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Adidas Frenzy: 50% off Everything @ Adidas Outlet (Prices from $6, Free Shipping No Min Spend)

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2016

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  • Sales are going mad today!

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    A bargain is a bargain, but most of whats listed is pretty ordinary.

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    its always reduced in the outlet, even its over 50% (60 - 70%) sometimes

    i know this because i had a few Adidas vouchers and spent them in the outlet over the fast few months

    • true, most things are only a 5-15% discount max!

  • +1

    I was suppose to save for my end of year holiday but what the heck. Bought Tubulars for $85 delivered! :D

  • Is it online only?

  • Just bought 2x pairs of running shorts! Thanks!!

  • Bought 2 pairs of shoes. Thanks

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    All day i dream about sales ;)

    • After dinner I do all shopping.

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      Any Dollar Is Definitely A Saving !?

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    Free shipping code, no minimum spend


    • Awesome find. Thank you. Added to OP :)

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        sorry, what is the 50% code? same as the free shipping code?

        • it is already discounted. you dont have to enter a code for half price.

    • damn, paid for shipping 30 mins ago!

    • Thanks so much, was going to give up spending until I saw this!

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      thanks - just used it
      How did you get this code??

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        It came on a flyer with my last purchase "enjoy free delivery on your next purchase"

    • +3

      THAT $8.50 I COULD'VE SAVED! I'm gutted. :C

  • 50% off Everything? why some of them have 50% off some not?

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      Are you shopping the Outlet?

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    I don't play soccer but I now own a soccer ball.

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      Perhaps you could donate it to the Socceroos, because they seem to have lost their ball in Thailand.

    • I bought a mini for my toddler. Now I want to know where to get a cheap, decent pump for soccer balls…

      I believe it comes flat…

      One bargain after another…the endless cycle for ozbargainers.

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    wished they had Yeezys :(

  • im thinking about buying basketball and soccer jerseys. he is 6.1". so what size should i go for? because length is not stated in the size chart on the site.

    • +1

      Depends what his weight is. If it helps I'm 6"2 and 93kg and Im almost always a size Large.

      • he is around 82-83 kg. i just reckon these jerseys tend to be wider and longer that casual wear. thats why i felt like i had to ask.

        • +1

          I would be buying medium then. I find medium and large don't differ as much in length as small and medium do. Good luck!

  • Can't even load the website :(

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    50% off + another 15% when you sign up, essentially 57.5% off. good deal

    • +2

      It doesn't work the 15% extra, I couldn't not sure if someone did it,

    • but there is also a coupon for free shipping. so can we use both of them at the same time?

    • +2

      Just checked - can't stack codes :(

      • -2

        God dang, you guys are right, i just tried, to our disappointment it doesn't work. Although i remember puma's sale a while ago worked.

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    High positive votes, may I ask what people a buying?

    • Running shoes?

      • I guess so, not much range to choose from, cheap than Rebel though.
        Those superstar supercolor look horrible, looks like someone just dipped them in paint.

      • Asking or telling?

    • +9

      even though i really dont need to buy anything, the discount has enticed me to buy what i want, it is a marketing scheme and yes it has worked on me. i just spent $180 aud altogether, i bought 1 hoodie, 1 jacket and 2 track pants. now that i think about it, i kind of feel stupid, but hey i dont mind spending once in a bluemoon.

      • haha, thanks mate

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        Super moon!

    • 2 Hoodies, 2 Polos, Soccer boots and a Soccer ball. $258 all up so it's my birthday present to myself to justify it.

  • outlet

  • +2

    Added items to my cart (it lost 2 of them somehow) $58 total.
    Applied discount code $50 total.
    Discount is from original price not list/website price .. not worth the high votes listed here, I assumed it would be 50% off current/listed price, not some other random price.

    • So the shorts I bought for $25 weren't $50?

    • weirdly enough i had the same experience, one of the items i wanted to buy disappeared, i believe it was a black jacket, i took a while choosing what i wanted so i assume that other people bought it out before me while i was still looking through the website.

  • http://www.adidas.com.au/sneaker-socks-1-pair/S22206.html
    every man needs a pair of these
    so sexy

    • hmm…, heres a little exploit, if you only have this item in you shopping cart, you aren't able to put in the free delivery promo code, however you can put in any other item until you see the promo code pop up, then remove the item and you will be able to put in the free delivery code, thus buying the socks with free delivery.

