Who Is Your Internet Provider and How Much Do You Pay? What Are Your Reviews about Your Current Provider

So.. I am planning to move in to my own home soon.

I was planning on what internet service provider to get and other nitty gritty things.

I found a lot of fake reviews posted by PR agencies on product review. These days there are a lot of small resellers that have entered the market. Barefoot, boom telecom, mynet, mint, mate, tangerine, lizzy just to name a few.

I'd like to know are you with one of these providers or the old stalwarts like telstra, optus, iinet, tpg etc.

How much do you pay and how would you rate it?


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      Exetel … all good.

      Well there's your credibility out the window.

  • Skymesh
    NBN 100/40
    120 GB on peak
    240 GB off peak
    Netgear R8000

    Speed test from iPhone (opposite side of house from where router sits) -

    ISP review - 5/5
    Router review - 5/5

    • I was going to go with Skymesh as they had really good averages in the youtube and netflix streaming stats. They aren't available in Far North QLD, why?

    • Also using Skymesh, no lock in contract and changing data plan is easy. Unmetered netflix is a bonus, can't complain overall.

    • 120GB ? ! wat i had the internet connected last tuesday and had already downloaded 700GB before friday

      • We mainly use Netflix (unmetered), an occasional movie from iTunes, gaming and general browsing so 120GB is plenty.

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    Optus cable + speed pack $90 p/m.

    Average 3mbps down speed due to congestion

    Rate it 2/10. I'm jumping ship when my contract ends.

  • TPG $60 a month unlimited ADSL2+ including line rental.

    Had since 2013, no issues. However I have had many friends who have complained for whatever reasons. Luck of the draw I guess? I live less than 1km from the tele exchange.

  • TPG ADSL2+ $39.99 for 75G/75G.

    $29.99 for 25G/25G is not enough and 250G/250G for $49.99 is too much.

    Wish they had something like $29.99/$34.99 for 50G/50G.

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    We have been with Telstra for about 6 years with a bundle.
    NBN fibre to the building, free phone rental, unlimited local and national calls, medium tier, 200GB + bonus 200GB, $89 + $20 speed booster.
    This Medium tier was slower than cable so got the speed booster which gives 100/40 most times.
    As a switch over to NBN, they offered putting our two mobiles on a shared data plan and one phone to be unlimited calls and texts nationally for $40.
    We stick with them although they are inept about their technology and it takes hours to fix issues but they always give us a credit.
    They give a credit because they can't work out what went wrong with various issues i.e billing.
    I won't bore everyone with our tales of woe getting anything set-up efficiently with Telstra.
    Their mistakes and inefficiency has cost them a fortune satisfying our needs of what we paid for!
    I always ask for incorrect charges to be deleted and they have to agree when it's pointed out.
    YOU have to find the mistakes because they don't see them.
    Each staffer will tell you something different and it's always incorrect!
    I just don't think any other Telco would be so accommodating with their mistakes and credits etc.
    Our NBN does drop out several times a day for a millisecond although they gave us a new modem.
    I don't want to ring up and find out if there is a solution as it will take hours.
    Our mobiles don't work very well in our apartment and have rung many times with no result.
    Telstra says we need 'bluetick' phones. Nah.
    I could buy a signal booster for $700 odd but that's not good enough with no money-back guarantee.
    I think all apartment dwellers suffer the same with any Telco.
    Tried Optus with same result.
    There needs to be different towers or something to improve the signal.
    I always use their live chat and save the transcript.

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      My Telstra NBN was dropping out too.

      If you are connected via ethernet try disabling "energy efficient ethernet" in your
      ethernet properties.

      Stopped the frequent dropouts we were having.

      100/40 Telstra NBN.
      Love it - don't love paying the bill though.

  • We are with Iinet and have been for many, many years. I rate them very highly. I am not technically minded at all and I find their customer service brilliant. Their relocations suck a fat one though, they are a little slice of hell. Thankfully I have only been through that twice.

  • What would you's recommend for a cheap ADSL plan beacuse i dint NBN is my area

  • On NBN 25/5 Mbps FTTN (Fibre to the Node) Unlimited bundle plan with iPrimus.

