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$50 off Any Job over $200 @ ServiceSeeking.com.au


Get your next job done on ServiceSeeking.com.au through the page https://www.serviceseeking.com.au/50 and we'll give you $50 off the total price if you hire before November 30th.

ServiceSeeking is a free online quotes service to source local businesses, tradies and service professionals. Need something done around the house?

Use our 1 minute form and get quick quotes from nearby cleaners, electricians, plumbers, builders, painters, handymen, photographers and more.

It's 100% free to use and you can get up to $8,000 in customer protection if something goes wrong (T&C's apply - more details here https://www.serviceseeking.com.au/blog/customer/customer-ann...)

Available Australia wide.
Expires 30 November 2016
Must pay for the service through the website
Offer available on first job only
Minimum Job Value of $200

Full terms: https://www.serviceseeking.com.au/blog/terms-and-conditions/...

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  • Interesting. I had been looking for a sparky just today, 1 rang out and the other hummed about coming out and asked for $45 call out fee.

    Submitted the form on this site and had about 10 calls, SMS, and emails shortly after putting my phone down. Not exactly sure some were ideal based on the messages but I now have someone coming out on Tuesday, let's see how it goes.

    Edit: ok so the emails are just notifications from the listing on the site, not from the companies themselves

    • friend of mine needed some lights installed

      got like 4 calls in 30 mins. quotes from 500 bucks to $100 cash job

      quite brilliant

      tho hilarious half the tradies will do an insanely good job for cash and circumvent the website anyway. so no idea how theyre making money

      • +5

        no idea how theyre making money

        This is the problem with the service. They harass the crap out of you if you post a job, to see if someone did the work.
        They're basically trying to catch people who avoid paying the commission.
        I posted a job and got 4 calls and 3 texts from SS asking if it had been done. Even after I told them no one had done it, they kept on calling. Drove me nuts…

        • I had the same experience last time I used them . I was lucky the first few times I used them but last time it was too expensive and not a complicated job so I just did it myself . Only got the 2 calls but quite a few emails as well . I think the idea is great but it relies pretty heavily on honesty and they have to be careful they don't ostracise the people who are honest .

        • Hey Hoju, I'm sorry to hear you felt harrased. Our mission is to help our users get jobs done and hire with trust. We do have a very enthusiastic and supportive customer team who do follow up calls to see if they can help, if you didn't find someone the first time around. It's possible they might have been a little too enthusiastic with your job, but they will definiately stop calling if you tell them you don't want anymore follow up calls.

          It's not the case however that we're trying to catch people from avoiding commission, as you described, that's not the way it works.

      • It is possible to hire outside the website once you've exchanged contact details but I'd always recommend going through us.

        For one, we'll give you up to $1,000 job cover for property damage if you simply click 'choose this business' on the site before the job commences. This won't increase the cost of your job, or create any additional charge for the business you've hired, so really, it's a no brainer IMO.

  • +1

    Might want to check the guy coming out is qualified.

    • Ha good point. We got a quote from a guy which was awesome. Came out, measured up and was almost contracted. At the last minute, turns out the guy didn't have his builder's licence or registration, so the body corporate sent him on his way…

      • There was a crackdown a few months ago on service providers having to show licenses if they wanted to quote for jobs. I'm not sure how successful that was.

        • It also doesn't ensure the guy turning up is the same guy with the licence.

    • +1

      Defintely. If you are getting work done that requires a skilled professional, relevant qualifications are very important.

      When businesses get back to you with quotes, we label those who have submitted a verified licence check with a Licence Check Badge on their ServiceSeeking profile page.

      We also offer a range of other customer protections to help you hire with trust:
      1. $1,000 cover for property damage as long as you hire through us (click on the choose this business button before job commences)
      2. $3,000 cover for property damage, stolen deposits and faulty workmanship if you pay for a $19.95 upgrade
      3. $5,000 cover for property damage, stolen deposits and faulty workmanship if you hire a 'pro' business (no paid upgrade required).

      Terms and conditions: https://www.serviceseeking.com.au/blog/customer/customer-ann...

  • +2

    You guys have it wrong. There's no commission once a job is accepted so it doesn't matter to them if it's done behind the scenes. The service providers pay to quote and that's how they make their money. Usually it's a subscription payment - I pay $60 to offer photography and get about 10 leads a week for the Perth area.

    • Pretty sure they have differing methods . I had a tree lopper out and he told me he was paying for jobs but then negotiated a flat monthly fee .

    • You have to give the lowest price in order to get picked by the potential customer, right? So how come it is a fixed cost? And how about the conversion rate of your 10 leads

      • Price is definitely a major factor in winning a customer's work - the ability to very easily receive competitive quotes without ringing around is one of the main reasons our users prefer using us to searching through Google or the Yellow Pages.

