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Runout Apple MacBook Sale - 11" Air from $979.30 l 13" Retina Pro from $1399 l 15" Retina Pro from $2169.30 @ The Good Guys

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  • How do these runout models compare to recent Windows laptops?? I need a new laptop soon. Want something powerful and light with good battery life and a nice screen.

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      You can get a 7th Generation Kaby Lake in a DELL XPS13, which is the most popular ultrabook on the market. Far more popular than any macbook.

      I would say just get a 'As New' or 'Refurbished' Dell latitude 14 from the dell outlet. They last forever and are built to withstand a beating.

      • Can you get an XPS13 with 8gb/256gb with a UHD display and 7th gen for ~$1600 though?

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          Why UHD? That's 4k. Only Dell XPS15 and XPS12 come in 4k.

          You can get it for $1249, but with a 6th generation processor:

          People shouldn't worry about CPU at this point. As long as its skylake or kaby lake, you're getting something relatively new. Apple was fine with releasing their laptops with skylake processors. There are minimal increases.

        • @niner: Hmm thats a refurb and pretty sure the XPS12 is more of a convertible tablet laptop.

          XPS can still come in a higher than FHD resolution though?

        • @ShamelessBargains:

          XPS13 comes in FHD and QHD (similar to a retina display, but on a 13" laptop, who cares?). That macbook is using a 5th generation broadwell processor. Skylake graphics are considerably better (40% in some cases).

          XPS15 comes in FHD and UHD.

          So what if it's refurbished. It is still in great condition with free 14 day returns.

          XPS12 is more of a convertible tablet laptop.

          It's still running windows 10 64 bit.

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          @niner: I guess it depends on the user requirements too. Some people prefer the different operating systems and others purely on cost. I have never had a Dell laptop but have had a few MacBooks over the year which have never let me down, hence why I post Macbook deals as I consider them reliable laptops :)

        • @ShamelessBargains:

          hence why I post Macbook deals as I consider them reliable laptops :)

          I am looking to buy one too. Don't really feel like spending $2699 on a new macbook pro 15" (RRP: $3599), which is the price I get it for.

        • @ShamelessBargains: totally agree. I have a 2012 build retina mbp and the top spec xps13 xps13 with qhd. Xps13looks fantastic, build quality us among the best, price wise us also among the most pricy. However u still love to use my mbp, mainly because if the solid system. Windows still has a loooooong way to go.

        • @niner: I wouldn't touch a windows laptop with a 10ft pole. Desktop is another matter. Laptops though windows has nothing comparable. I use i7 Dell xps13 8gb ram 256gb ssd and it still slows down on heavy websites while my i5 2012 mba 13" doesn't. Then there's the whole touchpad drivers and material which no windows laptop has ever gotten right.

        • @OnlinePred:

          I wouldn't touch a windows laptop

          Tell that to the 1 billion+ users.
          If website page loading times are your benchmark, then you must be the most basic of basic users.

          I use i7 Dell xps13 8gb ram 256gb ssd and it still slows down on heavy websites while my i5 2012 mba 13" doesn't.

          No idea what you're talking about. That slowing down must be a connection issue. The XPS13 is the most popular ultrabook on the market and I have never heard of anyone saying that it slows down on 'heavy websites'. Whatever that means. THe speed at which a website loads is largely due to the internet connection and not a CPU. You're comparing a skylake CPU to a sandy bridge (I think). There is a significant performance increase between the two. Your anecdotal evidence is just nonsense.

        • @bezza: nothing to do with connection speed. It's okay mate if you don't understand. Xps13 is the best selling Ultrabooks because it's the best windows laptop and that businesses don't use Mac. If you don't understand that then just forget it. More mbp sell to consumers than Dell xsp 13. The cooling in the dells is terrible. Just like the surface they have throttling issues.

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        XPS13 is one of the priciest laptops on the market

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          Look at the last ebay deal.

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          This is true.
          If you have time on your side and know where to look you can pick brand New XPS13's up significantly less than RRP.

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      These MacBooks are built very well. I have had my Pro (8gb/256gb) for over 2 years now and still runs so smoothly, gets regular software updates and the retina display is simply stunning. Battery life has been exceptional, around 8-10 hours from regular use. If you need more power, maybe get the 15" with Iris Pro but the 13" should be fine with most tasks unless you do hard core photoshop/gaming in which case probably better building your own PC.

      • Same.

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        I have a thinkpad 13 years old still runs windows xp no problems
        running well for 2 years is definitely no acheievment

        • Awesome. Back in the day before planned obsolescence became a thing.

        • It's great that the mba and mbp have the latest os for free. And as great as thinkpads are, they still run windows and are let down by dodgy drivers. If you haven't opened a Mac laptop for a period of time there's is just no comparison. My mba '12 is still going as new after 4 years. Although it doesn't have the grunt to play games, it doesn't have cooling issues like Dell xps13 and I can compile coffee almost as quickly as my Dell xps13. End of the day I would rather use my mac than my Dell xps

        • @OnlinePred:
          Not quite true Apple stops updating older laptops

        • @aussman: yes they stopped updating the 2010 models.

    • Normally Macbook is heavier than other laptop made of carbon fiber. I'm using both Macbook and Dell with carbon fiber. Dell is much lighter if you don't mind with OS.

      • .. if you don't mind with OS.

        Based on this seems most people don't.

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          Most businesses. Individuals are completely different.

