expired Crow 600A Dehumidifier/ Moister Absorber US $27.99 (~AU $37.25) @ Tomtop

Crow 600A Dehumidifier/ Moister Absorber US $27.99 (~AU $37.25) @ TomtopAffiliate

XRow-600A Ultra-mini Semiconductor Dehumidifier Desiccant Moisture Absorbing Air Dryer with Ultra-quiet Peltier Technology Thermo-electric Cooling for Wardrobe US Plug

Save on this remarkable technology.

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    Does this work? Looking for a dehumidifier, but not sure what's Gimmick or not.


      I've never used this particular model. But from the power rating on the back of the unit I'd say this one would be useless. It's rated at 9V 2.5A which equates to 22.5W. Most dehumidifiers you can buy in Australia are 150W+

      Depending on what you want to use it for. I'd also say the reservoir would be too small to be useful.

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      it's probbaly just full of sand or rice ;-)


    It may work for an enclosed space like a cupboard, which seems to be its target. It would not work for any larger space at all. The total amount of water it could reasonably be expected to draw from the atmosphere would be useless in humid environments.


    I used similar to this. It worked well in a room. U can see review in youtube too.


    Yea it works. I live inner west in Sydney and struggle with damp air which often results in mould. I bought this and never look back! I paid full price at the time.

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