        But we also find many other factors driving our users to hire a someone - businesses with lots of positive reviews and a strong ServiceSeeking profile page, or being a 'Pro' badged business which qualifies their customers to receive up to $5,000 cover for property damage, stolen deposits and faulty workmanship. Even the time it takes the business to respond to their customer's quote and how well they communicate their intro message are major factors that determine how likely a customer will be to choose which business to hire.

  • I would be checking the qualifications of any business listed on there site. And i wouldn't put much stock in a page with so many glowing reviews. Service seeking originally banned a tradie i reported to them. Then i found out after a year Service Seeking let him back because he asked to be relisted. Very dodgy.

  • Had 2 pretty good experiences with ServiceSeeking, one for ceiling fan installation and another for cooktop installation. Both were very reasonably priced. The latter took like 2 seconds but the guy was just doing extra jobs between doing his full time electrician work. You get a certificate afterwards if you need it. For electrician work, they usually list their registration number and you can read the reviews.

    Offer available on first job only

    Does that mean you can only use the offer once or you have to be a new member?

    • Out of interest, how much did it cost to have the ceiling fan installed and was it new?

      • +3

        I think it was $300 for the install. 3 high quality fans (Mercator Grange DC) bought from last Christmas' eBay sale. 2 were a simplish removal of existing light fixture and replace with fans. The 3rd was a new installation where they had to run wires and attach to a new switch. If it was a simple swap of all 3, it would have been $200 but the 3rd fan install added an extra $100. The quotes ranged from $100 - $500 so I just selected the $200 one as there were a good amount of reviews.

      • Hey Peblos

        We have lots of Pricing Guides that we publish based on data we collect from submitted quotes and individual jobs marked as completed and paid via our site.

        You might find this article on the cost of electrical repairs and services useful:

        Sonya from Qld: Ceiling fan replacement
        Her old ceiling fan was noisy, so she needed to take them out and replace with a new one. The quote she received covered the supply and installation of a new ceiling fan as well as the replacement of the wall controller. However, it does not include wall patching or painting, which may be required due to the removal of the old wall controller.
        TOTAL COST: $280

        • Disappointed and I don't think I would use ServiceSeeking again in the future.

          Electrician came out, which went well (with one issue of being unable to take the old ceiling fans away), however I was unable to claim the discount as the payment couldn't be processed (I've used the card on something else today and there is enough funds in the account). I started arranging payment just over an hour before he finished up due to something taking longer than expected. In that time I was not able to resolve the payment despite 3 phonecalls waiting on someone following up with web developers and 2 promises of returned phone calls. By this time, the sparky is finished and needing to leave, so the final phonecall I'm on hold with the guy waiting on me before I'm told they need to follow up with someone who is unavailable.

          So, I ended up paying the guy by bank transfer from a different account than the one I wanted to use. So, now I'm unable to claim the $50 but I'm told to use it on the next job. Who says I'm going to be able to use it on the next job? In addition I miss out on the job insurance should anything turn out to be wrong.

          Seems to me that they already have their money from the tradies so there's no incentive to do anything after the quote.

    • Offer available on first job only

      Does that mean you can only use the offer once or you have to be a new member?

      Hi Neil

      It's only applicable for the first job posted under a user's account.

  • Incalls as well or outcalls only?

    • Hey tony

      I appreciate times might be tight for you lately. Don't worry, our offer is for $50 off the total cost of your job when marked as complete and paid via our site. We don't differentiate between service incalls or outcalls, any job over $200 is eligible.

  • +1

    I've used the service twice for gardening, despite having good feedback the first one turned up over an hour late , left during the day with no explanation for hours and forgot the lawnmower. The second time another company did a great job and then started harassing us every few weeks, used twice more after that and the quality of work became progressively worse and more expensive but I guess it's the luck of the draw

  • +1

    I've used the service 4 times. I had mixed experiences.
    The good experience i had was looking for a tax accountant. Got a really hard working and meticulous accountant, and used them every year since.
    Another time I did a call out for an alarm system that was not working on a house we recently bought. First he said the alarm system is not working and it needs to be replaced, then he said the wiring needed to be done. Ended up costing me $1000+, and i couldn't tell if the guy is ripping me off.
    Another time I did a call out for an electrician to fix a broken light switch in our IP. It ended up costing me more than the quote even though nothing out of the ordinary was done.
    Finally I had a terrible experience of hiring a guy to re-grout our old house that was turned into an IP. He quoted one price, asked for a higher amount after the job was done, and then a week later half the grout was coming off. It was a cash in hand job and even though he promised to provide a receipt he didn't. Was very disappointed.

  • +1

    I regret ever contacting Service Seeking. My in laws needed a small plumbing job done and asked me to find someone. The call out was relatively cheap so we thought we'd try them. Out comes a well spoken tradie with the gift of the gab. My in laws are elderly trusting people. After just over one hour a new stop valve was connected(not very well) to a pipe and then out comes a bill for $450!!! Phone calls were made back to service seeking but they just didn't care. It's a real shame people take advantage of vulnerable honest people.