    They supply: HUAWEI Home Gateway HG659 router which has VOIP capability for Home Phone.

    Just letting you know, I live on a corner allotment, and the "Node" is on one side and the "Telstra Dome" on the other. Literally 10 metres away from each other and connection point (Router).

    Bundle includes: Router, (supplied free). Local, National & calls to Mobiles included.
    1800, 1300 free call numbers are about 10 cents each (I think. I don't make that many)
    Usual monthly bill: Around $92 mth (depends on amount of free calls made)

    Just ran "Speed Test"
    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 23094 kbps (2886.8 KB/sec transfer rate) 23.09 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 4728 kbps (591 KB/sec transfer rate) 4.73 Mbps
    Latency: 26 ms
    Jitter: 1 ms
    11/12/2016, 11:31:24 AM

    Hope this helps with your decision.

    • For a bit of contrast, I'm also with Primus on an "ADSL2+" plan, unfortunately it's been a very negative experience so much so that I would not recommend using their services to anyone.

      We're 3km from the exchange and although they were aware of this at the time I signed up they still insisted that I'd see speeds in the region of 15Mbit/s - once connected the highest speeds we saw were around 7Mbit/s.

      Recently, with no warning or communication whatsoever the speed was halved to 4Mbit/s, it was only after I contacted them to query why the downstream bitrate which my modem was connecting at had halved that it was increased to 8Mbit/s again.

      If you have a choice I would advise steering well clear of Primus.

      • I am with them as well with adsl2+ and not happy at all too. The connection drops way too often and the download speed speed sometimes are shocking.

        Have to call them to fix it every few weeks. And unfortunately have another year left with them:(

        My area has got nbn now and they have been calling me day and night to change it.

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      Relative to your plan, and considering you are literally 10 meters away from the node, the speed you are getting is relatively poor. The provider is likely excessively shaping your allowance (and all of their customers allowances). If there was ever a example of the ideal set up to receive advertised speeds, it would be yours. I'm guessing you are happy, but there is no reason to not receive exactly 25/5.

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      ugh 26ms latency 10m away from the bottleneck? man… that's horrible relative ping i expect from that distance. i live 3-4km from the exchange and this is my speed on ADSL2+ with TPG in perth no less. http://www.speedtest.net/result/5796582284.png <- lower than yours. you're getting ripped off somewhere unfortunately

  • Currently with TPG adsl2+ with unlimited data for $59pm.(add $20 extra for unlimited local,national and Australian mobile calls)

    3km away from exchange and getting speeds with a max of 5mbps.

    Speeds not adequate for me so I'm moving to a Telstra dot connection soon which has 170/40mbps speeds tested. (This is through 4g backup which I'd use all the time). You have to have a business/abn. Cost is $160pm with 2tb data and unlimited local,national and mobile calls.

  • $60 TPG NBN unlimited, parents house, average 6.5-7.5MB/s and max out at 7.8MB/s, downloaded 1.8TB in the last 4 days, could have done more/quicker if more seeds.

    $60 TPG ADSL2 unlimited, my house, max out at 340KB/s, can't even stream YouTube properly :c

    Service is excellent, quick to resolve issues and prompt followup, few small annoyances with their CS in the 15 odd years I've been with then since the dial up days, but nothing to prevent me recommending them.

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    I've been with Exetel for about 16mths now on their 100/40mbps nbn $89 for 500gb per month plan and haven't had an issue with them but I'll be swapping shortly to a company called MyRepublic who give unlimited for $69pm.
    A telco mate of mine tells me to stay away from the big companies because they are so popular that it limits the speed you actually get, which makes sense cause the more people using the service the more congested it gets.
    MyRepublic is new to Australia as of this month and have revaluationised internet in Singapore and New Zealand because of there costing.

    • In the same boat as you, with Exetel at the moment but peak period speeds is ridiculous. Can't do anything.

      Been hammering the F5 button on MyRepublic's webpage all day today hoping to see their sign up page is up.

  • iiNet VDSL2 in Canberra (TransACT). 55Mbps down, 13 up, we're about 900m from the SuperNode. 1000gb (shapes to 10/10), $80 per month. Very happy with it after about 18 months.

