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Up to 30% off All Flight Bookings Etihad Airways


Get Up to 30% Off all flight bookings with code STFECO for Economy Class and STFBUS for Business Class. Travel between 01/15/2017 - 06/30/2017. Book by 11/11/2016.

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  • Travel between 01/15/2017 - 06/30/2017

    I hate the stupid American date format

    • Lol. So true. Looks like they did on purpose for most of the things.Another addition to the card will be Trump winning.
      OP might put it correctly:
      Travel between 15/01/2017 - 30/06/2017


    Can't seem to find where to add Code, went all the way to the payment page

  • 'We were unable to apply the promotional discount.
    Search criteria does not qualify for the discount or the promotion code is incorrect/expired.
    You can continue to book using our standard fares.'

    Was searching flight dates between 24/02/17 and 4/3/17

  • Thanks for posting, I was able to search flights in April/May for Perth > Dallas and LA > Perth that came in at $1046. Very cheap, just deciding if I want the extra flight time to save the $400ish dollar each ticket.

  • Excellent prices for business class. Looked at one date in feb/march next year Brisbane to Paris return and under $5,000. As comparison, I paid more than this on china southern just a few months ago. Several I've spoken to on this trip said Etihad business class is way better.

    • Flown Etihad business heaps….really good plus modern aircraft. Pretty much as good as it gets

      • the train ride from home to work this morning was okie. Cost me about $4.21. Cheers

        • Company paid for all flights Business Class when working out in Middle East. Worked as a pilot so were positioned around a lot, mostly with Etihad but have used the majority of airlines.
          Would never buy a business class ticket personally. As part of package we got two business class tickets each year for personal use….we had the option of using them or cashing them in and flying economy…as an OZB member you can guess which route I took!!

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    Any 600 dollar flights to Europe?

  • code does not work for me either

  • Hard to get excited about anything after missing yesterday's airfare sale…

  • Flybuys sent an email yesterday with 20% discount and 10x points. If you are flying to Asia, timings might be more compared to Singapore, Cathay, Thai. Not sure about UK.

  • Yeh doesn't work for me either. Tried Melbourne to Rio in april 2017 with ECONOMY..
    Exact error was: 'We were unable to apply the promotional discount. Search criteria does not qualify for the discount or the promotion code is incorrect/expired. You can continue to book using our standard fares.'

  • Not working for me either. Getting an error.

  • Make sure you enter the codes in BLOCK letters

  • some flight combos seem to work and some don't. I also found one code will work for a flight and they other one won't so try both codes.

    does this mean there is an exemption list or just a glitch in the system that will hopefully be fixed?

    EDIT: Entering code in correct area, as said above, works on some flights receive the same/ following error for other routes:

    We were unable to apply the promotional discount.
    Search criteria does not qualify for the discount or the promotion code is incorrect/expired.
    You can continue to book using our standard fares

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    I think it only works on destinations which fly DIRECT from abuudabydaby.
    It does work on multiple destinations!! eg syd-london, paris-syd $1100ish with "30%" off (which is even cheaper than the 30% off syd-london-syd because of the silly UK variable(on distance intending) tax on departures. Boycott UK departures and spend the profit on a free trip to Paris!).

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    SYD-JFK(new york) code works.

    SYD_EWR(new york) code doesn't work.

    • EWR = Newark* (NJ)


        Yeah OK, but the're both in new york and neither in NYC. I personally prefer EWR (which United use) for easier access to Manhattan.

        Ed. Also, if any OB are going to NYC, don't insist on using JFK, you could be doing yourself a disservice with airline choice

  • Saved $400 off a return trip to UK. Nice!

  • I would have purchased from this deal if it came before the Virgin deal.

  • Yeh works to London woo.

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    and use Cashrewards!

  • so need return flights in July???? Great rates

  • Worked fine for me, got flights from Syd to Geneva mid Jan for under $1200 for a french alps ski trip. Thanks OP!

  • sydney to new york in april easter holiday = $1200 return!

  • Doesn't look like it will work with a code-share leg.
    E.g - ADL -> LHR means flying with Virgin ADL -> MEL, this is not eligible for discount.
    However, MEL -> LHR is Etihad all the way and is eligible for discount.

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    I recently flew Etihad. The issue I had was an excessive charge to make one simple flight change due to the imminent death of an immediate family member.

    To bring forward the flight date incurred an airline fee that was more than 50% of the total return trip, even though Etihad were advertising flights at a LOWER cost than I initially paid at time of booking and the flight/seat I wanted was of the same fare class as the original one.

    Etihad were also unable/unwilling to tell me the fees until I made the commitment to purchase, so I was not able to make an informed choice.

    I do understand that discount fares have restrictions. Research on the internet confirms many airlines will waive some of the charges under certain circumstances outside the travellers control (such as in my situation). Etihad seem to be known as an airline that will charge for any changes. This should just be considered when booking (or making changes).

    I might still fly Etihad again, but they would need to be much cheaper than alternatives and I would only do so if I was willing to discard the ticket under the same circumstances.

    • Yeap, even their higher class fares which have the option of a refund for $200 incur an additional $70 admin fee for calling them, as you are unable to cancel a ticket through the web interface…

      Really tight in general, and considering that they are a fuller service airline, seems weird to nickel and dime customers like that.

      • In my case it was a $250 admin fee plus an additional $529 for the date change (on same fare class), even though seats were available.

        Had I changed to a higher fare class, I could understand, but charging that much extra for the same thing, over and above the documented admin fee seemed unfair.

        My overall flying experience has been better with other airlines and some bargains are not as good as they initially appear.

        As long as folks bear in mind that changes can be very expensive and Etihad presents to (economy class) travellers as a budget airline, that is fine.

    • I thought they were pretty good. Had a one way ticket bought 30% off for $600. Needed to rebook to a few weeks later. Bought the new ticket at full price and paid less than $300 for change fee. All up got the new ticket for an extra $470. Only penalised the change fee and fare difference. You can't apply codes in rebooking process but otherwise fares are same.

    • Still better than Jetstar.

  • Saved $400 off Etihad fare for multi leg UK deal in May/June 2017. $1065. Followed instructions as given and worked perfectly. Etihad flights only with minimal time stopovers. Very grateful for tipoff.

  • Thanks, OP! I just saved $740 for 2 for BNE—>UK in Apr/May 2017.

  • Thanks OP, saved $400!

  • Thanks OP! I've got 3 to Syd - Rome for April/May 2017. Nice saving. Also used cashrewards to save $50 more :)

  • THanks again for posting OP

    ANother relative looking at booking but it says expires 11/11 (today)

    Different website shared the code and said expires 12 Nov! Can I ask the source of the promo code and if it's say "midnight eastern daylight savings time 11/11" or something?

    Thanks heaps!

  • Scraped in with 5 minutes to spare! Booked Paris and Nyc in April. Under $2400 for 2!

    Actually I just checked and it is still working.

  • Guys, this still seem to be working! Are you sure the expiration date correct?

  • Mel to LHR from February 1st until end of march $953 only with using the code

  • Sensational value for business class to LHR and ATH return <$5KAUD

  • didnt work for me using the code to LHR from ADL

  • Code not working. Expired?

  • Thanks OP. Booked BNE-LHR, $3500 for 2 adults 1 child.

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