  • +1

    It's a hit and miss. Used the site over 12 times on various job renos and always had heaps of problems. Didn't understand why tradies were becoming so problematic until it finally hit me that I was sourcing all these tradies from serviceseeking and not regular channels (e.g. Yellow pages, word of mouth etc). Out of the 12, a few were decent, but I think they need to screen their tradies better. You can leave reviews on that site but I think if you're a paid tradie member, you can "hide" the reviews.

    • Hi there, we defintely don't hide reviews for payment. We also have a 2 strikes complaint policy.

      • +2

        That's a lie and you know it. I reported a business to you and your CEO which had multiple strikes and you let them back in after you banned them. The quicker customers and honest tradies find out what a sham that service seeking is the better.

        • +1

          Yes they hide reviews! Have used them a few years ago and had a bad experience with 2 tradies, left a review for 1 of them and it was hidden. The other I did not bother leaving a review for in fear he would come back to my house for revenge.

  • Sounds like a great idea but zero matches for an electrician in my area (Ballarat, Vic)

  • I used to use this service but no longer. I think it's a disgusting business decision for them to write on their ads for example "Find a painter now for $30 ph".. How dare serviceseeking set price based advertising to give the impression that this is the going rate. A self employed person would go broke charging $30ph.

    • you need to take into account the grey market of people who are employed full time but want to make money on the side as well.

      if i was a tradie and there was a job 10 mins from home on a saturday paying less that what i get normally but it was easy and i wanted the cash i'd do it.

      • It's still bad advertising. A qualified Painter for example would be trade qualified, and service seeking require trade verified people to do work.

        I'm pointing out that they shouldn't be putting a dollar figure on an unknown thing. A self employed tradesperson charging $30 per hour would go out of business with all the other stuff they would need to pay like insurance etc.

  • I need to get a job done in early dec. Would this offer be available if I book before 30 Nov?

  • Is it applicable to existing customers who have already posted/completed previous jobs?

  • Hi ServiceSeeking, I am now hiring a cleaner for $200 this weekend. When I tested out "pay now", it tried to charge me the full $200. No $50 discount :( Have I done something wrong? Was there a promo code I was supposed to use?

  • +1


    I know this has expired, but i just thought i would add my two cents about my experience with serviceseeking. I followed the link, hired the tradie through the site, tried to pay through the site but the $50 was not applied.

    When I enquired, i was told that the quote was $700 and your payment amount is $650 so that's the discount. However, this change in price was because i changed something about the job.

    The various "customer service" people i dealt with essentially called me a liar by saying that i did not follow the link i clearly followed.

    To add insult to injury, the tradie i used told me that they withhold his payments when people pay through the site on a regular basis and double charge him on a regular basis.

    So, my advice is, steer clear of this "service" and use another way of sourcing out your trades as they clearly are out to screw everyone they deal with.

    I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience.



    • i had a similar experience Alex. I followed the link and hired a general cleaner/carpet steam cleaning. I said I wanted to spend $200 on a carpet clean and some general house cleaning, including oven and range hood. They quoted $88 for the steam cleaning and said they could do four hours of house cleaning on top of that to take it up to the $200 and they would bring their own cleaning supplies I stated a few time that I'd like the oven and rangehood cleaned too and they said theyt could definitely do it. I though it sounded great so I went ahead with it. The payment through service seeking was very confusing and I though it was going to charge me $200. You only know they charged you $150 after you put your credit card details in and authorise the payment of $200. Weird. I too called to check if I was going to get the $50 discount and all they could say is "if you went through the link it will probably work". Thanks.

      Anyway, the cleaner showed up late, used my cleaning supplies and ruined a few new tea towels I'd bought by using them as rags. Three hours in, his mate come and does a very dodgy carpet steam cleaning job, missing many areas. Then, before they leave, he demands $30 more for the oven and rangehood cleaning. I said "we discussed that it would be included in the $200", but they said they wouldn't leave until I gave them $30. I felt so intimidated and had no cash on me, as I had paid in advance through service seeking. They then called the manager and she took my credit card details over the phone (definitely cancelling that card soon!). I felt so threatened and scared I figured the $30 to get rid of them was an ok deal.

      Fast forward a few days later, the manager calls me again and says serviceseeking haven't paid her the extra $50 they were supposed to as part of their promotion. She told me to ring them and sort it out and acted like it was my fault for going through serviceseeking. And she still has my credit card details now.

      Anyway, I second Adsimpson's advice to steer clear of this "service". The companies they deal with obviously hate them, and will hate you for going through serviceseeking. They will find ways to claw back any discount you got to start with.

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