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    Dodo unlimited adsl2+ with line rental $60/month. 15-20 Mbps at any time of the day. Terrible customer service though. Overall I'm satisfied with the quality of the internet.

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    Iinet 500gb,$69 per month including landline.

    Customer service has been poor. They had a promo when I joined of free connection and a $50 credit. Surprise surprise, neither happened on the first bill and I had to point out the conditions on their own website before they would credit me. I got the impression they were well aware of the promo but they would just charge anyway and hope the customer doesn't see or remember.

    Previously attempted to connect to TPG. They sent the modem to the wrong address and got back to me after several weeks that there wasn't room in the exchange for my connection. I think they used a dartboard to give me a reason why I wasn't connected each time I called.

  • Telstra - 100Mbit Cable XL Bundle - 1TB/month for $99.

    *Ping has always been good, I can't remember the last time it spiked.

    *Download speeds have always been solid, I've probably only felt congestion for like a week or less from my 6 years with Telstra Cable.

    *Customer service/support has always been good enough for me

    • Whats your plan called?

  • Oh crap, I feel lousy now…
    We have had iPrimus for years, Unlimited, with a phone line (which we don't use, 4 mobiles in the house) for $60pm, and not many issues — and when we have had a few, they have been fixed quite promptly.
    It's ADSL2 and I knew it was not fast, but it did most things we wanted. But for this discussion I wanted to get a representative sample, so I just ran a Speed Test a couple of times…
    Um, 3.8mbps download and 0.4-0.5mbps is bog slow, right?

  • Telstra cable $78 pm which includes line rental.
    500 GB download. I think it about 50Mb down/1Mb up.

    • What's your plan called?

      • It's an old legacy plan. Called M (out of S, M, L & XL).
        Use to be $88 for 200GB. They increase it to 500GB for free and gave a speed boost.
        I got $10 discount for some promo but had to sign up for another 24 month.

    • That's expensive as compared to TPG.

      • Yes, not the best.
        We are looking to switch to NBN. Waiting for a good offer.

        • Don't switch! It's actually the best deal. There is zero congestion at any time with Telstra cable, 120/2.5 all day everyday. Telstra also have the best international bandwidth, which if you think about it most of our content comes from overseas.

          I have NBN FTTB and TPG FTTB available in my building but I think Telstra cable is worth the $18p/m extra over unlimited TPG for no congestion and faster international connection.

        • @kks: hi Kks. Thanks.
          But I think we are on Telstra cable at 50Mb download, with NBN we would be able to get 100Mb download all the time?

        • @kks: But TPG has unlimited data while the Telstra plan he mentioned has limited data. That makes a big difference depending on browsing habits/ internet usage.

      • TPG doesn't offer cable though, and TPG's back end is dog crap.

  • +3

    There is very little performance difference between different ISPs on ADSL connections. The difference tends to come down to after sales support or Telstra vs Optus phone cable.
    Hence, these discussions are often of no use. Like. At all.

    Comments about speed or performance have almost nothing to do with the ISP and everything to do with the infrastructure used. If you have a problem on the line, changing ISP won't fix that. If you have shit speed, your recourse is to use a different TECHNOLOGY.

    Technician appointments, etc. are also irrelevant. The ISP doesn't send a tech out to hook you up. They send a Telstra/NBN/Whatever contractor out. If they are late, nothing to do with the ISP. If they are on time, nothing to do with the ISP.

    Understand all of this and you will make life easier for yourself.

    The only real differences between ISPs are in terms of backhaul, CVCs, etc. For real proper comments on that stuff you'd be better off asking in a more technical forum.

    • unless your ISP has there own dslams (i.e aussie boardband etc) you will see different speeds. generally telstra will have best sync speed

    • +3

      That might be true for static speeds, but if your connection starts buffering every day at 6pm, its a problem with your ISP and their backhaul.

      • True enough, to a degree.
        Take into consideration your infrastructure. If you are on a RIM, then it is congestion.

  • Telstra Cable Bundle | 500GB 100/2 Mbps(speed boost) | Unlimited international calls to selected countries | $80

  • Telstra Cable 1000gb
    120 down 2 up
    Unlimited calls including select countries.