  • Just want to let everyone know that if they're a part of a company that supplies them with laptops or if they work at a university, get it through them. My Apple account manager has offered me all these laptops at much lower prices, but I am much more interested in newer technology.

    • How much lower? I can't seem them getting much cheaper

      • You're not an enterprise user.

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          Oh well I think these prices are probably the lowest non-enterprise users will see.

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          $1500 for that macbook pro 15" is one example.

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          @niner: Damn where can you sign me up ;)

        • @niner: damn I would buy at that price!

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          Majority ozbargainers are domestic consumer. They care what's the lowest price in accessible market.

          There are different tiers in enterprise price. How low is yours, actually?

          If you're kind enough, consider posting deals exclusive Gov, Edu, or corporate deal.


        • @ShamelessBargains:

          Just work for any large company that buys Macs. Windows laptops are even cheaper.

        • Then why bother mentioning it in the first place?

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          You'd be surprised to see how many ozbargainers work at large companies.

        • @niner: In my experience, not many "large companies" use Macs

        • @Pulseidon:

          That's true, but many ICT heads are open to the idea of allowing the use of Apple products. There are a few of these heads on whirlpool if you want to talk to them.

        • @niner: What size company gets that kind of discount? Hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of employees?

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      @niner, I thought you worked for Samsung, now with Apple? How's your S7?

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        I don't work for Samsung. Have worked with them in the past when developing new semiconductor technology for specific applications related to portable wearables.
        Worked with Apple when implementing telemedicine systems for a few of our private hospital customers.

        I own many products, including Apple products.

        My S7 Edge is great!

        My background is electrical engineering. I build things from the ground up. I like to think I know what I am talking about.

        • I like to think I know what I am talking about..

          Me too. Er, actually we all do!

  • cheap as chips!

  • damn, i brought a 13 inch 256 2015 refurb from apple for 1779.

    • return it

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      Definitely return it if you are still within the returns period. A brand new one will be heaps better and have better battery life :)

      • think so. also thinking buying the 2016 model for $200 extra. only thing worry is ports

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          yeah only 2 USB Type C ports and a headphone jack but at 10% off, its a good buy as well.

        • @ShamelessBargains: ok done, pressed return button and placed order for new 13'. apple says i just need to package the macbook and return to tnt drop off point. do i need to pay any delivery fees?

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          @ce5himm: Nope they should cover return fees.

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      Where did you bring it?

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    Amazing prices, particularly on the 13" pros

    • My thoughts exactly, have been waiting for the price drops for ages :)

      • I ordered the 13' retina with 128GB …is 128gb is ok if I use an external ssd..

    • I'm thinking of going to HN for price match and then use Amex deal for further reduction

      • The terms and conditions for the Amex deal says it excludes Apple, just a heads up

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          True but other OzB's claim Amex can't track purchase details specifically.. am thinking of trying my luck!

        • @TrailerTrash: Oh right, I didn't know that. Worth a shot then!

        • @ChippyD: I bought the new Apple TV last week at HN using the Amex deal and it worked. I don't think they see that it's an Apple product on their end.

      • yes, it was proved that someone purchased 5 HN gift cards to purchase an iphone 7 plus, and only need to pay $1000 for $1500 GC with cash back from Amex.

        • makes me wonder tho, why dont the person buy iphone7 plus straight away rather than purchasing gift cards first?

        • @fomal: probably got the gift cards off their credit card rewards program. An iPhone 7 plus would work out at around 240-250,000 points.

        • @entropysbane:
          gotcha, thought that guy bought gift card with amex and use it for iphone purchase

        • @fomal: yes.. amex has a spend 300+ and cash back $100 offer for HN per Amex credit card. if you have have multiple Amex card to purchase the $300 giftcard, then it would maximize your benefit.

          But my attempt was failed, as HN was reluctant to match the online price there.. And I returned to The Good Guy, the product was no longer available… Sounds it's an unbeatable price…only with limited stock.. Dodgy Good GUY…

  • Is it worth "upgrading" from a modded non retina 2012 with 16gb ram and a 512gb ssd with a 2tb internal seagate slim… to a 15" 256gb 16gb memory 15" retina?

    Additionally Money would probably be better spend on buying a 4tb external, than upgrading 256 to 512 for $500

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      Depends on your needs and whether you can live without the internal hard drive. It will be a significant enhancement with faster speeds and the display is stunning. The Iris Pro graphics are decent and there are plenty of ports too. This is the cheapest the 15" has been in over a year too.

      • If I could sell mine for $600-800, then it could be seen as a $1200 purchase + annoyance selling.

        Additionally: Is anyone planning to get a TRS discount at the airport if they're travelling within the next 60 days and have experience with getting it on a macbook pro? This would bring the price down more.

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          We have taken an iPad and gotten TRS discount before, don't see how it would be any different. Just make sure you get a tax invoice which they should include :)

        • @ShamelessBargains:

          Office works guy says he can't print out my name and details on the receipt which is a requirement for the TRS refund scheme for above 1k purchase, currently at the store and this is an issue. 5% at office works, or good guys doing a printed receipt and getting 10% at airport. This is annoying. Surely office works are professional enough to offer a print out receipt rather than a (profanity) coles style docket

        • @johndemonik: So do they have any resolution for this ?

        • @johndemonik: most big businesses have a handwritten receipt book or some other post purchase process to fulfill TRD requirements. Maybe call their general number for info.

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