    • these are great if you own vans.. or any shoe that looks better if you weren't wearing socks.

      • +1

        i have these bonds low cut socks (invisible when wearing with chucks) that always seem to roll down under my heel. so i reckon these sneaker socks will be even worse.

        • I got some of these "invisible socks" that has silicone pad in the heel area that stops them sliding off, works pretty well

        • @jeanzhaolu:

          Oh yeah I forgot I have those too actually. They work much better yup.

  • +1


    They are an insult to the adidas boost runners, or if anything get half a size lower.

    I'm a size 11, got a size 11 and it is ridiculously loose.

  • +1

    Thanks for posting. Got new school backpacks for the kids next year.

  • Damn, someone stole the last M chelsea shorts :( Accidentally deleted it from my cart then tried to add it again and out of stock lol

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    Simply enter adilovesyou at the checkout for free shipping.

    Ends 17th November at 11:59pm AEST

  • any superstar shoes?

    • Not the classic one, coloured ones are disgusting.

      • +1

        check out asos

    • I saw a few I believe

  • Good stuff.

    Got new indoor shoes, soccer ball and shin pads.

    Thanks OP

  • -4

    It seems the 15% discount code for signing up to newsletter works.

  • Got the soccer ball too.

  • I bought a Hoodie and a jacket for my wife last night before the free shipping coupon posted.
    Today I found they have a lot less items on sale? Especially hoodie and jacket.
    Anyway to reclaim my lost shipping I ordered a mini soccer ball for my 2 yo son.
    Thanks op and wangsk!

    • Same I bought a mini Euro16 ball as well for my boy.
      Hopefully he likes it…

      However I think the ball comes flat, you will need a pump. What's a good place to get a good but cheap pump?

      • +1

        Maybe try out those 2$ shop?
        I got mine long time back and it has been pumping all the kids toys and my basketball.
        Still going strong for 10+ years.

        • Will check it out. Have a feeling quality wise the $2 shop ones would be pretty crappy compare to 10+ years ago.

  • Thanks! Dont forget flybuys!

  • Can any medium built guys help me with sizing. Normally i wear a 32 size pants, but in terms of shorts and tracksuit pants - What size would be a better fit Small or Medium?

    • Following for same answer. Usually wear 32"-34" am 173cm and 73kg. Sorry not trying to hijack your post :)
      Edit: also if anyone has tried the compression wear.. How are their sizing? According to start chart I should order 'medium' but the model shown is much taller than me and wearing medium!?

      • So the medium sizing is correct for me. The compression top is not the best quality but for $25 I can live with it. It has moderate compression at best. My skins A200 feels much better/compressive in comparison.

    • +1

      I'm a 32 and I wear medium Adidas pants. Small is really tiny around the waist.

      • How about hoodies or jackets.. they are showing models that are 6'3 wearing medium and size chart recommends I should order medium!

    • Mine just arrived. Bought "small" in the Chelsea shorts, and have a 30" waist. Small fits fine but medium would've been ok too. So I'd go with medium if I were you.

  • And there goes the paycheck… LOL

  • Ouch, there goes my precious $.

  • Anyone received shipping confirmation?

    • Not here. The item I ordered was out of stock as I paid for my order though so a bit unsure.

      Anyone else?

      • Just received tracking email

    • Received tracking email, but not showing up on toll website yet.

      • Got delivered yesterday. Toll just left it at the door.

  • Thank you TA.

    My order placed in the morning paid with visa has been cancelled tonight. All items were in stock. Payment verification issue is the official version…
    Never ever had similar problems before.
    Could it be a stock issue?

    Placed another order, paid with PayPal this time. Let's see if it comes through.
    Anyone experienced similar issues with adidas? Cheers

  • +1

    I got BALLS :)

  • Received my item this afternoon. Super fast delivery. Thanks OP and Adidas.

  • -1

    man, i just saw this now. i tried the code, it's not working :(

    • -1

      Who is "man"?

  • +3

    Signed up for the email and got my 15% code, not going to use it so here i'll save some people the bother


  • Has anyone got their orders yet?

    • i got my order today…

  • These prices are still going strong! And as footballer, I must admit these are some great offseason prices for Straya. Get yourself a pair to practice in if you've already got boots, so you can extend the life of your good ones.

  • I think Toll has lost my Soccer Ball from this deal. :(

    • Mine arrived quite awhile ago. Now waiting on my $2 pump from China.

  • Not working :(

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