        I didn't even know about it but for Velocity you go through here and earn Velocity points with purchases on eBay. $1 = 2 Velocity points. Will try to remember this for any of my eBay purchases thanks Shiezy!

        • Thanks for this, I am just not sure how cash rewards or pricepal may work then as you are going through velocity not directly CR/PP (so thinking the purchases may not track through them)?

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    Dont forget also can use this deal if you were lucky to get voucher today, but you need to buy 2 toasters or something else up to min spend of $20

  • Does anyone know if this fits taller bread too, like from a bread machine? The bread sticks out of my current toaster, so there's always 2cm that doesn't get toasted. (Or know of another one that does?)

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    I dont NEED a new toaster but I sure do want it.. its red!

    • +1

      Thats the reason why I didn't buy the $10 toaster…..

      • Cos it is red?

  • I bought a posh toaster from HN when they had the Trent Steele one on sale and was a bit disappointed in that it basically toasts bread the same as the cheap ones.

    It can't even toast a happy face or Jesus image onto your bread like the ones on eBay.

  • $8 delivery fee for me. Wonder if I should just get the target or kmart one since they are close by.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Love a cheap Wide Slot.

  • Cheers OP. We have a crappy Target $7 toaster and its not wide enough for crumpets. They go down but it's very difficult to pop them up, it's actually damaging the toaster getting them out. This one is perfect, so I bought 2. Thanks for posting.

  • how to use $25 credit here…

    • Go to checkout and add it on the section where it says promo code?

      • Doesn't work. It says promo code invalid… just got it yesterday and valid till 25th

        • My mistake, go to 'Pay using a Gift Card/eGift Card, Voucher or Store Credit' under where it says Your Payment Options, and enter the voucher number and the PIN

          Should definitely work!

  • The white colour is $19 at Kmart normal price

  • Got two for $20 with the SE credit. Thanks OP!

  • Damn you OzBargain. Just bought a toaster that I didn't really need. Thanks OP.

  • Pulled the trigger for $12 with shipping after using my SE voucher. Good thing I still remember I had my SE voucher as shipping cost $12 for me lol

  • $8 pickup via GG ebay sale.

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