    Pretty good service. Not much people in my area using, so I always get the 120 down.
    Just gotta figure out how to stop these damn late payment fees and change plans to cheaper 500gb while on contract

  • Spintel 39.95 40GB / month. Perfect for me and cheapest I could find. Have been using it for over a year without any trouble.

    • Hi Fran I'm wondering what speeds u get

      • I get 17 Mbit/s Download and 812 Kbit/s Upload, about the same as with Exetel before (both using Optus)

  • +1

    I am jealous hearing all the NBN connections here.

    On a side note, anyone has some tips on negotiating with Telstra on their cable internet?

  • No Cable access to my unit so stuck with ADSL with Telstra

    $90 / month 500 GB , local and national calls included.

    Get $20 credit / month so it's $70/mth.

    Recontract from old plan 500 gb no calls for same price.

  • I am now with TPG $60 unlimited.

    The service has been really good. I am around 2.4km from DSLAM and I can get 12M / 1M speed.

    I was with Belong and I cannot tolerate their congestion during peak hours (6pm-11pm) because that's the time I usually use their service.

    Can't wait for NBN but I don't think I can get it before I leave this place (I am renting at the moment).

  • Adsl2+ Exetel (150GB peak + 150GB off peak)
    Never torrent, but still run out of peak data.
    Roughly over 50 AUD per month.
    Had some issues initially connecting 8+ devices, but now no issues after getting a nighthawk.
    Thinking of upgrading to
    Speeds are ok. 13mbps/1.4mbps.

    • Unlimited from TPG is better value in that case of course if you have more usage. It's for $59.99.

  • Country Vic.
    Telstra is the fastest adsl2+
    Recently changed to the $99 bundle with foxtel.

    Other providers available but slower speeds.

    Waiting for nbn.

  • Tpg unlimited adsl2+. 3.8km from exchange and get 4.9mbs after a phone line repair. Telstra owned network.

  • +1

    Optus Cable.

    Was originally paying $130 a month but complained since I wasn't getting the advertised speed even remotely.
    They sent a tech who changed something on the line and I've had 100/1 ever since, the upload speed has sucked on all ISPs I've been with.
    For some reason they also took $30 off my bill when I complained and I've never paid it since.
    They also did the cable installation themselves.

    Overall super happy, only one outage in 6 or so months which was on and off for about 20 minutes, but nothing major.
    The support had a brutally long answering machine but reached a rep pretty fast, however they're pretty meh in terms of technical knowledge.
    Could probably increase speeds with a better router but we have a very strange topology.
    Consistently download up to 12MB/s and seem to have no major issues with someone streaming and gaming at the same time, which is nice.
    No data cap at all.
    Line rental also included in plan, sketchy on details of it though.

    Would not change, also refusing to move house since I don't want to lose this speed.

  • Some obsolete TPG plan. 150GB, rarely have issues. I've had pretty good experiences with their customer service, but I try to make it easy for them (do isolation tests before calling up). I figure if I provide them with decent information, I'm more likely to get a better solution.

  • Mynetfone - Naked DSL - $50 a month.

    Uses optus network
    uploads are not counted

    Support are pretty good, I can't recall who they resell through since it's not MNF that actually is the reseller either (they go through another provider which goes to Optus).

  • +1

    HFC cable on Telstra Summer Bundle i.e. 1000GB Data (+500 Bonus so in total 1500GB)+ Speedboost + Foxtel Entertainment + PAYG Phone calls (haven't even connected the phone etc..) - all for $89 , 2 years contract though. Speed is pretty consistent around 100mbps/2.5mbps so no complains there.

    Netflix works great with 4K content as well.

    Here's more details:


    Extras (500GB Bonus, Speedboost, free install) can be acquired from the shops instead of phone IMO.

    • Are you sure you're getting the speed boost with this Entertainment bundle?

      It states that it's $99/month with 1000gb total (not 1500gb), no speed boost (extra $20/month if you want it added) plus Foxtel.

      How did you get it for $89/month with 1500gb, speed boost etc? Did you do it over the phone or instore?


      • Yep I am getting Speedboost. I moved from a previous bundle where I had Speedboost + $10 credit every month. I went to the shop and the guy was nice enough to give keep both for me which makes it $89/month. Didn't have foxtel but he waved installation fees as well so got that done for free as well.

