Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Owners

I bought this on a whim and as a ~$35 item its not a big deal.

I didnt like the std. rubber strap so I bought a $7.50 metal and rubber strapped fixture frame so it looks bit less like a sport band.

See pic:


Who doesnt like rose gold?

Anyway I had a slightly frustrating time getting it to go. You NEED to first sync it with the MiFit app as it needs to update the firmware. Also not happy you need to reg. an account with xiaomi but saying that the setup is fairly easy once only give you need to tell it what your body weight it and your height and other stuff.

You can conceivably use this as your watch as it has a newly added function of day and date as well with the time.

Battery life is excellent. I'm at 80% and I expect I will charge again at Xmas.

Ok now some bad stuff. The way its set up is that if counts all your steps in a 24hr cycle.

Now the ideal is 10,000 steps in a day. At best I got it to 8,000 and thats on a bad day at work where I was up and down the stairs and was physical.

I typically do 2,000 - 4,000 at best.

This is the life of a network engineer I guess.

It does have compatibility with Android and even Windows Phone apps so you can sort of tell your phone you're doing a jogging session and then it captures a 30 min slice of your activity so you can work out how many steps you took, regular heart rate tests and then extrapolate calories burnt.

This is clearly NOT a $200+ device that has full fittest capability.

Be that as it may, I recommend it for non fitness people. Its just a cool device.

Some people has said they got some with faulty OLED screens but otherwise, for the money, there's not much better.


  • thanks for the review.


    I got two DOA with faulty charging, third is working fine.

  • I mainly use it as a watch instead of carrying my phone around. I also like the silent, vibrating alarms. The band is also comfortable to sleep with.

    As a fitness band, I don't take it too seriously. For example, I am sure the heart rate monitor is way off, because even if I walk up a steep hill, my heart rate has never hit above 90; I am sure my heart rate should be at least 115.

    The sleep monitor is also interesting. It appears to know when I sleep and wake up. But, during the first couple of nights I couldn't believe that that I was only getting ~50 minutes deep sleep from 7 hours sleep. I guess that could explain why I usually feel like crap during the day. :) From what I have read, sleep monitors are not very accurate, but I still think there is some truth about my deep sleep readings.

    Overall, I didn't expect much from a ~$35 item. But, I still think it is a good buy. A lot of people at my work also like the band.

  • make sure to get the mi band tools app. There is continuous heart rate monitoring as well vibration alerts for certain apps.

  • the silent alarm and vibrating incoming call features are great! only reason why i wear my band on weekdays :)

  • Ebay shopping square has Xiaomi Mi Band 2 avaiable for two different prices 38.95$ and 52.95$…. cannot understand what is the difference, other than one item specifically says 100% genuine but higher price.


    • probbly the shipping method

      expensive is local stock, cheap is hk china

      it takes a month pretty much anyway from hk china

  • I bought one for my wife just before Christmas. She now wears it daily mainly to log her sleep patterns. I bought a iWonfit band at the same time to do a comparison.

    Both perform similarly but then again we don't use it for anything more the logging sleep/steps/pulse. We think both don't log light/deep sleep patterns all that well.