  • iiNet ADSL2 $60 per month for 200GB.
    Never once had a problem with them, been with them for many years.
    Download speed is about 14Mb/sec and upload speed about 850Kb/sec, I'm about 1.5km from the exchange.

    They don't count Netflix or Apple TV (things hosted here, which is most of what I watch) and others against your data allowance, that's a big bonus.

    It always works, I highly recommend them.

  • +4

    TPG adsl unlimited $59.99. 5mbps dl

    Telstra cable ends one street over and they quoted 10 grand+ to connect me.

    NBN scheduled to start in 2052.

    Crappy copper/pit in my street. Whenever it rains my already poor speeds will go to crap. Thanks Turnbull.

  • I am with Iprimus.

    I'm on 12/1 nbn.
    I get consistent speeds pretty much exactly on that.
    I pay $60 a month for unlimited and unlimited calls which I use regularly.

    I have thought of leaving but considering Iprimus have been fairly good to me I've been loyal to them for over 7 years. I've been tempted to move a few times but feel it's better the devil I know than the devil I don't.

  • If you keep counting the money, TPG unlimited $55/mth still the better bet, if you want good connection all the time and not worry that much money, Telstra is the best, and it give you Telstra air on weekend when you are not at home.

    • +1

      It's $59.99 and not $55.

  • MyNetFone ADSL Naked $50/month
    Peak 250GB
    Off-Peak 250GB

    I am bout 3km from exchange and only hit about 6Mbps so i don't ever come close to hitting the caps.

    Waiting for NBN that won't ever come… I'm not on the map anymore due to Optus HFC turning out to be a failure for NBN.

    ISP Review: 1/5 (Terrible support and long hold times but its cheap)

  • Belong, and they have been pretty bad. Firstly, had frequent outages towards the beginning of the year. Their email support would do the usual 'check your router', while phone support took at least an hour to get through too. All up, took a week for them to resolve the issue with no compensation for the down time. Then they jacked up the price of the plan by $5, despite us being on contract (apparently agreements are only one way with ISPs). Because of the price hike, we were given the option to downgrade our plan to avoid it, which we did. Except they kept charging us the old plan cost for the next three months, with me having to contact them every single time to get my money back. And despite being on FTTH NBN, our speed slow well below the advertised rates pretty often.

  • I'm with Internode. 250GB + line rental for $60. Always max out my line at 1.6MB/s and the usenet is a nice extra also. Rock solid service. Never have to call them so can't comment on their customer service these days. I also use their VoIP and have my mobile with them. Again, can't be faulted.

  • If you have NBN then go for it. Dont settle for ADSL.
    When I was inHObart, I had NBN with iinet nad their service was awesome.

    Now I moved to N Melb and surprisingly no NBN here. Its like I went to a 3rd world nation.

    Anyways I have cable internet with Telsta. The service is just ok. Cant wait to move out to a suburb and get on the NBN.

  • +1

    Unlimited ADSL2+ TPG $59.99 a month. No issues.

  • Same as the others, was with Adam Internet, now iinet but the service hasn't been as good since TPG bought them out, as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm on their Naked plan, 500GB for $60/month.

    Does anyone know the process for switching over to the NBN from Naked? Does the line have to be reactivated with Telstra? Do you also need to then pay line rental if all want is the internet and no actual phone service?

  • Internode NBN, 50/20 MBit, 300GB, 85$.

    Very happy, it just works, and I always get at least 45 Mbit/s, never less

  • +2

    Optus Cable here, very unreliable. Don't go with Optus cable!

  • Currently in the process of switching over to iiNet/TransACT VDSL2, 50-80Mbps, 1000GB/month, $79.99. I've mostly heard good things about iiNet, will have to see how the VDSL service performs though.

  • Nuskope - former bundle plan with devotednbn

    $69.95/month nbn 12/1 unlimited downloads. unlimited landline, nation wide, mobiles calls. 13 cost 25c

    small amount of poor performance on saturday sometimes. we experience.

    customer service - very slow on pick up calls.

    not really sure a good deal or not

  • Mates ..Mate :P
    ISP: Mates Communicate
    Plan: Goodmates 12/1 NBN UNLIMITTED
    Price: $59/ month

    Checked through speed-net and still I get about 10 mbps download

    NO CONTRACT so means a soon as the service gets shitty ..I am out. But have had no complaints so far. Pretty nice good people there. Aussie Company.

  • +3

    About $35 aud a month with Basic pay TV package included
    Unlimited data (no plans here have data capping)

    One of the perks as an expat Aussie living in Hong Kong…. So much cheaper than when I lived in Aus!

  • Been with TPG for more than 2 years, $59.99 for unlimited internet. Excellent customer service, good internet.

  • -1

    Hooooly shit. I really hope you are able to read this OP. There's a LOT of fluff in this thread.

    I have always been a big believer of the reliable net providers and paying that little bit extra.

    I am with Internode. I ring them up around the clock, i never get a machine, i will ALWAYS get an individual who I can understand and who will help immediately. I pay more money for this but I DEFINITELY prefer this aspect of service.

    I am locked on an old deal, but pay 60 or so a month and get 200gb.

    Their service is loyal to me. They've never increased price and have always helped me when required. For this reason I will remain loyal to them.

    I use my net lots, a bit for gaming too, and also work. I need reliable connect and a damn good company to ensure this occurs.

    I have a few buddies that use the cheap dirty options like DODO etc. These are fine if you rarely use net, but offer unreliable connection and TERRIBLE customer service. You pay for what you get.

  • With iinet as of last month on 100/40 unlimited NBN is $99 a month with no contract, spoke to rep on phone who was able to give me a discount on their "connection fee" first bill was around $150.

  • Have been on TPG for over a decade and only ever had a day or two downtime. The call center wasn't the best but I guess that's one of the reasons they're so cheap - speeds are very good, connection is solid.

    Pay $60 for unlimited data and I've got a mobile on one of their cheap plans they no longer offer for $15 a month for 1.5GB data and tons of calls/unlimited sms.

    No issues with congestion at peak times luckily - apparently some areas on TPG do experience this. I'll probably stick with them when NBN arrives next year. Fingers crossed I have the same good luck.

    I've spent time on an internode connection and didn't notice anything different, although I don't do a lot of gaming.

  • TPG ADSL2+ for 8+ years, no cable or NBN available here :(
    10/0.8 Mbps
    We've had a couple of issues with the copper which they've sent technicians out quickly to resolve.
    One turned out to be caused by a wound up phone line plugged into one of the unused outlets which was missed during the over the phone isolation test, they didn't charge for that callout which was nice of them.

  • I've got the TPG/Wondercom FTTB connection (the one they set up to rival the NBN). Signed up via Boom Broadband.

    Cost: $65 a month with a $150 sign up/modem fee or something along those lines.
    Contract: There was a 6 month contract initially but no contract anymore.
    Limits: None; unlimited downloads and uploads.
    Speed: Speed tests consistently give me 90Mbps+ down and 35Mbps+ up. I'm less than a km from the exchange but they guarantee at least 50Mbps down from memory.
    Extras: Comes with VOIP but haven't used that.

    Rating: fantastic. Cheaper than NBN, ridiculous speeds, haven't had any problems in the year that I've had it. TPG handle the actual service and haven't had an issue. Boom Broadband handle the billing, setup, and presumably tech support. Haven't had to use tech support, but the few times I've spoken to them they've been very pleasant (I get the feeling it's just a handful of blokes running it; it has a small business feel which is nice). They have all the usual bells and whistles as far as online support as well so I'm very happy.

    I'd certainly recommend Boom Broadband. You may not be lucky enough to get the Wondercom option, but given I sussed them out as one of the better priced Wondercom resellers for my situation I'd assume they do alright on the NBN pricing as well. The service itself is handled by NBN Co so presumably would be the same no matter who you buy through.

    Hope that helps.

  • Netspace until it was bought and merged by iinet. They upgraded my 500GB plan to 1200GB and I pay $99 for ADSL2+ and phone bundle. No idea if there's a better plan out there as I'm too lazy to go through the hassle of switching over to something cheaper. I've had no issues whatsoever apart from the DNS going down and losing connection but it's a very rare occurrence nowadays.

    Edit: It seems quota is now unlimited.

  • Wondercom (formerly TPG) FTTB unlimited 100/40mbps. No issues with speed or dropouts and we pay $70p/m

  • Telstra cable 200GB, 100 down / 2 up, $69.95pm.
    In actual speed tests, it's more like 113 down / 2.4 up.
    Originally signed up for 80GB but they were adding bonuses to customers.
    Can also double the quota 3x every year.
    Speeds are always fast, performance is solid, but has the occasional outages.
    Little to no perks, compared to Optus for example. But I hear Optus is unreliable.
    Comes with Telstra-modded Netgear C6300BD, very reliable cable modem, awful wifi router (goes down every few hours or days), so must BYO wifi router. (Also something gave me an impression that Telstra can remotely reboot the router, so defs BYO router.)

  • Exetel 100/40 NBN unlimited


  • I am with TPG NBN (FTTN) on a unlimited 25 plan.
    Works great for local content with speed but definitely notice slow down as it tries to use overseas content like youtube.

    Note that when you speed test you may get full speed a local server, but when you try hitting an overseas server you will most likely hit a fraction of the speed.

  • I am with Telstra, I pay $99 a month and get 500gb data, land line and they gave Telstra TV with it. Internet speed is like 3-4 mbps and I never even opened the box for Telstra TV. I bought vivid wireless last week to try it out and i am getting consistent 9-10 mbps speeds. I went with Telstra as I moved into new home we built and had no other option. NBN doesn't get here till next year. Gonna call Telstra and see if I can cancel the contract as I am not getting my money's worth.

  • +1

    used to be with bigpond cable so much issues at-least once a month had to call them and wait for days to get them fixed (coming to my yard doing their things)
    now with tpg for like 2.5 yrs !! $50 a month adsl2 not fast compared to cable BUT STABLE!! never had ANY issues at all!!! can't believe that myself.

  • Optus NBN| Unlimited | $69.99/month as I bundled up 2 phones with them

  • Optus bundle

    Unlimited internet and home phone + Samsung g tab 8 for $90 pm

    I talked to a brick wall once, it helped my issues better than optus did

  • +1

    Optus unlimited Entertainment Bundle $77
    If you're good at sweet-talking and able to convince the other parties than I find Optus is the best for that (especially Indian consultants who are very nice)

    Anyway paying $77 for the $150 Entertainment bundle (Epl, speed pack, 30 channels, fetch box 3, homephone, mobile discount (don't even have an optus mobile plan))

    Been with optus for 10y been moving from 120->99->90, was able to add all the above features to the existing 90 without having to upgrade (which is a criteria). Takes couple of calls and sometimes with no luck but eventually you get that one nice rep that does it for you!

    When the speed is bad (say 30mb) I call up and get a $10-20 discount depending on the consultant. Last month payed $44

  • +1

    Be wary of some cheap telcos (if you plan to choose one). They can impose several hidden charges at signup. Look for words like setup fees, connection fees, hardware charges etc in the product disclosure statement before you signup. Don't forget to negotiate these charges especially when you are signing up for a long term contract.

  • Hey mate I am with TPG ADSL2 I usually get around 16+ Mbps it has reached 17mbps at times. I am about 500 meters from the exchange it cost $50 a month. I may upgrade to cable soon. I get ping spikes that could be any thing either way. My usual ping is 10-15ms.

  • Exetel, 100/40Mbps plan, 500GB/month @ $79/month.

    Achieving 76/36Mbps max.

    Was on 25/5Mbps plan, 500GB/month @59/month getting 23/4Mbps.

    Not too happy with the upgrade, as the main place I wanted better download speeds to rarely has the capacity to go above what I had on the lesser plan.

    Definitely wouldn't recommend Exetel unless you're on top of things - poor GF overpaid heaps in fines because she didn't understand their emails telling her to upgrade her plan.

  • Aussie Broadband, $60 a month for 500gb 25mbps NBN. They also do adsl. Speeds are consistently above 23mbps, a pleasure to deal with, call centre early has a wait and is based in Gippsland. Plan originally started at 100gb and theyve constantly upgraded it to keep competitive. And you get a free month if you refer a friend.

    Could not recommend then highly enough

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